Date With Destiny Review: Is It Really Worth It?

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Maybe you watched Netflix’s “I Am Not Your Guru,” or perhaps you’re a fan of the life coach and public speaker, Tony Robbins.

Whatever the reason, Date With Destiny is a six-day immersive self-development seminar that has produced committed and faithful fans.

But with ticket prices ranging from $5000 - $12000 USD, is Date With Destiny all that it’s meant to be?

As fans of entrepreneurs and self-development, we’ve taken a deep dive into the course, and Robbins himself, to give you a no holds barred glimpse at this potentially life-changing event.

1. Introducing: Date With Destiny

Introducing: Date With Destiny

According to Tony Robbins’ website, Date with Destiny is Robbins’ “most intimate event.”

Set over six days, in a variety of international locations, Robbins promises that you’ll learn more about the depths of your inner self than you ever realized were there.

Then he’ll introduce you to the tools and techniques you need in order to transform your life into a successful and fruitful place to live.

Bold promises, but does the course deliver?

1.1. Tony Robbins - Date With Destiny

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a man who hardly needs an introduction, but on the off-chance you don’t know who he is, allow us to enlighten you.

Robbins is an internationally renowned life coach, with an empire that’s sold 15 million books, 50 million audiobooks, has a life-coach certification business, and regularly runs seminars such as Date with Destiny.

Alongside that, Robbins’ business empire encompasses a huge range of projects, including investing in hospitality, nutritional supplements, credit cards, and wealth management.

According to Inc. and Robbins himself, he actively manages 12 companies, is involved in 31 companies, that make annual revenue of $5 billion.

1.2. Date With Destiny pricing

Robbins’ business empire hasn’t come around because of his reluctance to charge.

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns for Date With Destiny potential visitors is the ticket cost.

Date With Destiny offers three tiers of ticket.

General admission ticket prices start at $4495 and go up to $7995.

General admission includes:

  • 6 days with Tony Robbins
  • Onsite Sessions
  • Team Breakouts
  • Your own Customized Life Plan

VIP admission starts at $4995 and goes up to $8995.

Admission includes everything in a general admission ticket, just with prioritized seating.

Diamond tickets start at $5995 and go up to $9995.

Diamond admission includes up-front premium seating and expedited registration.

The cost of accommodation isn’t included in your ticket price, so bear in mind that you’ll need to budget for a seven-day hotel stay, as well as transportation if you’re not lucky enough to live in the city where the seminar takes place.

2. 6-day structure

The immersive experience is a relatively grueling six-day stint.

Sessions are scheduled to start from 8.30-10a, and typically run until at least midnight.

While the exact structure of the seminars can’t be guaranteed, the breakdown of days looks something like this.

Day 1: Preparation

On the first day, Tony Robbins will talk you through why you’re there.

This involves looking at the ideas of achievement and fulfillment so that you can tap into what drives you.

Day one helps you build a launchpad through which you can start to grow as the week continues.

Day 2: Evaluation

Day two is about exploring your psyche and being mindful and aware of the power of your unconscious mind.

Robbins will help you understand your own behaviors and values and guide you through the process of understanding how experiences are evaluated.

Ultimately you are being guided on a path to mastering your own behavior.

Day 3: Discovery

In the discovery day, you’ll be looking at your approaches to pain and pleasure.

Robbins will help guide you towards pleasure-seeking to help free you from the limitations of pain and fear.

Day 4: Relationships

From setting boundaries to understanding your relationship to energy, day four creates a space where you can develop your own understanding of relationships.

Day 5: Transformation

Transformation day involves establishing your set of values and rules that will help you thrive.

Here you’ll build a mission statement and create an action plan to use in your life.

Day 6: Integration

Finally, you’ll look at the relationship of your mind with your body, and the ways you can enjoy lasting results.

3. Overview

While Tony Robbins Date With Destiny is sold as his most intimate experience yet, it’s important to understand what that actually means.

The Date With Destiny seminars are open to around 2000 people per session, and much of the event will take place listening to Tony Robbins in an auditorium.

This is more a reflection of the celebrity pull that Robbins has, so it’s important to measure your expectations.

3.1. Who is this course for?

Who is this course for?

For those who are interested in self-development, or who have perhaps already enjoyed some of Robbins’ books, then this is potentially a great opportunity for you.

People who have been on the course have also highlighted that the Netflix Documentary is a great place to see if you connect with the way that Robbins delivers his message.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a safe space to explore your desires and motivations with a group of like-minded people, this seminar could easily work for you.

3.2. Who is the course not for?

While Robbins is renowned for being able to win over even the most skeptical of folk, the truth with almost every self-development program is that you get out what you put in.

The course itself should price out people turning up just for a chance to sneer, so essentially, if you’re willing and able to part with over $5000, this is the course for you.

4. Evaluation

While there are plenty of reviews on the internet about Date With Destiny and Tony Robbins in general, we’ve synthesized the information to come up with some general conclusions.


  • You get to be part of a proactive and motivated group of people who are all looking to improve themselves, which can be overwhelmingly inspirational.
  • Whether this is your first course of this kind, or whether you’ve been on Date With Destiny before, the structure of the days is flexible enough to allow you to focus on what you want to focus on.
  • Tony Robbins is undoubtedly the master of what he does, and spending time listening to his processes and journey can be life-changing.


  • Robbins isn’t the only other speaker there, and there have been mixed reviews on the caliber of some of the other participants.
  • The days are long and hard. If you’re the kind of person who needs your 9 hours sleep, the six-day slog is going to be brutal.
  • As a serial entrepreneur, Robbins is also a master of the upsell. Yes, you’ve spent thousands on this course, but he also sells his merchandise and supplements, as well as encouraging you to invest after the event. Not a great one if you dislike a hard sell.

5. Conclusion


We have a lot of time for the world that Tony Robbins has built for himself - he has the sales and the reviews to credit him with making a powerful and influential difference to so many people.

He is also unquestionably a fantastic public speaker.

That being said, interventions of this kind aren’t for everybody. The cost of admission is high, as is the time investment.

While overall responses from people have been that they loved the course, others have pointed out that this is well-trodden ground for Robbins. Robbins’ book, Awaken the Giant Within, covers many of the same elements.

But of course, reading the book doesn’t bring you into the presence of Robbins himself.

Sure, you can listen to the album, but should that stop you seeing the live show?

The final decision is yours, but far more people rave about their experiences and the tools they’ve come away with than detract from the message.

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