Growth Hacks to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

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The term growth hacking is getting very common in the marketing circle.

It's one of those terms that you use when you are on a budget, and you feel the need to expand your marketing sphere.

That's where the word “hack” gets its true meaning, since it's a strategic move, and you have to maneuver through.

Well, have you ever heard of “lead magnet”?

Yes, we are talking content marketing here.

Content marketing is the future of marketing, and it's a low-cost alternative that massively increases engagement with the target audience.

Gear up, folks! We are here to give you insight on the right hacks and how to optimize them to the fullest potential in order to improve your content marketing strategy.

1. Hack#1: Make your content compatible with social media

social media

Your audience loves content that interacts with them.

No one likes dry posts and blogs that do not compel the viewers through engaging images and displays.

Social media is a place where consumers crave exciting visuals and ad campaigns, so make your posts social-media friendly as much as possible.

Your SEO ranking would also get a boost since it would increase traffic and facilitate higher visibility on the news feed.

Your tweets and Instagram posts will only be shared and liked if it has the power to create a buzz in a sea of contents.

Brands have to be very articulate and creative when conceptualizing an idea because they know which one will sell and which ones won’t.

2. Hack#2: Schedule your sharing and posting


The technique applied by marketers is to identify the right time for the right platform. Each social app has varying traffic throughout the day.

You just have to figure out the best time for content posting on a particular social app by analyzing your target audience and the lifestyle they must have embraced.

However, if you are looking for social media management tools, Content Studio is a scheduling tool that will keep you equipped with an automated publishing option at whatever time you like.


  • The most suitable time for posting on a regular day is 1 pm
  • Featured stories are preferred to be posted between 11 am-4 pm
  • Saturday is the best day for posting if you intend to grab maximum engagement


  • Maximum retweets are attained at 5 pm
  • The highest click-through rate on a working day is achieved between 12 pm and 6 pm
  • Twitter is the best platform for content marketing on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

3. Hack# 3 Write longer content(blogs):

“Quality over quantity” is a common phrase used by marketers. But when it comes to writing blogs, the focus should be concentrated on both quality and quantity.

Content instantly becomes catchy and intriguing when the “two” go well together.

Neil Patel, an expert blogger posted an article about search ranking and the suitable length of posts.

He stated that blogs that exceed the 2000 word limit rank in the top 10 google search results. So, what you need to know at this point is that quality does matter a lot!

But good length is like the cherry on top.

4. Hack#4: Automate your content publishing:

RSS-channels permit easy distribution of content on an extensive level and pull in links and traffic back to your site.

RSS feed readers make it easy to choose your subscribers who have subscribed to your content so that they can be notified every time you post new content.

Softwares really are important and their optimum use is only possible if you got the right content to post for your subscribers.

Create content that draws attention every time you post and your subscribers are happy to see your notification.

Examples of prime RSS feed readers are Feedly, ContentStudio, Apple news, etc.

You can use them to coordinate your content and automate your publishing.

5. Hack#5: Expand your limits

Limiting your brand to only your own page is the worst you can do to your content marketing strategy.

There is a whole world out there other than your page. So, start discovering new channels that have the potential to take your business to new heights!

If you wish to drive more traffic to your website then turn to active discussion forums like Reddit and Quora. Not only are they low on cost but they can generate potential leads to your site.

All you have to do is, identify topics that are relevant to your blog posts and provide a detailed answer which should be rich in meaning and quality.

Oh! And don't forget to give your blog URL, in the end, to let your audience know where you came from.

It will attract more traffic to your site and chances for engagement would increase, monitor your SEO ranking easily with a website checker and fix on-page errors immediately

6. Hack#6: Put maximum emphasis on video marketing

video marketing

Well, it's 2021, and how can we forget video marketing?

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc are powerful social media platforms that marketers use to make their audience understand their services and products.

The purpose of video marketing and various webinars is to interact with the viewers both audibly and visually. A persona is built around a brand’s identity, values, and what it is offering.

The content should not portray that you are only trying to sell, rather it should be interactive and compelling.

You can use emotional and lifestyle concepts that most people can relate to. It's that “magnetic effect” that you add in your content that arouses inclination towards your brand.

Content marketers have revealed the secret of ideal video length that is preferred for each platform. Let's have a look! :

  • Maximum 30 seconds for Instagram
  • 45 seconds for Twitter
  • 1 minute for Facebook
  • 2 minutes for YouTube

Keep track of the progress your videos have made by checking the metrics.

Practice good SEO standards, and you are good to go.

7. Hack #7: Use catchy headlines

Are small changes so important? The answer is yes. Small details can have a bigger impact on the outlook of your content.

The very first sentence viewers would set their eyes on would be the headline and the choice to visit your site highly depends on the headline of your content.

Headline analyzer is a great tool to equip you with catchy headlines. It can help you in:

  • Using headlines that get the most traffic, search engine ranking, and social shares
  • Ensuring the balance of right words to improve SEO and grab maximum attention

8. Hack#8: Content should be made more shareable


Marketers usually make this mistake. Look, if your content does not get shared around, it's because you haven't made sharing convenient to your audience.

In other words, you need to make it simple for them.

I'm certain you have a couple of sharing options in your feed, but do you add WordPress plugins in the content that you publish?.

Doing this, a simple “share” click will take your content to new platforms. Hence, your audience will do the job which was originally meant for you in the first place i.e content sharing.

These are significant triggers that can be utilized to your own advantage as a content marketer.

9. Hack#9: Keep your KPIs in mind

Key point indicators are the backbone of your content marketing strategy. Never ignore them. I repeat, Never!

It is essential to keep the metrics of your strategy on priority in order to know how well you are doing.

Views, clicks, shares, subscription rate, etc tell a lot about the engagement and conversions you successfully made over a time period.

Marketers use this data and take effective steps to make their strategy as relevant as possible.

The most ideal approach to accomplish objectives is to make them specific and quantifiable.

The KPIs will help you know how far you are from your objectives by comparing the goals with the progress you have made. KPIs give the right direction to your strategy, and it is your job to use these indicators to your advantage.

Top digital marketing agencies are suggesting that KPIs give great assistance in understanding the results of your content marketing efforts to reach your sales target and drive engagement on social media and other digital channels.

These metrics can also assist you in devising the content marketing predictions which may come in handy in the near future.

10. The takeaway:

Social listening

It's all about molding the content to the expectations of your audience.

We advise you to not just post content for the sake of it, rather empathize, create value and provide solutions.

iscover the sentiments people usually hold onto and create engaging content out of it.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook give great opportunities to brands and marketers to interact with their target audience intimately. Well, that's all they can do!

The process from getting good engagement to good leads and finally to conversions will highly depend on your content as well as your content marketing strategy that you plan to execute.

If you know how to utilize your resources efficiently and channelize your efforts effectively, you will be the talk of the town. Good luck with that!

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