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In the modern-day and age, the importance of blogging is clear to anyone familiar with the world of e-commerce.

Blogs have evolved from passive forms of internet-based expression to a critical marketing tool that is essential to any online platform or business.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine any business with an online presence not having a blog.

A blog is also vitally important for the more technical aspects of running a website.

Specifically with regards to how Google’s ranking systems work.

If you want your website to rank higher and increase traffic to your page, then understanding how to blog is very important.

Find out how you can use blogs to increase traffic, better your SEO rank, make more conversions, and even generate a passive income from your blog.

1. What Is a Blog?

We can’t utilize the internet these days without interacting with a blog in some way.

A blog is a simple webpage that can change your marketing plan forever.

A blog is a section that you can add to your website quickly to help boost your web page ranking and, with work - sales.

With so many marketing tools at our disposal nowadays, we tend to forget about the simple ones.

By applying certain skills and techniques that practically anyone can learn, these can be highly effective.

1.1. How Does a Blog Fit Into Your Business Model?

Whether we’re checking the news, reading up on the stock market, or learning a new skill, blogs occupy a large part of the internet and our lives.

But how does a blog affect your business in terms of sales, marketing, or your everyday operations?

Blogs are essentially publishable web-pages that help to populate your website with more information.

Pay Per-Click

This is vital when it comes to your website’s rank on Google.

There are lots of factors that must be taken into account to get the most out of a blog.

But we’ll get into that in a few moments.

A higher ranking can be seen as being able to move your ‘brick and mortar’ store closer and closer to the city center.

Because of this, it’s imperative to start blogging early on. If you haven’t done that yet, then don’t sweat - we’re here to help.

1.2. How Do You Use A Blog?

Think of a blog as a simple way to create a stream of information and regular updates for your business.

Remember that things on the internet compound with value over time.

Just like in real life!

If your blog has been running for years, it will help you to rank a lot higher as it gathers more traction from readers over time.

In terms of marketing, it’s probably one of the most traditional forms of online advertising and your website is not complete without it.

However, many people tend to overlook the fact that a blog can become quite powerful even on its own.

One of the key principles of modern blog writing includes guest posts and reviews.

These types of articles are highly popular on the internet and allow you to compare your brand to others.

You can also reach out to fellow brands or businesses.

Offer to write advertisements for them in exchange for mutual advertisements or leads etc.

Gues post

This can be hugely beneficial once you establish good relationships.

The key to this revolves around backlinks.

These are essentially links that relink back to your website via another website.

To do this, you can reach out to fellow brands or use services like HARO or software such as Moz or Liftlinking.

By utilizing these services along with your blog, you can help to increase traffic and in turn, the amount of revenue it generates.

So be sure to get as many links to your website on the internet as possible.

It’s a simple, fun, and cost-effective way of marketing your brand or business, as well as generating a little extra income on the side.

Be sure to post your blog updates to social media often.

Linking your various social media accounts to your website and blog is important.

It helps to increase the amount of traffic your posts get and improves your website’s rank.

The more your business or brand is linked to high-ranking, trusted websites the better it will look to Google.

The more mentions your business gets online also affects this and is more important than simply ranking well.

Websites with high volumes of traffic and frequent purchases tend to get marketed to users who are more likely to spend money.

This can provide a huge jump in your sales when done properly.


2. How does’s blog feature work?

Do you get easily confused by complicated jargon and technicalities? has a built-in template system that will change the way you see the blogging experience as a whole.

A neat professional layout system makes blogging easy.

Tools and features that are easy to integrate make a blog functional for business.

Built-in analytics allows for intuitive and critical data analysis for advanced usability.

2.1. Why a Dedicated Blog Feature is Effective and Simple.

While blogging might sound like an incredibly simple process, in truth it can get a little more complicated once you get into it.

Firstly, setting up your blog can take time, cost money, and be a lengthy process on platforms like WordPress.

On top of having to understand a little about HTML code, you also need to know which theme best suits your business.

This also tends to cost money and can take time to set up. Failing to do so correctly could also cause your website to crash, costing you money and losing customers!

Working has simplified and streamlined the process, making it easy to set up a blog on your website.

The software helps to minimize the stress involved in the process with simple templates and professional designs.

This allows you to effortlessly include widgets and apps into your blog that would normally require time and knowledge.


These allow you to set up things like payment portals and order forms directly on your blog without any stress.

If you want your blog to be successful, it’s important to remember to utilize social media and traditional marketing in conjunction with it.

Hosting pages on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, and Twitter is key to making a successful blog.

They are invaluable for growing your reach and allowing you to interact with potential clients.

It’s also important to remember that a blog is only as good as the information that’s contained within it.

So make sure that your blog is populated with useful and relevant information.

If need be, consider hiring a content writer to get the job done for you.

