Funnel Hacking Live 2023 Review: Is it Worth it?

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There is hardly any online business that doesn't need sales funnels.

I always advise any business that wants to succeed in the modern world to use sales funnels because it allows you to effortlessly direct your leads through steps when they visit your website.

This makes it easy for any business that knows its onion to convert the leads into paying customers.

The sales funnel is designed to allow your leads to follow some simple steps, which then converts them to clients.

Let me use an example.

An online business or individual that decides to use the sales funnel offered by might need only three steps to convert their leads into clients.

For the sales funnel of, the first step might involve getting the leads' email addresses and offering them a free webinar, in return.

The second phase might involve selling the leads the idea of using personal coaching, and the benefits that will accrue to them if they go for that option.

The third phase might include your business offering them a link to your Telegram group, where they can learn a lot without them paying a dime.

Normally, sales funnel platforms usually offer more digital services that any brand can benefit from when they use them.

Using a digital platform like allows you to benefit from more than a sales funnel.

Using this platform allows you to effortlessly key into the benefits of email marketing.

There is a myriad of opportunities that allow you to easily craft up your email list, improve your subscriber base, sell your products to your subscribers, as well as incorporate automation into every step.

Now, that we are done with explaining what a sales funnel is, and a great platform to get the benefits like, let us look at what to expect in Funnel Hacking Live.

1. Funnel Hacking Live: What is it?

As the owner of an online business, there is a great chance that you may have heard about this event hosted by Clickfunnels.

One thing that I fancy about this Clickfunnels event is that you tend to meet people.

Business owners and even individuals know that there are numerous benefits that accrue to those that network.

A network can get you faster to where you want to be.

This is one reason I always attend events related to my field. I see it as a way to get those that will lift me up the ladder of success.

Funnel Hacking Live (FHL) is an event held every year, and it hosts the best funnel builders in the world.

These builders come together to share their secrets with those attending.

This is a conference, where those that attend tend to learn a lot from those ahead of them in Sales funnel building like Russell Brunson.

Not only do attendees learn, but they also mingle with others in their fields and create awesome business relationships.

With what they have learned at this conference, it is easy for them to replicate the success of others.

When I started attending this event, it became easier for me to know what the hacking secrets were and what I was doing wrong.

Before you knew it, it was easy to turn around my business.

The entirety of the conference is to tutor one on how to create sales funnels that work effortlessly.

Like the funnel that offers, the funnel learned at an event can work for any type of online business.

It doesn't matter if your business is into real estate, e-commerce, coaching, consultation, and so on, it can benefit from it.

2. Who is Funnel Hacking Live created for?

Who is Funnel Hacking Live created for?

If I said that this event was meant for everyone that has an online business, I won't be lying.

This event was created by the owner of Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson, and he has gone ahead to say that anyone that attends usually gets an increase in their income.

The average increase in income stands at thirty-two percent. I kid you not.

You may be wondering how this is possible.

Calm down, I will explain.

When you attend this Clickfunnel event, you will be taught how to increase your income from what it currently is.

Should we burst your bubble?

Do you know that eighty-five attendees made more than a million dollars after attending this event?

They are given the Two Comma Club awards.

This was in 2017.

In 2019, an extra one hundred and sixteen attendees were awarded the Two Comma awards for doing the same thing.

If you combine using and attending this event, increasing your revenue will be a walk in the park for you.

At this event, you will see experts in the field like Russel Brunson, Natasha Hazlett, Alex Charfen, Dan Lock, and so on.

For someone like me, that understands that all successful businesses have two things in common.

They built a great network and awesome relationships with those that matter.

If you have an online business that you want to succeed in, it won't be a bad idea to attend the next event.

If you understand the importance of networking, this Clickfunnels event may be the right one for you.

It is also great for those that want to change their lives, create a brand new business, improve their followership on social media, and so on.

We advise users of to try out this event, if they can because the benefits are tremendous.

3. Speakers at the Funnel Hacking Live

Every attendee of this event stands to meet professional funnel builders.

3.1. Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is the creator of Clickfunnels and this event. He will step on stage to show you how to get that broken funnel working again.

The truth is that every business hates a broken funnel.

Imagine spending your time creating a funnel, and in the end, it doesn't work.

It is heart-wrenching.

He will teach you how to know if your sales funnel is working before you launch it.

When you find out that your funnel is not working, you may not know why. He will teach you how to spot the issue.

In the end, he will teach you how to know if you should fix the broken sales funnel or to build a new one.

