ActiveCampaign Pricing 2021: Is ActiveCampaign Worth It?

ActiveCampaign logo

ActiveCampaign logo

The age of app stacks is long gone. Long live all-in-one tools!

Or, if we can’t get all-in-one tools - then at least tools that meet multiple business needs at once.

And when it comes to Jack of all trades tools, ActiveCampaign is a great option.

What is ActiveCampaign?

It’s a tool that doesn’t just offer email marketing (although that’s what it’s best known for), but also marketing, sales, and CRM solutions. It even went as far as to offer machine learning.

ActiveCampaign even promises it’ll help you “Turn leads into customers into repeat customers.”

But does it deliver on its promise?

In this ActiveCampaign pricing review, I’ll dig into the features every plan offers and help you decide if ActiveCampaign is a good fit for your business.

1. ActiveCampaign pricing 2021

Right now, ActiveCampaign has 4 active pricing plans:

  • Lite ($9/month for up to 500 contacts)
  • Plus ($49/month for up to 1,000 contacts)
  • Professional ($129/month for up to 2,500 contacts)
  • Enterprise ($229/month for up to 2,500 contacts)

In addition to the starting price, you’ll pay extra depending on your number of contacts.

ActiveCampaign pricing

ActiveCampaign's pricing

This is really one of my pet peeves for email and marketing software in general.

It feels like they’re actively discouraging us from growing our mailing list. 

Everyone’s businesses are different - yours might have a lengthier sales funnel or sales cycle, and paying hundreds of dollars ahead might affect your cash flow.

For example, the Plus plan might look great - $49/month for all those features sounds like a bargain! 

But if you want to use it for 10,000 contacts, your price will be $199/mo.

This pricing catch, which isn't unique to ActiveCampaign but universal to the majority of marketing tools (except for, is exactly what made me want to dig in deep.

So, what does every plan have to offer?

1.1. ActiveCampaign Lite plan

The Lite plan includes:

  • Email marketing with unlimited sending
split testing

What does ActiveCampaign’s email marketing include?

  • Email broadcasts
  • Triggered emails
  • Targeted emails
  • Email autoresponders
  • Email funnels
  • Scheduled emails
  • Split testing
  • Email designer

Targeted emails are sent to specific audience segments.

When these are paired with triggered emails - emails sent when a contact performs a specific action (e.g. clicks on a link, purchases a product), they personalize and supercharge your email marketing.

All of this helps you shape your email marketing funnel.

Once a lead enters your funnel, they’ll be guided through it with an automated sequence that ends with their conversion.

automated sequence

In short, ActiveCampaign’s email marketing features really streamline personalization. 

You can craft content for different subscriber groups to make sure everyone responds to it well, and you can automate the sequences so you capture interest while your leads are still hot.

  • Sign up forms for email marketing
ActiveCampaign pop-up subscription form

ActiveCampaign pop-up subscription form

The second staple of ActiveCampaign’s Lite plan is sign-up forms.

You can choose from 4 types of forms:

  • Inline form
  • Floating box
  • Modal form (pop-up)
  • Floating bar

You can also use iPad forms to capture contact information in person, add custom fields and customize the forms to fit your branding.

  • ActiveCampaign’s marketing automation

I absolutely love the fact that ActiveCampaign includes marketing automation in its cheapest plan.

(For example, ConvertKit requires you to upgrade to a more expensive plan to be able to automate your emails.)

So, how does ActiveCampaign’s automation work?

ActiveCampaign’s automation

Automations example

First up, you can track your contacts’ behavior

If someone already subscribed to your mailing list, you can automate follow-up sequences.

For example, if they visited your pricing page, you can automatically follow up via email to reengage them.

ActiveCampaign’s automation

Integrating Shopify and ActiveCampaign to stop cart abandonment

Email segmentation also takes on a more powerful note with ActiveCampaign.

You can add “tags” for interests and behaviors, and then send different kinds of emails to different groups.

Email segmentation

It’s just like talking to your customers and watching what they do in real-time, except that it doesn’t harm their privacy or require you to spend 24 hours every day taking care of it manually.

It’s all on auto-pilot!

1.1.1. ActiveCampaign Lite plan summary

All in all, ActiveCampaign’s Lite plan is great.

It gives you everything you need to set up efficient and automated email marketing funnels. 

In the long term, this increases your conversion rate on autopilot.

Looking for more features? Let’s check out the next plan!

1.2. ActiveCampaign Plus plan

The Plus plan has everything that comes with Lite, and:

  • Dynamic content
Dynamic content

The easiest way to explain dynamic content is: you create one email, and your leads see different messages.

Let’s say you’ve got cat and dog lovers, like in the example above.

You’d create one email blast, and add dynamic content sections.

In those sections, you’d create two types of content: one for dog lovers, and one for cat lovers.

When you hit send, every audience segment will receive an email with content they care about.

You can also change your CTAs:

dynamic content flow

Promoting a new product? 

Offer demo to fresh leads, sell to nurtured leads, and give a discount to loyal customers.

It’s an amazing feature for scaling your business!

  • SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a pretty novel feature, and one that shows that ActiveCampaign wants to become an all-in-one marketing platform.

SMS marketing

Since texts have much higher open rates than emails (90% for SMS, 20% for email), SMS marketing is a great way to strengthen relationships with your customers.

How does SMS marketing with ActiveCampaign work?

  • Collect phone numbers
  • Follow-up via SMS for important content (e.g. Thank subscribers for signing up, thank customers for buying, and confirm their orders)
  • Automate sale notifications, appointment reminders, coupons, and more

All in all - SMS marketing is a handy feature for scaling!

