Top 10 Landing Page Designs and How to Steal the Look!

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We all know that a good landing page equals higher conversion rates.

The reason for this is simple: People love to be entertained and save their time.

If your website can optimize information to be worthy of the visitor’s time while making it entertaining, you’ll have yourself a visitor that'll want to keep coming back for more!

We believe that every website needs a makeover every now and then.

Many of these websites that we look at today have something really great about them, but most need to do A/B tests on certain aspects of their designs.

In this post, we will look at some of the most well-designed landing pages and give you tips on how you can improve your landing page designs using techniques from those who do it best.

1. Top 10 Landing Page Designs

1.1. Codecademy


Codecademy is an online platform that is focused on teaching you how to code.

A simple, yet great market to profit in.

Being one of the few online websites that specialize specifically in coding, they have to make sure that their landing page is informative.

  • What works:
  • The simple layout of their landing page helps site visitors to navigate around with ease
  • The CTA is also clearly visible, making it easy for visitors to sign-up for their newsletter
  • The animated and simplified guide on how their program training works gives future customers insight into how the product functions
  • Offering a quiz is a great way to increase audience engagement while making individuals feel catered for

Also, who doesn’t just love the CTA “It’s time to start investing in yourself”?

It makes their product feel like something worth your time, money, and energy.

  • What can be A/B tested?
  • Test to see if using the image of the lady aids the landing of customers in any way
  • Try replacing the CTA button with something more catchy like “Let’s get coding”

1.2. Skillshare


Following Codecademy’s intent, Skillshare is also a platform for online learning.

Skillshare has recently grown in popularity, which is mainly due to its large amount of creative icons promoting the platform.

And it’s safe to say that they have a great landing page to capture all of those leads.

  • What works:
  • The “Get 1 free month of Skillshare” CTA button is a great way of getting subscribers
  • The list of key benefits that you get when using Skillshare is promotional and informative
  • The embedded website example invites visitors to imagine what their skill homepage might look like
  • Listing the classes taught by “real creators” makes the experience of learning feel more personalized
  • Sleek and creative copy makes for a pleasing visual experience
  • What can be A/B tested?
  • More CTAs could be added and tested

1.3. MeetEdgar

Meet Edgar

MeetEdgar is an online software service that automates your social media posts.

MeetEdgar builds a bottomless library of evergreen updates organized by category, so you control what types of content get shared and when.

  • What works:
  • The headline shows that they offer an organic automation solution to posting on social media
  • The red CTA button that stands out from the blue background
  • A simple description of their tool in the copy
  • The use of simple colors
  • Using click-through-links that seem personalized to help the visitor discover the product
  • What can be A/B tested?
  • The choice of color palette, albeit simple, might not be as effective as limiting the colors to 3 dominant colors
  • Testing the copy that leads the visitor to the CTA

1.4. Uber


When we first started researching for this post, we were quite amazed at how Uber had adjusted their website to account for the socio-economic environment.

Uber was among the large companies that took a hit when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Their marketing team redesigned the landing page to reflect a trustworthy company, by having COVID-relevant designs.

  • What works:
  • Relevant image content
  • Clear CTA button — Uber has limited their color pallet to two main colors, and it works greatly to their benefit
  • The use of trust phrases like, “Focused on safety, wherever you go”
  • Their short-form copy makes converting easy
  • What can be A/B tested?
  • The “Learn more about driving and delivering” field below “Sign up to drive” CTA

1.5. Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting

Speaking of the pandemic, here is an example of an industry that boomed over the last year, and Chloe Ting is one of the creators to thank for it.

Her exercise programs have met platforms like YouTube with a storm of endorphin-hyped followers who need exercise programs to follow along to, and her website provides just that.

  • What works:
  • The use of a simple directory that leads you to exactly what you want
  • Great image quality on all the landing and directory pages
  • The minimalist style of the website makes navigation easier
  • What can be A/B tested?
  • Headlines can be tested and improved to include more detail or motivation for visitors to click through

1.6. Doordash


Doordash is the largest food ordering and delivery platform in the United States.

Doordash makes on-demand food delivery quick and convenient, by connecting users to their favorite restaurants, grocers, and convenience stores

  • What works
  • A catchy headline that describes their service
  • Relevant images which refer to the service they deliver
  • Separate areas for the different elements of their service
  • Easy site navigation through the search bar
  • What can be A/B tested?
  • Although the search navigation field is great, it might be better to optimize it with click-through buttons
  • Test the copy and headlines

1.7. HubSpot


HubSpot’s main focus is on improving your marketing, sales, and service software to help you grow your business.

Why does this sound familiar?

Because that is exactly what they outline in their copy.

  • What works:
  • Use of simple images that is cohesive with the color palette
  • Their headline and the descriptive copy are a great way to draw visitors in
  • Showing user statistics and following across their platform
  • Including trust symbols
  • Live chat function
  • What can be A/B tested?
  • Showing the available subscription plan
  • The use of images of people at the lower end of their landing page

1.8. Slack


As a company that uses Slack, we can vouch for just how well their software works.

Giving a brief overview of what the software entails, this page sticks the landing — pun intended.

  • What works:
  • Great use of headlines throughout the landing page
  • Minimal or no copy — Only headlines to describe their product
  • Sleek scroll through — Feels more like a video than a page
  • Clear CTA throughout the landing page
  • What can be A/B tested?
  • Use of animated icons

1.9. SproutSocial

Sprout Social

SproutSocial is a social media management platform that focuses on optimizing brands and agencies.

