9 Strategies Guaranteed to Grow Your Facebook Page

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So, you’ve created a killer Facebook page. The layout is perfect, you’ve done your research and you’ve put in the hours.

BUT, those pesky engagement numbers JUST. WON’T. GO. UP!

As a small business owner, traffic is your lifeblood - and if your Facebook page reach is nonexistent – your time and efforts have been wasted.

No traffic means no engagement, and this means no potential lead conversions.

Don’t panic! Growing your Facebook following and reach doesn’t have to be complicated.

You also don’t have to figure this out on your own. There are so many great resources out there to ensure that you have a killer Facebook page with loads of traffic.

But you’re running your own business, so you don’t always have the time to find them all.

That’s why we went ahead and did it for you!

Here are 9 foolproof strategies that will help you grow your Facebook page:

1. Identify and Analyze Your Current Reach

 Identify and Analyze Your Current Reach

The first step to knowing what to do is knowing what not to do.

Learning from past mistakes can help us move from where we are to where we want to be.

Facebook analytics is the best way to do this when you want to increase your engagement.

1.1. Access Facebook’s Insights Data

Data drives the digital world. And few beat Facebook in data collection.

Facebook’s Insights data is a simple tool you can use to gather metrics on your current performance.

You can use this information to improve your efforts.

So how do you do this?

  • Step 1: Export your Insights data from Facebook to Excel.

- Here's a great in-depth tutorial.

  • Step 2: Sift through the data points and choose the most useful.

We suggest:

  • Engagement
  • Organic reach
  • Link clicks
  • Number of negative reviews
  • Step 3: Use the insights garnered to identify your current shortcomings.

By identifying the shortcomings (highlighted by your data) you will be able to make the necessary changes.

This way you can adapt your current strategy to ensure you grow your reach.

1.2. Post vs. Page metrics

When you export your Facebook Insights data, you will see that you have the option to see either post or page metrics.

There is a big difference between the two.

Page metrics give you a holistic view of your page performance.

This shows you the overall engagement with your Facebook page, but it’s not post-specific.

Page metrics will show you the number of visits, active followers, etc.

Post metrics give you a better idea of how users are interacting with your content.

Your post metrics are often more insightful, as they can tell you:

  • The number of likes on each post
  • Which posts have the highest reach
  • What type of content your users prefer

These insights can help you optimize future posts.

They will also enable you to modify your future content strategy to ensure that it generates more engagement.

2. Benefit from Existing Leads

Benefit from Existing Leads

You can often have resources that you’re not using to their full potential.

Most of the time, it’s because you’re just not aware of them.

Luckily, we are!

2.1. Employees as Lead Converters

One of these resources is your employees who already use Facebook.

Their profiles have access to new audiences that you can reach through them, which will hopefully lead to an increase in followers.

You can do this by asking them to:

  • Link your business page underneath their work category.
  • Share your content on their private profiles.
  • Send invites to their contacts to go and like your business profile.

By doing this on your private profile as well, you are reaching a previously unattainable audience.

2.2. The Power of Post-Notifications

You can also ask your current users to turn on their post notifications.

This Facebook feature will notify your users when you post new content.

It will allow them to immediately react and engage with the post.

Facebook is also more likely to promote and post content on the newsfeed from pages where several users have turned on their post notifications for that page.

For this to be a viable option, you have to create content that people want to consume.

Otherwise, why would they want to turn on their notifications?

3. Content Marketing: Your Secret Weapon

Content Marketing

It doesn’t matter what tips and tricks you have up your sleeve, nothing (and we do mean NOTHING) can save you from terrible content.

Dull and lifeless content will instantly kill your business.

The market is simply too saturated for average posts.

That is why vibrant content marketing is your secret weapon!

If wielded correctly, it can help you slay the competition.

3.1. Create Content that Connects

“Publish great content – content that teaches people something, that entertains them, makes them think or, in some other way, adds value to their lives.”

Content marketing can be defined in many different ways, but it always boils down to your content adding value and being useful for the consumer.

There are four types of content:

  • Written word
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio

Each one of these types of content has its strengths when it comes to engaging with your users.

For Facebook, we suggest focusing on videos and links to your written word (eg. Blog posts) that are original and relevant to your brand.

So, why spend time (i.e. money) ensuring that your content is enticing and original?

Because your content is a representation of your brand equity.

The quality of your content is a direct indication of your brand’s value proposition.

The more valuable your brand is, the more likely customers are to prefer your content above your competitors.

This means that your content becomes the go-to in the long run, thus more organic traffic.

To create great content, it should:

  • Be original
  • Short and easy to read
  • Thought-provoking
  • Contain visuals (e.g. images and videos)
  • Have strong headings
  • Be actionable

Creating good content is an art form.

