The Perfect Price for Your Sales Funnel: Advice From the Experts

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Sales funnels simplify the buying process which increases the chance of a high-quality sale by up to 62%!

This makes building funnels a sought-after skill in the digital marketing industry.

But the most important question is: How much should you charge for your expertise in building funnels?

Keep reading to discover strategies to help you determine how much to charge for a sales funnel.

1. What is a sales funnel?

sales funnel

Turning a prospect into a customer is not a 1-step process.

96% of people who see your website and brand for the first time aren’t ready to make a purchase.

That’s exactly why a sales funnel is useful in a business model.

It represents the visual path you take viewers on to guide them through the sales process in the hopes of converting them from viewers to leads, and from leads to customers.

This means that your sales funnel is made up of all the sales pages, offers, and links you craft to funnel a person toward a sale.

Remember that your sales or marketing funnels can take on many forms, and exactly what that is, is up to you.

You might start your marketing funnel with a blog post, or even one of your landing pages, with an opt-in page and lead magnets ready to snag the interest of casual viewers.

Then, you may create social media campaigns and Facebook ads to retarget potential customers and use email marketing to nurture those leads and funnel them toward conversion.

Ultimately, as a funnel builder, your goal is making money for your client.

If your client is happy with their investment in your work and the value you add, they'll be much more likely to spend more of their budget on you, so you'll be making more money too.

1.1. Who are the sales funnel builders?

sales funnel builders

Simply put, they’re people who are really good at building funnels that convert.

Many business owners take the DIY option and start by building their own funnels.

But if you’re an aficionado at digital marketing with a passion for page building, then maybe funnel building is for you!

What’s better, you can sell this skill to other businesses and clients for a reasonable profit.

You can form an essential part of any business’ marketing strategy, as sales funnels are widely acknowledged as a marketing tool that helps businesses make more money.

Plenty of marketing experts, like Gusten Sun, use their skills and strategy to create high-converting marketing funnels for their clients.

Do you see this as your career path but don’t know how to put a price on your expertise?

Use the next couple of tips to help you hit the ground running.

2. Calculating the value of your funnel

2.1. Don’t undersell yourself


Many funnel builders struggle to earn enough income — you’re juggling how much to charge with the worry of prices putting off potential customers.

The price we ask for our services and products often relates to our confidence in our work, and sometimes we undersell ourselves in spite of the effort and work involved.

This is a strain on your business and finances.

The good news is that you can prevent that by using this advice:

  • Change the question around — Ask, "How do I justify a price which the customer can afford?"
  • Research Do market research to find out how much other funnel-builders with a similar level of experience charge
  • Upskill yourself — Add to your skillset with online courses, and make yourself an asset to any potential clients
  • Be visible — You need to get your name and skills out there using LinkedIn or Upwork, especially if you’re freelancing

By applying this advice, you can earn enough from your sales funnel while also pleasing your potential client.

2.2. Focus on one product

Focus on one product

One of the biggest problems when determining the price for a sales funnel is that most of the time our delivery isn’t consistent.

If you’re new to selling sales funnels, you might think that as a business you should offer customized services to fit exactly what your customer wants.

It’s tempting to sell a host of products at different prices, but this can make things complicated.

For each product you offer, there are different costs involved, and it can be difficult switching between different types of jobs without slowing down productivity.

While personal and custom-built services are lovely for the customer, oftentimes it’s you as the sales funnel seller that will miss out.

Instead of bending over backward for every single customer as most funnel builders do, try the following techniques:

  • Focus on delivering one quality sales funnel process that can be tweaked and edited to suit the customer
  • Stick to one core offer and work on it, one hour at a time
  • Work on making that process efficient for yourself
  • Make use of social media campaigns, lead magnets, and Facebook ads to help you sell and supplement your marketing funnel
  • Gather all client work and information so that it's easy to refer back to
  • Set the same price for each sales funnel sale
  • Perfect your process so you know what the build times and lead times are for each project

This will make coming up with a price for your standardized sales funnel product a whole lot easier.

2.3. Decide your price first

Decide your price first

While it may sound crazy to decide on a price first, hear us out.

Before you decide on the sales funnel you’re going to deliver to the customer, ask yourself, ‘What do I want from the customer?’

Base the pricing of your sales funnel on what you require from the market to sustain your business and live a comfortable lifestyle.

