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Ever heard of Niche Pursuits to help create an online business?

The company was originally built as a blog by Spencer Haws to discuss the various business ideas he experimented with.

Over the years, Haws has tried all kinds of online business ideas such as creating niche websites, buying and selling websites, running a software company, and selling products through Amazon FBA.

Expanding from writing about his experiences, Spencer Haws now offers various products and courses to help current and new business owners launch an online business.

With plenty of knowledge and experience in the world of online marketing, we thought we’d look at the products Niche Pursuits offers – and just how effective they are.

Who Is Spencer Haws?

who is Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws

First, let’s quickly learn about the man behind Niche Pursuits – Spencer Haws.

In many ways, Haws is a regular guy. He attended BYU and pursues both faith and knowledge.

As well as running his businesses, developing software products, and teaching, he’s also a family man with a wife and four children.

Haws is a sports fan, fitness enthusiast, and loves to travel. Sounds pretty normal, right?

He’s also the owner of Niche Pursuits and various products related to the website, which is what we’re going to go through today.

Niche Pursuits Products

Niche Pursuits offers five different products on the website, each benefitting online business owners in their own way. Let’s go through them.

Link Whisper

Link Whisperer is a plugin Haws designed to solve one of his problems. While internal linking on a website is very important, it’s time consuming and is one of those mundane tasks to do.

Link Whisperer solves that issue, suggesting relevant internal links to use based on the content used in a post. Plus, it does this super-fast – within seconds!

It’s a great tool to use on content that needs updating, to increase traffic, and to boost rankings in Google. This is because Google favors content using internal links.

When testing the product, Spencer Haws discovered the traffic on his website took a huge spike once improved internal linking was implemented.

Organic Traffic Formula

Organic Traffic Formula

Organic Traffic Formula

Organic Traffic Formula is an online training course that focuses on teaching customers how to gain tons of free organic traffic to their website.

The in-depth videos guide customers step by step on how to build, rank, and monetize websites better.

Along with his two employees, Jake Cain and Jason Wilson, Spencer Haws himself will teach you the ins and out of attracting organic website traffic.

Along with the market guru Spencer Haws, Jake Cain and Jason Wilson also have websites that make over $10,000 a month and the three share their critical methods of building a great site.

So, with the help of three successful experts, this course may be a hit.

Table Labs

Table Labs logo

Table Labs logo

Table Labs is a super simple tool to help create and insert Amazon product comparison tables into a website. No coding is required, it’s just a simple copy and paste job.

It can be tiring manually creating tables with Table Press or another WordPress plugin, so this is a small tool to make the job a lot easier.

Instead of spending hours on a large comparison table, now it can be done in five minutes or less. Plus, the table designs are pretty snazzy.

If you’re seeking a faster way to monetize your Amazon Associates site with fancy looking comparison tables, Table Labs may be the tool for you.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro offers a faster way to conduct in-depth keyword research for a website. Created back in 2011, the software has been updated and improved since.

While most of the company was sold in 2016, Spencer Haws claims he still loves using the software.

If you’re looking for content ideas or how to better optimize keywords on your website, Long Tail Pro helps with that.

Niche Pursuits Insider

Niche Pursuits Insider

Niche Pursuits Insider

Niche Pursuits Insider is the more comprehensive product sold on the Niche Pursuits website and the one we’ll explore in-depth.

It’s an online training course focusing on how to create niche websites and build businesses online, with a step-by-step process explained through modules.

Spencer Haws and his team recorded plenty of training videos as part of the course and runs ongoing monthly webinars for customers seeking extra support and motivation.

You’ll learn the course through these series of videos along with downloads. Haws refers to these series as blueprints which are marketing strategies broken down into digestible and implementable pieces.

So, while it may feel overwhelming at first, these bite-sized offerings make it a lot easier to take in the information bit by bit and at your pace.

Each course offers access to the following plus more:

  • Insider blueprints including videos, PDFs, and downloads
  • Short blueprints of golden nuggets instead of an entire course
  • Facebook mastermind group
  • Live training workshops
  • Special savings on additional tools and software
  • Free trial of WordPress plugins

Here are the course contents and what you’d be buying into.

Modules 1 – 3 Niche Site Strategy and Selection

The first video shows you what you can expect from the course and is nearly two hours long. So, grab a coffee and take a seat!

