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In this post, we’ll show you:

  • Elements of a high converting online course landing page
  • Online course landing page examples
  • The best all-in-one platform to get started with

Ready? Let’s begin.

1. What is a landing page?

A landing page (or sales page) is where visitors “land” after clicking a link in Google, your social media pages, ads, emails, or other similar platforms.

To understand the work of a landing page, think of your site as a funnel.

Landing page

Unlike web pages that boast multiple goals, a landing page is designed with a specific goal in mind — to convince people to buy (without being pushy).

In other words, your course landing page should provide an irresistible offer or call to action (CTA) to help convert visitors into customers.

For better conversions, use one personalized CTA on a single landing page.

A personalized CTA converts almost 202% better than a basic one.

With a compelling landing page, you can:

  • Increase conversions
  • Add context to your marketing offer
  • Grow your email list
  • Measure your business goals’ metrics
  • Increase your brand's value

Always create interactive landing pages to enhance customer engagement, communicate your brand’s value, and acquire more sales.

That’s because people don’t buy courses, but instead a solution to their problems.

Now that you know what a landing page is, let's look at how you can make it effective enough to persuade people to sign up for your online course.

1.1. Creating an effective landing page for an online course

To create an effective online course landing page, ask yourself:

  • Who is the target audience for your online course? — Identify the people that’ll most likely show interest in your course. Then find out why they’ll care to sign up (what problem are they trying to overcome?)
  • What will the course help them achieve? — Your course should have an answer to that problem your potential students are facing (what will the course accomplish for them?)
  • Why is that important to them? — Communicate the benefits of learning what your course teaches. Show your potential students how your online course will help them scale their career ladder

Once you have all the answers, tie them into a single sentence that conveys the unique selling point of your online course sales page.

For example, if you’re creating an online digital marketing training course, your single sentence should read like this:

My course helps digital marketers learn how to build the skills needed to become successful digital marketers so they can boost their careers

Do this before you start creating your course landing page.

With that out of the way, let's work on the course landing page and help you expand upon the given details.

1.2. Types of landing pages for online courses

There are 3 types of landing pages that are great for online education:

  • Text-only landing page
Text-only landing page


The content used in these landing pages is in text form.

To improve the landing page design, include images to help support the long-form text.

  • Text and video landing page
Text and video landing page


These landing pages combine video and text content, giving you an option to watch or read the online course.

  • Video sales letter (VSL)

This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop - #SquattyPotty

A VSL is a sales page in the form of a video. It simply promotes your digital or physical products (including online courses) to your potential customers.

Why use a VSL for your online business?

  • It's more persuasive
  • It’s highly engaging
  • It's easy on the eye
  • It packs an emotional punch

All these sales pages serve the same purpose — to increase conversion rates and convince people to buy your online courses.

If used correctly, these types of sales pages can be highly effective.

Now let's look at the key elements to have on your landing page that’ll help you persuade new visitors that your online course is what they need.

2. Key elements of a great landing page

Effective sales pages have key elements that boost conversions.

If you’re an online instructor and need to sell a course, use these elements to make your online course stand out from the rest.

2.1. Pick a powerful headline

A high converting landing page starts with a powerful headline.

You could say this is the most important part of your sales page that makes your readers stop and think, quite literally.

Almost 80% of people read headline copy but only 20% read the rest.

That means you need to write a perfect headline on your sales page that’s more intriguing, informative, and super exciting.

A powerful headline on a landing page does the following:

  • Speaks to your target audience
  • Boasts a compelling promise
  • Firmly holds a reader’s attention

Here’s a real-life example of a perfect sales page headline from GrowthTools:


Here are a few tips on how to write a compelling sales page headline (that’ll make your target audience want to keep reading):

  • Keep it short and straight to the point
  • Include your offer (but don’t sell the course in your headline)
  • Insert a high ranking keyword

Another example of a great sales page headline is from SamCart:



A great headline on a course landing page appeals to your target audience and cuts through the noise, making them want to read more.

But most importantly, it convinces them that they need your online course to advance their careers to newer levels.

While your headline alone can make your course sell, it’s not enough to make people buy your online course.

2.2. Showcase text and video testimonials

You need social proof to convince your audience that your course is the right solution — this is where text and video testimonials come in.

Nothing gives you more credibility (as an online instructor) and increases your conversions than having social proof on your sales page:

  • It validates that your course indeed delivers on its promise
  • It confirms that the strategies you present in your online course hold great value — so are your teaching methods

For example, Melyssa Griffin showcases testimonials of her online business course, “The Profitable Creator”, to prove that her course helps people:

Melyssa Griffin showcases testimonials

You can go a step further and use video testimonials.

About 88% of consumers buy a product after watching a brand’s video.

Odds are, if you use a video on your landing page, people will likely stay longer to watch the entire video — increasing your conversion rates.

Catlin Bacher uses video testimonials for her “Scale with Success” business course.

