LadyBoss Review: Does It Help You Lose Weight?

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LadyBoss logo

As the ancient Romans used to say: “In healthy body, there is a healthy mind.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s important to take care of your physical well being as well as you take care of your ideas and business plans.

Now, a lot of us struggle with staying fit and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. 

In the long term, forgetting about our bodies leads not only to weight gain, but numerous health problems.

So today, I’m going to walk bravely down new avenue: health programs. 

In this review, I’ll be taking a look at LadyBoss - the fastest growing weight loss program in 2019.

Let’s see what LadyBoss is all about!

1. What is LadyBoss?

LadyBoss Manifesto

LadyBoss is a weight loss online brand.

According to Inc Magazine’s 5000 list, LadyBoss was the fastest growing weight loss and health program in 2019.

The founder, Kaelin Tuell Poulin, started LadyBoss with her husband, Brandon Poulin, in 2014. 

Together, they decided to help others the way they helped themselves.

Their business was projected to make $40-50 million in 2019, with average growth from 2018 being 125%.

As an entrepreneur, I can’t help but to look at these numbers and say: “Wow!”


For a long time, we’ve been discrediting health programs as something trite.

But the more time we spend in front of our computers, and the more we realize that climbing a flight of steps isn’t as easy as it was when we were 18, the more we need a program to help us take care of our bodies.

And beneath the pink spandex, there’s a business helping us get in shape.

How do they do it?

2. LadyBoss Lean

There are quite a few LadyBoss products, but I want to start with LadyBoss Lean - one of their most popular supplements.

2.1. What is LadyBoss Lean?

LadyBoss Lean

LadyBoss Lean is a protein nutritional meal shake.

Okay, but what does that really mean?

Here’s the thing: our bodies need protein to keep functioning properly. 

Our bodies use protein to make enzymes, muscles, skin, blood, and other parts we need to function normally.

Unfortunately, if you’re constantly on the go like I am, you’re not looking at the ingredients list of the food you’re consuming. 

Instead, you’re just filling up your body with empty calories and sating your hunger.

At the end of the day, that leads to huge lacks of protein and vitamins, as well as weight gain.

It’s much easier to just grab a meal shake, satisfy your daily need for protein, and keep going.

So, how much protein do you need?

According to Kris Gunnars of HealthLine, the average sedentary man needs 56 grams of protein per day. The average sedentary woman needs 46 grams.

2.2. How does protein help you lose weight?


If you’re anything like me, you’ve only heard of protein in relation to bulking up and increasing your body mass. Professional athletes use it all the time.

However, protein plays an important role in weight loss.

Primarily, protein makes you feel more full. It stimulates hunger hormones and molecules such as the hunger hormone ghrelin and peptide.

Secondly, protein is linked to losing belly fat.

The more protein-rich foods you eat, or the more protein you take (within recommended dosages, of course), the easier it will be to break down belly fat.

At the same time, even if you’re on a calorie-restricted diet, protein will help you lose weight while nourishing your body so it remains strong, and your brain focused.

Finally, the key to weight loss is good metabolism. Guess what? Protein can help with that!

A healthy metabolism burns up more calories, allowing your body to get the nutrients it need, while reducing your fat.

This is likely why we’ve always been told to eat our greens, which... I’m not the best at that.

And for people like you and me, there’s LadyBoss Lean.

2.3. LadyBoss Lean ingredients

LadyBoss Lean ingredients

LadyBoss Lean is made for women who aren’t the best at making sure they’re taking enough protein.

What’s in LadyBoss Lean?

Firstly, LadyBoss Lean contains patented Prohydrolase digestive enzymes.

This ties into what I told you about proteins speeding up metabolism. In return, better metabolism leads to burning down calories faster and losing weight.

Secondly, this shake uses premium grass-fed whey protein.

When you’re using this type of protein, you don’t have to worry about rBGH hormones, artificial bovine growth hormones which plump up our cows while plumping us up, too.

(Seriously, there’s so much bad stuff linked to rBGH that it’s a breath of fresh air seeing that LadyBoss Lean makes sure protein isn’t sourced form animals being given this hormone.)

LadyBoss Lean’s ingredients are also GMO-free, so you’re getting the best whey there is.

Nutrition facts

LadyBoss Lean also has plenty of vitamins, including A,C and E vitamins.

This is a pretty standard combination of multivitamins, and they aid you in losing weight, and keep your body strong and your mind sharp.

Finally, LadyBoss Lean will give you your necessary daily dose of biotin, an ingredient that keeps your hair, skin, and nails healthy.

All in all, this looks good to me.

But what do nutritionists say?

2.4. LadyBoss Lean reviews

Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD wrote an in-depth LadyBoss Lean review from her professional standpoint, and found that:

  • LadyBoss Lean isn’t harmful
  • LadyBoss Lean studies weren’t conducted for weight loss, but rather muscle recovery
  • The fiber in LadyBoss Lean works both as a laxative, speeding up your metabolism, and as a solution that makes you feel full

Rizzo also warns about promises.

