Top 13 Sales Books in 2021: Sell anything to anyone!

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Ever heard the saying “that guy can sell snow to an Eskimo”?

Sounds like a cliche’ but there are many people out there who have the gift of the gab when it comes to selling.

Were you standing at the back of the queue when sales skills were being handed out? 

If this is you, then read on.

Finding the best sales books can help you unlock your hidden potential and transform you into a sales master.

We’ve selected 13 of the best sales books to provide the basis of your reading and research in 2020

We’ve included everything from the best sales books for entrepreneurs to best sales and marketing books in the industry. 

Here, in no particular order, are 13 of the top sales books written by industry trailblazers.

For sale image

For sale image

1. Sales Manifesto

1.1. About the author

Drawing from his extensive wealth of knowledge, author Jeffrey Gitomer turned years of selling, public speaking, and training into two New York Times bestselling sales books.

1.2. Why you should read it

Gitomer aims to help every salesperson reach the top and stay there. 

His straight-forward guide exposes outdated sales tactics and trains you on how to replace them with a fresh comprehensive sales strategy.

2. Let's get real or let's not play

2.1. About the authors

Both authors Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig are B2B (business to business) sales experts.

Khalsa is the founder of the Sales Performance Practice at FranklinCovey and Illig, a top sales consultant at the firm.

2.2. Why you should read it

If you want to increase your customer base and learn how to retain them, this is a must-read

With the dawn of the new sales culture, the art of selling has moved beyond just getting customers to buy. 

Mahan and Randy show you how focusing all of your efforts on helping customers succeed is the key to closing more deals and generating repeat business.

3. Selling to the C-Suite

3.1. About the authors

Armed with 40+ years of sales and management experience, Coauthor Stephen Bistritz runs training workshops based on this book.

Aided by Coauthor Nicholas Read (a highly successful salesman and entrepreneur) this power duo knows what they are talking about.

3.2. Why you should read it

If you want the ins and outs of selling to C-level executives, then this book is for you.

By conducting interviews with executives in over 500 organizations, Bistritz and Read perfected the craft of pitching correctly.

 This book teaches you how to be pitch-perfect guaranteeing a sale.  

4. Smart Calling

4.1. About the authors

As an international sales speaker and trainer, author Art Sobczak helps telemarketers maximize results. 

4.2. Why you should read it

If you’re looking for an intelligent way to hook phone prospects then

“Smart Calling” is the best in the business.

The new edition comes complete with all-new examples from the field and sage advice for helping you turn the harrowing act of cold calling into a goldmine of rejection-free sales.

Telesales image

Telesales image

5. The Challenger Sale

5.1. About the authors

Matt Dixon is a leading expert on sales, customer service as well as customer experience.

His coauthor Brent Adamson has 20+ years’ experience as a professional researcher, trainer, and teacher

That’s decades of expertise right at your fingertips.

5.2. Why you should read it

If your goal is to achieve high and consistent sales performance then this book is your bible. 

It teaches you how to increase performance by reframing client expectations 

After reading this you’ll be able to deliver value to customers while taking control of the sale.  

6. Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions

6.1. About the author

Author Keith Rosen delivers sales, sales management, and coaching programs to hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide. 

6.2. Why you should read it

Do you need to ramp up your team’s B2B sales

Then read on.

As the founding member of the International Coach Federation, you’re in good hands with Rosen's sales books. 

This book is a sales secret weapon for everything from motivating a team through the art of enrollment, to avoiding fatal coaching mistakes.

Coaching image

Coaching image

7. The Introvert’s Edge

7.1. About the author

Author Matthew Pollard has helped thousands of struggling companies to succeed and has launched five multi-million-dollar ventures from scratch.

7.2. Why you should read it

If you find it hard to ask for the sale then this is a must-read for you.

Pollard explains why you don’t have to be brash or gifted in communication to succeed in sales. 

As a self-proclaimed introvert, Pollard shows you why the shy often make the best salespeople.

8. SPIN Selling

8.1. About the author

Neil Rackham’s background in research psychology led to the breakthrough “SPIN Selling” and several other top sales books. 

8.2. Why you should read it

For starters, it’s based on 12 years of research and more than 35,000 sales calls.

The SPIN strategy for outselling your competitors is based on four stages of sales questions: “Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-payoff. ”

Spin Selling image

Spin Selling image

9. Secrets of Closing the Sale

9.1. About the authors

With more than two dozen bestselling books on leadership, sales, and success under his belt, author Zig Ziglar is a world-renown sales tycoon.

9.2. Why you should read it

Learn how to sell more through the art of persuasion.

This pioneer teaches you how to get what you want by helping others get what they want.

Ziglar’s practical steps and techniques will help you win more sales by anchoring yourself as the expert problem-solver for your clients.

Definitely, one of the best sales books to help you perfect your sales pitch.

10. How to Win Friends and Influence People

10.1. About the author

Long, long ago, in the 1930s Dale Carnegie was a trend-setter in the self-improvement field. 

Fast forward to 2020 and millions of readers continue to benefit from his books.

If you want to become a more successful salesperson, networker, or leader, pay attention to what this veteran has to say.

10.2. Why you should read it

It’s sold over 15 million copies and is still going strong. 

Carnegie’s classic remains one of the very best sales books to read because it teaches you how to sell yourself to anyone you meet.

Something that’s not as easy as it sounds.

This best-selling sales book is jam-packed with insightful, actionable tips for working effectively with others, making people like you, and winning them over.

Dale Carnegie book

Dale Carnegie book

11. The Psychology of selling

11.1. About the authors

Brian Tracy is the author of over seventy books including best-selling titles such as Earn What You're Really Worth, Eat That Frog! and, No Excuses! 

He is a big hitter in the world of sales literature and has produced some of the best sales books to read.

11.2. Why you should read it

Brian Tracy is an industry legend and has authored some of the best sales books of all time. 

The psychology of selling will give you ideas, methods, strategies, and techniques that you can use immediately to sell faster and easier than ever before.

More salespeople have become millionaires as a result of listening to and applying his ideas than from any other sales training ever. 

Sounds like a great reason to pick up one of his top-selling sales books.

Brain Tracey image

Brain Tracey image

12. “See You on the Internet” - Building Your Small Business with Digital Marketing

12.1. About the Author

Avery Swartz is one of America's top tech leaders.

Her book delivers a fail-safe framework to plan and execute an outstanding digital marketing strategy with confidence - without needing a technical background!

12.2. Why you should read it

In five simple steps, you will learn to build your brand, increase your customers, and generate more revenue.

Avery guides you through website development, eCommerce, search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, and online advertising― and shows you how to track your results.

Clear, friendly, and highly usable. See You on the Internet is the essential small business handbook for thriving in the digital world.

13. “Digital Marketing for Results” -  How to Focus on What Matters

13.1. About the author

Chris N. West is a seasoned professional who dedicates his time to helping organizations utilize online tools to expand their business to increase their results.

13.2. Why you should read this it

This book covers several new ideas that many big brands and teams are using to get the most out of online platforms.

With topics in the book covering: Instagram, Linkedin, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Advertising, and knowing your audience, this best-selling sales book has it all. 

Avery Swartz book png

Avery Swartz book png.

14. Conclusion

What do all successful entrepreneurs have in common?

They read books.

Warren Buffett spends 80% of each day reading, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg are all avid readers.

Notice the pattern? 

Running a successful business takes hard work, theoretical and practical know-how.

Reading not only helps you to  increase your business acumen it also provides you with vital information that you need to stay ahead of your competitors. 

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