SEMRush vs. Moz Pro — Which SEO Tool is the Best for You?

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If you’re looking for robust tools for search engine optimization (SEO), then you should consider SEMRush and Moz Pro!

These two tools give insight into how you’re doing with SEO and improve your website for better rankings in search results.

With Capterra ratings of 4.6/5 and 4.5/5, respectively, SEMRush and Moz Pro are leading the industry with their all-in-one suites of SEO tools.

Read on to find out how these two tools stack up against each other, and discover the SEO tool that’s best for your online business.

Let’s get started!

1. A quick recap of search engine optimization



Before we delve into the features and pricing of SEMRush and Moz, let’s do a quick recap of what SEO is and why it’s important.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website with the goal to improve your rankings in the search results and get more organic traffic to your website.

This means that instead of paying to be on the top of search engines (such as Google), you’d follow SEO strategies to rank higher organically.

As one of the most important aspects of marketing, a well-optimized website is what’ll put your blog, marketing campaigns, landing pages, or product pages in front of the right prospects instantly.

Don’t believe us?

Consider this: If you found what you wanted to buy on the first page of Google, would you bother visiting the fourth page? Probably not.

That’s why you want your customers to find your business easily by building a solid SEO strategy that makes your business stand out.

SEO sounds easier than it is to implement — but, from a holistic perspective, a well-optimized website means it’s one of the best in its market.

It follows proper keyword research, offers a great user experience (UX), posts expert content, and has a great social media strategy.

These are some of the many factors Google considers in its search algorithms.

How can you make sure your website fits into all these categories?

Better yet, how can you make sure your website is well-optimized without it wasting a lot of your time, money, and energy?

The answer: SEO tools.

These tools will spare you the hassle of jumping from software to software to gather relevant data for your marketing project.

In other words, they’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

The most popular SEO tools on the market are Ahrefs, Moz Pro, and SEMRush.

The SEO tool that’ll be best for your website all depends on your budget, the number of team members you have, and also how many clients you work with.

If you’re serious about SEO, you shouldn’t neglect the useful data and insights provided by various SEO tools.

These tools can give you a great competitive advantage!

This is where SEMRush and Moz come in — and we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to pick the best SEO tool for your website.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

2. What is SEMRush?

SEMRush’s logo

SEMRush’s logo

SEMRush is an all-in-one suite that comes with an abundance of features for SEO, content marketing, market research, advertising, and social media.

It’s a collection of tools that provides you with a range of insights to help you build your business’s online brand, reach new customers, and close sales.

The history of SEMRush can be traced as far back as 2008 when it was launched as a tool for regulating online competition that would transform the way in which websites rivaled against each other.

The mission of SEMRush is simple: “To make online competition fair and transparent with equal opportunities for everyone”.

Make no mistake: SEMRush is not only about SEO — it’s much more than that.

It has become a very comprehensive digital marketing management suite with features for tracking, website auditing, competitor research, and insights.

Let’s take a quick look at the features that SEMRush has to offer.

2.1. SEMRush’s key features

SEMRush’s specialized SEO toolkit

SEMRush’s specialized SEO toolkit

SEMRush offers over 50 different tools for running an online business, and it comes with a specialized toolkit just for SEO.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can do with this popular SEO tool:

  • Domain analysis and on-page SEO — Quickly audit your website for ideas and recommendations on improving your SEO performance
  • Keyword research — SEMRush’s Keyword Overview tool will show you the monthly search volume for a keyword, the difficulty to rank for that keyword, and some suggestions for alternative keywords
  • Backlink analysis and audits — View and improve all the backlinks for your website, keep track of its quality, and get insights into the performance of your competitors’ backlinks
  • Local SEO — Optimize your website for local searches, and get more local customers within your business’ geographical area
  • Rank tracking— Track daily changes of your target keywords, and research the domains with the most organic visibility
  • Analyze your competitors — Get information on the keywords your competitors use, and let SEMRush identify your organic competitors
  • Get actionable tips — SEMRush’s On-page SEO Checker scans your website to give you recommendations on what to improve and what keywords you should add to your SEO strategy
  • Advanced toolkits — You also get access to SEMRush’s Advertising, Content Marketing, and Social Media toolkits!

