Traffic Secrets Review: Is it Worth it?

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Wouldn’t it be great to be able to figure everything out about getting traffic to your funnel with just one resource?

Traffic and funnels are complex concepts, and figuring out how to get people to look at your landing pages is a psychological and business-focused process.

It’s not easy.

If only there was something out there that could unlock all the secrets you need about pulling in traffic…

According to Russell Brunson, his book and course titled “Traffic Secrets” is that golden ticket. But is it really worth it?

In this review, we’re going to dive into everything you need to know about Russell Brunson and Traffic Secrets, along with the pros and cons of the program.

Let’s start by breaking down who Russell Brunson is.

1. Who is Russell Brunson?

Russel Brunson

Russell Brunson

We’ve written extensively on other big entrepreneurs in this niche, just as we’ve written about many different types of books and courses from business gurus.

Russell Brunson’s name may not be that familiar, but his biggest product certainly is.

Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnels and is currently the CEO, as well as the head of marketing, for Clickfunnels.

He’s a digital marketing expert and sales funnel aficionado with many projects under his belt, including Traffic Secrets.

In an interview last year, Russell Brunson spoke with the team at Mixergy about his approach to funnels and traffic.

“For funnels, it’s like, ‘Here’s this funnel software,’ or, ‘Here’s this book that teaches you how to do funnels, but after you have a funnel, you need traffic.’”

Brunson told Mixergy, “Traffic is the next logical progression. So as soon as someone has bought something, in the customer’s mind I believe that problem has been solved, and it’s like, ‘Hey, what’s the new problem that’s been opened up because that problem has been solved?’ That’s the logical upsell.

Now that we know a little about Brunson, what are his Traffic Secrets products like?

2. What exactly is Traffic Secrets?

Traffic Secrets is a book and course that focuses on pulling in traffic for sales funnels.

To really understand the use cases for both of these products, let’s look at the book and course individually.

3. The Traffic Secrets book

The Traffic Secrets book

One part of the Traffic Secrets package is the book. This marketing book is essentially part of a trilogy of books from Brunson.

The first two were Dotcom Secrets (and book that details sales funnels) and Expert Secrets (a book that details how to build business communities.) Traffic Secrets is essentially a book on traffic generation.

The focus of most of the book is on how to create the best possible website and funnel environment for pulling in the exact target audience you want.

With this book, you can build an in-depth strategy for a number of things:

  • Figuring out who is the ideal customer for your product, service, or brand.
  • Finding where exactly those ideal customers are interacting on the web.
  • Figuring out how to craft the best possible hook to grab their attention, pull them into your sales funnel, and then provide them the opportunity to purchase your service or product.

You get some serious bells and whistles after purchasing or ordering the Traffic Secrets book, which are probably just as valuable as the book itself.

Once you’ve ordered the book, you’ll be sent a number of bonuses.

The first is the “Traffic Secrets Foundation” hour-long training video that captured Brunson’s Funnel Hacking Live talk, where listeners had to pay nearly a thousand dollars to attend.

After that, you’ll receive “The Ultimate Unfair Advantage” by Dean Graziosi, a presentation on information business.

You’ll also get “How to Make a Video Go Viral” by Prince EA, another presentation that focuses on creating videos that improve brand influence and awareness.

The last presentation you’ll receive is a 10x growth conference called “The Ultimate Traffic Hack” by Peng Joon, one of Clickfunnels’ top affiliates.

The last perk is the “Traffic Secrets 30 Days Challenge” package designed to help you find the best customers, partner with your “dream 100”, improve your offers, and convert traffic, all in under a month.

The Traffic Secrets book is 352 pages and was released on March 17th, 2020. However, the book will not be shipped out until around May.

4. The Traffic Secrets course

The Traffic Secrets course

The second part of the Traffic Secrets package is the course.

Traffic Secrets is a training course that can help users figure out how to push traffic to their websites and sales funnels.

This particular course is interesting because it hones in on a variety of methods for doing this-- not just one core philosophy or strategy.

Some of the methods that Brunson goes into for pushing traffic include social media marketing, mobile-first advertising, Google Ads, email marketing, search engine optimization, and more.

The Traffic Secrets course also makes it abundantly clear that it isn’t a get rich quick scheme-- rather, it’s a training course that can be used to improve your own approach to marketing.

