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Top-funnel marketing is where it all begins, so you want to focus all your efforts on attracting potential customers.

About 81% of consumers will conduct research online before deciding to make a purchase — continuously comparing you to your competitors.

Prospects will be more likely to follow through with your business offer if the top-funnel content appeals to their interests and needs.

So, how do you create high-quality top-funnel content that'll give your audience an offer they can’t resist?

We’ll let you in on some key knowledge on how to do this!

But first, let's get into the formation of the marketing sales funnel.

1. The Formation of the Marketing Sales Funnel

Digital Marketing Sales Funnel


A sales funnel consists of the stages that prospective buyers pass through before they decide to buy into your business offer.

Marketing starts with building a large pool of interest at the top, which ideally narrows down to buyer action at the bottom.

So, let’s take a trip down the sales funnel!

1.1. Top-Funnel (TOFU)

At this stage, your prospects are at the awareness and discovery point in their sales journey.

Your business goals include advertising to a target audience, creating brand awareness, and building appeal to prospects.

Researching what your target audience looks for in your specific market is an absolutely essential task to get the right leads.

Here’s where the vital process of lead nurturing takes place — this is an ongoing process marketers are responsible for.

The goal of lead nurturing is to capture the engagement of your prospects starting at the top of the funnel right down to the bottom.

This means when your prospects are ready to buy, they will choose your business over others.

Through lead nurturing, positive relationships with buyers are developed through various activities from email subscription sign-ups to free trials.

1.2. Middle-Funnel (MOFU)

Your prospects move down to the middle of the funnel once their attention has been captured by top-funnel content.

This is where you cultivate interest and engagement.

Potential buyers have likely decided that your offer suits them, and now you want to get them inspired to take action!

To prompt your prospects to engage, include content such as satisfied customer reviews — this shows that your business is result-driven and has achieved proven success.

1.3. Bottom-Funnel (BOFU)

Now that you’ve captured the attention, interest, and engagement of your prospects — it’s time to seal the deal.

But you’re not finished yet!

This is the point where prospects must decide to purchase.

You’re tasked to help them by choosing the product or package that is best suited to their needs.

Your role as the marketer is to make sure that you’re able to offer them the best options in the market.

This means providing further knowledge and highlighting the benefits of your offers.

2. Types of Top of the Funnel Content

Choosing the type of top-funnel content to implement is highly dependent on your target audience.

It’s also important to make sure that this content aligns with your business values.

Before making the decision of which top-funnel content types to use, researching your audience’s needs and wants is a necessity!

Here are a few effective top-funnel content ideas to start generating prime leads.

2.1. Blog posts

Blog posts

Source: Bplans Blogs

Blogging is a superb way to use keywords that will target your specific audience and ultimately makes it easier for prospects to discover your online business.

Use blogging as an opportunity for your business to personally relate to the goals, needs, and concerns of your audience.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral component of effective blogging because it makes your content easily discoverable on Google and other search engines.

2.2. Free eBooks

Free eBooks

Source: YouTube

eBooks can show your prospects that you’re knowledgeable and serious about your specific market.

They also provide helpful and informative content — ideally at the top-funnel, you want to show your prospects that you’re both informed about their needs and that you can help.

A good tactic is to offer a free eBook in exchange for their contact information — like email addresses, this way they can be regularly informed about your future offers.

2.3. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Source: BKA Content

Email marketing has an impressive success rate and can significantly speed up the prospect journey down the sales funnel.

Sending out emails creates a personal connection with your prospects and encourages them to engage further with your business — engagement is key!

Your email content is your ticket to generating sales — make sure that it captivates attention and that it’s solution-orientated.

2.4. Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

Source: MakeMyFilm

Video advertising is one of the best strategies to get your prospects’ attention — their audio-visual nature serves as a key component in getting prospects interested.

People like to see proven results in a business, so take full advantage of this by incorporating testimonials in your videos.

Short videos which showcase your existing customers’ satisfactory results, and success stories with your product, can go a long way in terms of generating leads.

2.5. Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

Source: eConsultancy

A strong social media presence is a definitive asset in the digital marketing world, as well as a useful tool to attract attention to your brand.

Posting regular content about your business offers on social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, can help increase traffic to your website as well as promote offer exposure.

Social media is also a suitable platform to converse with prospects and gain priceless contact information to send out promotions.

But, that’s not all you’re limited to, the list is just about endless!

Additional top-funnel content includes:

3. Strategies to Optimize your Upper Funnel Marketing

Now that you’re familiar with the types of top-funnel content, let’s get into some practical strategies you can use to optimize your content.

