9 Top-Tier Landing Page Builders in 2022

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Out of all available avenues, landing pages remain one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and boost conversions.

In fact, the average conversion rate of a landing page is 26%.

But to handle various landing pages, all on your own and all at once, can be a technical nightmareuntil you find a service that does it all for you from a single dashboard.

Having the ability to rapidly create professional and custom landing pages with forms, images, and other crucial elements is a real game-changer.

We’ve scoured through the internet and found the 9 best landing page services in 2022 to get you started!

We’ll be comparing, reviewing, and ranking 2022’s 9 best landing page builders based on:

  • Ease of use
  • Features and third party integrations
  • Pricing

And more!

1. Systeme.io

Although a fairly new player in the market, this all-in-one digital marketing platform is already skyrocketing in France, Spain, and the US.

Systeme.io is designed to help both budding entrepreneurs and inexperienced marketers automate and scale their marketing strategies.

systeme.io logo

systeme.io logo

This makes systeme.io’s landing page builder tool extremely easy to navigate, with:

  • An easy drag-and-drop builder
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive components
  • Default mobile responsive pages — a crucial function given that 59% of web traffic is now mobile
  • Access to 24/7 customer support

Systeme.io’s landing page builder incorporates the following features:

Price-wise, systeme.io is one of the most affordable all-in-one marketing platforms out there.

In fact, systeme.io now offers a Freemium plan, granting you free but limited access to the platform for as long as you need.

This spares you from the burden of making a major and uninformed commitment right off the bat.

Take your time in exploring the platform and testing out its features.

Once you’re ready to commit, you can upgrade to a plan of your choice — completely hassle-free.

Click here to find out more about systeme.io’s pricing plans.

2. Unbounce

Used by over 15,000 brands across the world, Unbounce is undoubtedly one of the most highly-reputed landing page builders on the market.

With Unbounce’s landing page tool, you can build, launch, and optimize custom landing pages for any campaign — no coding skills are needed.

Unbounce logo

Unbounce logo

Unbounce’s key features include:

Unbounce's real power lies in its A/B testing and targeting tools.

You can create multiple variants of your page from the Variant menu in the top toolbar.

Unbounce will then test them against each other to see which one gets you the most conversions.

In terms of targeting, Unbounce offers an option to dynamically replace text on your page with whatever your visitor searched for.

For instance, depending on what your visitor was looking for, you could change your headline to say "Human Resource Management Apps" or "HR Management Tools".


Functionality-wise, Unbounce is quite easy to navigate because of its:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Easy drag-and-drop editor
  • Friendly plugins, form creation, and page design
  • Uncomplicated “stats engine” for reading analytics fast and with ease

Although Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders out there, it is rather expensive — especially for budding entrepreneurs.

Unbounce offers both monthly and annual billing for their three plans:

  • Launch — $80 per month or $72 per annum
  • Optimize —$120 per month or $108 per annum
  • Accelerate — $200 per month or $180 per annum

With annual billing, you’ll save 10% on your total billing amount.

To test out any of these plans, you can sign up for Unbounce’s 14-day free trial.

3. Landingi

Landingi also sets itself apart from other landing page builders on the market.

In fact, over 4,000 companies — including Paypal, Sony Music, and Callpage— use Landingi to power their landing pages.

Landingi logo

Landingi logo

Just like systeme.io and Unbounce, Landingi requires zero coding skills to create custom landing pages.

Overall, Landingi is beginner-friendly as it incorporates:

  • A drag-and-drop pixel-perfect editor
  • 400+ simple yet professional and mobile-responsive templates
  • Marketing support
  • Basic task automations using captured leads

Landingi’s key features include:

  • A/B split testing
  • In-built web analytics tооls
  • Landing page import — a tool that allows you to “clone” other pages from the Internet by importing them.
  • Organic rank optimization
  • Paid  Quality Score  optimization
  • Integrations with plenty of well-ranked and widely-used marketing platforms, including WordPress, Kissmetrics, and Salesforce.

Landingi also has one of the most powerful editors.

Once you get started with their templates, you can move elements around to exactly where you want them to be.

Also, if your clients want to host their own landing pages, you can export whatever you make in Landingi to either WordPress or a custom server— and still use all of Landingi’s analytics and tracking features.

However, the editor — particularly the mobile editor — is often rated as difficult to use for beginners.

Landingi offers the following three price plans, all billed either monthly or annually:

  • Create — Available at $89 per month or $55 per annum, ideal for small businesses and budding entrepreneurs.
  • Automate — Available at $127 per month or $79 per annum, ideal for marketing professionals.
  • Agency — Available at $199 USD per month or $148 per annum, ideal for agencies, integrators, and resellers.

All three plans grant access to unlimited landing pages, traffic, leads, domains and users.

However, the Create plan does not offer A/B split testing.

It also has very limited integration features.

Given that this plan is the most affordable option of the bunch, this is quite a bummer.