SEMRush is a solid SEO tool with a variety of features, and its link building and website auditing tools make it easy to improve your on-page SEO.

Its blog, knowledge base, and the SEMRush Academy gives you lots of training resources, video walkthroughs, and ready-workflows to make it easier for you to optimize your website for stronger SEO performance.

SEMRush has additional products you can add on to your subscription plan such as Impact Hero to compile buyer personas, listing management for local SEO, and automated workflows with the Agency Growth Kit.

However, SEMRush only provides data for Google’s search results which means that its metrics only cover about 70% of desktop search traffic.

Let’s look at SEMRush’s pricing to see if this SEO tool is worth the price.

2.2. SEMRush’s pricing

SEMRush’s pricing plans

SEMRush’s pricing plans

SEMRush offers 3 paid subscription plans (that are all tax-inclusive):

  • SEMRush Pro ($119.95/month) — 5 projects, 500 keywords to track, 250 keyword metrics, and 100,000 pages to crawl per month
  • SEMRush Guru ($229.95/month) — 15 projects,1,500 keywords to track, 1,000 keyword metric, and 300,000 pages to crawl per month
  • SEMRush Business ($449.95/month) — 40 projects, 5,000 keywords to track, 5,000 keyword metrics, and 1 million pages to crawl per month

SEMRush offers a 7-day free trial, but you’ll have to enter your credit card details and confirm your email address to get started.

You can cancel, downgrade, or upgrade your subscription at any time, and if you cancel within the first 7 days, you’ll get a full refund from SEMRush.

2.3. Pros and cons of SEMRush

We’ve compiled a list of SEMRush’s pros and cons, so you can decide whether this tool will work for your online business:


  • Has all the SEO metrics you need on one platform
  • Easy-to-navigate dashboard and toolkits to find what you’re looking for
  • Multiple toolkits focusing on more than just SEO
  • Has a mobile app for information on-the-go
  • Has ample training resources so you can increase your SEO knowledge and skills
  • Has a large database of links to make its data more accurate


  • Allows access to only 1 user per subscription plan
  • Focuses only on data from Google and not other search engines like Bing or Yahoo
  • Expensive with lots of optional add-ons for more features
  • The feature on “organic traffic estimates” needs work to be more accurate and timelier
  • It has a click-heavy user interface to get reports
  • Limited free trial (7 days)

The bottom line: SEMRush has a lot of useful tools that goes further than just its comprehensive SEO toolkit with generous monthly limits, but it remains quite expensive, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

2.3.1. Recommended if . . .

We recommend using SEMRush if:

  • You only have 1 SEO team member since SEMRush only offers 1 user seat
  • You’re looking for more than just a dedicated SEO tool, such as content marketing, advertising, and social media
  • You only want to track data from Google and no other search engines

2.3.2. Not recommended if . . .

We don’t recommend using SEMRush if:

  • You have lots of dedicated SEO team members
  • You’ve got a tight budget, or you’ll use only a few of the features
  • You would rather use a lesser-known and cheaper software that has all the basic features you need
  • You would want to try a tool for a longer free trial to decide if it works for you before moving to a paid subscription

If you want to know more about SEMRush, read our detailed review here.

As you can see, SEMRush offers you a wealth of information you can get your hands on, but does that make SEMRush the best SEO tool for your business?

Don’t go making up your mind just yet! Let’s have a look at Moz Pro.

3. What is Moz Pro?

Moz’s logo

Moz’s logo

Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO suite of tools that’s focused on keyword research, link building, website audits, and on-page optimization to let you increase the organic traffic to your website instead of buying your customers through ads.

The company behind Moz Pro has been in the SEO business since 2004, making it the pioneer of SEO as we know it today.

This tool lets you run everything SEO-related from a single web-based platform, so you can easily identify and fix any SEO issues on your website.

Moz offers 3 other products in addition to Moz Pro:

  • Moz Local — Manage your local listings and business’ reputation
  • Mozscape API — Use Moz’s trillions of links to improve your rankings
  • Moz STAT — Run large-scale rank tracking and search analytics

Let’s dive into the features that Moz Pro has to offer!

