Nomad Capitalist: How to Stop Paying Taxes

Nomad Capitalist review

It sure looks like Andrew Henderson, the founder of Nomad Capitalist, took the advice Go where you are treated best to heart.

And it has made all the difference for him.

Now, he’s doing the same for countless other people who want to save money in taxes.

Here’s the thing: we all want to earn money, and aspire to a financial future where we don’t have to think about savings. 

But once we do reach that position, the unpleasant reality of taxes hits us.

And the more you earn, the higher taxes you pay.

This entire realization is what gave birth to Nomad Capitalist.

But is it worth it, and can Henderson really show you how to pay 0% taxes?

Let’s find out in this Nomad Capitalist review!

1. What is Nomad Capitalist?

Nomad Capitalist

Founded in the year 2008 by Andrew Henderson, Nomad Capitalist is your one-stop solution for all things financial freedom.

It works primarily for entrepreneurs and investors who want legal and holistic strategies to reduce their taxes and in turn, increase their wealth.

Nomad Capitalist offshore financial planning helps you expand your wealth with a plan tailor-made for you. 

It takes care of all the legalities that come with growing your money offshore in countries that have lower taxes.

Not only do you save a huge amount of cash, but this entire idea makes you a global citizen and investor.

With more money comes more freedom to invest it all, or do the philanthropic work you have been putting off because after paying those hefty taxes, you are hardly left with anything

In that case, Nomad Capitalist is your way out of the taxpayer’s hamster wheel.

Before I show you exactly how NC works, let’s get to know the man behind the plan.

1.1. Who is Andrew Henderson?

Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson

Just like everyone else, Henderson also started with the American dream of making money and finding his footing in his country.

At 22, he dropped out of Arizona State University to put in more hours at his startup. 

By this time, Andrew was already making more money than he had set out to make.

After his initial success, Henderson managed to run his business on autopilot and travel the world, For business purposes and otherwise, he was spending just six months in the States. 

But he was still paying taxes in full, and they made up approximately 43% of his entire income.

What was left after the taxes was reinvested into other projects.

Suffice it to say, this is what led to him creating Nomad Capitalist.

So if you are going through this taxman’s punching bag scenario, just like Andrew did, you might be wondering if there’s a smarter way out.

Andrew has travelled the world to research different offshore strategies and procedures that would help him save money

The journey hasn’t been easy or inexpensive, but he managed to reduce his taxes from 43% to a mere 1% in the past decade.

And unlike him, Nomad Capitalist helps you get started easy with tailor-made strategies and recommendations for your unique situation.

2. Nomad Capitalist review: how does Nomad Capitalist financial offshore planning work?

Nomad Capitalist

It all comes down to a custom-made nomad strategy consisting of three steps.

These strategies help seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs/solopreneurs/investors keep more of their money to themselves and become citizens of the world.

2.1. Step 1: robust financial planning

This is the backbone of any Nomad financial strategy.

Henderson’s team of experts will help you devise a plan of action for growing your wealth.

Some of the strategies include:

  • Opening foreign bank accounts
  • Starting offshore companies
  • Offering all the legal tax strategies to ensure you create more wealth

According to Henderson, some of his clients have almost doubled their wealth in just a few years.

2.2. Securing citizenships

Every country has different taxes and regulations for their citizens. 

And the whole idea of Nomad Capitalist hinges on going to a country that helps you save money by cutting down on your taxes.

For this, you will need to do research and go for dual citizenships to expand your business.

Nomad Capitalist helps you in securing a second-residence visa or a citizenship, allowing you to legally reduce your taxes and increase your wealth.


2.3. Investment planning

Just keeping your money in an offshore account will not magically grow it

And considering inflation, the value of your current income will decrease over time.

This is why, reinvesting the money you have earned is your next step to financial freedom. 

From a new business overseas to real estate and gold and silver vaults, the options are endless.

Nomad Capitalist helps you in figuring out what works best for you.

3. Nomad Capitalist book review

The cover of the book "Nomad Capitalist"

The cover of the book "Nomad Capitalist"

The official book, Nomad Capitalist: How to Reclaim Your Freedom with Offshore Bank Accounts, Dual Citizenship, Foreign Companies, and Overseas Investments, gives you a peek in the lifestyle of Andrew Henderson, and answers all your questions about global business, tax strategies and going for that second citizenship.

Keep in mind, while the book does explain the basics, you’ll also get specific advice about:

  • Citizenship opportunities
  • Banking
  • Countries

He also explains the merits of investing in different markets and in turn, helps you grow your money.

Everything is told in the trademark language of Henderson that is full of wit, humour and numerous anecdotes to help you increase your understanding how all of this works.

Due to the bad rep offshore companies get, you might have a lot of misconceptions, and Henderson is here to clear up all of them.

Go where you are treated best

Personally, I find the book to be a great read if you’re interested in increasing your wealth by reducing your taxes, especially for beginners.

If you’re already in the stage where you’re ready to make decisions, it might be better to consider other Nomad Capitalist services.

4. Nomad Capitalist events

In addition to customized strategies, Nomad Capitalist also offer two live events:

4.1. Nomad Capitalist Real Estate Masterclass

Nomad Capitalist Real Estate Masterclass

Investing in real estate is one of the most best ways to grow your wealth.

