What is a webinar funnel?

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Online webinars are a popular and effective way to draw in potential customers and build your brand.

You can present a new product or topic relating to your company, can create interest in your brand, and can build relationships with new leads.

Webinars are displayed in video format, making the presentation feel personal to the people watching who are considering your product or service.

They offer what feels like a one-on-one experience with every person engaged. And as every marketer knows, building relationships create loyal customers.

If you’re running a webinar or are considering starting one, you may have heard of a webinar funnel.

Putting it simply, a webinar funnel is a marketing process used to attract potential webinar participants.

And creating a webinar funnel is one of the most effective ways to invite people to join your webinar.

However, if you’re thinking about crafting a webinar funnel, there’s a lot to learn about the process. That’s where we come in to help.

Ready to get stuck in? Get ready to learn all about webinar funnels and how to create them with best practice

What is a webinar funnel?

We’ve established that a webinar funnel is created to attract people to attend a webinar.

The funnel works by inviting browsers on a webpage or social media platform to attend a webinar.

It then leads the individual through a process also known as a funnel towards the webinar objective.

The objective could be anything from providing insightful training or encouraging the individual to purchase a product.

Without a webinar funnel, webinars can easily run unnoticed and unattended. All that hard work and passion put into the webinar can go wasted.

If you want to make sales with your webinar, you need plenty of leads coming your way that you can transform into customers.

You need those leads to be the people too, as you don’t want to attract the wrong leads that don’t go anywhere.

As leads move through the webinar funnel, the number of people who stay engaged will almost always decrease.

It’s called a funnel because not everyone will make it all the way through.

But that’s okay, as your goal isn’t to attract every lead to your webinar but to capture the right leads for your business.

Marketers have two jobs. The first is to draw in leads.

The second is to convert those leads into customers. The webinar funnel can accomplish both

How a webinar funnel works

webinar funnel

How a webinar funnel works

There are usually three parts of the webinar funnel process.

The first is gaining leads to invite to your webinar.

This focus is all about learning of traffic sources, so you know where to target your audience, securing webinar registrations, and sending reminder emails to maximize the attendance of your webinar.

The second part is during the webinar.

To offer your participants a positive experience, you’ll want to keep them interested and engaged.

Your webinar should provide them with lots of value and in the end, it should offer a clear call to action to encourage them to continue down your webinar funnel.

After the webinar, it’s important to send thank you emails and other follow-up emails.

At this point, the main aim may be to generate a sale. Leave a clear call to action to encourage this.

How to create an effective webinar funnel

create an effective webinar funnel

Create an effective webinar funnel

There are, of course, ways to improve the success of a webinar funnel. Here are our best tips and tricks for crafting a webinar funnel that will engage your audience.

1. Push on your audience’s pain

Push on your audience’s pain

By emphasizing your audience’s pain and problems, you can offer your webinar to resolve that pain.

If you’re not too sure what your target audience’s problems are, ask yourself: what issues can I solve with my webinar?

Then use the answers to advertise your webinar and draw in attendance.

You can agitate a pressure point in your audience, and then explain how your webinar can fix a problem.

Make sure to explain your solution. After all, it’s no good pressing on your audience’s pain and then leaving them to it! You need to explain your solution in a clear, simple, and direct way.

A problem and a solution go together perfectly, and by providing the solution you become the hero.

Forget the part of offering a solution, and instead, you can frustrate your audience.

2. Be relatable

Be relatable

Be relatable

The whole point of hosting a webinar is that it’s personable, so make sure your webinar funnel advertising matches this.

If it isn’t, people will struggle to feel warm towards your brand and won’t be interested in building a relationship.

And if they’re not interested in building a relationship, they won’t be interested in your webinar or product.

If it fits your brand, a great idea is to incorporate a fun and playful attitude to your webinar funnel advert with a nice image and quirky copy.

Depending on your brand, you’ll need to decide where the balance sits between relatable and formal.

Consumers love authenticity and transparency so if you can sway that way, go for it!

3. Tell your story

Story telling threw media

Story telling through media

Struggling to come up with a topic for your webinar? Webinars are a great place to reveal your story behind a brand.

People love to hear the success of a company, and how the people behind them reached their goals.

How did you get to where you are now? What did you do? What lessons have you learned? What can you teach other people?

Remember, if you’re running a company there’s always someone below you who’s interested in your field and is looking to achieve what you have.

Even though your story may not seem interesting enough for a webinar, to the right people it may well be.

If you promise to teach those people about your success, you have a good chance of them attending your webinar.

