21 Sales Page Examples You Should Learn From

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When it comes to marketing online, the sale is the ultimate end goal and the most sought-after conversion. It’s also the most difficult goal to reach in the context of app or website marketing.

The lead needs to be convinced that your product or service is worth investing in and can provide the exact solution they are looking for.

Your offer needs to be extremely convincing, and you’ll also need to be able to tackle any possible or proven scrutiny that comes with your product or service.

This is where the sales page serves a very important purpose. It’s the post-click landing page that is specifically used to convince potential customers to make that purchase.

Sales pages will often have long copy, a number of badges and graphics, and an ample number of testimonials.

In our guide, we’ll be looking at a number of sales pages from other businesses to help you get an idea of what a good (and conversion-friendly) sales page looks like.

We’ll also look at some use cases for systeme.io as a solution for building top-tier sales pages with ease.

Take a look at some of these awesome sales page examples!

21 sales page examples to get inspired by

These sales pages meet the mark when it comes to providing all the necessary information a potential customer needs to make their purchase decision.

Just as well, you can recreate many of the elements included in these excellent sales page examples by using systeme.io’s page editor.

Along with squeeze pages and payment pages, systeme.io makes it possible to build entire sales funnels with just a few clicks.

Let’s look at some sales pages you could build with systeme.io.



This program from PR Couture is designed to help professionals that are new to the field (or want to get into the field) get established and recognized.

Its sales page focuses strongly on brand presence and culture, and you’ll see its logo scattered around each individual section.

Everything down to the colors and fonts is recognizably PR Couture, but design alone won’t convert a lead. Their copy is where they really shine.

Their copy is strong because they present strong “should I buy it, or should I not?” elements and are very direct and clear about the fact that prospective students can easily contact them for additional information through a variety of means.

This kind of language makes the reader feel like they’re being directly spoken to and offered a chance to learn more, rather than being advertised to as a group of people.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Strong brand presence, direct and helpful content

Cons of this sales page:

  • Random unnecessary headshot photos
  • Lack of testimonials
  • A lack of a sign-up element for unsure potential customers

Our tip: With products like this that offer courses for self-improvement, use language in your copy that makes the reader feel like they are directly and personally being offered something life-changing.

#2: Renegade Diet

Web Profits

This diet program from Jason Ferruggia could be seen as indistinguishable from other diet program platforms, names, and brands.

However, his sales page for the program lends it an edge of authority through intense headline language, consistent reminders of its two-month money-back guarantee, and numerous authority badges and case studies.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Aggressive and impressive money-back guarantee
  • Lots of authority badges
  • Case studies that are relevant to the product

Cons of this sales page:

  • Overall design issues
  • The CTA button looks like it is part of the banner graphic
  • The arrows don’t point directly to the CTA button

Our tip: A money-back guarantee is an essential element for sales pages for product types that are easily dismissed, such as diet products.

#3: Your Story School

Your Story School

This three-month course teaches students how to tell stories and write copy. This can be seen quite clearly through its sales page, which follows a story structure that is quite similar in format to the program itself.

Through videos and other content on the sales page, students can get a pretty true sample of what the learning experience will actually be like.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Visual cues that spur the reader on
  • Strong copy that addresses all of the reader’s pre-sale questions

Cons of this sales page:

  • They don’t list contact information for additional questions from potential customers
  • Their video advertisement is a little flat

Our tip: Visual cues that lead the reader on from the beginning to the end of the copy are essential

#4: The Copyblogger’s Authority Program

The Copyblogger’s Authority Program

This program is for beginner marketers and small business owners who want to train and network to improve their skills and overall success.

This sales page did a lot of things right. They took advantage of using multiple CTAs in different spots so that the user will have many opportunities to connect with the brand but also offered a variety of ways to convert as well.

If one CTA didn’t click with a reader, perhaps a different CTA on the same page will. The subheads in the copy break it all up in a way that still provides all of the necessary information but makes it more readable.

