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Internet marketing guru Russell Brunson is revered as the author of The Perfect Webinar script and template.

An aw-shucks good guy who honed his marketing chops during a Mormon missionary stint, Russell Brunson lets people in on The Perfect Webinar secrets almost for free.

Russell estimates that The Perfect Webinar made him $30 million to date. But all he wants you to pay for it is $4.95 to cover shipping and handling.

Oh, and he’d also like you to drop him a few lines letting him know about your success.

For your $4.95, you’ll receive a physical copy of the script, an explanatory DVD, and instant online access to those materials.

Investing in Russell Brunson’s The Perfect Webinar script costs next to nothing, at least at the outset.

But is it worth investing your time and effort? Read on and decide for yourself.

1. Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson is probably best known as the co-founder and CEO of the software company ClickFunnels, but he was building businesses long before ClickFunnel’s 2014 launch.

As a teenager, Russell was fascinated by marketing and sales.

He’s one of those people who find commercials more entertaining than radio or TV programs.

Something else that captivated Russell was wrestling. In high school and college, he was a competitive wrestler.

Wrestling taught Russell how to work and how to win. He taps into that competitive energy in business.

In 2003, Russell launched his first product. A year after college graduation, he’d earned his first million dollars selling his products.

You name it, and Russell’s probably sold it. He’s hawked shakes, supplements, coaching, and coupons, to name a few goods and services.

The tech nightmares Russell encountered led him to co-found the software company ClickFunnels along with his partner, Todd Dickerson.

In three years, the company grew to $100,000,000 and 55,000 customers. ClickFunnels is now the world’s fastest-growing non-venture-backed software company.

Along the way, Russell built a following of over a million entrepreneurs.

He popularized the sales funnel concept and sold more than a quarter-million marketing books.

As of 2018, Russell’s training, teaching, and software created a documented 206 millionaires who are in his exclusive 2 Comma Club.

As you can see, Russell Brunson is a heavy hitter. When he talks, you should listen—especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

2. The backstory to The Perfect Webinar

More than a decade ago, Russell decided to dive into the internet marketing ocean. He attended a three-day seminar to learn more about it and to hang out with fellow entrepreneurs.

What Russell saw at that seminar made his jaw drop and his eyes pop.

The first speaker gave a 90-minute presentation, and at the end of his talk he sold a $2000 product. Amazed, Russell watched as people flocked to the back of the room to purchase the product.

Adding up all the buyers, Russell estimated the first presenter did $60K in sales.

And the next speaker did even better.

That presenter pitched a $5000 product. Again, people snapped it up, this time to the tune of $100K.

And the money merry-go-round continued like this throughout the seminar.

That did it—Russell was determined to claim a piece of this lucrative pie. But he was pretty shy at that time. He dipped his toe into the water doing teleseminars.

Eventually Russell got the opportunity to sell from stage. He poured weeks into crafting a presentation teaching people what they needed to know about internet marketing.

That first time up to bat, Russell struck out. Absolutely nobody rushed to the back of the room to buy his product.

Russell took the long “walk of shame” to the back of the room, where about 20% of the people told him how amazing the presentation was. Still, nobody bought.

Embarrassed, Russell holed up in his hotel room for the remaining three days of the conference.

He went back to teleseminars and left live events alone for a while. But he kept seeing other people make money.

To learn the tricks of the trade, Russell devoured public speaking courses.

Learning bits and pieces from courses put out by legends like Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, Russell started to cobble together his own system.

The pattern Russell saw in these courses was that 90 minutes wasn’t enough time to teach to change somebody’s life.

Instead, you need to use that time to inspire your audience and help them believe that what you’re able to do will work for them.

Along the way, Russell also learned from friends and mentors.

One of those mentors was Armand Morin, who closed a staggering 80% of the audience at one of his events.

Armand taught Russell a special close called “the stack” (more on that later).

Sure enough, Russell crushed it when he used the stack. “That was the first time I’d ever done $100,000 from stage,” Russell crowed.

Continuing to mix and match the best pieces of everybody’s strategies, Russell had another epiphany. He thought, “It worked on a seminar—let me try it on a webinar.”

Back then, live seminars and teleseminars were the order of the day. But by following the script he’d concocted, Russell struck internet gold right away.

For the first Perfect Webinar, Russell Brunson followed his script exactly. And he made a killing.