3.1. Moz Pro’s key features

Moz Pro’s dashboard

Moz Pro’s dashboard

Moz Pro provides users with an all-in-one SEO tool to improve their website's organic traffic by giving you step-by-step tips and recommendations on how to quickly fix the SEO issues on your website.

Here’s what you can do with Moz Pro:

  • Instantly view SEO metrics when visiting any page with the MozBar, the industry’s leading SEO toolbar
  • Know exactly how prospects search for what you sell by using the Keyword Explorer that does thorough keyword research for you
  • Perform competitive keyword analysis — See what keywords your site ranks for, and discover your competitors' most important keywords
  • Track how you’re ranking for keywords with the Rank Tracking tool
  • Crawl and audit your entire website to find issues that keep you from ranking well in search results (and learn how to fix them!)
  • Know your Page Optimization Score, and learn which improvements to make and optimize for each page’s target keyword
  • Find new links with the Link Explorer, keep track of the quality of your backlinks, and find broken links to your website that need fixing
  • Receive custom reports with visual representations of your data

In addition to these, Moz Pro also offers free users the ability to use Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer, and the MozBar, although these come with strict limits.

Here are all the features that Moz Local has to offer:

  • Manage business listings to help consumers find your business
  • Respond to reviews, and manage your business’ reputation
  • Enhance your local listings and social media profiles by improving conversion rates using photos, special offers, and more!
  • Get local listing scores so you know how to improve your listings

Let’s look at Moz Pro’s pricing to see if it’s worth the price tag.

3.2. Moz Pro’s pricing

Moz Pro’s price plans

Moz Pro’s price plans

Moz Pro’s prices are a little bit cheaper than SEMrush, starting at $99/month.

This price is not far from expensive and is aimed at users who need the basics.

You can choose from 4 pricing options:

  • Standard plan ($99/month) — 3 campaigns, 150 keyword queries with 10,000 rows each, 5 keyword lists, 5,000 backlink queries, 5 on-demand crawls with 400,000 pages crawled each month, and 1 user seat
  • Medium plan ($179/month) — 10 campaigns, 5,000 keyword queries with 30,000 rows each, 30 keyword lists, 20,000 backlink queries, 30 on-demand crawls, and 2 user seats
  • Large plan ($249/month) — 25 campaigns, 15,000 keyword queries with 50,000 rows each, 60 keyword lists, 70,000 backlink queries, 60 on-demand crawls, and 3 user seats
  • Premium plan ($599/month) — 50 campaigns, 30,000 keyword queries with 100,000 rows each, 100 keyword lists, 100,000 backlink queries, 100 on-demand crawls, and 5 user seats

If you need a custom plan, you can contact Moz’s Sales Team for a quote.

Moz Pro offers you a 30-day free trial, but you’ll have to sign up for an account and enter your credit card details to be billed at the end of the trial.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Moz Pro to see if it’s worth the investment.

3.3. Pros and cons of Moz Pro

To make it easier for you to decide whether Moz Pro is the tool for you, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons (from real customer reviews) to help:


  • Comprehensive set of tools for keyword research, link building, and on-page SEO
  • Offers actionable tips to fix SEO issues
  • Offers free SEO tools although they come with strict limits on monthly usage
  • Accurate data and metrics from a variety of search engines (not just Google)
  • Access to up to 5 user seats


  • Need separate subscriptions for all of Moz’s products
  • Complex navigational structure makes it hard to find what you’re looking for
  • Becomes more and more expensive as you use more of Moz’s campaigns
  • Listed prices do not include sales tax, so you’ll pay more than expected
  • No account manager unless you get a custom Enterprise plan for Moz Pro
  • Uses proprietary data metrics that is not familiar to everyone

The bottom line: While Moz is a bit cheaper than SEMRush, it isn’t that friendly to SEO beginners who don’t know the complicated terms being used.

The actionable tips and recommendations can help you fix basic SEO issues, making Moz Pro suitable for SEO teams with dedicated team members.