And, of course, the testimonials from actual human beings and their brands, help add authority to the platform.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Multiple CTAs that present the same action
  • The copy is broken up by subheaders to improve readability
  • They use persuasive testimonials.

Cons of this sales page:

  • Vague headers
  • Testimonials lack photos. Photos are beneficial because they add personality and credibility to the testimonial section.

Our tip: When drafting headers and subheaders, think about using copy that presents questions or throws out actual tangible benefits, rather than using vague wording.

#5: Ontrapalooza


Ontrapalooza is a yearly conference that helps Ontraport users master the platform’s automation and CRM software.

The team behind the sales page and the rest of the event’s website clearly knew what they were doing.

The sales page is very easy to navigate and makes it immediately possible to register through a very visible button that remains in the user’s line of sight no matter where they scroll.

This a very handy little trick that makes it easier for leads to convert!

Pros of this sales page:

  • Design that makes it very easy for leads to make purchases
  • The constant presence of a CTA button

Cons of this sales page:

  • Lack of professional photos which could have lent a sense of authority and prestige to the page.

Our tip: Cementing a CTA in a corner or sidebar no matter where the user navigates is a good trick for making it easy for leads to connect or convert.

#6: Created Life Academy

Created Life Academy

Created Life Academy is a coaching event created for women in need of help with achieving their goals.

Their sales page is not only user-friendly and easy to read, but the language and imagery used are very humanizing and directly seek to appeal to the people that the program was designed for.

The main focus is on emotional connection, and this is achieved through excellent copywriting and formatting that is easy on the eyes.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Humanizing and relatable copy that is appropriate for the target audience
  • Clear descriptions of what the course does and does not do
  • Has a required application process that sends a message that the event is exclusive and high-quality

Cons of this sales page:

  • Testimonials are hard to read because of their rotation speed

Our tip: Keep an eye on the speed of your slideshows for your sales page.

#7: AdEspresso


AdEspresso University is a platform for social media marketing. Their sales page is a great testament to design-- they did not include any navigation links on the sales page, meaning it is not immediately easy to navigate away from the page itself.

The icons and graphics used are succinct and visually pleasing and also follow a great color scheme.

An extra useful touch can be found on the CTA button, which is a different color from the rest of the page. This means it stands out more to users.

It’s a simple trick, but one that virtually any sales page could benefit from.

Pros of this sales page: Lack of navigation links, icons that are easy on the eyes, uniquely colored CTA button, simple but not vague headline.

  • Lack of navigation links
  • Icons that are easy on the eyes
  • Uniquely colored CTA button
  • Simple but not vague headlines

Cons of this sales page:

  • The copy surrounding the CTA button isn’t very convincing

Our tip: Don’t use outbound links or navigation links that drag your leads away from the sales page. Instead, only use links that redirect to other parts of the sales page.

#8: Social Triggers

Social Triggers

The course website Social Triggers has a sales page that makes use of a countdown timer, which is quite useful for similar brands that offer workshops, courses, and classes.

Using a timer adds a sense of urgency that can lead users to sign up quickly. The page itself also provides short but efficient case studies that highlight the most marketable points of the product.

Overall, the page is short and sweet, which can work for some niches.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Use of a countdown timer
  • No outbound links
  • Relevant case studies that are believable
  • Short and sweet copy

Cons of this sales page:

  • Vague headlines
  • Call to Action is not visible at first glance, but far into the sales page

Our tip: A countdown timer could be useful for lending your product an element of exclusivity.

However, it is not recommended to use a countdown timer for sales, as this is an easily-recognized trick used in “cheap” marketing tactics.

Instead, use countdown timers for things like course start times and open enrollment.

#9: Video Power Marketing

Video Power Marketing

Another online course for advertising strategies, Video Power Marketing has a sales page that features many little well-known tricks for leading to conversions.

There’s a bright CTA button that stands out from the color scheme of the page, trustworthy testimonials with photos and full names, a short video that details the benefits of the course, a money-back guarantee, and lots of bullet points to break up copy.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Lots of thorough testimonials
  • A short video that contains useful information about the course
  • An attractive money-back guarantee that reduces the appearance of risk

Cons of this sales page:

  • Their navigation menu can pull leads away to other parts of the website

Our tip: Use a CTA button color that is not used anywhere else on your sales page.

