Ahrefs VS Moz: Which SEO Tool Should You Use?

A Breakdown of Ahrefs vs Moz

Moz and Ahrefs are pretty popular names in the world of SEO software for digital marketing

But how do they stand up against each other? Is one better than the other? How are these platforms when it comes to being the best with accurate and checked data?

In this review, we’re going to breakdown everything you need to know about Ahrefs and Moz, including which one is the better choice and what each platform provides in the way of SEO tools.

Let’s start with Ahrefs, shall we?

1. What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs logo

Ahrefs logo

Ahrefs is a popular and well-known SEO tool for checking backlinks, among other things.

While backlink checking is the most lucrative aspect of this platform, it does have some additional great features.

Ahrefs has a 3.5-star rating on Trustpilot and has some mixed reviews:

“The tool is great and I have good experiences with the support. I am using different tools and Ahrefs belongs to the must-haves.” - Melanie

“They have good data and TERRIBLE customer service. If you live in a state where they don't have sales tax on services, they'll still bill you and collect sales tax on your service every month. They will change your account over the years even if you're a devoted customer. They are disrespectful towards people who have paid them 10's of thousands of dollars.SEMrush, Majestic SEO or Moz will get the job done for less money and they won't screw with your account features without telling you.” - Eean

1.1. Ahrefs pricing

Ahrefs pricing

Ahrefs offers four different plans:

  • Lite - $99 per month - One user, five projects, and 500 tracked keywords. Seven-day trial included.
  • Standard - $179 per month - One user, ten projects, and 1,500 tracked keywords. Seven-day trial included.
  • Advanced - $399 per month - Three users, twenty-five projects, and 5,000 tracked keywords. No trial available.
  • Agency - $999 per month - Five users, one hundred projects, 10,000 tracked keywords.No trial available.

1.2. Ahrefs key features

Ahrefs dashboard

Ahrefs's dashboard

Ahrefs has quite a load of features, though some of them fall a little flat and have few use cases.

  • Full SEO toolbar and toolkit.
  • Batch analysis and reporting.
  • Search competitors’ paid keywords.
  • Search competitors’ organic traffic.
  • Find outreach targets.
  • Receive competitor backlink notifications.
  • API available (by subscription.)
  • Multiple link grouping.
  • Real-time keyword use notifications.
  • Backlink notifications.
  • Position tracking and position reports via email.
  • Creation of disavow files.
  • Filter backlinks by dialect or language.
  • Global language keyword rank tracking.
  • Desktop and mobile device rank trackers.
  • Keyword rankings for specific countries.
  • Link opportunity reporting.
  • Customizable reporting frequency.

1.3. Ahrefs pros

Ahrefs pros
  • You can track the losses or gains of specific organic keywords, as well as traffic, in real-time.
  • Analyze and identify competitor webpages that are ranking for the keywords you want.
  • Monitoring for overall ranking and authority.
  • Excellent backlink features and competitor keyword compilation.
  • You can track the overall quantity and quality of website backlinks.
  • You can view how sites and specific landing pages have ranked.
  • Free week-long trial.

1.4. Ahrefs cons

Ahrefs cons
  • For the most part, Ahrefs only really focuses on link management and generic metrics.
  • It’s fairly pricey and noticeably more expensive than similar SEO or keyword research platforms.
  • The trial period is just a little too short to get a good feel for it.

2. What is Moz?

Moz logo

Moz logo

Moz (officially Moz Pro) is an all-in-one platform and SEO toolkit for improving SEO ad campaigns. 

You can do quite a bit with Moz, including site auditing and thorough keyword research.

However, Moz is far from perfect and has its own downfalls.

Moz, like Ahrefs, has a 3.5-star rating on Trust Pilot as well. 

And similarly, there are also some polarizing reviews:

“We've been using Moz since Jan 2014, when we switched from a desktop application that provided rankings reports, etc. Since then, Moz has been a key player in our SEO service, responsible not only for rankings data, but also keyword research, competitive analysis and tracking, on-page grading (great for when Yoast isn't an option), and more. It's one of our most expensive software subscriptions, but well worth the cost.” - Jamie

“Before you do business with Moz review the website and ask the question how will I end service when the time comes? You will not find a phone number. You will not find a reasonable way to cancel your subscription. You will not find customer service representatives that want to do anything more than continue your subscription. Finally, the service that they provide, in my opinion, is not all that great either. No, DO NOT RECCOMEND Moz.” - Tom

2.1. Moz pricing

Moz pricing

Moz offers four different plans:

  • Standard - $99 per month - Five campaigns, 300 keyword rankings, 150 keyword queries per month.
  • Medium - $179 per month - According to Moz, this is the most popular option. Ten campaigns, 900 keyword rankings, 5,000 keyword queries per month. Free trial included.
  • Large - $249 per month - Twenty-five campaigns, 1,900 keyword rankings, 15,000 keyword queries per month.
  • Premium - $599 per month - Fifty campaigns, 4,5000 keyword rankings, 30,000 keyword querier per month.

2.2. Moz key features

Moz's dashboard

Moz's dashboard

Moz is fairly minimal when it comes to features, which may be a little off-putting for someone looking for an all-in-one SEO toolkit or solution.

  • Professional training courses and webinars
  • Quick and active Q&A forum.
  • Very comprehensive Q&A database.
  • Online marketing guides for beginners.
  • Keyword prioritizing with competitive analysis,
  • Website explorer.
  • Keyword difficulty ranking.
  • Beta access to new tools.
  • In-dashboard recommendations.
  • SEO audit and crawl.
  • In-depth backlink research.
  • Rank tracking and domain analytics.
  • Citation cleanup tools.
  • Local ranking factors analysis.