Industry specialist, Neil Patel, discusses this in more depth - here.

Ultimately your Facebook page should be about building an engaging community, centered around your brand.

3.2. Post Less to Get More

According to an experiment done over at Buffer, posting on your Facebook page less could lead to 3 times more engagement.

They cut their posting by 50% and started focusing on quality over quantity.

This was because their data indicated that the more they posted, the smaller their reach was.

Why was that?

Because not every post is right for Facebook!

The most successful Facebook content is either educational or entertaining.

Combining them works even better.

Okay, so you need to post entertaining content that educates, but how often?

The golden ratio is 1-2 posts per day.

  • This forces you to post your best content.
  • It also stops your posts from having to compete for engagement.

Try this, and your results will speak for themselves!

3.3. Your Users Mean Your Rules

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no universal best time to post on Facebook.

Your users are unique, therefore, your brand's content should be posted at a time that suits them.

You can use your Facebook analytics to see when they are online most often.

 Facebook analytics

Although it's tempting to automate every post, don’t do it.

Your users will respond best to human connection, and they’ll be able to figure out if everything is automated.

3.4. Customize Your Content for Facebook

Don’t directly reuse the same exact content you use for Twitter, Instagram, or Tiktok posts (eg. Gifs and hashtags).

Make sure the content is Facebook-relevant.

You want to use Facebook to tell a different story.

Most users access Facebook through their mobile phones.

Ensure that all your technical aspects are set up to accommodate this.

Rather post your videos directly on Facebook as this often generates better engagement.

3.5. Save Time: Recycle Your Top Posts

It is time-consuming to continuously create new content, and your new content isn’t always guaranteed to do exceptionally well.

That is why we suggest that you recycle your top posts. Specifically your top content from several months ago.

You know that they are engaging (they did well the first time around) and it will save you time.

So, by posting them again, you are assured of their success.

Just make sure you let enough time - at least 6-8 months - pass before you recycle a post.

4. Engagement Goes Both Ways

 interact with your content

We can’t expect users to interact with our content if we give them no reason to do this.

Making an effort to connect with your followers can set you apart from your competition.

4.1. Comments Drive Engagement

Consumers want to feel heard and seen.

By replying to their comments with personalized messages, users will be more willing to engage with your brand again in the future.

This is because you are showing customers that you are authentic and eager to directly communicate with them.

4.2. Ask Your Audience Questions

This is a good way to offer your followers the chance to share their thoughts and opinions.

It also directly encourages engagement.

Try asking open-ended questions that are relevant to the type of user on your Facebook page.

The more responses you get, the better your chances are of Facebook marking the post as important.


4.3. Be Active on Messenger

It is incredibly important that your customers feel you are accessible as a brand on Facebook.

Messenger is the main conversation platform on Facebook, so be sure to use it!

Great customer service drives engagement and sales.

Facebook for Business reports that 61% of people in the UK have messaged a business in the past three months.

If you are worried about time constraints, the following platform development partners can help you create the right Messenger marketing strategy.

  • The Bot Platform - “The Bot Platform builds loyalty, sales, and engagement.”
  • IV.AI - “IV.AI builds intelligent bots to improve customer engagement.”

5. Advertising Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive


You don’t need a huge budget to achieve success when advertising.

This is where the principle - work smarter, not harder - comes into play.

5.1. Boost Your Top Facebook Posts

If you have a budget for advertising on Facebook, try boosting your top posts.

Your top posts are proven content – you know your customers find value in it and that it drives engagement.

By boosting your top posts, you can increase your reach. Facebook gives a clear tutorial on how to advertise on their platform.

Facebook also favors paid advertisements, due to its business model.

This means that advertisements are often given priority on the newsfeed.

5.2. Create Meaningful and Targeted Ads

The most important advice we can give you is to ensure that your advertisement doesn't look or sound like spam.

If this is the case, users won’t even look at your content.

Remember, advertisements aren’t actually about the product or service you offer.

It’s about what the product or service can do or mean for the customer.

The focus should be on the customer.

Make sure that your advertisement also contains a Call-to-Action (CTA).

This ensures that your leads are converted to sales.

6. Facebook Loves It When You Go Live

Facebook Live

Facebook has been pushing the live feature for the last couple of years.

According to Facebook, viewers watch live videos 3 times more often than videos that are no longer live.

Viewers are also 10 times more likely to comment on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.

You can advertise that you are going live across all of your social media platforms.

This can help you reach a bigger audience of followers.

The topic of your Facebook Live will depend on your engagement objectives.

Just make sure that it is relevant for your users and that it’s something they’ll want to watch.