Nevertheless, all three plans come with a 14-day free trial.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most reputable names in the world of SaaS and B2B marketing.

And rightly so — this all-in-one marketing platform offers feature-rich, easy to use, and substantially powerful landing page creation tools.

It meets every requirement for a single user, larger teams, and agencies from different industries.

HubSpot Logo

HubSpot Logo

HubSpot’s landing page builder is beginner-friendly and intuitive, as it incorporates:

  • Access to a complete, yet concise walk-through process, with onboarding videos and written content
  • Efficient customer support
  • Plugins, form creation, and page design
  • Library of simple and mobile-friendly templates
  • Easy incorporation of elements such as videos and tracking codes

This allows you to create professional-looking landing pages in minutes.

Moreover, HubSpot’s key features include:

In terms of personalizing landing pages for individual visitors, HubSpot allows you to dynamically share different content based on your visitors’ location, source, device used, buying stage, and other fields.

This captured information can then be automatically uploaded to your CRM software.

Alternatively, you could use HubSpot’s free CRM software.

For more advanced users, HubSpot offers a wide array of more intensive technologies, including advanced analytics tools and vigorous testing tools.

This allows users to further optimize landing pages to capture as many leads as possible.

The best part is that HubSpot’s free plan grants complete access to the platform’s landing page builder tool.

This plan also includes:

  • Thirteen well-designed and mobile-optimized templates
  • A/B testing on every page element
  • Form builder
  • Email marketing
  • Ad management tool
  • Basic analytics
  • CRM to personalize your landing pages (by name, location, and industry)
  • Integration with some of HubSpot’s tools

If you’re a budding entrepreneur on a tight budget, this plan is ideal for you.

To access HubSpot’s library of landing page templates along with its other top features, you have three paid tiers:

  • Starter plan — starts at $45 per month or $540 per annum
  • Professional plan — starts at $800 per month or $9,600 per annum
  • Enterprise plan — starts at $3,200 per month or $38,400 per annum

This makes HubSpot one of themоrе ехреnsіvе platforms оn thе mаrkеt — particularly for the Enterprise plan.

It also means that HubSpot isbetter suited for larger clients.

5. Leadpages

Used by more than 40,000 small businesses, Leadpages helps you build landing pages where visitors can learn about your product and buy it — all in one place.

If features are one of your biggest concerns, Leadpages is probably your best bet.

With dynamic text replacement, CRM, and email integration, Leadpages offers a lot of features.

Leadpages logo

Leadpages logo

In terms of its landing page builder tool, Leadpages offers the following key features:

  • A/B testing complemented by an easy-to-read analytics dashboard
  • Integrations with WordPress 
  • Integrations with Zapier and many more platforms
  • Unlimited mobile-responsive templates
  • “Coming soon” pages
  • Social media integrations
  • Plugins for form creation and page design
  • SMS marketing
  • Real-time conversion tips

In terms of beginner-friendliness, Leadpages gets a 3/5 from us for their drag-and-drop functionality — you can create landing pages within minutes.

However, they do fall a little short when it comes to page design.

Their page editor is rated as difficult to use, and their finished pages don’t quite look as good as platforms like Systeme.io or Unbounce.

Another issue is that Leadpages doesn’t make it simple to publish using your domain.

So we recommend that you only commit to Leadpages if you don’t mind using their domain.

If cost is your main concern, then Leadpages is a good option for you.

Price-wise, LeadPages is one of the most affordable options on the market with the following 3 plans:

  • Standard plan — $27 per month or $120 per annum
  • Pro plan — $59 per month or $240 per annum
  • Advanced plan — $239 per month or $948 per annum

All the plans come with:

  • Unlimited mobile-responsive landing pages
  • High page load speed
  • Facebook Ad Builder
  • Unlimited pop-ups
  • SEO functionalities

They also offer a 14-day free trial.

The downside is that you can’t use their free trial without inserting your credit card information.

So it’s not completely risk-free when it comes to having a free trial.

6. GetResponse

Although GetResponse is anall-in-one marketing platform, it is laser-focused on helping users generate profit from their landing pages.

Getresponse logo

Getresponse logo

GetResponse does this by helping you grow your contact list through offering exclusive incentives to convert high quality leads.

To get started with its landing page builder, you only need to follow these four simple steps:

  • Select a template
  • Customize your landing page
  • Publish your landing page with a single click
  • Once published, test your page and optimize it

Yes, it’s that simple!

GetResponse’s landing page builder incorporates drag-and-drop functionalities, making it even more user-friendly.