Not everyone responds to the ingredients in a similar manner, so while LadyBoss promises you’ll lose weight, there’s always a chance that won’t happen.


Dr. Meghan Scott, BScH, BScAHN, MBBS, RD also reviewed LadyBoss Lean and she stated that:

  • She didn’t like the fact LadyBoss Lean uses artificial sweeteners and sugar
  • Potential side effects may include bloating
  • You may experience undesirable side effects because of the high protein content
  • LadyBoss Lean shouldn’t be used to completely replace major meals (although it gives you all the nutrients you need for a breakfast)

At the end of the day, experts agree that LadyBoss Lean is not in any way harmful judging by its list of ingredients.

However, they warn about promises - everyone’s bodies respond differently, and it’s important to monitor the dosage.

Benefits of lean

Alright, that’s it for experts! Now I wanna know what regular folks like you and me thought!

My next stop is TrustPilot.

LadyBoss as a program has a 4.5/5 rating on TrustPilot, based on over 1,300 reviews.

People mainly emphasize the benefits of the products and motivation programs.

It’s challenging and exciting. In general, the majority of reviews speak about the benefits of the community, which is constantly updated with new challenges and advice.

On the other hand, negative reviews stated that they didn’t like the new LadyBoss Lean flavors (it’s normally vanilla-flavored).

2.5. Is LadyBoss Lean worth it?


All in all, I’ll side with researchers and say that there’s nothing harmful about trying LadyBoss Lean.

However, it’s important to start off slow, even though the community is all about motivation so you might want to jump in.

As with anything, it’s important to find what feels good.

The majority of people have no side effects from LadyBoss Lean, but if you find that you do, then drop it.

2.6. How much is LadyBoss Lean?

LadyBoss Lean pricing

You have two options for buying LadyBoss Lean:

You can get just shakes for $59.95 (30 shakes included).

Or you can join the club and get LadyBoss Lean delivered to your door monthly for $49.76.

In addition to the shakes, you’ll also get:

  • Digital recipe book
  • Access to LadyBoss 28-day challenge
  • Workout plan and challenge meal plan
  • Access to LadyBoss support community

3. Other LadyBoss products

In addition to the shake, the organization also offers other LadyBoss weight loss products:

3.1. LadyBoss programs

LadyBoss programs

LadyBoss has plenty of programs, challenges, and boot camps dedicated to weight loss and fitness:

All in all, these are neat programs because they include meal plans and workout routines, for which you’d normally have to pay for a lot more.

3.2. LadyBoss supplements

Even though LadyBoss Lean is by far the most popular supplement, the organization has plenty of them.

I won’t list all of them (you can check them out here), but they range from weight loss supplements, to protein you can take to bulk up, improve your sleep, and more.

There’s something for everyone, so I recommend treading carefully and making sure you’re choosing the right supplement for your needs.

3.3. LadyBoss bundles

LadyBoss bundles

If you want to get a set of supplements, challenges, and some swag like T-shirts, you should check out LadyBoss bundles.

However, I recommend trying out their products first before committing to the lifestyle.

3.4. LadyBoss coaching

LadyBoss coaching

LadyBoss also offers personalized coaching.

You’ll get personalized advice, but the big focus is on community and the lifestyle.

However, don’t expect to keep your personal coach constantly on the line; there are more group sessions that I’d personally like.

3.5. LadyBoss book: Big Fat Lies

The cover of the book "Big Fat Lies"

The cover of the book "Big Fat Lies"

Finally, the founder also wrote a book on weight loss, Big Fat Lies.

And just like other entrepreneurs whose books I’ve reviewed, it’s meant to up-sell you to the programs or the supplements (it’s free - you only pay for shipping).

This is not to say Big Fat Lies is without its merits.

It can definitely be beneficial if you’re considering LadyBoss programs, but you want to see how the founder thinks first.

4. Talking business: how does LadyBoss make money?

Sales funnel

LadyBoss makes money with sales funnels.

As soon as someone purchases one of their products (programs, supplements, the book), they’ll be invited to join the program and purchase even more products.

It’s a great way to increase your revenue. You’re not just selling to new customers, but maximizing the value of your existing customers.'s dashboard's dashboard

Since sales funnels are great for increasing your online business sales, my team and I decided to build is an all-in-one marketing platform that will help you:

  • Visually build your website, landing, and sales pages
  • Convert your visitors into leads
  • Convert your leads into customers with email marketing
  • While we’re at it - automate your (email) marketing, too!
  • Recruit people who are going to sell your products for you (affiliate marketing)
  • Start a membership site, or offer your own courses, books, and/or physical products

And much, much more.

We even offer a freemium account, with absolutely no credit card details required!

So while you’re keeping your body in shape with LadyBoss, keep your business profitable with!

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