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  • Intro: The method to create your course and sell it between $7 and $997 in the next 7 days
  • Step 1: How to create a course that sells
  • Step 2: Make your first sales in the next 7 days!
  • Step 3: Double your profits!
  • Intro: The method to getting
    paid $2,000 per month for 1h
    of work per week
  • Part 1: How to make a sale
  • Part 2: How to guide your
    customers to success (and
    start earning more)

The course is 1 hour and 35 minutes presented in video format

Plus, you'll receive access to a fully-stocked "launch kit" to help you kickstart your course's initial launch

  • An email sequence to help you launch your product and sell it to your list
  • A set of page templates you can use to launch your product as fast as possible

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Upon Purchase you will receive:

Lifetime access to the course (3 videos)

Email template

Funnel Template

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