The second video offers a six-month growth strategy for creating your affiliate website.

The PDF ‘blueprints’ show you exactly what you need to do and are very useful if you’re not the type to enjoy sitting through long videos.

Module three teaches you how to choose a niche and spends about an hour on the topic.

Basic keyword research is also covered.

Modules 4 – 5 WordPress Set up and On-Page SEO

The fourth module discusses WordPress set up and how to create your affiliate website using it, with around 20 videos offered in this section. It will teach you how to buy,

install, and configure a domain with WordPress.

Then, you’ll learn how to install all the necessary plugins like Yoast SEO, W3 caching plugin, and table of contents.

The fifth module discusses on-page SEO and how to set this up correctly. Niche Pursuits Insider will also teach you how to set up your pages and posts correctly using Yoast SEO.

Module 6 Competitor Keywords

Module six will show you how to use tools like Moz’s Open Site Explorer (retired), Ahrefs, Semrush, and Long Tail Pro to find the best keywords for your website.

But it’s important to note that as these are premium tools, you’ll need to invest in them.

Modules 7 – 9 Link building

The next three modules will teach you about link building.

The first module explains what link building is and why you need to do it, explaining how to use the tools from the sixth module to help with the process.

The eighth module will teach you how to visit authority websites within your niche and how to reach out to them about broken links, asking if your website can be included instead. This process is called broken link building.

The ninth module recommends you join an email distribution list that allows you to link with reporters when they’re seeking content for news articles and topics.

Module 10 Roundup Post

This module is all about money! It will show you how to set up your posts to generate the most commissions. It will also teach you how to gain advice from experts within your niche.

Module 11 Pinterest

Section 11 will show you how to generate free traffic via Pinterest by pinning posts. A couple of videos will show you how to automate the process, so you don’t have to spend hours doing it manually.

Module 12 Key Word Research

Module 12 goes back to keyword research and shows you how to use several tools such as Ubersuggest, SEO Quake, Google Search Tools, and Moz Bar (redundant) for keyword research.

However, to be honest, this module is probably more suited to the section where you’re writing and creating content.

Module 13 Finding Amazon FBA Products

This section jumps onto Amazon Fulfilment, which is slightly confusing in a course for affiliate marketing. This section tells you how you can find and sell products on your affiliate site.

Module 14 Content Refresh

Section 14 teaches you the importance of regularly updating old content with new content, along with new keywords. It also shows you how to re-index posts and improve SEO on the page.

For a module this far along the course, it’s a pretty basic and easy to learn section.

Module 15 Live Webinar Training

This section links back to all the previous live webinars that you’re told you get invited to on the sales page. These can be useful as sometimes talking it out with an expert is the best way to learn something.

Modules 16 – 17 Additional Content

Module 16 offers a template for ordering content.

Finally, module 17 includes various content videos. For example, one suggests signing up with Canva to create images for your website.


Pricing  Niche Pursuits Insider

Pricing Niche Pursuits Insider

The Niche Pursuits Insider course will cost you $47 per month on a rolling contract which can be canceled at any time.

This course does pack quite a punch for the price, however, there are also lots of alternatives on the market that are more affordable.

Is Niche Pursuits Insider Worth It?

Niche Pursuits Insider is packed full of lots of videos and content and starts strong.

However, it slowly goes downhill as the course progresses, digressing with the change to Amazon FBA rather than finding products and services to promote via affiliate marketing.

While the course videos come across as quite old and could be improved in quality, the PDF blueprints are very handy if you don’t have the time to sit through hours of videos.

Also, the course mentions several tools which are outdated or redundant, which isn’t very helpful. Plus, many of the tools mentioned are Spencer Haws products and services, so it’s clear the course is a bit biased.

The live webinars don’t seem to be updated too often and when watching the pre-recorded webinars, it’s difficult to tell how told the content is.

Despite that, Spencer Haws has a knack for delivering information, so you don’t move forward without fully understanding what you’ve read. Plus, the library of blueprints is updated regularly, so there’s always plenty more to learn.

Just when you think you’ve got through all the information and know it all, Spencer Haws reminds us that there’s always more to learn.

For beginners seeking an affiliate marketing course, Niche Pursuits Insider would suit them well. But as mentioned other courses in the market more affordable option.

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