3.2. Prince EA

Prince EA

There is a great chance that you know of this influencer that has billions of views on YouTube and Facebook.

If you go to his Facebook page, you will see the following of 15.4 million.

He has over 3 million on Instagram.

On his YouTube page, you will see a following of over 5.6 million.

This means that on social media platforms, he has more than twenty-two million followers.

I am a fan of learning from the best in the industry.

If I want to learn how to be a billionaire, I go and meet a billionaire to teach me.

If I want to learn how to go viral, I go to someone that knows how to go viral.

Attending this event allows you to know how to go viral, which is something that every online business wants.

3.3. Kathryn Jones

Kathryn Jones

As an online business, you tend to learn from competitors in the game.

Jones will tutor you on how to spot out the sales funnels in your niche that are doing great and alter them to your own advantage.

It is simple.

You find the right sales funnel and mimic it.

Jones will tutor you on easy ways of funnel hacking and how to effortlessly get involved in Design Hacking.

3.4. Jermaine Griggs

Jermaine Griggs

One dream of every business owner is to have a business that earns money for them when they sleep.

This is something that Griggs teaches.

He will show you how to create one that allows you to sleep, have fun, and earn at the same time.

His method allows one to learn how to create a funnel that makes money without stress.

You may know him as the owner of “” which has had over two million downloads.

3.5. Anissa Holmes

Anissa Holmes

Holmes has been ranked as one of the best dentists.

In school, she learned a lot about dentistry, but they forgot to tutor her on the business aspect of that course.

She decided to learn it by herself.

She was able to get to the pedestal as one of the best dentists with ever-flowing clients because of her sales funnel.

The funny aspect is that her funnel is quite simple.

Now, she is helping businesses around her grow.

She tutors local businesses about the easy way of getting overflowing clients.

3.6. Dan Henry

Dan Henry

If you are a fan of weird approaches, you will love Dan Henry.

In the Clickfunnels community, he is known for churning out weird hacks.

The funny thing is that they work in grooming his business.

Do you know that he didn't only grow his business, he grew it in record speed?

Henry teaches people how to grow their business using his hacks. He also tutors you on how to effortlessly use auto-webinar.

Isn't that awesome?

3.7. Marley Baird

Marley Baird

You may know Marley as a content media professional.

She truly is one.

She tutors people on how to ensure that their content is on Auto-pilot.

If you are looking for a successful content strategy, she is the right one to tutor you.

She will show you her tricks.

3.8. Heather Quisel

Heather Quisel

Quisel was once a school tutor, who recently became widowed.

She was left with four kids to raise.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, she decided to grow her business.

She teaches people how she pulled through the trying times and used them to her advantage.

3.9. Garrett J. and Danielle K White

Garrett J. and Danielle K White

There is a simple method that they use in propelling their business to success, and it is called, 'The Stacking Method'.

The funny aspect is that this method is quite simple to understand but effective.

4. Pros and cons of this event

Most things that have pros usually possess cons.


  • It easy to meet other business owners.
  • You can easily create a business relationship
  • The knowledge you will gather is immense.
  • Build friendships
  • You will be motivated.


  • It may be expensive for some.
  • It may come off as being stressful if you do not make adequate plans.

5. Why every online business needs logo logo

The truth is that every business online, no matter what is being sold, needs a sales funnel.

This is one of the numerous services that we offer.

Apart from creating sales funnels, there other opportunities that avail users of

Email marketing is made easier.

In the aspect of email marketing, there is hardly any other platform that is better than

It is easy to build your email list with it, improve on the number of subscribers that you have, and automate every step.

When you use the cheapest plan offered by, your business has access to over five thousand email subscribers, as well as unlimited emails.

Every business needs an email autoresponder, offers this.

Everything that this platform offers can be found in one place.

5.1. Sell online courses

For businesses that want to sell online courses, allows you to build an online course and membership site for yourself.

You also have access to features like unlimited members and unlimited file storage capacity.

5.2. Own a dropshipping store

For e-commerce businesses, allows you to own a dropshipping store, where you can sell your products or services.

Every successful business owner knows that there are a lot of benefits that accrue to those that can turn their leads to a paying clientele base.

When you use, you have access to the following features:

  • You can easily build a dropshipping store for your online business.
  • You can create funnels that turn your leads/ traffic to clients.
  • You can start email marketing campaigns that can easily turn your leads to clients.

Why not try out today?

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