Russell advises people to do exactly what he does to this day: follow the script. If you do that, you can put together a high-converting webinar in one day flat.

Russell Brunson gives you the secret sauce recipe for The Perfect Webinar for only $4.95.

Of course, you have to give him your email, so he gets you to pay him to convert you to a lead.

But don’t worry. Although the formula is scratch-your-head simple, it works every time.

3. Why do a webinar anyway?

Webinars allow you to spend minimum time making maximum bank. You can make more in one day offering high-profit webinars than you can in one month selling regularly priced products.

When you offer webinars, you don’t come across as like a sleazy used car salesman.

Webinars lend cachet to nearly any business.

You also don’t have to have much traffic to make a webinar profitable.

A hundred clicks a day (depending on your price point, of course) should put you solidly in the black.

If you pitch high-dollar products or services, you’ll need even less.

One more selling point of webinars is that you don’t have to be an expert to put one on.

Follow a recipe, like Russell Brunson’s The Perfect Webinar, and cook up a delicious webinar. Eat and repeat for nearly any business.

Like their kissing cousins—live seminars, teleseminars, and infomercials—webinars, in essence, spin a story. Facts tell, stories sell.

On the webinar, tell them your story about doing things the hard way. Or if it’s not your story, go back to the original story.

Anyway, you—or someone else—put in the hard work to ease the pain.

Maybe you read hundreds of books or invested tens of thousands of dollars in furthering your education.

The idea is that you already paid the price to ease the pain.

All your audience has to do is shell out some cash to save themselves the time- and money-sucking trial and error you went through.

4. What is Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar formula?

Russell Brunson’s The Perfect Webinar formula is an internet marketing classic.

Information about it is freely available online, and Russell’s training is on YouTube.

You can piece together most of the information you need . . . or you can just go ahead and fork out $4.95.

Russell first mastered “the stack” and then reverse-engineered the script and template to The Perfect Webinar.

The stack is critical, but we’ll start with the template. Here it is:

Perfect Webinar formula

Although It’s hard to tell from this template, since it’s more of a mind map than an outline, The Perfect Webinar is divided into three parts.

Remember how your English teacher taught you that every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end? The Perfect Webinar has those, too.

But Russell calls the three parts the Intro, Content, and Let Me Ask You a Question (aka the Close).

4.1. Intro: Hit the ground running

You’ve got to start the webinar off with high energy, noise, and emotion. Get your audience pumped up. As a shy, nervous kid, Russell had to practice this.

Give your audience a reason to stick around. The two biggest webinar drop-off points are the first ten minutes and right before you move on to your close.

Russell starts about 10 minutes before a webinar’s officially scheduled to begin.

As people log on, he constantly chatters about how exciting it’s going to be and how tons of people are logging on each minute.

The webinar begins with the Bold Promise, where you tell your audience what success looks like.

For instance, one of Russell’s evergreen webinars proclaims, “My weird niche funnel that’s currently making me $17,947 per day!

And how to ethically knock it off in less than 10 minutes!”

Next comes the Hook to the End. This is where you give people an incentive to stay to the end: some extra goody they perceive as valuable.

Throughout the Intro, you qualify yourself and command attention.

The last piece to the Intro is Future Pace. Here you help people picture themselves as being successful.

“Can you imagine how much difference it would make in your life if you had an extra $1,000 a month? How about $2,000? Well, it doesn’t have to be a dream anymore!”

4.2. Content: Get them to believe in themselves

Get them to believe in themselves

For the body of The Perfect Webinar, remember that your job is not to teach. You can’t teach something that will change a person’s life in 60-90 minutes.

Your job is to inspire your audience and make them believe that what you’re selling can help them.

And you only try to convince people of ONE thing. If they believe that one thing, then everything else falls into place.

Inside of that ONE thing, you identify three secrets. The goal of this step is to identify their false belief patterns, shatter them, and then rebuild them.

One way to come up with the ONE thing is to use a fill-in-the-blank phrase: How to __________(something people want) without ___________________(something people hate).

For instance, Mike has a webinar where his ONE thing is how to make sell high-ticket packages without talking on the phone.

Then you’ve got to go through the “secrets.” These are the false beliefs that people have.

For instance, for the ONE thing about selling high-ticket packages, people might think that it’s too hard, it takes too much time, or it needs a certain amount of website traffic.