Finally, guest writers will also be tremendously helpful in terms of growing your following.

This is a great way to invite people from the industry or profession to share their views or experiences and allows you to tap into their network.

This way, you help to grow your industry or sector as a whole while enabling yourself to market your business.

Turning your business into a platform like this is a great way to get more Business to Business (or B2B) exposure, but also lets you reach out to more potential customers.

3. How To Start Making Money Off Your Blog

Turning words into money isn’t a miracle - it’s a business model.

Let’s take a look at how you can tap into this vast digital economy today with logical and effective tips and ideas.

Blogging is a combination of both art and business practice.

Finding a synthesis is important for presenting an enticing business offer and creating an air of professionalism.

3.1. Simple Steps to Effectively Monetize Your Blog

A little known fact is that a blog can make money by itself.

Well, almost!.

It’s all based on being as routine and regular as possible.

The more time and effort you invest in your blog, the more money it will generate for you.

One of the internet’s biggest features is, of course, adverts.

Advertising affiliate programs can be found all over the internet.

These are helpful services that link various adverts to your blog section.

This allows you to generate passive income for every person who views your blog or clicks on an advert.

You can also help to drive sales and strengthen your brand's retention strategy with useful content and regular promotions.

These do not directly interfere with your product or service in terms of competition.

This also helps to create a healthy business environment, as you grow by helping others to grow.

There are also great ways to tap into your business's true market potential by harnessing the power of analytics.


3.2. How to Make Extra Cash Off Your Blog

Explaining the benefits of utilizing an advertising affiliate system is best done by showing you how much cash it can generate.

Thankfully has a neat affiliate invoicing system that helps with this.

It provides clear and accessible reports and invoices indicating how much cash your blog generates passively every month.

You can grow the amount by increasing the number of readers you have regularly.

By creating a tidy and professional blog, you open the door to higher quality advertisers.

This enables you to not only generate cash from your passive readership but increase the likelihood that they’ll actually click on the adverts.

Online advertising affiliates integrate their systems with a variety of different search engines’ data.

In other words, if you write about books all day, they’re more likely to advertise things related to literature on your webpage.

This will likely mean more cash per every passive reader and a lot more for every click or conversion they make.

This is a critical part of generating extra cash from your blogs.

Advertising affiliates offer pretty good amounts for a steady and high rate of clicks - particularly on adverts themselves.

It’s important to focus on the topics that you include in your daily blog, as well as the photographs, layout, and word choice.

These will all affect how the various search engines categorize your website.

Also, it’s important to utilize SEO software, such as Moz or Yoast to help structure all the backend aspects of your blog.

This helps to better define your articles and the parameters that search engines use to rank your content and website.

By utilizing’s user-friendly and professional blog templates, you can greatly enhance your ability to generate cash from your blog.

This helps run your business and simultaneously advertises your product - at the same time.'s dashboard's dashboard

When it comes to business sense, why bother paying for something when you can make money from it instead?

When used correctly, a good blog can be immensely powerful!

Not only do you help to grow your business network, but you can generate cash with it.

It’s important to think out of the box when it comes to blogging.

Think about things like special offers that are only available on the blog itself to readers.

Perhaps you could offer another company a deal whereby they market your product on their website and theirs on yours etc.

This helps both you and them gain more customers and generate more cash on your respective websites.

Remember that products from different categories can often work well together.

By tracking the data on your blog you can sell your review services or dedicated audience/network to other companies by writing for them.

While this is generally reserved for influencers, the business world is a little different.

So long as you have sound opinions or know a lot about your relevant field, you’ll start to grow your following.

People often like hearing from other people like them, which can count in your favor if you’re not an expert, but rather have lots of experience.

Being able to accurately gather and provide data regarding your viewers is very valuable. Most marketing agencies have whole teams dedicated to generating data.

So being able to quickly and simply access it means you can commodify it by generating leads that you could sell to other businesses.

This is why analytics tools are important!

Mystery Flash Sale

4. Conclusion

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to remember that it’s not worth overlooking.

The humble blog can be one of the most effective marketing tools in your digital arsenal when used correctly.

Remember that blogging is probably one of the only forms of marketing that allows you a chance to generate cash while selling your product or service.

Things like billboards and flyers work, but cost a lot of money. Imagine being able to have the same effect, except that it makes you money, not the other way around!

The beauty of a blog is that you can run it entirely by yourself.

With a few basic skills courses and research, becoming your own webmaster and digital marketing expert isn’t that difficult.

However, to capitalize on the efficacy of the medium, consider outsourcing the work.

This will greatly enhance the quality of your blog and the number of sales, leads, or traffic it can generate.

The more time and effort you invest in your blog, the more money you’re likely to make from it.

So if you haven’t started a blog yet or want to get more out of your blog, the sooner you start, the better.

Try now and get your digital marketing groove on!

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