You won’t end the course a millionaire by any stretch, but you may learn some valuable lessons about traffic and funnels that you didn’t know before.

The course is broken up into twenty-four modules of content for a total of 289 lessons for traffic training.

These include:

  • The foundation
  • Market discovery
  • Copywriting secrets
  • Keyword science
  • Email marketing tactics
  • Borrowing traffic
  • Shopping engines and Amazon
  • Traffic formulas
  • Buying media and sponsorships
  • Google Adwords
  • Podcasts and broadcasts
  • Mobile app marketing
  • Software and widgets
  • Facebook Ads
  • Traffic retargeting
  • International opportunities
  • Social media strategy
  • Traffic recycling
  • Google SEO
  • Building a content factory
  • Content curation methods
  • Youtube marketing
  • Expansion and scalability
  • The master plan

As you can see, the course is extremely thorough and goes beyond just the basics of traffic and funnels.

5. Traffic Secrets pricing

The Traffic Secrets book is available for free from its dedicated website, but interested readers will need to pay a $9.95 shipping and handling fee.

International readers will need to pay $19.95. You also have the option of purchasing the book via Amazon Kindle for $12.99.

The Traffic Secrets course has two different price options, most of them complicated:

  • Funnel Builder Secrets - You’ll need to purchase this Clickfunnels package in order to access Traffic Secrets, among other materials. Six months’ access is $1,997 and twelve months is $2,997.
  • Dotcom Secrets - You’ll need to purchase the Dotcom Secrets book, which is free with $9.95 shipping and handling. Once you’ve purchased the book, you will be offered the Block Box package, the 3Funnel Bundle, Dotcom Secrets on audio, and then (finally) the Traffic Secrets course. The course is $297.

6. The pros and cons of Traffic Secrets

There are some very important pros and cons to consider for both the Traffic Secrets book and course.

6.1. Traffic Secrets pros

Traffic Secrets pros

There are quite a few upsides to Traffic Secrets, both the book and the course, that you should consider.

  • The book is very inexpensive.
  • The course is not as pricey as other similar courses, but only if you purchase it through the DotCom Secrets method (which we detailed in the pricing section of this guide.)
  • You get a lot of bells and whistles after ordering the book, from videos to guides to challenges.
  • Both the book and the course provide adequate guidance on how to diagnose traffic problems.
  • You can tell both products were actually written by Brunson, which is extremely valuable since he has over a decade of experience and success. (The course was actually written by John Reese, an associate of Brunson’s who is also a marketing expert.)
  • If you’re struggling to learn about traffic or you’re a newbie to marketing, the course and book can be a great way to get introduced to good traffic strategies and templates.
  • The course provides a variety of ways to approach pushing traffic to funnels and websites, rather than one concrete strategy. This provides variety and the option to personalize your own strategy with Traffic Secrets’ guidance.
  • The course is clear about being a marketing training course, not a get rich quick scheme.
  • The course has a massive amount of content, so you’re not paying for something super minimal. You actually get quite a bit of content.

6.2. Traffic Secrets cons

Traffic Secrets cons

Traffic Secrets, like anything else, isn’t perfect.

There are some cons worth noting.

  • The Amazon page for the book has no reviews-- which is a little suspicious when you look at everything that’s been said about the book outside of Amazon specifically. Are they hiding honest reviews?
  • The course is weirdly difficult to purchase outright. However, buying just the course through Dotcom Secrets isn’t terribly expensive.

7. Is Traffic Secrets worth it?

The simple answer: Yes!

We believe the book is valuable for the price alone.

It was written by one of the most successful marketing experts in the industry and is pretty much free (or low-cost) to purchase, so why not go for it?

It’s not a flimsy book either-- you’ll be getting over 300 pages of content that could prove to be valuable.

This is also true for the Traffic Secrets course.

With 289 lessons and 24 packages of content, you won’t be paying for a lame lead magnet that isn’t going to benefit you in the long run.

Brunson and Reese go hard into everything you could possibly need to know about building sales funnels and driving traffic to them, and it goes so far beyond the basics.

Virtually any level of entrepreneur or business owner could benefit from this course.

Plus, it’s pretty inexpensive when compared to other programs that are similar.

8. can be a great tool for driving traffic to your funnel's home page's home page

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