If you think your company requires $300,000 a year in revenue to sustain itself, then consider:

  • How many packages will you sell to make that amount?
  • Will you sell multiple turnkey sales funnel solutions?
  • Are you creating a full marketing and branding strategy, complete with automation and funnel marketing?
  • Is there an affiliate link you'll need to include at different steps?

Making these decisions first gives you control over your business and can help it become profitable.

By deciding on your price beforehand, you’re clear and concise about what you need from the market and are more likely to stick to that and make it work.

However, once you’ve decided on the price of your expertise, you’ll need to work out the extra costs the work will include.

Check out our handy 5-step breakdown below to guide your cost of sale.

3. Where does the money go?


When you set how much you’ll charge for your sales funnels, you have to know how much it costs to run your business.

If the price you set doesn't at least cover costs, you’ll constantly be in the red and end up draining your initial capital.

There are several steps you need to take to ensure your price is just right.

3.1. Work out pricing percentages

Work out pricing percentages

The easiest way to think about business costs and pricing is to use percentages.

You need to know how much the following elements of your business cost you:

  • Funnel delivery to your customer
  • Running the funnel for your customer
  • Paying staff and fees
  • Software and design bills
  • Platform and office rental

Also, consider the worst-case scenario — how much does it cost for your company to run, even without customers?

While it’s not nice to think about, it does happen to plenty of businesses, so you need to be prepared.

There are always bills to pay.

3.2. How much goes to you?

How much goes to you?


Firstly, you should decide how much of the cost of the funnel goes straight to your bank account.

From the start, you have to pay yourself for your time and investment in the business and the project.

Some of the money will pay for the management and delivery of the project, but usually, delivery is looked after by someone else.

While this figure depends on your business, we recommend you put aside 50% of the price to go straight to you. That means you have 50% more to spend on costs, tax, and profit.

Knowing how much you’ll take for the business also helps you understand how much you can deliver to the client.

3.3. How much goes to costs and overheads?

How much goes to costs and overheads

With any project, there are costs and overheads to pay for.

These are your most significant business overheads along with the costs to hire an individual to help outsource the work.

Again, how much you opt for depends on your business situation, but we recommend leaving 30% of the money to pay for costs and overheads.

This affects how much you believe you can offer the customer.

Without putting aside this amount, it’s easy to over-deliver and give away too much for too little.

You may discover that you need to remove extra features from your sales funnel to have enough budget to cover the costs and overheads of the project.

3.4. How much goes to tax?

How much goes to tax?

Tax rates vary from country to country, but approximately 15% is a good figure to save for taxes from each product.

We recommend hiring an accountant to discuss this with you.

3.5. What about profit?



Most importantly, you have to decide how much to put to one side for company profit.

Again, this will depend on your company’s circumstances and service outcomes, but saving 5% as profit is a good figure to start with.

This figure is a pure profit margin, so every single bit of that 5% profit is kept and saved as profit, and never spent on the project.

Without saving profits, you can’t grow as a company.

This money forms the budget, which will help with future projects and business investments.

4. The only sales funnel builder you’ll need:’s logo’s logo

One of the overheads that you can’t ignore is the platform you’ll use to build and run your sales funnels — and how much it costs.

Here at, we're not just an email marketing tool, we’re experts in sales funnels.

Our all-inclusive marketing platform is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for an easy way to manage their online business.

Our sales funnel building feature has the following capabilities:

  • Multi-step funnel process
  • Tons of proven page templates
  • A super easy drag-and-drop editor
  • Automation and deadline features
  • Built-in electronic product sales and access
  • Integrations with payment gateways, Stripe and PayPal

Since our platform is completely integrated, it’s very easy to use and performs many marketing services aside from building sales funnels.

These services include:’s features are so powerful that it gives you the ability to automate marketing offers for your customers.

This means that you don’t waste time on repetitive processes.

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5. Conclusion


It’s difficult to place an exact price on a sales funnel strategy without knowing the company or what they need.

Here is a final insight on how to margin your sales funnels:

  • Don’t list out every deliverable you’d like to offer clients and then try to decide how much to charge for
  • Do ask yourself how much you need to make for your business

Follow this advice, and you’ll find the perfect price-point to make your funnel-building business reach new highs!

Simplify your process even further by using to build out your funnels — sign up, and build your first 3 funnels for free!

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