For example, if your page color scheme is purple and blue, consider using a pink or red color for the CTA.

#10: ConvertKit


ConvertKit is an automation platform for email marketing and is sold as SaaS.

This platform uses design for very specific goals on its sales page. The use of points that interconnect to draw the eye where it needs to go through testimonies to in-depth guides to, ultimately, pricing and sign-up.

Systeme.io makes it possible for sales page builders to use similar graphics to draw the viewer’s eye in the direction you’d like them to go.

In addition to very useful graphics and iconography, systeme.io's page editor can be used easily to drag and drop headlines, text blocks, videos, images, links, and much more.

Pros of this sales page:

  • The use of connecting points draws the eye downward and toward the CTA
  • An ample amount of areas for leads to read sales materials
  • feature-specific testimonials

Cons of this sales page:

  • Lack of consistency in terms of the length of copy for each section
  • Lack of introductory text for the video

Our tip: Use graphics such as arrows or lined points to direct readers down a sort of “roadmap” of content you’d like them to see, in the order you’d like them to see it.

#11: Mari Smith’s Facebook Business services

Mari Smith’s Facebook Business services

The direction taken here focuses less on pushing a platform or course and more on Mari Smith as a professional. This sales page could be seen as a page that markets Mari Smith personally, and it works!

The page jumps right into the facts and proven research to immediately convince potential clients that Smith knows what she’s doing with her books.

There are also numerous mentions of large enterprises that have worked with Smith, such as Facebook.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Lots of facts and research evidence
  • Lots of bulleted and organized copy
  • Very detailed testimonials

Cons of this sales page:

  • The colors used for the CTA buttons fit the color scheme, which makes them blend in a bit too well into the page

Our tip: When pushing a product or service that serves quite an important purpose, such as helping business owners make more revenue immediately, the testimonials should be extremely thorough and honest to lend credibility to the sales page.

This includes full names, titles, brands or business names, photos, etc.

#12: Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer

This sales page is a great example of using visual cues to convey value. The headlines used to break up the benefits of the program work quite well and focus specifically on the end-game of the program-- becoming a great funnel optimization specialist.

Most of the copy is bulleted to provide bite-sized information that isn’t overwhelming, as well as arrows that quite literally point to CTA buttons throughout the page.

Pros of this sales page:

  • The headlines all present value
  • Lots of images and subheaders break up the copy to make it very easy to read
  • Lots of visual cues for redirecting the eye

Cons of this sales page:

  • Boring CTA button colors
  • Not-so-interesting CTA copy that is far from convincing
  • Missing images in the “About the Founder” section.

Our tip: Always make an effort to draft copy in your CTA section that is motivating.

It’s called a “call to action” for a reason-- you’re literally trying to encourage someone to do something that you want.

The copy should be attention-grabbing, convincing, and exciting.

#13: What Works Network

What Works Network

The platform What Works Network is essentially an online community for small business owners to network and train.

The sales page is a great example of gorgeous design, right down to the layout and overall image scheme.

One thing business owners can consider replicating in their own sales pages is how they used video content. The sales video is placed directly below the fold, which isn’t very typical in most sales pages.

However, it works because when a video pops up as the first thing a user sees when interacting with one’s sales page, they are more obligated to actually watch it.

This is also a useful trick because the content within the video immediately makes the viewer feel like they are part of the community before giving them money-- a connection that is very important in creating conversions.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Visually pleasing design
  • A unique use of video placement
  • Use of social proof.

Cons of this sales page:

  • No SSL certificate

Our tip: Always use an SSL certificate to secure your website or blog, regardless of whether payments are processed directly on the site.

#14: Living Language

Living Language

It’s tough enough trying to get people to be interested in learning a new language unless it is incredibly easy.

Platforms like Duolingo have managed this with their marketing campaigns and app design. However, Living Language promotes fictional languages from major books, television shows, and movies, such as Dothraki from Game of Thrones.