If you sign up for the Nomad Capitalist Real Estate Masterclass, you’ll get the opportunity to visit their office for four days, and learn from the attorneys, agents and accountants who will be doing the groundwork for you.

From figuring out which market is emerging right now, to ensuring you get yourself a great deal, this team does it all.

4.2. Nomad Capitalist Live Conference

Nomad Capitalist Live Conference

Nomad Capitalist Live is a four-day annual conference for people who are new to Nomad Capitalist and want to learn about:

  • Taxation strategies
  • Offshore banking
  • The benefits of having a second passport

The conference is also a great opportunity for meeting like-minded people, and networking with industry experts while learning how to grow your wealth.

This year, NC Live is scheduled for September 2020 in Mexico.

5. Nomad Capitalist Financial Planning

If you want Henderson, i.e. his team, to prepare a strategy for your (online) business, you can pick between two plans:

5.1. Nomad Capitalist Action Plan


This is their flagship service, supervised by Henderson himself. It caters to individuals who earn more than US$ 300,000 per year, or have a net worth of more than $1 million.

They’ll create a custom-made plan for you, keeping tax planning and financial freedom in mind.

They’ll also help you with optimizing your growth, immigration, and investments.

Personally, I think this is very handy if you don’t want to go through thousands of different laws and regulations yourself. 

This way, you’re getting a team of experts to help you along the way, which can significantly streamline the way you work.

5.2. Nomad Capitalist Private Client

Nomad Capitalist Private Client is for people who want a higher level of service.

In this plan, you will be appointed a client relationship manager (CRM) who will take care of everything right from the moment you come on board.


Again, Andrew Henderson will be supervising everything but your CRM is responsible for handling all the nitty-gritty details of setting up offshore accounts and saving up on taxes.

This plan is for clients whose net worth is more than US$10 million.

6. Should you use Nomad Capitalist services?

Nomad Capitalist can be beneficial for: entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, investors and freelancers who have the luxury of making money with their contract-based projects.

Still confused? The global earners can be divided in three categories:

  • Investors who are buying, holding or trading huge investments in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency or bitcoin
  • Entrepreneurs who earn more than $300K through Amazon FBA, SAAS or other e-commerce endeavors, and affiliate marketing
  • Solopreneurs who are working out of their home offices and offering different services; this includes coaches, consultants and freelancers

If you have a business that’s generating more money than you can manage, Nomad Capitalist can make sure that you don’t give it all away in taxes.

6.1. Is Nomad Capitalist worth it?

If you fit their income bracket, then yes. 

Their clients include owners of mining service companies, engineers, and others.

However, you should be prepared to pay a pretty sum for their services, and the subsequent expenses.

Nomad Capitalist Lifehacks

For example, Greg Kingdon, the owner of a mining services company is an Australian national

By the time he expanded to six countries, he was paying a lot in taxes, despite his company’s structure.

With Nomad Capitalist financial planning, he cut down his taxes to almost a seven-figure sum in savings.

So if you’re not earning seven or eight-figure sums, then you might find the costs too steep, and the savings too marginal.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to Nomad Capitalist.

7. Alternatives to Nomad Capitalist

7.1. Reduce your costs with's dashboard's dashboard

The first thing you can do to increase your wealth is reduce your costs.

This is really the best thing you can do if you’re just starting an online business, or if you’re not generating significant revenue (yet). is an all-in-one platform that leaves hundreds and thousands of dollars in your pocket by replacing different marketing tools:

  • Website hosting - host your website on
  • Website design - build your website visually, by dragging and dropping
  • Email marketing - forget about MailChimp, you get powerful email marketing automation with
  • Paid advertising - get new customers through affiliate marketing and SEO with a blog

And more!

At the end of the day, you’ll also be able to build an effective sales funnel

You’ll be converting your leads on autopilot, and maximizing the value of your existing customers.

And you can get all of that with, at no cost whatsoever!

Get started with for free! (It's 100% free, forever)

7.2. Bright!Tax

Bright!Tax logo

Bright!Tax logo

If you’re already a digital nomad and you want help with your taxes, then Bright!Tax can help a lot.

Their blog is always fresh, and they offer plenty of valuable advice for minimizing your tax bill as an American citizen.

You can also contract their CPA services, similarly to what Nomad Capitalist offers.

7.3. Escape Artist

Escape Artist logo

Escape Artist logo

Escape Artist is another company that offers offshore financial planning.

They offer a great blog and podcast as free resources, as well as books that will help you understand how offshore business works.

If you’ve found them to be a good fit, you can contract their services:

  • Offshore incorporation
  • Offshore banking
  • Tax services
  • Citizenship and real estate investment

They offer comprehensive financial freedom guides and services.

7.4. Private advisors

If you don’t meet Nomad Capitalist’s census but still want to reduce your taxes and build your wealth, you can get in touch with private companies who frequently advise entrepreneurs and small business owners.

For example, Blisk Group work with small business owners and entrepreneurs.

However, if you’re in a specific space such as SaaS, Amazon FBA, and others, you should find an advisor that has specific experience in your industry.

And until then, make sure you check out and generate even more sales.

Not even Nomad Capitalist will be able to say no to you!

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