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Lead Generation

I bet you’re reading this article because you’re looking for solid lead generation advice.

I’ll make you another bet. 

You want to find out which methods and tools are the best for attracting more leads and increasing your revenue. 

Am I right?

Thought so! If you’re interested in all things lead generation, you’re definitely in the right place. 

In this post, I’m going to share top lead generation hacks and tools.

So, pull up a chair, get comfy, and submerge yourself in the world of lead generation.

I’m 100% confident that you’ll ace every single aspect of web-based lead generation after you’ve finished reading this.

Let’s get to the juicy stuff.

1. What is lead generation?

Lead attraction

Lead generation is way more than just getting prospects to visit your site

It’s about collecting prospective customers' details and leveraging this info in a way that will evoke them to become fully-fledged customers.

2. Top Lead Generation Strategies

Top Lead Generation Strategies

Before we delve into which tools are best, let's take a look at the top lead generating strategies used by online entrepreneurs.

2.1. Become one with the customer

Find out about the type of information prospective customers want and then put it up on your website.

Provide solutions to all of their problems using your blog or a landing page.

Once you’ve hooked them, be sure to ask them to drop their email addresses so that you can give them more information. Boom, contact details in the bag!

2.2. Get your Butt on Social Media

Social Media

Let me be frank. You and I both spend countless hours each day scrolling through social media so why are you not using it to attract an audience?

Social media is a go-to place for customers to ask questions, look for advice, and find out about products and services. 

Your social media must be active, interactive, and engaging

You want your customers to interact with you here so make sure you're visible and attentive on Social media.

2.3. Put your website to the test

Whether it’s the color of your homepage, the font of your CTA (call to action)  button, or an entire rewrite of the About-us, page. 

Test it and then test it again.

Make a point of tweaking and optimizing your website regularly and don’t settle until you see 100% conversion rates.

2.4. Say hello to personalization

Once you’ve got a prospect's name and contact info, use it to your benefit.

But, a world of caution. Use when appropriate - not in a creepy stalker-like way.

If you use chatbots or pop-ups, this is a great opportunity to add value.

Not only does It makes your prospective customer feel valued and special, but it also lets them know that they're not just another number.

Provide users with special deals on their birthdays or capitalize on holidays and other events. You can get a tonne of leads by doing this..

2.5. Give to receive

If you’re anything like me,  you love a great freebie

Whether it's a discount coupon, whitepaper, webinar, or podcast - offer a freebie in exchange for a prospect’s email address.

The intent is that you're giving your customer something of value in exchange for a direct line to their email inbox.

Your prospects will see your brand in a positive light if they have pleasant and meaningful interactions with you.

2.6. Engage prospects with interactivity

Have you ever pondered the idea of using an in-article chatbot to help with getting prospect info? 

Chatbots are highly efficient at engaging an audience. 

Get creative and run a mini quiz via an in-article chatbot

Not only will you put a smile on the face of your soon-to-be customer, but they’ll also be more likely to provide their contact details

As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat (sorry cat-lovers) so try to add the element of curiosity to get attention.

3. Tools of the trade

Lead Generation Tools

Now that you have the low-down on which lead generation tactics to use, the next step is choosing which tools will help you bolster your lead generation strategy.

There are thousands of them on the market, yes, literally thousands of products but luckily, you’ve found my article, and, I’ve made a point of including the cream of the crop.

See, I’ve saved you the headache of searching. You’re welcome :)

3.1. Top Lead generation tools

When it comes to online lead generation, you can’t beat email marketing. 

The stats show that most customers still appreciate the good old email which is why email marketing is an essential tool.

But, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all easy peasy. 

Generating leads is a tough task and requires some leg work. 

3.2. Syteme.io

Systeme.io logo

Systeme.io logo

Also known as probably the best lead generation software -  ever!

This Clickfunnels slayer is making huge waves in the SaaS (software as a service) industry thanks to its affordable and easy to use interface.

Lead generation doesn’t get any better than this. 

With systeme.io, you can send unlimited emails, regardless of which plan you're on

In terms of reach, that’s a huge benefit.

Using systeme.io It’s as simple as plugging in your creative elements (images, videos, logo, etc.) and voilà! Your landing page is ready.

Plug-and-play sales funnels provide you with dozens of thank you and squeeze page templates to use as you please. 

