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Launch Your Online Business in Just 7 Days

As the world moves further into the digital age, we no longer have to be bound by desk jobs and 15-minute coffee breaks.

Faster than ever internet connections and a range of helpful software have given people all over the world the ability to work from home.

One such work from home niche, virtual assistants, has seen a major rise in the past few years.

But what exactly are they?

1. What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant or VA as they’re referred to works from a remote location to provide administrative and other services to businesses or entrepreneurs.

Virtual assistants are great for online businesses that don’t want to spend money on office space and furniture.

They’re also utilized by small to medium-sized companies who need help with specific tasks.

2. Traditional Vs Virtual


I’m sure you’re wondering whether virtual is better when it comes to assistants. Well, let’s discuss the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself.

Traditional assistants generally sign a contract for part-time or full-time work during approved hours.

In addition to desk space and stationery, they also require time off for sick days.

Pros of choosing traditional:

  • Perform on-site tasks - organizing, setting up meeting rooms, etc
  • Always available during working hours


✕ Require physical space and equipment

✕ Employees have to be within traveling distance of your office

✕ Expensive to pay salary every month or week

Virtual assistants are independent contractors and are usually paid per minute worked which means you pay for productivity.

Pros of Virtual Assistants:

  • No training required
  • Cost-effective since they work from home
  • Global employee pool
  • Don’t require employee benefits


✕ Language and culture barrier

✕ No loyalty to a specific company

✕ Internet connections aren’t always reliable or safe

Choosing the right assistant will depend on your business needs, but if the covid-19 outbreak has taught us anything, it’s how effective working from home can be.

You also cut out the office politics and dive straight into the work.

Here are the top 10 virtual assistant services that can connect you with the right person for your business needs.

The great thing about these services is they handle recruitment, background checks, and training for you.

3. Top 10 Virtual Assistant Services

3.1. MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk logo

MyOutDesk logo

Founded in 2008 this Sacramento-based company has become the highest-rated virtual assistant service.

They provide full-time assistants mostly located in the Philippines who are trained in admin, social media, marketing, and other services.

Price Plans:

12-month plan - $1,788/m (Best option for full-time employees)

6-month plan - $1,848/m (Best option for short projects)

3-month plan - $1,988/m (Best option for small tasks)

MyOutDesk is ideal for companies requiring digital marketing services.

The skillset of their assistants seems to be aimed at generating leads and making sales.

3.2. Belay

Belay logo

Belay logo

With Belay, you get U.S based contractors who provide four main services. These include:

  • Administration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Web support
  • Social media support

This is perfect for online startups looking to delegate time-consuming daily tasks while they focus on sales.

Since they hire from within the country, it’s easier for the company and assistant to form a good working relationship but this also means their prices are steeper.

Their hourly rate ranges from $38 - $45 and VAs have to work a minimum of 10hrs per week.

To determine your personalized price you can contact Belay for a free consultation.

3.3. OkayRelax

OkayRelax Logo

OkayRelax Logo

OkayRelax is a task-based assistant service.

They cater more to individual needs and will even make restaurant reservations for you.

Each task has a limit of 30 minutes however, you can extend your time if you need to.

If your company requires a dedicated assistant to undertake research and admin duties then OkayRelax is an affordable option.

Price Plans:


  • 5 tasks
  • $29.95/m
  • $24.95/m annually


  • 25 tasks
  • $99.95/m
  • $74.95/m annually


  • 100 tasks
  • $299.95/m
  • $249.95/m annually

3.4. WoodBows

WoodBows logo

WoodBows logo

WoodBows offer part-time and full-time virtual assistants.

You have the option of choosing a U.S based assistant or someone from another part of the world.

They have a range of plans to choose from and include marketing features such as $100 google ads credit and “Marketing Secrets” ebook in their plans.

Here’s a breakdown of their price plans.

Local (U.S) contractor

  • 5hrs/week - $149.9
  • 10hrs/week - $299.9
  • 20hrs/week - $599.9
  • 40hrs/week (full time) - $999.6

Philippines or India based contractor

  • 4hrs/week - $49.9
  • 10hrs/week - $99.9
  • 20hrs/week - $199.9
  • 40hrs/week (full time) - $359.6

This is an excellent service for companies requiring help with scaling their business.

3.5. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands logo

Fancy Hands logo

Fancy Hands really stands out in the virtual assistant industry and not just because of its snazzy logo.

They provide high-quality U.S based assistants to aid you with tasks or requests as they call them.

A standard request is approximately 20 minutes of work time and you choose how many requests you need to be carried out per month.