  • Lead and contact scoring

Lead and contact scoring is where we’re dipping our toes into the CRM (customer relationship management) and sales waters.


Depending on your leads and contacts’ actions, you can track their “behavior points.”

Someone has 50 engagement points? Notify your sales team so they can follow up personally.

3 points? Probably needs more nurturing.

30 points? Ripe for closing the deal.

You can set up scores for practically everything:

  • Opening an email
  • Clicking a link
  • Visiting a product page
  • Downloading a lead magnet
  • Product purchases

And more! Seriously, the list goes on and on, and I love it.

  • Facebook custom audiences

Finally, ActiveCampaign lets you retarget your leads via Facebook Ads

And since you’re using the lead information gathered by your ActiveCampaign email marketing, you can make sure your ads are hyper-personalized.

Facebook custom audiences

This is a great option for businesses that are already using Facebook retargeting.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you already have thousands of qualified


  • Deep data integration

If you subscribe to the Plus plan, you’ll be able to set up some really impressive integrations.

abandoned cart

What can you do with ActiveCampaign’s deep integrations?

  • Sync and analyze real-time and historical data
  • Create powerful automation conditions across different platforms
  • Send cross-channel messages

Again, this is a really, really advanced feature. But if you’ve got thousands of customers, it’s definitely worth looking into.

1.2.1. ActiveCampaign Plus plan summary

The Plus plan is for marketers who mean business.

With cross-channel features like SMS marketing, Facebook custom audiences, and deep data integrations, it’s best suited for businesses that already have tens of thousands of leads.

1.3. ActiveCampaign Professional plan

The Professional plan includes everything from Lite and Plus, with a few machine learning additions:

  • Predictive sending and predictive content

Using machine learning and your email data, ActiveCampaign will automate email blasts and send them at the optimal time.

A great option if you’re sending thousands of emails every week!

Predictive content

Predictive content works similarly.

You’ll have to write up to 5 variations of your content, and ActiveCampaign will choose which content works best for different audiences, based on your historical data.

It’s still in beta, but it’s a powerful feature to keep an eye on!

  • Win probability
Win probability

Based on lead scoring and historical data, ActiveCampaign will show you:

  • Most profitable deals
  • Likely deals
  • Likely losses

Win probability functions depend on your data and lead scoring, but they can be a powerful way to align your marketing and sales teams.

  • Customer attribution
attribution timeline

ActiveCampaign’s customer attribution allows you to understand the value of each channel in your sales funnel.

You can practically track your customers’ journeys from the start to finish, and identify areas for optimization.

1.3.1. ActiveCampaign Professional plan summary

This plan is definitely for big companies who are ready to cut back costs while acquiring more customers. 

If you’ve considered using business intelligence tools and you have departments within your company, then yeah - you need Professional.

1.4. ActiveCampaign Enterprise plan

I’ll be really short here. 

Enterprise plan offers all the features from the previous plans, but you get extra perks such as:

  • Custom mailserver domain and domain
  • Custom reporting (beta)
  • Dedicate account representative
  • Free design services and social data

In my opinion, this is great if you’ve got a company with thousands of employees. If you’ve got a small to mid-market business, skip this one.

2. How to choose an ActiveCampaign plan


In general, I’d recommend Lite or Plus if you’re looking to supercharge your email marketing.

But in any case, you should first take a look at your goals and needs, and then find a plan that suits you.

Your tool should always adapt to the way you work, not the other way around.

3. What types of business can use ActiveCampaign?

Thanks to different plans, pretty much everyone can use ActiveCampaign.

However, it’s best suited to businesses that primarily use email marketing for their sales.

If you have lengthier sales cycles and you need to convert quickly to rebound from your customer acquisition costs, then ActiveCampaign’s detailed targeting and automations can help!

4. How does ActiveCampaign’s pricing compare to competitors?

Now that you have a clearer idea of what ActiveCampaign offers, it’s time to take a look at competitors, their features, and what they have that ActiveCampaign doesn’t.

Namely, you’ll see that ActiveCampaign doesn’t have an affiliate marketing program, while and ClickFunnels do.

4.1. the best ActiveCampaign alternative pricing's pricing has four very simple plans.

But unlike ActiveCampaign, also offers:

  • Email marketing
  • Sales funnel builders
  • Workflow automation
  • Page and website builders
  • Affiliate marketing program
  • Webinar and course support
  • Blogging and dropshipping support

All in all, is a much better option for new business owners who want to supercharge their marketing and truly replace their tech stack with just one tool.

4.2. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels pricing

ClickFunnels pricing

Honestly, ClickFunnels does offer a few handy features, but the pricing is convoluted.

The main difference between the second and the third plan is first, the incredible price jump, and secondly, the number of domains, payment gateways, and users.

Other than that, ClickFunnels offers:

  • Sales funnel builders
  • Affiliate marketing program
  • Email automation

I recently wrote an in-depth ClickFunnels review right here, so take a look if ClickFunnels caught your eye.

4.3. MailChimp

MailChimp pricing

MailChimp's pricing

MailChimp has been working hard to establish itself as an all-in-one marketing platform, but does it do the trick?

MailChimp features include:

  • Email marketing with tags, behavioral segmentation and targeting, and lookalike audiences
  • Templates
  • A/B testing
  • Automations

However, it’s yet another service where you have to calculate your price based on the number of your subscribers, and it doesn’t offer a lot by way of all-in-one marketing.

5. Summary

Ultimately, the decision is yours.

ActiveCampaign has powerful email marketing, sales, and CRM solutions. 

Automations are certainly one of their most important features.

However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, you can’t go wrong with!

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