7. The Facebook Ecosystem: How to Hack It

The Facebook Ecosystem

7.1. One Platform, Many Opportunities

Facebook has many different offerings available to you as an entrepreneur.

As a business owner, you need a business profile.

But just having a business profile is no longer good enough.

You need to ensure that you are using all of Facebook’s available tools to reach your audience and drive sales.

Here are 5 invaluable Facebook features you should be using:

  • Shops
  • You can create an “easy-to-use, customizable online shop” that anyone can visit from your page.
  • Use this feature to sell your products on Facebook.
  • Appointments Tool
  • You can set-up a “Book Now” button on your page to automatically book more appointments.
  • It syncs with your calendar and you can send customers’ confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups.
  • This is also a great CTA.
  • Fundraisers
  • Create a fundraiser on Facebook to show your followers that you care.
  • Choose something that portrays your brand values.
  • Hire through Facebook
  • You can post a job straight from your Facebook page.
  • It will automatically be posted to Facebook's “Job Marketplace.”

All of these features will enable you to grow your Facebook reach and following!

grow your Facebook reach

7.2. Revolutionize Your Posts With This Simple Feature

We’ve got a secret for you…

Did you know - that not only can you target ads – you can also target your posts to a chosen demographic?

This means that you can get your posts in front of the right audience at the right time.

The demographics you can choose from not only include the basics (age, gender, location, language, relationship, and educational status), but you can also target users with specific interests.

Social Media Examiner has a great tutorial on how to best use this feature – here.

8. Competitors Aren’t Always Competition


8.1. The Share-to-Grow Strategy

Brands that are similar to you don’t have to be intimidating.

Sharing high-quality curated content from similar businesses can increase your Facebook reach.

It might feel weird at the beginning, but by sharing top-performing posts from leading sites in your industry, you reach a bigger audience.

This allows you to share more of your content with a greater number of people.

8.2. Joining Groups Can Open Doors

Joining a relevant group is a great way to grow your reach.

By sharing your content with like-minded people, you can connect with a community and start meaningful conversations.

It is important to keep the content you share informative and not promotional.

It should add value, not just be spam.

Groups offer you and your competitors a platform to engage and learn from each other.

You can even start your own Facebook group to allow your brand’s community to connect and thrive around your brand and content.

brand’s community

8.3. Find Inspiration From other Facebook Pages

The digital landscape is continuously changing and evolving.

That is why it’s important to know what other businesses are doing on their pages.

Especially those with a strong following and a broad reach.

This will help you stay current and up-to-date with trends and the climate of the market.

Facebook has a ‘Pages to watch’ feature that allows you to see pages that are currently doing very well with their engagement.

Here’s a link to a list of Facebook pages to get some inspiration from.

9. Giveaways Guarantee Growth


Giveaways are a simple way to increase your engagement quickly.

They are also very versatile.

You can choose different goals that you want to reach with the contest – depending on what you want to achieve.

Do you want to increase engagement? Grow your reach? Generate more leads?

The wonderful thing about contests is that you can achieve several goals with a single giveaway.

You can do this by creating the giveaway’s rules to meet your goals.

If you want to grow your reach? They need to follow you.

If you want to increase engagement? They need to tag friends.

All of these interlink and contribute to the success of giveaways.

Just make sure the prize is relevant, and something users will want. It needs to be worth their while.

10. Monetizing Your Facebook Page

So you followed through all the strategies, and start seeing growth in your Facebook page...now what?

A big following, with no monetization strategies in place, is the same as having nothing.

If you have true followers, then they should be more than willing to pay for the products and services you offer.

Monetizing a Facebook page can be a great way to turn your social media presence into a constant source of income.

Think of Facebook pages (and your other social media profiles) as the top-of-the-funnel strategy that allows you to connect, engage and nurture your audience.

However, to turn your followers into customers, you need a platform like systeme.io.

Systeme.io is an all-in-one platform that provides everything you need to run a successful online business.

It includes tools to create and sell digital products, build landing pages, manage email lists, and much more!

With systeme.io, you can easily set up sales funnels to turn your Facebook followers into paying customers.

Additionally, systeme.io's pricing is affordable compared to other platforms, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs on a budget.

11. Conclusion

Now that we’ve let you in on our secrets to growing your Facebook reach, you’ve got all the tools you’ll need to conquer the Facebook landscape.

Expanding your reach? No problem.

Increasing engagement? So simple.

More leads and conversions? As easy as pie.

With these 9 effective strategies, you’ll completely dominate your market on Facebook.

So what are you waiting for?

Remember, if you want to grow on Facebook, you should also think of ways to turn your following into customers.

This is why using a platform like systeme.io can be a game-changer.

With its powerful features and affordable pricing, it can help you turn your social media presence into a profitable online business.

Time to get started!

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