Their sales page is a good example of marketing a very specific niche, which in this case would be hardcore fans of the franchise. The CTA buttons have colors that you won’t see anywhere on the page, which makes them stand out.

They also use authority badges that relate to HBO and the actual show itself to lend authority.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Unique CTA button colors
  • Tons of authority badges

Cons of this sales page:

  • CTAs are quite tiny and difficult to find
  • The use of social media icons pushes the viewer away from the sales page.

Our tip: While having multiple CTAs can be a good thing, this page had too many.

Pick one or two actions that you really want your leads to take, rather than five or six. You don’t want to overwhelm prospects.

#15: Beach Body 21-Day Fix

Beach Body 21-Day Fix

This weight loss program is based on simple workouts and eating plans. Their sales page is a really good example of this niche connecting with the right audience.

At first glance, the first image you see is of the creator of the program with a celebrity they’ve helped. This immediately adds credibility to the sales page in a way that is immediate and not wordy.

If you look closely, the sales page also has several cooperative CTA links. This gives leads more than one location to convert without having to scroll around.

You can use systeme.io to place your CTA buttons wherever you’d like on your sales page. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping!

Pros of this sales page:

  • Lack of top navigation
  • Use of a celebrity client photo
  • Clear and simple headers
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Good CTA buttons

Cons of this sales page: There are a lot of included on this page, and

  • Too many outbound links
  • Their copyright is out of date

Our tip: Make an effort to avoid outbound links entirely, and that includes in the footer.

You may want to include a link to other parts of the site, such as the “about us” page, but that simply makes it too easy for users to stay away from the sales page.

And as we’ve established, the sales page is the meat and potatoes of the overall website.

#16: Eat Fat, Get Thin

Eat Fat, Get Thin

This sales page promotes both a diet and health book and used notable sales page tricks to do so. One interesting element is the main headline.

It does not boast any benefits or features of the book, but it does use language that sparks curiosity and leads the readers throughout the copy to learn more.

The copy is very well-written and presents evidence and positive data to intrigue readers and lead them towards converting.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Intriguing headlines
  • Use of testimonials

Cons of this sales page:

  • The logo contains an outbound link
  • A contradictory CTA at the top of the page redirects the user to a secondary store

Our tip: When it comes to products and services that promise to help users lose weight, testimonials, positive data, and case studies should be the main focus of the sales page.

Try to place your CTAs around these sections.

#17: Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Autem dolore, alias, numquam enim ab voluptate id quam harum ducimus cupiditate similique quisquam et deserunt, recusandae.

This self-help guru’s sales page uses quite a few tricks of the trade, from a no-navigation approach to the use of authority badges.

Tai Lopez shakes things up a bit by using an actual counter of program members.

These add social proof to his claims and also a community element.

Pros of this sales page:

  • No outbound navigation
  • A click-to-call phone number that is mobile-friendly
  • Use of member counters for social proof

Cons of this sales page:

  • Uninspiring CTA button color
  • Long video

Our tip: If you’re going to include a video to introduce your product or offer, keep it under approximately two or three minutes.

#18: Live Off Your Passion

Live Off Your Passion

This program was designed to help entrepreneurs find and focus on professional niches that serve them best, and is based on the Passionate Work Framework from Scott Dinsmore.

The sales page they use is very much designed to make a very human and emotional, though professional, connection.

The text and copy are extremely clear from the get-go what the platform is about, mostly through the use of relatable questions such as “With all of the interests I have, will I be working on the right one?” and “Will doing work I love still be able to support me and my family?”

They also make use of testimonies and tables of features.

Pros of this sales page:

  • The video is short and sweet
  • copy empathizes without patronizing
  • Very strong money-back guarantee.

Cons of this sales page:

  • Video autoplay can be very annoying

Our tip: When including a video, avoid autoplay. If a user wants to watch the video, they’ll click on it.

Also, make sure that your copy reflects everything said in the video in case the user decides not to watch it.

