Funnelytics: Funnel Marketing Made Easy (Or is it?)

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If you want your business to succeed, maximizing the chances of a user becoming a paying customer is crucial.

That’s where dedicated funnel builders, like Funnelytics, step in.

Funnel building and analysis software put you in direct control of your potential clients and their sales journey.

By controlling each point of contact with your prospect, you personalize the interaction and boost your chance of a sale or conversion.

But is Funnelytics really as user-friendly as it promises to be?

Read our review to find out!

1. What is Funnelytics?

 Funnelytics Visual Funnel Example

Funnelytics visual funnel example

Funnelytics is like any funnel-building tool — but it’s completely visual.

It lets you plan, analyze, and optimize your marketing strategies in a way that you and your investors can easily understand.

The tool is originally designed for marketers.

As a business owner, you’re often wearing your marketing hat, without necessarily being a marketing expert.

But if you’re not a funnel marketer or agency, can Funnelytics still work for you?

Read on to find out.

2. Funnelytics’ features

Funnelytics Features List

Funnelytics' features list

The biggest selling point of Funnelytics is its aesthetic visuals that help you map and measure your marketing campaigns.

The platform also advertises intricate analysis tools that help you interpret customer traffic, measure external site traffic, and keep an eye on your overall return on investment (ROI).

While the funnel mapping software is free to use, many of these necessary analysis tools are only available with the Pro plan — which costs a whopping $75/month.

Let’s delve into the details of the features that Funnelytics has to offer.

2.1. Funnelytics’ vault of templates

Funellytics’ Vault - Pro Access

Funnelytics’ vault pro access

If you’re new to funnel building, templates are lifesavers.

Funnelytics offers a library of tried-and-tested funnel templates that have been designed and used by world-renowned marketers — like Dan Henry of, and Grant Cardone’s The Millionaire Booklet.

There are a variety of options available to be tuned to your business needs.

These blueprints to success are an attractive option for those just starting to market their online business.

On the free plan, you’re stuck with only 6 basic templates that are available to all new sign-ups.

Funnelytics' funnels

Funnelytics’ vault pro access

Besides the limited nature of the plan options, the user interface is clumsy to work with, and there's a massive learning curve to overcome before you can truly build working funnels.

2.2. Visual strategy mapping and presentation

Visual Strategy Mapping and Presentation

If you’re not an old hand at funnel marketing, many of the funnel-building tools might look like gibberish.

The visual strategy mapping offered by Funnelytics alleviates some of this confusion by presenting you with a moving image — rather than just commands and boxes.

While the picture is visually appealing, it’s inefficient compared to the workflow capabilities of its competitors.

To use this software effectively, you need a basic knowledge of what funnels are.

Funnelytics does provide some how-to guides on building funnels, but these are generalized and not industry-specific.

A funnel created for a small online coaching business is going to look very different from a campaign for a New York Times bestseller.

You deserve support that's tailored to your business.

On the free plan, you’re limited to only building 10 funnels.

For unlimited use, you’ll need to subscribe to the Pro plan.

Funnelytics allows you to create and present visual flow charts and easy-to-grasp diagrams of marketing funnels and their performance to help you impress investors.

Again, the image-based funnels are freely available, but the ability to analyze your funnels’ performance is limited to Pro plan members only.

What good is your funnel if you can’t prove to investors, and yourself, that it’s worth it?

2.3. Drag-and-drop funnel planning tool

Funnelytics drag-and-drop funnel builder

Funnelytics drag-and-drop funnel builder

This is another part of the funnel building kit that's aimed at ease of use.

The drag-and-drop elements of the funnel planning tool show you the overall picture of your funnel as you build it.

You’re able to select and add intuitive icons, make connections, and create flow diagrams that represent your funnels.

It’s possible to create different types of funnels such as sales funnels, click funnels, and webinar funnels to suit your needs.

However, the user experience with this interface is inconsistent.

Many users are dissatisfied with the number of icons available, and others struggle monumentally with controlling the individual elements.

2.4. User tracking and analysis

Funnelytics User Identification Tool

Funnelytics user identification tool

Using multiple tools with clumsy interactions can severely impact your success.

Funnelytics promises to host not only funnel building and presentation on their platform — but tools for analytics and reporting as well.

You can use these analytics to show why subscribers might not be opting into your sales funnels and what your next move will be to change that.

The Funnelytics analysis tools allow you to set goals and delineate your key performance indexes (KPIs).

But, are you willing to pay for it?

There’s no access to analytics on its free plan.