  • Small - 3 requests for $17.99/m
  • Medium - 5 requests for $29.99/m
  • Large - 15 requests for $74.99/m
  • XL - 30 requests for $149.99/m

Fancy hands will make life easier for people or companies who require help in short bursts and for specific tasks.

3.6. Time etc

Time etc logo

Time etc logo

Looking for an all-in-one assistant that can help with your business’s every need?

Time etc offers U.S-based virtual assistants who have ±12 years of experience in high-ranking corporate companies.

Your assistant can help with the following tasks:

  • Admin
  • Writing (blogs, emails, guides)
  • Marketing and social media
  • Research potential leads
  • Sales

There are 4 price options to choose from if you want to go with this service.

These are based on the number of hours you require your assistant to work.

  • 10hrs - $270/m
  • 20hrs - $520/m
  • 40hrs - $1,000/m
  • 60hrs - $1,440/m

If you think Time etc is perfect for your needs you can get started with their free trial.

3.7. MyTasker

MyTasker logo

MyTasker logo

MyTasker is flexible both in price and providing round the clock support.

They offer hourly and monthly rates and you can even get work done on holidays.

With this India based service, you get highly skilled virtual assistants who can help with content writing, digital marketing, accounting, web designing, and more.

Employees at MyTasker work together in an office so they work well as a team and often pick up skills from each other.

Here’s a look at their prices:

  • 10 hours - $140/m
  • 20 hours - $250/m
  • 40 hours - $450/m
  • 60 hours - $600/m
  • 100 hours - $900/m
  • Full time (5 days a week) - $1,200/m
  • Pay as you go - $18/hr

3.8. Uassist.ME

Uassist.Me logo

Uassist.Me logo

As the name suggests Uassist.ME provides assistants tailored to your business’s needs.

It’s the only service on our list to offer bilingual (English/Spanish) virtual assistants.

All the assistants have a college-level education and are trained in a wide range of fields.

Their price plans are separated into 3 categories which are then further broken down based on features provided.


Virtual Assistance

  • 20 Hour Plan - $399/m
  • Shared assistant - $959/m
  • Full-time assistant - $1,598/m

Design and Development

  • 20 Hour Package - $444/m
  • 40 Hour Package - $594/m
  • 80 Hour Package - $999/m
  • Full-time Package - $1,840/m

Industry Solutions

  • E-Commerce Solutions - $2,000/m
  • Real Estate Solutions - $2,000/m
  • Administrative Solutions - $2,000/m

Uassist.ME is a great service for larger businesses that need a full-time skilled workforce.

3.9. Prialto

Prialto logo

Prialto logo

Based in Portland, this virtual assistant service draws expertise from a global talent pool.

With Prialto there’s only one pricing option.

It costs $1,200/m and comes with the following features:

  • 55 hrs of support per month
  • Productivity coaching
  • Process optimization
  • Back-up PA

It’s basically a normal employee contract without the contract or an in-office employee.

This service works well for startups and large companies.

You can contact Prialto here if you’d like virtual assistance for your business’s needs.

3.10. TaskBullet

TaskBullet logo

TaskBullet logo

TaskBullet provides clients with trained Filipino assistants to help with any and every requirement.

Some of the common services you can expect include:

  • Internet research
  • Data entry
  • Admin support
  • Real estate
  • Social media management
  • Web development
  • Marketing services

TaskBullet works with a bucket system where you pay for the number of hours you require.

  • Starter Bucket - $220 for 20 hours ($11/hr)
  • Light Bucket - $540 for 60 hours ($9/hr)
  • Expert Bucket - $1,560 for 240 hours ($6.50/hr)

4. Tips for Choosing the Right Virtual Assistant Service

good choice!

The web is full of virtual assistant companies but you must pick one that aligns with your business's goals and values.

Here are some tips to help you make the best decision:

  • Choose someone with expertise and experience in the task you require
  • Make sure they’re proficient in the tools your business is already using
  • Ask for references and follow up
  • Hire someone that makes suggestions and recommendations
  • Give them a test or mock project

Choosing the right assistant is vital, after all, you’re entrusting your sensitive information and passwords to someone you’ve never met.

5. Final Thoughts

All business owners would rather spend their time on high-value tasks that bring in more sales and revenue.

This is where your virtual assistants come in. You don’t have to train them or even create an employment contract for them.

The list of virtual assistant companies we’ve provided will help you decide which one to choose.

There’s a range of U.S based assistants at a slightly higher price or you can choose a more affordable assistant from an overseas country.

Either way, you’ll surely receive good value for your money!

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