On the topic of sales funnels...(in the context of lead generations)

Any online entrepreneur worth their salt will agree with me when I say that if you’re not navigating prospective clients through a deliberate series of steps, (aka a sales funnel) you’re missing out on conversion opportunities — BIG TIME!

At absolutely no cost, entrepreneurs (especially those on a shoestring budget) can use systeme.io's Freemium Plan to finally make headway into the world of online commerce and do business more affordably than ever before.

This is why systeme.io is a powerhouse. It’s an affordable, out-of-the-box all-in-one software solution that lets you scale and grow your business easily

Plus, you won’t need to be a tech guru to use it!

3.3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact comes highly recommended because of its extensive online training, world-class customer support, and webinar functionality.

It’s pretty good at generating leads, however, it lacks in some areas because you’ll need other plug-ins to get it working.


Constant Contacts email marketing packages aren’t bad. 

Their “Email” plan costs $20/month and “Email Plus” will set you back $45/month.

If you’re a “commitment-phobe”, I suggest starting with a free trial so that you know what you’re in for.

3.4. Sendinblue



Positioned as a complete marketing automation platform, (that combines both email marketing services and SMS messages) their drag & drop builder lets you create highly-engaging emails, automate workflows, and allows user segmentation.

One of their biggest benefits is their ability to integrate with most platforms which will help you when you’re generating leads.


Starting at $27/month for the Lite package and going up to $71/month for their Premium package, Sendinblue is a good product but can become costly as you scale.

3.5. AeroLeads


 AeroLeads logo

This nifty tool helps to find email addresses and contact numbers.

Making use of a Google Chrome extension lets you search LinkedIn, AngelList, and similar sites to obtain contact information.

Aeroleads lets you:

  • Generate relevant and accurate leads in real-time
  • Lead generation Automation
  • Access decision-maker contact details
  • Integrate with Salesforce and Hubspot.


They offer 4 different plans:

Aeroleads pricing

Aeroleads pricing

When comparing aeroleads with competitors  you’ll notice that they're not the cheapest solution

You can get the same features, if not more elsewhere.

But, let me not choose on your behalf, use the free trial, and see for yourself if it’s going to work for you.

3.6. OutreachPlus


OutreachPlus logo

OutreachPlus is a multi-purpose lead generation tool that lets you create and send personalized emails with the help of automation.

What’s more, it helps find prospects for any of your future marketing activities based on historical data from previous campaigns.


OutReach Plus pricing

OutReach Plus pricing

OutreachPlus offers a free plan that includes a generous monthly email limit of 1,000 emails

Their paid plans start at $19/month(Solo Plan), and they offer a multi-user plan for $29/month

If you're interested in their Agency plan which includes all bells and whistles, you’ll pay $79/month.

3.7. D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers

In a nutshell, Hoovers as it’s more popularly known is the world’s largest commercial database that you can utilize to build targeted lists of new prospects. 

It provides company profiles, corporate directories, market quotes, and business news. It also gives you hypertext links to over 5,000 company websites.

It’s a fantastic tool but is astronomically expensive

An Essentials subscription costs $89 per month, or $899 per year, for access to all of Hoover's data.

3.8. Datanyze


Datanyze is a hardy sales intelligence and lead generation solution aimed at web technology companies. 

It continuously evaluates millions of websites to find out which technologies are being used and finds your sales leads based on technology that your customers are currently using.

You can get insights into where your website visitors are going after they leave you, and which of your customers are currently using a technology you are integrated with. 

It also includes a prospecting tool that helps you to look-up contact details fast and assists you in exporting these details straight to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). 

Datanyze is a truly amazing application but comes at an incredibly steep price

Standard: starting at $600/month and Pro: starting at $1200/mo. -Ouch.

3.9. Growbots


So you’ve done the work and are 100% clear on who your target market is.

If you’ve answered yes, then go ahead and give Growbots a try. 

Growbots will choose your best prospects from a database of more than 200 million contacts and will connect you to and follow up with the right decision-makers.

A great benefit of growbots is the fact that you can check which of your approaches have been most effective, thanks to their solid analytics.


Growbots doesn't provide any pricing details on their website which, to me, is somewhat off-putting. 

They do, however, ask that you give them a shout if you’re interested in a free demo.

4. Conclusion

Long story short, there are loads of ways to get more leads and signups.

Whether you're generating inbound or outbound sales leads, the right tools, and strategies will ensure your business becomes an online goldmine.

I hope that after reading this you have a much better understanding of what lead generation is, how it works, as well as what some of the best lead generation techniques are.

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