2.5. External traffic tracking

Funnelytics traffic tracking tool

Funnelytics traffic-tracking tool

External traffic sources contribute significantly to how many people visit and revisit your site.

These sources can include but aren’t limited to, Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, and any banner ads your business uses.

Funnelytics traffic analysis software uses Urchin Tracking Module parameters (UTM) and tags to give you detailed data on people’s interactions with specific kinds of ads on different platforms.

This data illustrates which kinds of adverts work best on each external platform and contribute directly to your ROI report.

However, the UTM tagging process is tricky and isn’t explained well in their tutorials.

If you get it right, it reports on which advert and on which platform you received the most clicks.

It also details whether the people clicking are already part of your mailing list, or are still a prospect and new to your site.

When presenting to investors or even looking to change your marketing strategy, this data is essential to making the right decision for your business.

Unfortunately, it’s only available through the pricey Pro plan.

2.6. ROI reports

ROI Reports

Creating and using funnel marketing can increase your ROI and streamline how people interact with your site on their sales journey.

Funnelytics generates a detailed ROI report that shows you the impact of your current marketing strategy so that you can finesse your funnels with ease.

There’s also revenue tracking software available too, which shows you how much money you have made at every step of your funnel and marketing campaign.

But there’s no integration with payment carts, so how accurate are these reports?

Funnelytics only provides ROI reporting as part of the Pro plan, so are you willing to fork out cash for potentially inaccurate analysis?

2.7. Integrations

Social media platform

Facebook is described as the largest social media platform with the most daily users and widest audience.

Funnelytics is working on direct integration with Facebook.

This would give you direct access to Facebook ads — one way to generate leads and increase your external traffic.

But, this feature is still in testing and not readily available, and it more than likely won’t be included in the free plan.

Funnelytics also provides some integration with Google Tag Manager, but the process is complicated.

You need to download the Funnelytics Script from their site and follow a painstaking programming process to install that script on Google Tag Manager a coding nightmare.

A big downside to using Funnelytics is that it offers no integration with other online marketing platforms.

You’ll have to run separate programs for email marketing, payment processing, and hosting your page.

Running four different platforms to support one online business is an overkill — an expensive overkill at that.

2.8. Split testing

Split Testing
Split Testing

Split testing is also referred to as A/B testing and denotes the method of testing multiple versions of a site or page to see which one is most effective.

Funnelytics is working on split testing software that can be used to run different versions of your sales funnels to see which one optimizes your conversion rate.

Without split testing, your marketing campaigns are simply an educated guess.

When Funnelytics’ split testing software is available, it will make businesses more profitable by helping online business owners increase their leads with high-converting content.

A/B tests are a standard and a necessary part of funnel-building software, so the lack of them on this platform is a deal-breaker for business owners.

2.9. Heat mapping

Heat Mapping

Another nifty tool for analyzing the effectiveness of your pages and campaigns is the heat mapping software.

This creates a visual interpretation of “hot zones” on your page.

These zones can depict where visitors click, focus their attention or even hover their cursor.

This kind of software will feed into Funnelytics’ user and external traffic data and contribute to your overall ROI report.

Again, the output of heat mapping is a cool-looking visual, but it doesn’t provide detailed data.

So when it’s eventually available, it’ll just be another pretty part of your pitch and presentation.

Making things visual might impress your investors at first, but it’s hard data and proven results that will ultimately sell your idea a feature only available on the Funnelytics Pro plan.

2.10. Collaboration


If your online business grows beyond you, you’ll need the ability to collaborate with the different members of your team.

Funnelytics is working on allowing multiple users access to the same funnels, data, and analytics tools under a single account.

This means you won’t have to constantly export your funnels via PDF and PNG files to show them to another team member.

This tool isn’t available yet, so right now it’s just a pipe dream that leaves you with report delays and a frustrated team.

3. What support does Funnelytics offer?

Funnelytics support

Funnelytics is a highly technical tool, and as such, you’d expect a vast amount of support that turns tech-speak into simple English.

The platform was created to unify funnel-building software and analytics tools on a single, easy-to-use platform that didn’t require a Ph.D. in Data Sciences to interpret.

But does Funnelytics really deliver on this promise?

Well, let’s take a look.

3.1. Free onboarding

The Funnelytics Team

The Funnelytics team

According to their website, you’re just “15 minutes away” from creating an account and getting stuck into building your funnels and analyzing their performance.

They also market this onboarding as being free and including a 1-on-1 call to help you install the Funnelytics script.

The catch — these are only freely available if you’re paying for their Pro plan.

