Navid Moazzez: Virtual Summit Mastery review 

An Honest Review of Navid Moazzez

Navid Moazzez

Since 2015, Navid Moazzez has been mentoring hundreds on individuals towards online success via the creation of virtual summits. 

His efforts have been recognized by top publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, The Huffington Post and others. 

The formula, as Moazzez’s site states, is fairly simple to implement and offers many ways to continue adding value to your newly created subscriber base as you move forward. 

Moazzez outlines in great detail the proven steps that you can follow to grow your email and revenue base from nothing by hosting a virtual summit. 

1. What is the VSM?

The Virtual Summit Mastery

The Virtual Summit Mastery (VSM) course is Moazzez’s flagship program

Although the bare-bones points of conducting your own virtual summit are clearly laid out on Navid’s website in plain, simple English, he does offer the VSM course for sale. 

There’s currently a waitlist, but the VSM training course opens several times a year. 

During the VSM, you’ll have access to curated training throughout each of seven modules that will take you all the way from clueless to a successful summiteer in just 90 days! 

The VSM adds to the website content and gives you a fill-in-the-blank path to success with all of the best tips and tricks to maximize your returns for a long time to come.

The course is based completely online, so you’re free to learn whenever and wherever you choose

Moazzez recommends that you devote 5-10 hours a week to learning the materials, completing the assignments, and developing your concept. 

As evidenced by the success stories peppered throughout the website, Navid and his team offer plenty of assistance along the way.

The VSM course content is logical and easy to follow. If you took your time—a lot of it—you could likely develop your own virtual summit without Navid’s help. 

But why reinvent the wheel? VSM has taken all the guesswork out of staging a successful summit. 

The steps are well laid out and ready for execution so that you don’t waste valuable time figuring it out.

Ryan Lee, one of today’s most successful online entrepreneurs, offered this testimonial on Navid’s site: “Whether you have a list already and are looking to grow it (while creating revenue) or you are starting from scratch, you should strongly consider running your own summit. The summit model has been around for years—and it flat-out still works.” 

VSM elevates this tried and true summit concept to a refined, replicable process for average people looking to make a name for themselves on the internet. 

2. How does the VSM strategy work?

Distilled from Navid’s own experience of developing successful virtual summits since 2014, the VSM strategy is pretty simple and straightforward

If you follow the program, it’s virtually fail-proof, and it’s backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. 

VSM is a great way to launch a business, just like what we do on 

The course includes plenty of additional content like website templates and email automations to help you scale your growth exponentially.

3. The steps: 

3.1. Curate your online summit

  •  Choose a summit topic that you’re passionate about—maybe a hobby, interest, or unique skill that you’ve acquired.
  •  Make sure that it’s on a topic that you want to be known as the go-to expert on.
  •  Choose a specific topic that carves out the niche audience that you want to continue to interact with. 

3.2. Secure interviews with a several experts in your chosen field. Reach out to influencers and experts

 interviews with a several experts
  •   Influencers can help increase your visibility and get your summit in front of interested parties 
  •   Experts can lend name recognition and credibility to your summit 
  •   The higher the quality of your content, the more valuable your summit will be to your audience 
  •  You might consider bloggers or authors, podcast hosts, or people who have spoken on other relevant summits as a place to start                                                                                                                                          

How do you secure top names for your summit? You’ll find all the answers you need in the course!

Moazzez also offers ideas on how to narrow down your list of potential speakers to find the best mix of players for your summit and how to build relationships with potential speakers before you ask them to be a part of your production. 