2.3. Moz pros

Moz pros
  • Track all of your website’s visibility in SERPS or “search engine result pages.”
  • Check how adequate your website is on desktop and mobile.
  • Track keywords, prioritize keywords by their metrics and target particular phrases or words.
  • Improve your overall SEO strategies via Moz’s in-program auditing function.
  • Track your website’s organize visits and overall rankings.
  • Keep an eye on your site’s domain authority, as well as page authority.
  • Receive a detailed analysis of your link profiles and see what competitive link opportunities that are available.
  • It’s somewhat less expensive than Ahrefs.

2.4. Moz cons

Moz cons
  • There really isn’t a lot of access to different tools when compared to similar platforms or tools.
  • The learning curve is very steep and difficult to learn.
  • Backlinks update quite slow when compared to similar tools.

3. What are the differences between Ahrefs and Moz?

the differences between Ahrefs and Moz

These two platforms are very similar, of that there is no doubt. Both are fantastic platforms for backlink tracking

So what are the actual differences between these two platforms based on their marketing materials?

To start, let’s look at some features that they share but differ when it comes to quality

For site rank tracking, Moz allows its users to cross-reference domains with a list of your preferred target keyword

You can then check how your page is ranking by including a list of keywords for each individual page on your website. 

Once those keywords are inputted, you can then see your rankings and performance. All of this information is put into a report

For Ahrefs, on the other hand, this entire process occurs through the Rank Tracker tool

This feature makes it possible to check in on different domains or subdomains to see how landing pages are ranking through search results, down to exact URLs. 

You can also export the report into your preferred reporting software to make it more visual.

There’s also the matter of keyword research and overall analysis. 

It's extremely important to be able to understand your visits and to know how they are searching for your particular services or products

Keywords are a great way to find out what your customers are searching for, as well as what questions need to be answered in the form of very valuable content for marketing purposes. 

Moz has a Keyword Explorer tool that makes it easy to find the right keywords for your company by narrowing down a list of possible keywords, rather than forcing you to look into new keywords. 

Moz uses Page and Domain Authority (PA and DA) scoring to find the right keywords. 

For Ahrefs, the platform offers a similar keyword research feature called Keywords Explorer. 

Through this tool, you’ll receive a list of synonyms or similar terms for each of your keywords to expand your net. 

With this explorer, you’ll get more focused keyword results and accurate search volume ranking data. This makes it possible to see how easy or hard it is to rank for specific keywords

Ahrefs also offers global rank tracking.

Lastly, Moz and Ahrefs have some key differences when it comes to link monitoring

Linking is a very important factor for SEO, especially with backlinks. 

Moz’s Link Explorer will allow you to analyze your whole link profile by typing in a domain and getting a thorough profile on that specific domain. 

This is really handy for weighing your link profile against your competitor’s link profile. 

Ahref’s Site Explore offers similar features, but also provides the ability to track different linking data-- such as when the backlinks were posted, dofollow or nofollow links, anchor words, etc. 

You can really build a better view of your link profile and your competition’s link profile with this data.

4. Which platform should I choose?

When it comes to accurate and checked data, we’d have to go with Ahrefs

While Moz shows you who is responsible for backlinks, Ahrefs offers a wealth of more in-depth features, such as backlink sources, trends, and graphic visualizers to make understanding the data easier. 

Ahrefs can also discover your competition and compile a massive list of their ranked keywords.

5. What is the best SEO tool?

When it comes to the best SEO tools, it’s important to understand exactly what you mean by “SEO tools.”

Are you talking about tools that can help you find the right keywords and track your rankings? If that’s the case, both Ahrefs and Moz fit the bill and work nicely.

Are you talking about tools that can help you build content for SEO marketing purposes?

If that’s the case, Systeme.io is the best choice around.

6. Systeme.io as an SEO solution

Systeme.io's home page

Systeme.io's home page

Systeme.io is an all-in-one platform for marketing, sales funnels, and just about everything else you’d need for successful digital campaigning.

There are so many different aspects of digital marketing and e-commerce that require tools. 

In many instances, businesses and entrepreneurs will opt to use multiple platforms or tools to do different things, such as software for sales funnels, another platform for email marketing, etc. 

With Systeme.io, everything you need for building your website, digital marketing, and sales funnels can be found right from the dashboard

There’s virtually no learning curve!

Here are just a few things that Systeme.io can do within one singular platform:

  • Build sales funnels, squeeze pages, payment pages, and sales pages quickly.
  • Email marketing tools for newsletter building and email advertisements.
  • Online course building, complete with an in-dashboard editor to make a class from scratch.
  • Business automation for e-commerce and web-based companies.
  • Affiliate program editor for tracking and managing your affiliate program.
  • Webpage building for product pages with a full editing suite.
  • Wordpress is a thing of the past with the Systeme.io blog builder, which is simple enough to learn in half the time of Wordpress.
  • Webinar building for evergreen webinars.

Not only is Systeme.io fantastic for entrepreneurs that have never built a website or marketed online, but seasoned vets of the digital marketing world can also find use cases for Systeme.io! 

This platform is much more than its simplicity.

Want to learn more? We believe the best way to really get a feel for a tool or online product is to try it.

Start your free trial today to give Systeme.io a spin, no credit card required

You might just be happy you did.

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