Tips for Instagram Influencer Marketing

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In the last few years, Instagram having a high growth with many followers and millions of subscribers.

Addition to that, Instagram is expanding towards many features that attract many teenagers.

With the feature of stories, snaps, and many more.

Instagram makes a remarkable platform in social media.

1. What exactly is an Instagram Influencer?

Instagram Influencer

Generally, Instagram influencers have a range of followers from ten thousand to millions, sometimes it may go to a hundred million.

The best example of Instagram influencers is top celebrities, sportsmen, beauty products and so on.

These groups of people are commonly called Instagram influencers.

So, what Instagram influencers do is, they share contents on social media and build communities around certain topics.

These Instagram influencers share the content covering travels, fitness, foods, beauty and sometimes fashion and style.

I have just started searching for the beauty things on Instagram and I saw that most of the people looking for beauty products and buying online with Deciem The Ordinary discount codes.

The main success of Instagram influencers is authenticity and personality.

Through this platform, celebrities share the most beautiful and perfect moments and make the users feel very genuine about everything they share.

Instagram influencers are also known as macro-influencers.

Alike, some micro-influencers have a range of followers thousands to ten thousand.

1.1. Step 1 - Choose the right Influencer

It is very important and difficult to identify the right influencers.

But finding the right influencers is quite challenging.

So to choose the right partner, discover familiar hashtags that make a perfect match.

By using hashtags, it is easy to discover the popular account on Instagram and sometimes, it can lead to the influencers.

1.2. Step 2- Optimize your Influencer Campaign

Instagram account

To optimize your campaign, set up the campaigns in a creative way by creating more awareness for your brand and sometimes promote your product.

Addition to that, choose the appropriate influencer.

If a company focuses on a small segment, choose micro-influencers.

On the other hand, if a company focuses on a larger group, then choose macro-influencers.

1.3. Step 3- Look for important metrics

traffic web generated

Sometimes, choosing a wrong influencer can make a negative impact on your product.

Look for the important metrics such as industry niche, number of followers, quality of the followers and post cost.

Addition to that, look into the traffic web generated by your influencer.

Tools such as Iconosquare, Tapinfluence help to calculate the engagement levels of a post.

1.4. Step 4- Follow best practice and maintain transparency

Instagram followers

In social media, it is quite easy to lose followers, if the company failed to be transparent.

Sometimes, macro influencers ask for the disclosure of the brand partnership.

Most of the influencers are smart enough to acknowledge when they are being misled.

So to hold the product’s credibility, it is better to maintain transparency and create marketing campaigns that don’t look like ads.

1.5. Step 5 - Track the success of your strategy

Instagram Influencer marketing

It is quite an ordinary procedure to track the success of your strategy.

By tracking, you can come to a conclusion which things go right and which doesn’t.

So by tracking the success of your strategy, you must look into the number of followers, likes, comments and share for the post.

So by doing this, you can easily reach the target audience.

The number of shares, comments and likes are measured as a percentage against the number of followers.

2. How powerful is the Instagram Influencer?

Instagram Influencer

The dynamic growth of social media made the rise of influencer marketing.

So it is important to know how powerful Instagram influencers are.

The important thing the influencer does is engagement and suitability.

As earlier mentioned, Instagram influencers promote the Amazon products through their lifestyle.

Addition to that, social media is showing good growth with an increase in followers, influencers show a powerful growth towards your product.

3. Top factors to succeed with Instagram in your digital marketing strategy

Instagram story

Returning to Instagram, betting on making your social communication through this social network can be a very fruitful marketing strategy, as long as you take into account the following points:

  • Your product must be well aligned with the interests of Instagram. If you are a company or brand where photography can be a key factor, jump in because you have a field to exploit
  • As we have already highlighted, Instagram is going to participate, so your editorial strategy must be based on publishing photos or videos that can generate impact .
  • Exploit the use of hashtags, but don't go overboard with them. Do it whenever it is related to your publications. If you know how to attack influential and relevant keywords for your business, you can become a benchmark for that topic and quickly gain followers.
  • Excite with original publications and always give an emotional touch to what you share.
  • It is a totally niche network, bringing together fans of photography, sports, art, travel, fashion, cuisine ... that's why, identify the target of your business well and associate it with a unique hashtag that represents you.
  • If on Instagram you start from scratch with your followers, it is likely that during a good season you are publishing spectacular content without receiving interaction. Talk about your new profile on your other social networks and website . Twitter is a fabulous platform to link posts to Instagram. If you have a blog, dedicate an entry to it and talk about your new profile, highlight the objective of this account, what your photos will be about, what are the rules you want to impose on your community. If you have a working Fan Page , don't miss it either. Use it to spread Instagram , you can also connect both profiles creating a new tab for it.
  • Make a thoughtful editorial plan , take into account the times of the year and exploit them in your favor.
  • Start contests . Instagram is a new platform for this type of commercial action. You can start by publishing the legal bases of your contest, create your own hashtag, publicize it on your other social profiles and website, create a good editorial program, date it and offer an attractive prize.
  • Do not leave out the format of video publications. Video is very impressive in digital communication, although you have a few seconds to tell your story, you will achieve an even greater visual impact than with photography.

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