3.2. Support library

Support Library

Funnelytics offers an extensive support library that takes you through every step of building, testing, and analyzing your funnels.

It’s a painful process to follow through with, as you’ll have to keep swapping between their support guides, your account, and active funnels.

The free plan limits you to just 10 funnels and no analysis software, so Funnelytics support will only take you so far.

3.3. Help centre

While it features as an option on their page, Funnelytics has no dedicated help center with advertised response times.

When you select this option, you’re immediately redirected to their support library and FAQs.

The platform is relatively new, so this may be another feature that’s still going to be added.

So, if you want Funnelytics’ help, there’s only one option.

You’re going to have to pay for it.

4. Funnelytics’ price plans

Funnelytics’ Price Plans

Funnelytics is a newish player in the funnel-building software market.

As such, many of their tools are still being tested and expanded.

They hope to add more options and package deals based on traffic magnitude at a later stage in development.

For now, they only offer two plans: the Basic plan and the Pro plan.

There is a massive difference between these plans.

4.1. Basic plan

  • $0/month
  • Free funnel mapping
  • 10 funnels
  • Training videos via support library

4.2. Pro plan

  • $75/month
  • Free funnel mapping
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Training videos via support library
  • Goal and conversion rate tracking
  • Email tracking (user traffic)
  • Ad tracking (external traffic)
  • Customer profiles
  • Facebook integration
  • Split testing
  • Heat mapping
  • ROI reports
  • Collaboration

Simply put, the free plan gets you hooked on the funnel mapping software, forcing you to pay up and get the analysis tools that you’re really after.

5. Using as a Funnelytics alternative logo's logo is widely known as one of the best all-in-one marketing tools available to online business owners.

This title is hard-earned and well-deserved for several reasons. is more than just a funnel builder.

You can build your website from scratch, build your mailing list for email marketing, send targeted campaigns, and support all your ecommerce needs.

Instead of paying for and running multiple platforms for your online business — why not consolidate those services in a single location like is also an established business, which has been running successfully since 2018.

Many of the necessary tools have already been tried and tested — no need to wait on development.

Finally, has been developed to be extremely user-friendly.

There are loads of testimonials attesting to the ease of use.

Here’s just one happy customer!

A customer testimonial

A customer testimonial

Many users, since starting with the platform, are empowered online business owners, building and using their own funnels and marketing campaigns.

The kicker —’s funnel builder is visually stimulating too, and super easy to use!

5.1. How much does cost?'s pricing's pricing plans offers 4 plans — to give you the choice of finding the right plan and price that suits your business needs and budget.

These options range in price and scope, all dependent on the size of your mailing list.

The Free plan is packed with features and is a great way to start a new business or get a strings-free taste of how can support you.

All account options offer a free trial, with no credit card details required.

They also promise 24/7 support via email.

Here are the plans and their corresponding features.

5.1.1. Freemium plan

  • $0/month
  • 2,000 or fewer contacts
  • Blog hosting with unlimited blog posts
  • Membership site with unlimited members
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Funnel building, automation, and analysis
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Stripe and Paypal integration
  • Affiliate program support
  • 1 custom domain

5.1.2. Startup plan

  • $27/month
  • 5,000 or fewer contacts
  • 3 custom domains
  • Membership sites with unlimited members
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Funnel building, automation, and analysis
  • Expanded email marketing tools and support
  • Stripe and Paypal integration
  • Affiliate program support

5.1.3. Webinar plan

  • $47/month
  • 10,000 or fewer contacts
  • 10 custom domains
  • Multiple membership sites with unlimited members
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Expanded funnel building, automation, and analysis
  • Extensive email marketing tools and support
  • Stripe and Paypal integration
  • Affiliate program support

5.1.4. Enterprise plan

  • $97/month
  • 15,000 or fewer contacts
  • Unlimited custom domains, and membership sites
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Unlimited funnel building, automation, and analysis
  • Unlimited email marketing tools and support
  • Stripe and Paypal integration
  • Affiliate program support
  • Free migration and 1-on-1 Kickstarter coaching session

6. Conclusion

Launch and grow your business

Ultimately, if you’re an expert funnel marketer or harbor an obsession for complex data analysis, then Funnelytics is right up your alley.

But, if you’re looking for something easy to use for an online business owner at any level, steer clear.

Rather invest your time and effort with a platform like

Not only can you build fuss-free funnels in a matter of minutes, but everything else you need to launch and grow your business is available on one intuitive and affordable platform.

Don’t know if we’re right for you? Check out our jam-packed features and hear what our customers have to say.

What are you waiting for?

Start your journey today.

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