Chris Do: The Futur Honest Review

Chris Do

Chris Do 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to marry your creative and business side together, Chris Do seems to be the guy who has figured it out.

This issue is something that a lot of creative people struggle with. 

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase, the “starving artist,” you’ll understand what I mean. 

The problem is, so many people have exceptional creative talent, but they don’t know how to market and sell their product

As a result, they never make any money and tend to run towards the dreaded J-O-B without realizing their full potential.

Chris Do sets out to help prevent that. 

In this review, we’re taking a look into Chris to see what he offers and how it might help you turn your creative hobby into a thriving business.

1. Who is Chris Do?

Chris Do

First, Chris Do is the CEO and Founder of The Futur

This educational platform teaches the business side of creative design so people with that creative bone can turn their art into money.

In addition to having a creative ability, Chris also has quite a few business accolades. He is the chairman of the board for the SPJA and an advisor to Saleshood. 

He’s served on the board of many art and business publications as well as at prestigious art universities around the country.

He taught Sequential design for more than a decade at the Art Center College of Design, and he has lectured students in art and business all over the world.

Let’s pull back here for a second. 

There are many people out there teaching and creating course content that has not nearly the amount of experience and prestige as this guy. 

I’m starting to guess that if you want to learn how to sell your creations, this is the man you want to have on your side.

2. Chris Do The Futur: what is it?

The Futur logo

The Futur logo

When you land on the website, you’re greeted by their mission statement. 

Chris has a goal of helping one billion people turn their creative ability into a thriving business. He thinks it’s a bit of a lofty goal, but he’s not afraid to go for it.

He says that eliminating the biggest barrier to education, which is cost, time, and accessibility, allows students to learn on their own time in the comfort of their own home. 

The team here doesn’t believe in traditional schooling but rather the “Futur” of education. That point is what led to the name of the business.

3. What does Chris Do teach?

In this section, I want to break down some of the things you can expect to learn from Chris and The Futur

This educational platform has a lot of courses, but it also has a lot of free information in the form of blog articles and videos. 

Let’s take a look at some.

3.1. For creatives

creatives business

3.1.1. Brand strategy

First, Chris wants to teach you creatives about brand strategy

This will help you learn the things you need to do to make your brand memorable

When you follow these steps, people will start to be able to recognize your work and remember your name.

Brand strategy

3.1.2. Typography

Here you learn how to master design and layout, which gives your design a voice. 

When you understand typography, you understand contrast, scale, and repetition, which are the foundations of typography

Knowing this helps you create designs that communicate a unique message to your audience.


3.1.3. Motion design

Next, you’ll learn how to bring your art to life

Everything comes in the form of videos right now, and Chris wants to teach you how to capitalize on that

Using graphic design and animation, you can learn how to tell visually engaging stories

Even if you have the experience, Chris has a few tricks up his sleeve for you to learn.

Motion design

3.1.4. Logo design

Logos leave a mark, and this is a highly applicable skill that you can turn into a business. 

Every company needs a logo, but they need a good one from someone who understands how to turn a brand into a logo

Chris teaches you the basics of logo design in The Futur.

 Logo design

3.1.5. Graphic design

The most important thing to understand is that graphic design needs to have a purpose.

When you’re doing graphic design for business, you’re creating something that is going to help that business grow and become more successful

When you put that in your mind, you start to understand how you’re doing so much more than art. Chris will teach you how.

Graphic design

3.1.6. Design

Finally, Chris teaches some overarching points about design. 

These will provide you with a foundation and a cherry on the top to everything else you’re learning. 

If you feel like you’re still missing something, chances are you will find it here.


3.2. For business people

building a brand

Next, let’s talk about the business side of skills. 

As I said in the beginning. There are tons of great artists and creative minds out there that will never make a dollar from their skills, yet tons of people could use them.

Chris is here to bring the creative and business side together. Here is what you need to know.

3.2.1. Project management

When you’re handling customer projects, you need to stay on task so you can meet deadlines and keep your customers happy

If you’re disorganized and inefficient, you will have a harder time finding and keeping clients. 

Chris will teach you and provide the tools you need to manage a client's workload.

Project management

3.2.2. Starting a business

Remember, you’re starting a business here, not a hobby. 

There are many things you’ll need to do differently than you did before. 

Chris will help you get your business set up, and he’ll also provide some of the mental training you need to start thinking like a business owner.

Starting a business

3.2.3. Social media

When you go on social media, you need to have an intention

You should go there with the hope of driving more people to your brand and creating more attention for yourself. 