3.3. Decide how you will market to your audience before, during, and after your summit

  • Moazzez calls this creating your VSM Funnel and Website, and it’s integral to securing and ultimately converting your leads. 
  • This is where the VSM program really shines. The templates and thoroughly mapped-out process help you systematically make the most appropriate choices for your summit. With the VSM, you get to follow the formula (which clearly works for a lot of people) and fill in the blanks to customize the forms, sites, and email content for your audience. Much of the legwork in preparing for the digital marketing aspect of putting on your summit has already been done for VSM students.                                                                                                                                       

3.3.1. Pre-Summit 

Pre-Summit phase
  • Push, pull, and prod people to register with names and email addresses. This can be done organically, linked with relevant speakers or influencers who will be interviewed, or by using targeted ads on Facebook. VSM discusses several approaches to help you decide where to concentrate your efforts. 
  • Once your prospects have registered, keep building up the hype. Continue to inform and tantalize your audience during the lead-up to your summit.
  • This is also where you can introduce the idea of the “all-access pass” that viewers can purchase and explain any other value additions that come with that membership.                                                                                                                                 

3.3.2. During the Summit

  • This is where you inform your attendees of the interviews and drop links for their participation. 
  • Now that your audience has seen some of your content, continue to push for them to purchase the “all-access pass.”                                                                                                                    

3.3.3. Post-Summit

Post-Summit phase
  • This is your opportunity to let viewers watch parts of the summit again and upgrade to the membership if they’ve found it valuable enough
  • You can also survey your summit participants to get an idea of what they liked and what they’d like to see done differently. Always allow them to write about anything they want to mention, even if you haven’t asked any specific questions about it. You’ll be surprised at the valuable, unexpected contributions that emerge from the hive brain. 
  • This is also the opportunity to push any relevant product sale like an ebook or related course that participants may be interested in.                                                                                                                     

3.4. Create your summit content

Create your summit content
  • This is the part where you actually record the interviews for your summit.  
  • Before you conduct these interviews, research your speakers and dig up plenty of background information. The more intelligently you conduct your interviews, the more valuable your content will be.
  • Draw out actionable information that your participants can use and put into practice quickly. 
  • By looking knowledgeable in these interviews, you’ll position yourself as an expert in the niche that you’re carving out on the internet. 
  • VSM also provides suggestions for the most efficient tech and scheduling solutions to streamline and simplify this time-consuming part of the process, including recommendations for video equipment and software. 
  • There are also suggestions for editing your summit and recommendations for uploading the content to the websites that you’ve created to host the summit.                                                                                                                     

3.5. Prepare to launch your summit! 

launch your summit
  • Before you launch your summit, make sure that you have all of your emails ready for delivery. VSM provides templates for this as well, once again taking the guesswork out of this approach.   
  • If you plan to provide social media posts during your summit, prepare those in advance as well. 
  • Navid suggests that you use software to automate the emails so that they’re sent according to when you program them. 
  • You’ll also want to set up a way to receive payment for the membership access or final product to be pushed so that you’re ready to capitalize on the entire experience.   
  • You’ll send links to the interviews each day to all of the individuals who registered for the summit. These links will be live for 24-48 hours so your audience can watch or listen to them somewhat at their convenience.  
  • Once your audience is convinced of the value, you can continue to convert these leads throughout the summit. 
  • If your viewers enjoy the content, they’ll have the option to buy an “all-access pass” to have continued access to these recordings and to any additional bonus content that you have offered to provide. Transcripts, audio-only, and actionable “cheat sheets” are coveted additions.  
  • To process payments, Navid recommends ThriveCart because of its compatibility with Stripe and PayPal. It will also be easy to sell additional products using this interface down the line, and it’s particularly easy for affiliates to use as well. The VSM helps set you up for long-term success! 
  • It’s also important to be prepared for any support requests regarding issues that may arise during your summit.                                                                                                                    

3.6. Promote your summit

  • Build the hype by promoting your summit via email, social media, summit guest speakers, forums, your own podcast, or even with targeted paid advertisements through Google or Facebook.  
  • Have your affiliates start promoting a couple of weeks pre-launch to help get the word out. Send out copy and promotional graphics that your business partners can easily modify to share with their own social networks.                                                                                                                 

3.7. Capitalize on your summit success!

  • Now you get to interact with your newly engaged subscribers. Here’s the perfect chance to promote a membership program or related product like an e-book or a course program. Since your participants believe in your expertise and ability to deliver value, they’re likely to snap up additional content. 
  •  If you’ve developed a related product, or have an affiliated product to promote, now’s the time to do it! 
  •  This is also an excellent opportunity to get feedback for your next event. You’ll want to collect positive comments for testimonials and negative ones so you can make amends, if possible, or at least improve going forward                                                                                                                  

VSM Multiplier Method: VSM will teach you how to use your summit content in new and meaningful ways. 

