Which is the most affordable funnel builder software?

Diagram of a sales tunnel

a typical sales funnel

Deploying sales funnel software is a great way to elevate your marketing efforts. And when done right, you positively affect your bottom. 

And what’s even better? There is still a bit of lag in terms of adopting these technologies across all industries due to legacy systems still in place, as well as the resistance for companies to switch networks.

Depending upon your industry, this could signify that your competitors are behind the times, which gives you a prime spot to swoop in and pick up the slack.

Nice, huh?

Most marketers understand that a solid strategy, coupled with the right tools, can elevate your results. Sales funnel software is the best way you can help yourself get there.

However, it can also be quite expensive, so getting yourself at the right plan and price point is advantageous. In short, you should want to get the most kick for your buck.

1. Our research and testing methodology


The Systeme.io team has done the heavy lifting for you by vetting the most affordable funnel builder software available on the market. 

We will share what we discovered during our journey. Our decision was made mostly in part due to cost versus features.

We also considered industry trends and user reviews, as well. Simply put, this is the definitive guide on the most affordable funnel builder software that still packs a punch.

But before we get started with the ultimate list of all things sales funnel builder software, we can begin by taking a look at what a sales funnel is and when you should utilize one.

2. What is a sales funnel?

Sales funnel

If you have worked in sales or marketing for a while, you likely already understand the concept of what a sales funnel. So, feel free to continue reading this section or just skip straight ahead to the goodies. 

However, for the rest of you who didn’t get an MBA with a focus in strategic marketing management, let’s break down in simple terms what a sales funnel is.

A sales funnel, in pictures, looks exactly like, well, a funnel.

The wide part is at the top. This is where something, in this case, leads, enters the top of the funnel and move through each stage of it.

Each stage has a specific strategy. The point of sales funnels is lead, and customer upsells or cross-sells nurturing

Depending upon how people know your brand, they react at different stages of the customer life cycle. 

So, for example, you might have someone enter the top of your funnel because they saw an ad or signed up for a webinar.

Your next action is to create a desire for the targeted response. Perhaps its for them to purchase your upsell product, which is usually the case for most marketers in terms of strategy development. 

It makes sense, right? The sole purpose your company exists is to generate revenue and provide a valuable service. You can elevate this approach when you actively engage in and manage your sales funnels.

2.1. Why do companies use sales funnel software?

Sales funnel software is designed to facilitate your strategy using technologies that complement, not hinder your efforts. 

You can easily set your system up by establishing trigger points that send off emails, retargeted ads, social media posts, and optimize your pages for Systeme.io. 

In short, everything you ever need to manage your sales funnels efficiently is the best way to nurture your leads further down the funnel.

2.2. Looking ahead at the next section

At this point, you may be wondering who sales funnel software is for and when you should deploy it. We further explore your options in the section below.

3. When should you deploy sales funnel software?

when to deploy sales funnel software

There is so much to weigh out when it comes to deploying a full sales funnel software program. Each one offers different insights and methodologies when it comes to managing your funnels. 

Some are better suited for specific industries, while others focus on company size.

However, the good news is there are plenty of affordable options on the market that won’t cost you thousands of dollars. 

Most operate on a monthly subscription basis, so you don’t have to worry about a massive upfront cost to phase out your old systems and switch over to the new.

3.1. Which companies should use it?

The truth is that any business that sells a product or service to members of the public should implement a sales funnel software solution. 

And the good news is that you may be able to find a system that works with your existing applications through companies like Microsoft and Google.

Now that there is a solid understanding of sales funnels and their role within the context of marketing, we can begin by exploring the options available to you and your company using the most affordable sales funnel software.

4. The most affordable funnel builder software on the market

Best price

You don’t have to settle when looking for the most affordable funnel builder software available. In fact, these products are priced to sell because their backers believe in them.

Therefore, you do not have a barrier to participation in terms of cost. There is no excuse to not implement a sales funnel program of your own. Below is our list of the most affordable funnel builder software options on the market:

4.1. GetResponse

 GetResponse logo

 GetResponse logo

Pricing: Starting at $49 per month.

GetResponse is one of the most well-known programs on the market. They offer a feature called Autofunnels that can automatically create sales funnels for you based on your marketing channels, customer actions, and your specified parameters. 

GetResponse even allows you to sell your products through your account, which also makes it an a Commerce tool.

You can use GetResponse to manage your sales funnels from start to finish. Plus, they even through in some great-looking email and webinar templates. You also have access to survey templates, advanced analytics, social media tools, and built-in CRM. 

GetResponse is an affordable little powerhouse.

4.2. Kartra

Kartra logo

Kartra logo

Pricing: With Plans starting at $79 per month.

Kartra is another impressive all-in-one suite of tools.

That offer landing page and email functionality, including a customer relationship management (CRM) system, landing pages, integrations with other popular programs, video streaming, and shopping cart pages. 

You can sell a whole lot with using this platform.

One of the most beautiful things about Kartra is that they walk you through their system using a checklist to help get you onboarded. 

So, if you are new to the sales funnel builder scene, this might be the right choice for you. Kartra is a wise choice for the budget-conscious business owner.