3.3.1. Recommended if . . .

We recommend Moz Pro if:

  • You’re a business located in the United States so that you can get the full benefit of Moz Pro’s large database of information
  • You’ve got a dedicated SEO team with multiple team members that can focus on specific features of Moz Pro separately
  • You frequently need custom reports to present to your business’ stakeholders, management, or shareholders
  • You have some experience with SEO and feel comfortable following technical advice to fix SEO issues on your website

3.3.2. Not recommended if . . .

We don’t recommend Moz Pro if:

  • You’re the only team member working on an SEO project or if you’re a solopreneur working on your own website’s SEO
  • Your business is based outside of North America or Europe since data can be limited to foreign regions
  • You’re completely new to SEO and would like a simple tool to do the job

Want to learn more about Moz Pro? Read our in-depth review.

Let’s dive into comparing these two SEO tools so that you can decide whether SEMRush or Moz Pro is best for you.

4. Choosing the best SEO tool for you

SEMRush and Moz are both useful SEO tools that offer a lot of similar features — so how do you choose which SEO tool to use?

It’s true that Moz Pro is the cheaper option, but that doesn’t make it the best.

Here’s a quick overview of how these two tools stack up against each other:

Comparison chart of SEMRush and Moz Pro

Comparison chart of SEMRush and Moz Pro

Let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of both tools to help you decide which one is best suited to the needs of your online business.

One thing that sets SEMRush apart from Moz Pro is that it offers a mobile app for iOS or Android, so you can access important metrics anytime, anywhere.

SEMRush also has an easier dashboard to navigate compared to Moz Pro’s, although both can be overwhelming given the magnitude of features offered.

Unfortunately, SEMRush only offers you access to 1 user per subscription plan which is challenging if your business uses dedicated SEO teams.

Moz Pro’s top-level Premium plan allows for 5 user seats, but there’s no account manager available unless you get a custom plan.

SEMRush’s database of links is over 43 trillion URLs, which is higher than that of Moz Pro — this makes SEMRush’s backlink analytics more accurate.

An obvious advantage of SEMRush over Moz Pro is that it offers over 50 tools to cover more aspects of your business than just SEO.

Moz Pro offers a few free SEO tools, but these come with strict limitations.

Moz Pro is less generous in its limits when it comes to the number of reports you can pull per day — so if you need to do a lot of backlink or keyword research every day, then SEMRush is considerably better value over Moz Pro.

Even though it’s priced a little higher than Moz Pro, SEMRush takes the prize for the best and most comprehensive SEO tool.

Both SEO tools are quite expensive, meaning that entrepreneurs like you will have to pay for a lot of extra tools to run your online business.

It’s time to consider as a highly affordable alternative to both!

5. is the all-in-one tool you need’s logo’s logo

What if you didn’t have to struggle to find the perfect tool for your business that could take care of everything you need to close more sales?

With’s all-in-one platform, you can run your entire business from a single dashboard with no need for any other tools, and you can:

All of our website editor’s elements and features are already optimized to convert your visitors into paying customers and to increase your rankings!’s paid plans start from just $27/month, and our most expensive plan is $97 — this is cheaper than SEMRush and Moz Pro’s most basic plans!

We don’t believe in limited free trials, so we also offer you a forever Free plan that’s yours to use for as long as you’d like (no credit card details required) — so you’ll literally get more than you pay for.

6. Conclusion



So, which of these two leading tools are the best for your business?

Although Moz Pro is a little bit cheaper, SEMRush takes the lead as the most value-for-money SEO tool — especially because it offers a lot more than that!

Moz Pro can also be very overwhelming for SEO newbies, and it’s easy to get lost in its complex navigation that’ll leave you struggling to find what you need.

SEMRush is really useful as a suite of online marketing tools — but if you’re looking for a true all-in-one platform to take care of your business needs, then is the solution for you!

With us, you can forget about clunky integrations and paying for countless subscriptions just to get the tools you need. gives you everything you need to launch, scale, and grow your business — plus, we take care of all the nitty-gritty technical details for you!

Switch to to get your business running in just a few clicks.

Why don’t you give our forever Free plan a chance? It’ll cost you nothing.

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