You can expound upon ideas with additional info graphics, or continue the discussion on blogs or podcasts. 

VSM also has a way to “turn your summit evergreen,” so that with a few clicks, your summit now becomes a re-usable tool that can run in a manner similar to the summit for any future sign-ups.

4. Why does VSM work?

  • VSM helps you build a client database quickly! Those who register for your summit are clearly interested in what you have to say. You’ll potentially have access to hundreds or thousands of engaged leads to continue to market to on your brand-new email list.  
  • The approach is clear—whether you have an idea for the summit as well as an active email list or you are literally starting from scratch, the guidelines are the same and you can expect results. 
  • VSM has the right tools. Navid has conducted or participated in dozens of summits, and that experience is what comes through in the VSM program. Recommendations for each step of the journey—from what format your emails should take to the type of camera you should consider recording your summit with—are clear and specific.     
  • It sets you up for long-term success. The goal here is sustainability. VSM helps you maximize your output at every stage, but also prepares for you to build on the momentum that you gather while putting together your summit. 
  • It’s realistic. The testimonials all start from different places, with VSM proving its viability with cases of all types. Clients without any concept gain thousands of email sign-up leads. Clients with established email lists gain thousands more and gain hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue with each additional summit. 
  • Provide a service that is of value to your target audience and you’ll make money. VSM is a road that leads exactly down that path.                                                                                                              

5. Testimonials


One VSM success story is Mitch Asser, who led a fasting summit. According to Navid, Mitch started without a defined idea, email list or product before he settled into the fasting health niche. 

Mitch’s first summit earned him 500 subscribers and $700 in revenue. Summits 2-3 yielded 9k subscribers and $20K each. Mitch’s fourth summit garnered over 15k subscribers, 900 pass sales and over $55k in revenue. 

The fifth summit did just as well, and Mitch has now earned more than six figures using the VSM model. 

Marie Berg was in the second tier of VSM clients who was “in the early stages of her business without an email list or a product.” 

Thanks to VSM methodologies, Marie added 4,222 people to her email list and sold 314 all-access passes to her summit content. 

She wound up promoting an affiliate product at the close of her summit and pocketed a cool $60k+ from Summit #1. From her second summit, she added almost 6000 people to her email list and earned nearly $50k.

VSM also worked for Caitlin Pyle, who conducted a Work at Home summit. She is in the third category of clients who can benefit from Navid’s system—those who have a solid email list and product but need help to scale their online business even more. 

Caitlin used VSM techniques to quickly grow a new business. She added 60k+ new email subscribers in two weeks and generated over $500k with her first summit. 

She also started a Facebook group that had over 28k new members at the end of the first month. 

Caitlin’s summit was also a success for each of her speakers, all of whom gained at least 200-2000 new email list signups as a result. 

6. Conclusion

Overall, Navid’s approach to virtual summit creation is well-thought-out and highly logical. It is easy, given the time and dedication, for anyone to replicate his success given these tools. 

All of the necessary information is available on Moazzez’s website. 

But the VSM curriculum will give you the ability to do everything quickly, with access to the web and email templates and pro launch tips to save time and energy as you put your summit together. 

Testimonials on the site go back several years with posts and video interviews with people from all types of industries around the world finding success with these methods, and online entrepreneurs consistently praising Navid’s simple approach. 

The final confirmation that Navid’s methods work is that his sample forms and methodologies may bear an uncanny resemblance to online summits that you’ve already attended!

So is this a quick fix? No. Creating an online summit takes time, energy, and a willingness to take a risk on your concept. Navid simply offers a map of where he’s been and how he’s gotten here. 

If you pay for the upgraded VSM program, he’ll even hold your hand along the way! 

Creating a virtual summit is a viable way to leverage your position by growing your email list, expanding your influence, and increasing revenue like his strategies aim to help you do. 

Best of all…Navid’s program works perfectly with plenty of the upgraded features that we have right here on! 

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