Your story and your journey are powerful, and many people will enjoy listening about it and will achieve value from it.

4. Make your webinar free

Free webinar

Free webinar

Everyone loves a freebie, and as you can guess, more people are likely to sign up for your webinar if it’s free.

The more barriers you remove to entry to your webinar, the more attendants you can expect.

To ensure that people understand your webinar is free, make sure to include it in your copy and make it glaringly obvious.

You may be worried that making your webinar free may lower its perceived value to browsers.

While this may be true, remember that the goal of the webinar usually comes at the end of the funnel, when you prompt the viewer to make a purchase or call to action at the end of the webinar.

To give your webinar more value, consider creating exclusivity and urgency to make browsers feel like they may miss out if they don’t attend your webinar.

For example, you can mention ‘limited seats are available’ or ‘last remaining seats are going quickly’.

This way you can increase the perceived value of your webinar while also generating more attendances.

5. Capture email leads

email leads

Email leads

Capturing email leads in a webinar funnel may be a no-brainer, but it needs to be included.

When collecting registrations for your webinar, don’t forget to request email addresses during the process.

After all, the point of a webinar is to capture leads to convert into sales. And without an email address, you can’t follow up and stay in contact with your leads.

While some golden leads convert immediately, others need more work and nurturing.

That’s why it’s so important to collect email addresses, so you can build your contact list and follow up with them.

If you only must request one piece of information from your audience, let it be their email address. If the email address is captured, you don’t even need to request a name.

While most people will be happy to offer their name, it’s still a barrier as it won’t add any value when you contact them.

Most people won’t be happy to provide their phone number, so definitely leave that field out.

Most people are accustomed to pop in an email address though, so make sure you collect this from every person that registers for your webinar.

There are numerous ways you can use their email to prompt brand engagement, from a pre-webinar reminder to a follow up after the presentation.

Email collection is a must for any webinar funnel.

6. Thank everyone

Email leads

Thank you

As mentioned, it’s important to thank everyone for their participation in the funnel so thank everyone first for registering, and also when the webinar finishes.

Many marketers skip this, believing they’ve completed their job by gaining an email address.

However, sending out a thank you email is an easy way to give off a good impression and end with one too.

This is especially important with a webinar because you’ll be keeping in contact with those registered over a few weeks.

You don’t want to get off on a wrong start.

The very fact that someone signed up for your webinar means that they have faith in the content you’ll be sharing and may even spread the news of your webinar.

The least you can do is say thank you clearly and simply. In the email, you can also explain how to join the webinar or offer a discount on one of your services as a gift.

Remember, thank you emails happen all over the world of eCommerce so your webinar shouldn’t be the exception.

7. Finish with a CTA

Call to action button

Call to action button

The whole point of a webinar is to draw a loyal customer or sell a product, so make sure your webinar finishes with a compelling and clear CTA.

After all, while you aim to provide value and insight in the webinar, the real reason for it is to gain sales.

If your webinar is interesting and useful to users, they won’t mind that it finishes with a CTA. Just make it short, simple, and to the point.

8. Use systeme.io to build a webinar funnel

Systeme.io funnel builder

Systeme.io funnel builder

While you can design and implement a webinar funnel, it can be a complicated and tedious job, especially if you’re not sure where to start.

That’s where the marketing platform systeme.io comes in to help. Already well established in France, systeme.io has just launched in the USA to positive feedback.

The all-inclusive platform is designed for entrepreneurs and online business owners looking for an easy way to manage their online company.

The platform is completely integrated, allowing users to complete plenty of marketing tasks.

This includes crafting entire sales funnels from scratch, managing email lists, sending unlimited emails, starting a blog, creating memberships, and starting affiliate programs.

The best part about systeme.io is that the compact nature of the platform makes it super simple for anyone to use and create webinar funnels. Plus, it’s very affordable too.

Systeme.io has a 100% free plan, which gives you access to all of these features at no cost whatsoever! And if you need more power, the paid plans have you covered!

The startup package costs $27 a month, the webinars package $47 a month, and the enterprise package $97 a month.

With the help of systeme.io, you can create clear and effective webinar funnels using our advice and tips.

The last thing you want is an empty, audience-less webinar or one that’s full of the wrong leads, and with systeme.io, you draw the right people.

Don’t just plan and host a webinar and be done with it – you need a profitable funnel to encourage attention and gain leads.

By using systeme.io you can effectively guide the leads you want through your funnel, resulting in plenty of sales.

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