What is a sales funnel builder? 

what is a funnel builder

A funnel builder

You have sales funnels in place, whether you have made it an intentional effort on one of a passive response to lack of management. 

But here’s the thing: when you are actively managing your sales funnels, you get to participate in the process and profit from the advantages it provides when you exert control over it.

Amazing, right?

We think so, too. After all, it’s is the reason to be  and entire foundation of our Systeme.io platform.

But we digress.

Before we address the question as to “What is a funnel builder?” we must first acutely internalize what a sales funnel is and why you should actively manage them. Shall we?

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel

Sales funnel

A sales funnel a marketing model that is actually shaped like a funnel. The concept is your client base enters your customer base by purchasing an entry-level product at the top, or most extensive, part of the funnel.

Theoretically, you can then begin upselling your products to these individuals for higher ticket items. So, for example, if you are a life coaching, your entry-level product might be a free live stream webinar where you teach principles of a more fulfilling life. 

Free products, or freemiums, are an easy way to get people into your sales funnels, of course.

There Are Stages Throughout the Funnel

Every part of the funnel has stages, and at each stage, the stakes get higher for your customer to buy from you. The stakes, in this case, mainly center on the concept of money. However, time is also a concern since it’s a limited resource, as well. 

So, as your customer base narrows at each stage of the funnel, does the funnel shape itself. Drawing upon the example of the life coach, the next phase of his or her funnel might be an upsell on a course that teaches potential clients something of value.

The next level might be private one-on-one coaching. And this goes on until it’s no longer feasible to get any more narrow with your funnels.

Why Do Sales Funnels Matter?

Sales funnels matter because they give you a more accurate picture of where your customers are within the context of the lifecycle. The crux of financial and marketing management hinges upon your ability to effectively analyze your sales funnels.

If it sounds overwhelming to capture every aspect that matters, don’t worry; we’ve got you’ve covered.

You need two things in your toolbelt when it comes to effective sales management:

  • 1. You need a strategy
  • 2. You need a funnel builder

Your goal in terms of sales funnels management is to continuously move people up your product or service lines. But that doesn’t come without a little finesse.

After all, prospects are not just cattle that you herd on the ranch back behind a fence. No, today’s consumers are far savvier when it comes to their shopping preferences online. 

And if you want to compete, you are going to have to nurture those leads as you love them.

Let’s start by examining the four stages of sales funnel marketing before diving into what a sales funnel builder is:

4 Stages of Sales Funnel Marketing

There is a very successful framework in marketing that is old as the concept of marketing management. It’s called the AIDA model

AIDA is a neat little acronym that stands for awareness, interest, decision, and action. 

Each stage requires you to nurture the lead in a different way than you would approach one at another stage. 

And this multiplies across your entire product or service lines.

No joke.

The tactics that interest your prospects at the top of the funnel change dramatically as they approach the bottom, and if you miss the mark without measuring your efforts and an effective strategy, you may be wondering what went wrong.

Here is a closer look at the distinct phases that occur at every level of the marketing funnel:

  • Awareness: Awareness is when you capture the prospect’s attention.
  • Interest: This is the point at which the customer considers purchasing your products or services.
  • Decision: The customer makes an active decision to purchase your products or services.
  • Action: Just because they made the decision doesn’t mean it is going to happen. The finish line isn’t crossed until that sale is made.

And here’s a pro tip: just because someone is now your customer doesn’t mean your work is done. Your customer re-enters the funnel at the top to purchase additional products and upsells. 

Customer retention is also a critical action, so make sure that you are focusing on this area as well.

Now that you have a solid understanding of how a sales funnel works conceptually, we can get to the good stuff: what is a funnel builder? If you love analytics and WYSIWYG functionality, then you are going to love working within the funnel builder environment.

So, What Is A Funnel Builder, Exactly?

So, you are wondering if a sales funnel builder is right for you. Great! You are definitely in the right place. In the previous section, we took in an up-close look at sales funnels and their place in marketing. If they sound complicated to manage, you are partially right.

You see, the concept of sales funnels has been around for a while. But analyzing them took a ton of time and several meetings that may have been time-wasters.

Fortunately, today’s technological advances in terms of artificial intelligence (AI) and business automation are taking over. And companies all over the world are taking note.

As we’ve learned, managing sales funnels allows you to engage with your prospects and audience in a more effective manner. In a sense, you can go to them before they have to come to you.

And your customers and prospects will actually respond to it. Think about how lead nurturing has affected your decision to purchase products from a particular company. A funnel builder allows you to take this approach by:

  • Increasing referrals
  • Offering targeted upsells
  • Promoting single-event offers

Sales funnel builder software is an effective solution that assists you in snapping your marketing tactics into place under the guise and advantage of automation.

Plus, it can streamline the entire process of both the sales funnel and the AIDA funnel. Most products, like Systeme.io, can integrate with your existing systems for total uniformity, flexibility, and control.

You are moving in the right direction if you think it is worth the investment. Sales funnel builder software may also be cheaper than you think. But take it from the experts when we say that you stand to increase your ROI when you implement this type of technology.

Which Companies Should Use A Funnel Builder Software?

Choose funnel builder software

Choose funnel builder software

We hate to sound like a catch-all company, but really anyone that needs to manage their sales funnels should use sales funnel software. You will be able to accomplish so much more than previously imagined without it, and your bottom line will feel the positive effects as well.

After all, marketing is the lifeblood and revenue generation stream of most companies. So, to ignore how you move sales through their life cycle means that you may not have any left to nurture. 

Don’t go that route. Give yourself and your team members some assurance of continuity and congruency by implement sales funnel builder software within your network or enterprise.

There are a ton of options available on the market in terms of funnel builder offerings. Make sure you take the time to carefully vet your choices. Most services offer a free, no-risk trial so that you have a chance to get to know the system.

Set your goals beforehand. That way, you can compare the services offered by a funnel builder application and see if they can meet your needs. 

Why would you bother with a marketing tactic that isn’t going to garner any value for you or your organization?

Final Thoughts and Considerations on Funnel Builder Software

There are several moving parts when it comes to sales funnel builder management. Make sure that you deploy a tool that your organization can actually use to facilitate transactions that turn prospects into stark raving fans at every point in the funnel.

If it seems like a win-win for both sides, you are correct. With careful planning and a bit of strategy, you can achieve some fantastic sales results by actively managing your sales funnels with a funnel builder tool that makes sense for your business. 

There are several options on the market that are geared toward different company sizes and industries, so make sure you are choosing the tool that facilitates and supports your business 

Consider Systeme.io for Your Sales Funnel Builder Software

At Systeme.io, we built a suite of tools that business owners and entrepreneurs can actually use to more effectively manage their sales funnels. 

Plus, we are even offering a 100% free plan which allows anyone to launch their online business at no cost whatsoever!

There is no credit card required to sign up. And if you have any questions about Systeme.io, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love hearing from you!

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