You go through and smash and obliterate those beliefs, one by one. What you have left standing is the ONE thing.

At this point, your audience is salivating. They’re almost compelled to give you money unless they don’t have any

4.3. Let Me Ask You a Question

This is the embarrassing part—asking for money. Remember, people are likely to drop off here, so do it with finesse.

The question is, “How many of you feel like this?” with a picture of a fire hose turned on a person.

After a tension-breaking laugh, you transition to asking permission to share something with them. Always ask for permission before you sell.

For a webinar, you’ll wait a minute or two while responses come in. It’s awkward, but you’re more likely to get buy-in this way.

And then you go through different closes and “the stack.” Here’s a sample stack:

the stack

People have the attention spans of gnats, so you’ll have to go through the stack over and over again. It feels weird and embarrassing, especially the first few times.

But if you drop the stack or skim over it, your conversion rate will go way down.

Take it from Russell. He learned the hard way never to leave a stack out of a webinar again.

5. A few more closing tips


Know your ABCs for closing: Always Be Closing.

Embed trial closes throughout your webinar.

Get people to give little yeses from the very beginning. Ask them, “Does this make sense?” “Are you getting this?” Your audience should always be nodding their heads.

At the end of the webinar, Russell has a 30-minute countdown clock. Three-fourths of his sales come in during those 30 minutes.

There’s also the “if all” questions.

After going over and over the stack, say, “Obviously I’m not going to charge you (the full value of the stack; let’s say $8,000), but let me ask you a question: If all (my product or service) did was (choose one selling point), would it be worth $8,000?”

Ask that “if all” question in three different ways. Then tell them it’s only a fraction of that amount, like $797.

Since they’ve already latched on to the $8,000 value, people can talk themselves into the bargain price of one-tenth of that amount.

One more valuable tip Russell shares in his YouTube video is the idea of putting up a PayPal Credit slide.

That way those who want your product or service but don’t have the money may be able to buy.

PayPal Credit is only for US-based customers who can pass a credit check. If they pass the credit check, they’ll have no payments or interest for six months.

PayPal credit

6. Should I pay the $4.95 to get all of The Perfect Webinar information?

Most of Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Secrets are readily available without putting yourself on Brunson’s email list, but he left out information on most of the closes. And that’s the most important part of the recipe.

If you spend $4.95 on PerfectWebinarSecrets.com, you’ll get information on all 16 of the closes.

A good webinar converts 7-8% of its audience. Russell’s webinars consistently convert 15%.

Russell Brunson’s closing percentage is so high because of the tiny tweaks he constantly makes.

You should have access to all of those tiny tweaks yourself so you can achieve similar success.

7. If The Perfect Webinar is so good, why is it free?

One of Russell Brunson’s sales secrets is leveraging "the power of free." He uses it in all aspects of his business, giving away books and membership trial to drive traffic and revenue.

Yes, revenue. The freebie is the bait that lures in customers. Once they’ve tasted the bait, they’re more likely to stick around for strategic “one-time offers” that happen after the freebie.

The first “one-time offer” after signing up for The Perfect Revenue free + shipping and handling deal is the PowerPoint slides and keynote file. Right now those are $47.

Next, for $297 you can opt for exhaustive training covering all of The Perfect Webinar secrets and tricks of the trade.

Once you’re on Russell Brunson’s email list, he offers a continuity program and all kinds of ways to separate you from your dollars.

He does provide great value, but be careful of being sucked into the perfect sales storm.

8. Does The Perfect Webinar work?

In a word, yes. There are lots of testimonials from happy users. Here’s one:


9. After the webinar, then what?

Creating a webinar is an excellent way to leverage your position by growing your email list, expanding your influence, and increasing revenue.

And once you’ve created the webinar, you can run it over and over as an evergreen webinar.

Although you’ll get the most closes in the countdown of the webinar, there’s a fortune in the follow-up.

Drip marketing after your webinar will nudge some of your lookers off the fence and get them to buy.

And once you sell them one thing, they’re more likely to come back for more.

Russell Brunson’s The Perfect Webinar program will help you craft your webinars. It works perfectly with plenty of the upgraded features that we have right here on Systeme.io!

Systeme.io is a user-friendly way to nurture your leads, increase your conversion rates, track your metrics, and sell more to existing customers.

With Systeme.io, you can build SEO-optimize capture pages to sell courses, coaching, membership, and physical goods.

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