Launch Your Online Business in Just 7 Days

Do you want to launch a product or an online business and don’t know where to start?

One of the best people to learn from is Jeff Walker through his Product Launch Formula or PLF.

I have studied his masterclass and his content for a week and I am here to give you a break-down of what Jeff teaches.

By the end of this article, you will know whether the PLF is for you or not.

Let’s jump right in!

1. Who is Jeff Walker?

Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker is a pioneer in the online business and internet marketing world.

His journey to becoming the successful man he is today started in the basement of his house which also served as a baby changing room.

In 1996, Jeff was a stay-at-home-dad taking care of two small children after having quit his corporate job.

Frustrated with not bringing in an income, Jeff launched his first online business.

His first business was a free newsletter that landed in only 19 inboxes.

He was releasing free content frequently to his subscribers.

Believe it or not, this was content speaking about the stock market.

People loved it! Jeff wasn’t a sales guy so he didn’t ask anyone to pay for a long time.

However, he knew he had to do something different because he was not making any kind of income.

With this, the Product Launch Formula was born!

2. What is the Product Launch Formula?

Product Launch Formula Logo

PLF Logo

The PLF is a launching strategy developed and refined by Jeff Walker over many years through his experience in online business.

It is firmly rooted in turning your business’s marketing into an event.

Jeff believes that online businesses don’t have the advantage of media exposure that Hollywood or other big corporations, like Apple, have.

However, they can take advantage and exploit the power of turning their marketing into an event just like the big companies do it.

This is where the sideways sales letter comes in.

You might be thinking ”what is the sideways sales letter?

Don’t worry! We’ll get to that in just a minute.

First, we need to break down Jeff’s PLF.

Shall we?

2.1. How To Launch Your Online Business

For many years the sales letter consisted of pages upon pages of copy.

The problem with this is that people would scroll down to the very end to look at the price of your offer.

And depending on whether the price suits them or not they would continue reading.

The formula would be: Problem, Agitate, Solve (yikes)

Problem: Identify your reader’s pain point

Agitate: Stir it up so it hurts them to the point of discomfort

Solve: Deliver a solution

Jeff’s sideways sales letter turns this upsidedown or to the side, whichever one works for you.

His formula is Problem, Solve, Problem.

It consists of four segments called Pre-Launch Content or PLC for short:

  • Opportunity: In your first piece of PLC which should usually be a video, you define a problem and then solve it.
  • Transformation: You deliver real value for your prospective buyer.
  • Ownership: At the end of the PLC, you define the next problem. Essentially the solution you provide has the roots of the next problem built into it.
  • Enrollment: So it goes problem, solution, problem, solution, and then at the end in your Sideways Sales Letter you present people with the ultimate solution: buying your product!

3. Your Launch Path

3.1. The Seed Launch

The basis of the Seed Launch is that you start everything from scratch. No list. No product. And the beauty is, you can get paid to create your product.

I know it sounds crazy but hear me out.

3.2. How does the seed launch work?

You start by building a small list using a squeeze page.

After opting in, you send them to your sideways sales letter.

After this, you build your beta product with the people on your list.

This could be a series of teaching calls or live sessions or webinars.

A pro tip is to send out a survey to find out what they want to learn from you.

Before your calls, send out a short survey asking for questions on that sub-topic.

The best thing to do would be to use the most commonly asked questions to plan your talk.

Then you repeat the previous steps for each call.

The last step would be to record your calls, transcribe them, and package the recordings and transcripts into a product.


  • Great for people just starting with no list or product or if you want to test a new product
  • Super simple can often get started with a few emails to people in your Seed List (which is quick to build)
  • Get paid to create your product.

If you’re not convinced Jeff used the seed launch to start his business and he now has helped his students earn over $1 Billion in sales.

3.3. The Internal Launch

If you have an existing business this launch is perfect for you.

You may have a product and you want to sell it.

So what do you do?

You create your sideways sales letter.

You can decide if you want to do email, video, or social media posts for it.

You can then share it with your leads, this can be your email list, social media.

You can even ask people to share it.

Lastly, you make your offer and start taking orders.


  • Great if you already have a list and want to launch a new product as a test, or

relaunch a proven offer

  • Get invaluable feedback from people who are already followers and fans.

3.4. The JV Launch

The JV launch is a rinse and repeat of your internal launch with a twist.

It can multiply your results like crazy!

So firstly, you have a proven product that sells! You have conversion stats, testimonials, and case studies from satisfied customers.

This makes you very attractive and trustworthy to potential partners.

3.5. How does a JV launch work?

You need to identify 4 or 5 partners whose audiences may benefit from your offer.

You then show them all the beautiful things you have been doing and if they are interested in working with you, the following steps can be taken.

Ask potential partners to email their lists about your launch, sending their subscribers to your opt-in page.

Send those new leads from your JV partners through your sideways sales letter email sequence.

Track sales and pay your JV partners a commission on each sale they send you.


  • You can take what you did for your Internal Launch and add instant leverage with affiliate partner support
  • You can quickly grow your list and increase your sales as partners recommend your product or service to their followers
  • Your partners get paid for sales they help you make, you get new fans and followers and make more sales, and lots of people are served. Everybody wins!

When you start using these three launch sequences together regularly something Jeff calls the Circle of Awesome happens.

Do you have an idea for a new product?

Use the Seed Launch.

Do you want to refine and polish the product you just launched and improve your offer?

Use the Internal Launch.

Do you want to take your proven offer and multiply your results?

Use the JV Launch.

The Circle of Awesome

The Circle of Awesome

After you have established which launch path you’re taking the next step is establishing your launch plan and setting your foundation.

4. The Launch Plan

  • Niche: A niche is a little slice of a bigger market that you can potentially own. Typically, the smaller and more specific your niche, the stronger your positioning.
  • Avatar: A character or persona that represents your ideal client. Its sole purpose is to help you get clear on who you want to talk to so your marketing will connect.
  • List: Your email list is your most valuable asset. Nobody can take it away from you. The bond you build with your list is worth more than any social media following. Social media is controlled by many outside factors like algorithms that control how and when your content is seen. You control your list!
  • Positioning: How you and your product are viewed by your people is very important. When you’re positioned as a high-value premium product or service, you’ll attract the kind of people who will gladly pay more for your product.
  • Setting Goals: The key is to set clear and reasonable goals for where you want to be and measure progress.

5. Conclusion

Jeff’s PLF is an invaluable resource if you want to start your online business.

His launch master class alone consists of hours upon hours of well thought out content done with so much energy it is just infectious!

In my opinion that speaks of the value, he brings to the table.

Is it worth it?

That’s up to you to decide but if launching an online business is what you want to do, one of the best people to learn from would be Jeff Walker with his Product Launch Formula.

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