When you think about it like that, you can create brand recognition, which leads to more money in your pocket

He teaches you the Chris Do Instagram strategy and more.

Social media

3.2.4. Marketing

If you want more clients, you need to understand marketing

This is the Achilles heel of a lot of creatives

Even more so, Chris is here to help you turn awareness into engagement. 

You might even have a large following of people who know your work, but they’re still not buying. The Futur helps you turn them into clients.


3.2.5. Branding

Everything needs branding, and each project you do should have your own flavor. 

Branding is not a logo or a product, but it’s a feeling that people have when they think of you

Do people trust you, or do they not? Branding will help you understand that.


3.2.6. Lead generation

You need to be able to create an automated system that brings leads to you no matter what you do. 

If it takes you weeks or months to generate one lead, you’re not using the systems you have to your benefit

Chris teaches you how to build a business that attracts leads rather than repels them.

Lead generation

3.2.7. Content creation

To get attention online, you need to understand content and how to create valuable content that people like

Remember, your work isn’t enough, and you need to create a brand. 

You have the choice to create videos, articles, podcasts, and much more. 

Chris will teach you the pros and cons of each and how you can choose.

Content creation

3.2.8. Business

If you feel that you’re still missing out on information, Chris has a general business section where he covers business fundamentals that you might need to learn or brush up on.


3.3. For yourself

Personal Development

The last section is where he focuses on your mind. All success starts in your own head, and it’s important to make sure you understand that. 

Chris wants to help you get your mind right so you can get your business right.

3.3.1. Mindset

Chris believes in mind over matter, and he has a few simple mindset shifts that can help put your far ahead of where you ever thought you’d be. 

He wants to help you overcome your anxiety, shut out your mind, and get down to work.


3.3.2. Recommended books

There are many books for entrepreneurs to help you, and Chris believes that reading is an important part of your growth

Here he will recommend the many books that he has read so you can use them to help yourself as well.

Recommended books

3.3.3. Productivity

There’s a big difference between being busy and being productive

Busy people might look like they’re doing a lot, but they’re not accomplishing anything.

When you’re productive, you’re taking the same amount of effort but getting more done.


4. The Chris Do podcast

The Chris Do podcast

As with a lot of other popular digital marketing experts, Chris has a podcast where he teaches you all of the points we’ve talked about above

He’ll help you understand how to marry creativity and business while also interviewing other people in the industry.

5. Chris Do designer paid courses

Let’s talk about some of Chris’s paid courses

If you absorb some of his free content and you think you’re ready to take it to the next level, you might benefit from one of his courses

These courses range in price from $49 to $499. Let’s take a look.

5.1. Business courses

Business courses

How to negotiate ― It’s crucial that you understand how to negotiate with clients, so you look out for your best interest.

CORE discovery ― Chris teaches you how to run discovery sessions to introduce your brand to your potential clients.

Practical project management ― If you don’t understand how to manage your client's projects, you won’t call them clients for long.

Managing money ― When you start treating your design as a business, you need to start looking at money in a different way.

How to find clients ― It’s crucial that you know where to find clients and how to generate the high-quality ones you want.

Blogging for creative entrepreneurs ― Chris teaches you how to create awesome inbound marketing campaigns to take your creative business to the next level.

5.2. Design courses

Design courses

Here are some of the design courses Chris has as well.

Stylescapes ― Learn how to provide your clients with the results they want with fewer revisions.

Color for creatives ― Here, Chris teaches you how to feel more comfortable with colors and understand how the different colors work together.

Typography 01 ― This one is the most popular course, and it teaches you how to master type and design.

Styleframes ― Chris teaches how to create awesome style frames that tell a story and put your work in motion.

Lettering 01 ― Lettering allows you to get the expertise and confidence you need to master this skill and understand the different techniques.

Logo design 01 ― Some people build an entire business around creating logos, and Chris will teach you how they’re able to do that.

Hand lettering kit ― The Futur provides you with a hand lettering kit so you can master it at home with this all-in-one kit.

6. Final thoughts

final thoughts

Overall, after diving into this and learning more about Chris Do and everything he offers, he’s the real deal

He has a lot of creative skills and knowledge, and he really knows how to take your design skills and turn them into a successful business.

The one thing Chris doesn’t teach you is how to build sales funnels and landing pages to funnel your traffic so you can turn them into paying clients. 

With, we make this process easy with our all-in-one digital marketing solution.

And, is completely free! 

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