Alex Mehr: The Digital Love Doctor


1. Who is Alex Mehr?

Dr. Alex Mehr was born in Iran and immigrated to the USA to complete his education. 

He had a mom who was into social sciences and a dad who was a physics teacher. 

Growing up during the time of no internet or international televisions, Alex’s introduction to the outside world was through books.

There were two bookstores in his hometown and although he couldn't afford to buy the books, he volunteered his services as a cashier in exchange for being able to read them.

Alex was fascinated by all things science and grew up wanting to become a scientist.

In middle school, Mehr would make a habit of reading his dad’s college physics textbooks. 

By no means an average student, he excelled in Physics and Mathematics from a very young age. 

Alex was adamant that he wanted to become a scientist and he would later achieve his goal by working for NASA.


1.1. Education

Alex attended Sharif University of Technology (1996 - 2000) where he obtained his first degree in mechanical engineering and met his would-be business partner Shayan Zadeh. 

This would also be the start of their journey into entrepreneurship.

Alex saw an advertisement on campus asking students to join the entrepreneur club. 

The offer was enticing because they offered free pizza in return for attendance. 

As a broke and hungry grad student, he jumped at the opportunity.

While enjoying his free grub he listened as students pitched their business ideas. 

This is when the penny dropped with Alex realizing that he had a few awesome business ideas of his own.

A year later, Alex banded with his roommate and entered a competition to create a business plan

The plan was well-received, so much so that they took home 2nd place. 

After finishing his Ph.D, he started working for NASA.

Did you know that Alex couldn't speak a word of English when he landed in the states? 

He could read and write in English, but speaking was a big problem for him. 

To fix this he would record himself speaking, playback the recordings and look for the mistakes

Eventually, his speech was polished. 

It took him 6 months to get the hang of conversing in English while at the University of Maryland.

Quite a feat if you ask me!

Alex went on to obtain his Master's and Ph.D. and thereafter attended Berkeley University where he studied business. 

His stint at Berkeley didn’t last long because he dropped out to concentrate solely on launching Zoosk.


2. The Rise of Zoosk

Zoosk logo

Zoosk logo

Zoosk started as a market research company and struggled to gain traction until the pair figured out how to make the world of online dating easier and more accessible.

It was not easy.

Zoosk was created at a time where apps were relatively unknown and thanks to the 2008 recession, the economy was in shambles.

But, the dynamic duo vowed to make their business successful.

By studying the market extensively and by building the brand based on market needs, Zoosk became a thriving business.

Zoosk is a user-friendly online dating service available in over 80 countries in 25 languages with over 40 million users

Available on iOS, Android, and desktop, it’s easy to sign up and use. 

All you’ll need is a Facebook or Google account.

By 2014 Zoosk was the No.1 grossing dating app and was in the top 25 top-grossing apps on the Apple iOS App Store.

However, even with its raging successes,  Zoosk was facing many issues.

Although they were doing well, overspending on expansion and over-hiring led to major losses for the company.

The pair stepped down as CEOs in 2014, sold Zoosk for $300 million, and have since started on other ventures.

3. Mentorbox


Mentorbox is one of the ventures that Alex has undertaken with the help of investors and Internet mogul Tai Lopez.

The app is aimed at up and coming entrepreneurs and helps them to save time and money by breaking down books read by CEOs.

The Mentorbox team reads these books and prepares content that summarizes the important elements or lessons included in the books.

It allows users to digest multiple books per month instead of only one or two.

Authors are also involved in providing deeper insights into the content.

On average CEOs read up to 60 books a year, unlike us Average Joe's. 

We simply just don’t have the time.

For $7/month Mentorbox’s app solves the problem.

For each book, you are provided with a "cheat sheet" and exercises that help you memorize the content and also provides an interview with the author.

This method allows you to learn the important lessons the books are trying to teach as it reduces the time it would take to read the entire book.

If you prefer physical books, there’s the option to pay $89/month.

For $20 extra you can gain access to the entrepreneur academy which might be useful if you want to get more out of the experience.

4. Dr. Alex University


Dr. Alex University is another one of Alex’s ventures. 

This is a membership site perfect for new or existing entrepreneurs

Alex offers extensive training material on starting and/or scaling their businesses. 

Training offers the following:

  • Product Portfolio Strategy
  • Website Conversion 
  • Effective Marketing
  • Average Sale-Size
  • Outmaneuvering and Crushing your competitors using thoughtful marketing and business strategies.

And comes with a  30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t receive: :

  • Weekly live mentoring calls with Dr. Alex himself!
  • A library of all previous live calls (If you cannot make a live call, you can watch it later in the members’ area)
  • Landing page conversion template (A simple framework that has enabled numerous clients to build profitable businesses)
  • Dr. Alex's Infamous Facebook Ad Framework (Known as The Pizza Model)
  • A step-by-step system that you can easily replicate inside your company/business
  • Get your questions answered live
  • Mastermind with other members
  • Dr. Alex's Thought Mechanics Module

The price to access these tools is only $7/month, not a bad price at all. 

Is Alex Mehr the ultimate entrepreneur? 

The answer to this question is: Absolutely!

Since the lightbulb went off in Alex’s head, he’s launched 30 products/companies that have done over $1 Billion in revenue. 

Zoosk and Mentorbox take the top spots as his most well-known achievements. 

His many philosophies have catapulted his businesses to the next level. 

Here are some of his best : 

  • Pivoting: He believes that ideas are just that. Ideas. You won’t know if they are good or bad till you try them out. You need to be able to try them out quickly and change to a new idea if the old one isn’t working. 
  • It's all about the market: The market decides what it wants and if it doesn't want your product it's not the end of the world. Create a product the market needs and viola! You're in business.
  • Marketing: Don't be afraid to spend money on advertising your product when you know it's good. We live in a world where nearly everything is digital, no one will know how good of a product you have if you don't tell them.
  • Don't be afraid to fail: Failing is good because you learn from your mistakes. The lessons you learn make you more adept at polishing your future strategies. Failing first is good because you will know the dos and don’ts. This means more money, more time, and more results in the future overall.

5. Conclusion

Dr. Alex Mehr is undoubtedly an entrepreneurial inspiration.

From humble beginnings and a desire to learn, he became a multimillionaire.

By putting himself out there and using his unique skill set he has achieved great success and continues to impart knowledge to those wanting to learn.

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