Streamlining your marketing strategies at the top is more cost-effective, and it will significantly improve your conversion and retention rates — that means turning leads into customers!

So, if you want to create a solid lead nurturing process, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind:

3.1. Implement an enticing call-to-action (CTA)

call-to-action (CTA)

Source: EngageBay

A call-to-action (CTA) facilitates the transition from the awareness phase at the top of the funnel to the engagement phase in the middle.

When your prospects come to your website, there may be some skepticism at play.

Adding a compelling call-to-action allows your audience to opt-in to learn more and will guide them to the next step of the sales funnel — engagement!

Some phrases to use in your CTA’s:

  • Learn more
  • Swipe up
  • Click here
  • Get started!

Just take a look at’s compelling CTA ! cta


Use these phrases and you’ll be right on your way to action and engagement from prospects!

3.2. Identify your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Identify your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Online shoppers are constantly bombarded with various businesses advertising the same products.

This can make it difficult for them to choose the right fit.

Having a unique selling point sets you apart from competitors.

The top of the funnel is where you display to your prospects that your business is worth their time, effort, and trust.

Try highlighting your USPs by displaying aspects of your business that no other competitors offer in your specific market.

3.3. Aim for a specific target audience

Aim for a specific target audience

Researching what your target audience is looking for will save you time and money — and will make sure that you're advertising to the right people.

Conducting surveys to a group of people will help narrow down your prospects, guaranteeing you secure the leads that will follow through to the end of your funnel.

Your top-funnel content should resonate with your target audience, which means you need to relate to your prospects as much as possible your leads will be more specific too!

3.4. Provide prospects with educational content

Provide prospects with educational content

Source: Boardshare

Creating and sharing educational content shows your prospects that your business is a well-positioned expert in its field.

Research findings from Conductor have shown that having educational content makes prospective buyers 131% more likely to buy from you— that’s an impressive degree of advantage!

Your educational content should be centered on building trust, providing expert solutions to prospects, and proving your product’s worth.

3.5. Use Keywords

Use Keywords

Identify the keywords that grab the attention of your target audience — this is especially important for SEO and will increase traffic to your website exponentially.

Keywords are a crucial part of the awareness stage, prospects can’t choose your business if they don’t know it exists.

Keywords are the link between what your prospects are searching for and what you can offer them — they help you identify and speak the language of your target market.

Knowing your target audience is also an important task here.

Applying the right keywords correlates with understanding your target audience’s search behavior.

4. Examples of Successful Top-Funnel Content

A good way to learn to create brilliant top-funnel content is to take a look at some killer examples.

These businesses have optimized their sales funnels from the top and generated not only leads but loyal customers with their top-funnel strategies:

4.1. Hulu

Google Analytics

Source: Hulu

Hulu is a streaming platform for subscription videos on demand.

They’ve mastered their top-funnel content, allowing them to rack up over 39.4 million paying subscribers.

How did they do this?

First, their customers enter the top-funnel where awareness takes place.

Here, they are directed to the landing page where there is a CTA to opt-in for a free trial — and later, ideally, become paying customers to access the streaming service.

4.2. Mixergy


Source: Mixergy

Mixergy is an online platform that sells courses, interviews, and other content created by well-established and successful entrepreneurs.

Their company’s success is a result of their top-notch marketing strategy at the upper-funnel.

Their funnel begins with an informative free interview video that prospects can access by sharing their email address.

This gets prospects interested, moving their leads to the next phase where they can choose to subscribe to a premium plan here they can learn more about start-ups.

4.3. Audible


Source: Audible

If you’re an avid social media user, you have likely come across an advertisement for Audible.

Audible is an online audiobook and podcast service which allows users to access a wide range of audio content for a monthly subscription fee.

Their advertising has been prominent on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with over 5 million page likes on Facebook.

A large social media following has allowed them to generate impressive leads by giving prospects a 30-day free trial.

5. Conclusion

A thriving sales funnel needs to have exceptional top-funnel content — it’s your one and only opportunity to capture the attention of prospects.

You want your business to be top-of-mind against similar competitors — your top-funnel content needs to be what separates you from the rest.

Generating leads and nurturing them is a process your business can master with the right tools and knowledge!, an all-in-one platform, has all the tools you need to launch and grow your online business, and we can help with just that.

So you don’t have to do it all!

Try out our sales funnel tool, and take your business’s top-funnel content to the cutting edge.

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