Their software helps you to track analytics, optimize aspects of your design that aren't working, and increase engagement with your content.

  • What works:
  • Clear, green, CTA button with the addition of a “no credit card required” note below the button for added encouragement
  • The addition of trust symbols, awards, and testimonials
  • Adding interactive click-icons without redirecting you to a new page
  • Slow-moving animations on their main landing image
  • Image example of their software
  • What can be A/B tested?
  • The images being used in certain parts of their landing page

1.10. I Done This

I Done This

I Done This combines progress tracking and reporting technology, allowing users to compile daily check-ins into simple reports.

Progress reports serve to give users quick and valuable insight into their team progress and how they are performing.

  • What works:
  • Simple CTA and copy
  • The minimalist layout makes the tool seem as simple to use as it is to navigate their landing page
  • Short-form makes it easy to navigate the page
  • Trust symbols at the lower end of the landing page
  • What can be A/B tested?
  • The images could be tested and perhaps interchanged with previews of their product
  • Look at improving CTA buttons and sign-up form

2. How to steal the look in 3 steps


There are many things you can do to improve your website design, but it ultimately comes down to a few key design choices that make or break your site.

There are three great practices to follow when creating your landing page:

  • Clearly and directly state what value your product or service provides
  • Focus on a single CTA
  • Use multimedia with a purpose

This section of the post entails a lot of design information.

If you should take anything from this post, let it be that you should keep your website simple!

2.1. Sell Short, Sweet, and Uncluttered

 Sell Short, Sweet & Uncluttered

We all know what they say about first impressions.

A bad one might have lasting effects, but, more often than not, can be fixed over time. But time is the main problem in this statement.

On average, users stay on a website for 15 seconds. That's not a lot of time you have to convince the visitor to stay.

You have 15 seconds to introduce your brand, show your product, and state your purpose. You want to do this while also providing content that clearly offers user value and looks good.

Visitors love knowing what they are buying into. While knowing what you’re buying into is great, the quantity of information should not be mistaken for the quality of the content.

You want to find the happy middle of content creating, which is essentially creating content that is kept simple and to the point without leaving out key details.

Most of the information you provide users will be displayed by images, headlines, and copy.

How can you produce great quality content?

Alongside keeping information sweet and simple, you also want to harmonize your ads with your landing page.

Your adverts should reflect your brand. If your website follows a minimalist style, then your advert should do the same.

You don’t want to send out adverts that don’t match your landing page.

It can create confusion if your advert uses a maximalist design and your landing page a minimalist design.

If you can master harmonizing content, then you are left with a visitor that knows exactly what is happening, and who knows what they want.

If you’re looking for some great landing page templates you can have a look at Hubspot’s post where they list some of the best free templates for you to use.

As much as you should produce quality content, you should also look into securing quality content by using trust icons.

In many of our examples above, you can see how small companies benefit from larger ones — adding trust signals to your product can ensure a “second-hand” trust, merely by association.

2.2. CTA is the way

CTA is the way

As much as website design matters, you also want to make sure that you include buttons that call to action (CTA).

After visiting your landing page, what do you want your prospect to do? Where do you want them to go? Which product do you want to sell to them?

Being exact can help you clearly define what you expect from your prospect.

Too many CTA buttons, like “start your free trial”, “join our email list”, “gain access for free”, “read more about us here”, on one page can lead to an overwhelmed visitor who is more likely to bounce than stay.

Here is a blog post to show you other ways of reducing bounce rates.

Although offering variety is always good, it can also lead to the visitor not knowing what to choose first, resulting in no action being taken at all.

Instead of offering a variety of options, look at which CTA makes the most sense.

If you want your email campaign to grow, make sure to add a “join our mailing list” button, if you want more people to read your book add “get a copy for free”.

Most of the time, you can offer CTAs on navigation-specific pages.

Keep it specific and to the point.

If you want to look at more specific ways of improving your CTA, you can look at Wordstream’s blog on how to do just that here.

2.3. Use media purposefully

Use media purposefully

A picture is worth a thousand words and applies to your landing page too!

Most products need an explanation in one way or another. Need to highlight the benefits of using the product? Do it through imagery.

Referring back to the previous section, you want to keep your content short. But having to keep your copy short may result in a lack of understanding of the product.

So, show what you can’t say with your copy and headlines.

There is, however, a catch to using images — they must serve a purpose.

You want to keep in mind that the use of media should be to highlight the value of your product.

Another thing you also want to keep in mind is that stock images, low-quality videos, and photographs add no value to your landing page, they actually do the opposite.

You want to provide high-quality images and videos to your landing page to make the most out of multimedia.

If you are using multimedia, you want to update it and constantly A/B test it.

A test by HubSpot found that the wrong images can reduce conversion rates by up to 24% — definitely something you want to avoid!

What’s even more interesting is that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text; with as much as 93% of the information transmitted to the brain being visual.

This means that the first thing your prospect sees on your landing page is the images and the colors you use to represent your brand.

If you can make your landing page as aesthetically pleasing as possible, you will be able to make the most of this psychoneurological effect!

3. Conclusion

When you use these 3 tips and the examples provided above, you won’t have to build your landing page from the ground up.

Model all the elements that work super well on other companies’ landing pages, and express them in your brand style.

Systematically test, tweak, alter, and analyze your content to remain relevant and ensure that the content you produce remains up to par with the trends.

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