Scared Of Talking To People On The Phone? (tip inside)

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Scared Of Talking To People On The Phone

By: Aurelien Amacker ( founder)

Then I have good news for you:"it means you are alive!"

Seriously, it's normal to be afraid of doing new things, but you know that if you keep doing the same things you will get the same results.

And to succeed as an entrepreneur you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Talking to people on the phone is the surest, fastest way to know your ideal customer AND to start making sales.

Check this out:

  • when I sell with a sales page, I convert about 1% of the visitors for a $100 product
    (and I have read pretty much every book out there about copywriting).
  • when I sell on the phone I convert 1/3 of the people I talk to for a $6000 product.

It means in the first case I make $1 with every person, and in the second case, I make $2000 with every person.

It's 2000 times better. So I have a quick tip for you to get started:

When you take a person on the phone for the first time, don't think you will try to sell her anything.

Just follow my sales script (there are 3 questions) and listen to the person carefully.

That's it!

By listening to the person you will actually PROVIDE HER with a ton of value.

Because everyone likes to be listened to.

But nowadays nobody wants to listen, you will see that people will actually enjoy talking to you and they will naturally be ready to buy from you.

You don't believe me?

Just try it for yourself.

The full course (4 videos) plus the exact sales script we use to make over $40,000 of sales per month are available for a mere $7 (also included all the tips to overcome your fears and start making sales on the phone and building your business fast)

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