Key features of this landing page builder include:

  • Built-in, easy to use editor
  • Sticky sign-up forms to convert leads
  • Fully mobile-responsive landing page templates with over 5,000 Shutterstock images
  • Intelligent email automation
  • Robust analytics and testing
  • Countdown timer to prompt your leads to take action
  • Integrations with KissMetrics, Facebook, and many more platforms
  • Addition of PayPal button to landing pages for viewers to make payments on the fly
  • Promoting webinars, which drives traffic to your registration page and can attract crowds to online events
  • Great customer service

GetResponse offers the following 4 price plans, all billed on a monthly basis:

  • Basic plan — $15 per month
  • Plus plan — $49 per month
  • Professional plan — $99 per month
  • Max plan — Custom pricing

These plans are decent options for starting marketers and business owners.

Also, all plans come with a 30-day free trial — no credit card required.

However, GetResponse’s landing page builder is not their primary product — their main focus is their email marketing tool.

7. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a visual page builder plugin for WordPress that helps you create professional and conversion-focused landing pages.

The idea behind this is to let you build landing pages as fast as possible using the drag-and-drop editor, so that you don’t spend endless hours fiddling around with coding.

Thrive Architect logo

Thrive Architect logo

Thrive Architect’s key features include:

  • 100+ landing page templates organized into sets
  • Built-in lead generation features (including Thrive Lightbox) 
  • A/B split testing
  • Vertical split layouts
  • Backward compatibility
  • Default mobile responsive and conversion-optimized pages
  • Additional mobile responsive features
  • Email service integration
  • WordPress content
  • Integrations with a plethora of platforms 

All of these features (and more) are available as part of Thrive Suite for $19 per month or $228 annually.

When you purchase Thrive Suite, you’re covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, should you decide this isn’t the best landing page builder for you.

However, as with any advanced WordPress plugin, there’s quite a steep learning curve — especially for beginners.

8. Lander

Trusted by over 1.5 million customers and 3,000 brands (including the New York Times, Capcom, and Cisco), Lander helps you design high-converting landing pages in minutes.

Lander is also one of the most affordable landing page builders on the market (we’ll get into their pricing plans in a bit).

Lander logo

Lander logo

Lander comes with a visual, drag-and-drop editor that requires no coding skills.

Overall, this makes the platform beginner-friendly and intuitive.

Lander’s key features include:

  • 100+ pre-made templates
  • Unlimited landing page creation
  • Form-building tool for optimization
  • Creation of your own domain
  • Welcome emails and third party email integrations
  • Custom confirmation and “thank you” pages for upsells
  • Google Maps integration for in-person eventsDynamic text replacement
  • Add countdown timer to landing pages for increased conversions Embed promotional videos
  • Publish landing pages on Facebook
  • CRM and email integration
  • Integration with Google Analytics

Lander offers 2 pricing plans as follows:

  • Basic plan — $16 per month, but you can save 66% when you pay annually; ideal for start-ups and smaller businesses
  • Professional plan — $83 per month, but you can save 15% when you pay annually; ideal for in-house marketers

Both plans come with a 14-day free trial, without any credit card information required.

And if you anticipate more than 100k visitors, there are custom packages available, too.

9. Wishpond

Last but not least, Wishpond is a fast-rising name in the SaaS and marketing sphere.

Wishpond logo

Wishpond logo

Wishpond’s landing page builder is suitable for both beginners and more advanced users.

For beginners, this tool’s interface is intuitive and can be as simple as spending a few minutes with their drag-and-drop builder.

Wishpond’s landing page builder is also optimized for conversions.

You just have to use one of their templates and type in the information you want to collect via your landing page forms.

For more advanced users who want more flexibility, Wishpond’s intensive tools let you customize your page by coding the HTML and CSS of different elements.

Wishpond’s landing page builder includes the following key features:

  • Extensive pre-designed templates filtered by industry, events, and other purposes
  • Mobile-responsive pages by default
  • Continuously updated integrations with other major marketing platforms
  • Easy add-ons of pop-ups and forms, even for non-developers
  • Live chat support available
  • Ability to publish your landing page on your website, WordPress, or on social media.

As an added bonus, Wishpond continuously holds webinars and publishes free eBooks and articles on the latest marketing practices.

Wishpond’s 3 price plans are as follows:

  • “Starting Out” plan — $49 per month (can be billed annually)
  • “Everything You Need” plan — $99 per month (can be billed annually)
  • “Rapid Growth” plan — $199 per month (can be billed annually)

Every plan allows you to use any of the core apps (landing pages, pop-ups, forms, email marketing, etc), with the main differentiator being how many leads you can store in your account.

There’s a no-commitment, 14-day free trial for all 3 plans.

However, Wishpond is not solely a landing page builder — their product roadmap might prioritize other updates.

Also, A/B testing and custom JavaScript are not available on any of the plans.

10. Conclusion

Ultimately, the best landing page builder for you depends entirely on your business goals, industry type, and digital marketing expertise.

We hope that our list of 2022’s 9 best landing page builders will help you carefully choose a solution that best balances functionality and cost with your overall business needs.

Then, you finally can start building attractive and high-converting landing pages for your business!

Good luck and happy building!

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