#19: Intentional Blog

Intentional Blog

Intentional Blog claims to help blog owners build a marketable, successful, and popular blog. Through their sales page, they use headlines that promise value in conjunction with short and sweet videos that quickly explain the benefits of the course.

They also decided to include navigation links to the top of the page rather than omit them-- however, the links only lead the user deeper into the program and sales pages. This is a very useful trick to consider.

Pros of this sales page:

  • Strong value-promising headlines
  • A short video
  • Lots of bulleted copy and CTA buttons

Cons of this sales page:

  • The testimonials read as if they were staged, notably by the generic first names and lack of last names

Our tip: Use real testimonials from brands or individuals who have tried your product or service in order to facilitate trust with potential customers.

#20: AWAI


At first glance, AWAI’s sales page may seem like way too much text and not enough visual imagery.

However, when you look at the target market that the platform wants to reach, it makes sense why they chose to stay on the wordy side.

AWAI offers services that help actual writers, authors, and copywriters improve their job quality and craft.

While the average user may not vibe very well with blocks of text, writers may appreciate it more. The copy is also broken up into many different subheaders and short paragraphs to make reading it easier and more enjoyable.

The platform also uses question headlines that directly lead to reader engagement, as well as many different CTAs.

There is no navigation on the page either-- in many ways, this sales page reads like an actual page of the book. This is clearly very intentional, given the target audience involved. Testimonials are also included and are fairly long and detailed.

This adds an element of authority and intrigue.

Pros of this sales page:

  • A unique approach to design that fights the writer’s aesthetic
  • Lots of cooperative CTAs
  • Spaced-out and easy-to-read copy

Cons of this sales page: This sales page is insanely long, and the CTAs don’t even show up until almost the bottom of the page.

  • Very long sales page
  • CTAs show up almost at the bottom of the page

Our tip: Place your CTAs closer to the top of the page.

#21: Foodbabe Sugar Detox

Foodbabe Sugar Detox

When it comes to diets, health-related books, or any kind of product or service that offers a solution to weight or health problems, it’s important to connect with potential clients on a human level.

This can often be a sensitive issue, and today’s clients simply won’t connect with an overly-technical or scientific platform.

What they are interested in is connecting with a brand that they relate to. Using a question heading is one way to get users to connect with your specific offer.

These brands typically do well via social media marketing, so adding social buttons to one’s sales page can be helpful.

Systeme.io’s page editor makes it easy to drag and drop any and all elements to a sales page that you could want.

If you’re interested in focusing on headlines, buttons, and copy more than flashy imagery, Systeme.io is worth considering!

Pros of this sales page:

  • No top navigation
  • Has social buttons that make it easy to share content
  • Headlines contain questions

Cons of this sales page:

  • The visual cues in the copy become a little overwhelming at times with underlined and bolded letters

Our tip: Keep your copy short and sweet, and use visual font cues very sparingly and only for the most important parts of the copy, such as a statistic or an intense claim.

Create excellent sales pages with systeme.io

Systeme.io logo

Systeme.io logo

Creating sales pages that convert starts with excellent software for marketing. And systeme.io is a fantastic option.

Systeme.io is a powerful all-in-one application that businesses can use to create virtually any kind of page for their content marketing efforts, from sales pages to newsletters to full online courses.

Our page editor makes it extremely easy to build sales pages with specifically-placed images, headers, videos, links, and copy.

Creating a sales page with Systeme.io is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Log in to your Systeme.io account and navigate to the "Funnels" tab.

2. Click on "Create" and select the type of funnel you want your sales page to be in. Usually, this would be a "Sell" funnel.

3. Click on "add step" and select "sales page".

4. Choose the layout you prefer, customize the content, and add images, videos, and other media to make your sales page more engaging.

5. Add your product description, pricing, and payment options.

Systeme.io integrates with multiple payment processors like Stripe and PayPal, making it easy to accept payments from your customers.

With Systeme.io, you can create a professional-looking sales page in minutes, without any coding or design skills.

Want to learn more? Check out our pricing page to find a plan that works for you!

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