4.3. Clickfunnels

ClickFunnels™ - logo

ClickFunnels logo

Pricing: Starting at $97 per month.

Clickfunnels is unequivocally one of the more expensive options on the list but considering that it rings in at a $100 per month.

It’s a program that was designed for small businesses and solopreneurs who have zero ability to develop applications or manage technology. 

In short, they tried to take all of the work out of managing your marketing funnels.

They offer a landing page builder, and pop-up manages that you can use if that is a strategy you incorporate into your landing pages. 

They have excellent customer support, so there is always someone on the other end in case you get stuck when troubleshooting your funnels.

4.4. Keap

Keap logo

Keap  logo

Pricing: Starting at $149 per month.

Keap is the software program formerly known as Infusionsoft. It’s one of the most comprehensive choices on this list, but it also the most expensive

It offers full functionality in terms of CRM services, automation, artificial intelligence, dynamic landing pages, and detailed analytics reports that keep you aware of what is happening in your customer lifecycle.

There is a small set up fee for first-time users, but that is because Keap customizes and trains you to use their system directly

That stuff is expensive! However, the good news is that you and your sales team can count on a fully-supported platform by a professional organization that is known for results.

4.5. Wishpond

wishpond logo

Wishpond logo

Pricing: Starting at $75 per month.

Wishpond is one of the most reasonably priced, user-friendly platforms on this list. 

They allow you to master the creation of landing pages, pop up lead generation magnets, social media posts, and contests in addition to robust email marketing and automation functionality

They have some gorgeous liquid templates that you can use to elevate your sales game online.

While $75 per month isn’t the lowest price on this list, it comes in well below $100, which makes Wishpond a smart buy for younger organizations or budget conscious entities. 

Plus, you can always have peace of mind knowing that you didn’t skimp on functionality.

4.6. Systeme.io


Systeme.io logo

Pricing: Free plan at $0

Systeme.io is absolutely sales shattering when it comes to efficacy in your marketing funnels. 

It’s a suite of tools that is perfect for selling and facilitating courses online. 

It’s a popular choice among bloggers, life coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers, and schools. It’s an all-one-tool that incorporates the analytics from your courses as well as your marketing efforts, which is a total score in our book.

In addition to course management, it has all of the tools you would expect from a comprehensive program. With its 100% free plan, you can’t go wrong with Systeme.io if you sell online courses directly.

4.7. Leadpages


Leadpages logo

Pricing: Starting at $37 per month.

Leadpages are other excellent options for companies who are just getting going. 

The price is meager, which is unique, but it also offers some of the best and most effective templates on the market. You don’t have to spend any time click and dragging through a builder to customize your pages.

Simply upload your logo, brand fonts, and colors, and then let Leadpages do the rest. 

It integrates with your other programs, and like Wishpond, it doesn’t come with an autoresponder, so you will want to ensure that you pick up a separate subscription for that as well.

4.8. Landingi


Landingi logo

Pricing: Starting at $39 per month.

Landingi is not as well known as the other items on this list, but it does pack a bit of heat when it comes to optimizing your sales channels and marketing funnels. 

The only downside to Landingi is that you have to purchase a separate autoresponder package, such as through Aweber or MailChimp, for you to call it an actual sales funnel builder program. 

However, no one can beat them when it comes to upping your landing page game. 

You’ll appreciate the user-friendly WYSIWYG functionality of Landingi. And at $39 per month, you can’t go wrong with this price.

4.9. Instapage


Instapage logo

Pricing: Starting at $129 per month.

Instapages is a well-known sales funnel builder solution. The site touts a 400 percent increase versus using other techniques such as conversation rate optimization and split-testing. 

They also edge out the competition when it comes to templates, landing page integrations, and sales funnel management using the power and cost savings of marketing automation.

When it comes to an excellent choice in sales funnel software management, Instapage is the top choice for you.

4.10. involve.me

involve.me logo

involve.me logo

Pricing: Starting at $19 per month.

involve.me is a drag & drop editor for creating data collection content for every step in your funnel.

It comes with 100+ templates making it easy to create forms, lead pages, quizzes, surveys, or even more advanced widgets like online calculators and payment pages.

involve.me allows you to create stand-alone pages with custom URLs or website embeds that are 100% mobile-ready.

Advanced analytics visualize your funnel so you can see where leads drop off and optimize your live content in seconds.

involve.me is a versatile content creation tool that belongs in every marketing stack.

5. Final thoughts and considerations on the most affordable sales funnel builder software

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are several reasons to actively manage your sales funnels for today’s marketing climate. 

However, companies who are prudent in managing their monthly costs will do well by exploring the most affordable sales funnel builder software programs on the market.

The preceding list is an excellent resource for exploring your options, so make sure that you give the ones that stand out a bit of a try before writing them off altogether. 

Your sales funnels tools should complement and mirror your sales efforts, so make sure that the program you select can facilitate this notion as well.

Otherwise, what is the point?

You might end up choosing a solution that does not work for you whatsoever and is out at least a monthly subscription fee. 

Take advantage of the free trial offers they provide. Most provide at least a free, 14-day trial to assist you in making a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing the most affordable sales funnel builder software.

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