These testimonials are success stories from her students, describing how her course soared their businesses and careers to new heights:

Video testimonial

If you’ve just created your course and need to gather testimonials, you can:

  • Ask your friends or fellow instructors to test your course and give honest testimonials of how it helped them
  • Ask them to give you a before-and-after course experience
  • Ask them to share success stories of your product

2.3. Have a clear call to action

Another key element to have on your course sales page is a clear and irresistible call-to-action button.

Changing a product’s page CTA’s button design (shape and color) can increase conversions by up to 36%.

Tarzan Kay’s online course “The Launch Copy Kit” sales page has a clear CTA button, all branded with her course theme colors:

Kay’s CTA button stands out, making it very easy on the eye.

Adjust your CTAs color and shape on your landing page to make it visible for your potential students as they scroll through your online course.

Besides having a stunning CTA design, ensure your CTA button copy is in the first-person point of view — to help boost click-through rates (CTR).

CTA Button

Here are powerful high-converting words to include in your CTA copy:

  • Investment
  • Step-by-step
  • Yes
  • Introducing

2.4. Introduce your course

Introduce your course as the solution to your students’ problems.

As mentioned earlier, your landing page must highlight the pain points that your students are going through — even more important is positioning your online course as the be-all and end-all solution.

Most of your potential students don't even know they have a problem. Also, they don't know whether your course can be a great solution for them.

Take, for example, Melyssa Griffin's course sales page.

Her “List Surge” online course highlights key problems that most online businesses have while growing their email list:

How To Create A Sales Page-List-Surge

To show her students that she’s capable of solving their nagging problems, she presents a solution — in the form of her List Surge course.

Once you've introduced your online course as the ultimate solution, write a compelling copy that directly speaks to your potential students.

2.5. Write compelling copy

Your landing page copy is what will truly turn your visitors into potential online course buyers.

Besides making your online course, the solution, you need 2 other key elements on your landing page to make it more successful:

  • Mention benefits — Show your buyers how your course will help them
  • Tap into your buyers' problem — Your copy should highlight your buyer's particular pain points

Pay attention to what your potential buyers are saying to identify their main problem — then convey it into your landing page copy.

Worries, frustrations, and headaches magnify this problem, which could be a lack of a particular skill set or they’re just cash-strapped.

Once you know how to make your landing page effective, seek inspiration from other course sales pages before creating yours.

3. Online course landing page examples

Here are a few online course landing page examples worth emulating:

  • 21/20 Healthcare Challenge Course
21-20 Healthcare Challenge Course


Greg Todd’s Healthcare Challenge course landing page conveys how he’ll help you elevate your health career.

Notice the powerful headline, well-positioned video, and a large call-to-action button (with custom copy) that begs you to change your life now.

  • Conquer Kajabi Course
Conquer Kajabi Course

Meg Burrage’s online course landing page highlights the buyer's problem (building a course on Kajabi’s platform is too complicated for them).

She positions her online course (designed with Kajabi customers in mind) as the right solution to their annoying problem.

Her course sales page goal is to sell successful ideas to people who feel like they've failed to create compelling online courses.

  • Final Cut Pro X Course
Final Cut Pro X Course

Caleb Wojcik’s online course sales page conveys to aspiring videographers that he can help them turn raw videos into stunning artwork.

Notice the headline of the course sales page — it sells a major benefit.

Caleb promises to help you learn how to edit videos fast using Final Cut Pro X software and save you time to grow your videography business.

  • Web Development Course
Web Development Course

CodeAcademy’s online course landing page highlights important elements of interest to their potential students.

For example, using a big white box summarizes:

  • What you'll find in their web development course
  • The experience you need to start on the course
  • What exactly to do in the course
  • A clear promise of certification after taking the course

With well-placed graphics, a CTA button, and a headline, this sales page attracts the attention of learners and shows them how they’ll benefit.

We’ve shown you the elements of a high-converting course landing page and sales page examples to emulate.

Now it's time to reveal the best all-in-one platform that can help you create a successful online course from scratch.

4. — The best all-in-one landing page builder logo logo

Creating online course landing pages has never been easier!

With's all-in-one course landing page builder, you'll get access to tools that’ll help you hit the ground running:

  • Landing page templates to make the building process easy
  • Our simple drag-and-drop landing page editor
  • Integrate your online courses option
  • Create a landing page to help you deliver courses to your audience

To build a course landing page, you need an active account:

  • First, select a page type then select Create a new step’s landing page creator’s landing page creator

  • Next, select a landing page template of your choice’s landing page templates’s landing page templates

  • Lastly, customize the landing page and add your content’s video editor’s video editor

As an all-in-one course landing page builder, we also provide additional features to help you scale your online business.

4.1.’s other features

What makes a better tool for your online business? You ask.

Our features are perfect for creating high converting online course landing pages that allow you to:

  • Automate your entire business
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And more!

How much will our tool cost you?

4.2.’s pricing’s pricing’s pricing

To get started with our all-in-one platform, sign up for our forever-Free plan.

With our Free plan, you can get access to:

  • Space for up to 2,000 contacts
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When you're ready to build an online course landing page, our Startup plan($27/month) offers 10 sales funnels, unlimited students, space for up to 5,000 contacts, 10 order bumps, and more.

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5. Conclusion

Creating a great online course landing page is time-consuming.

However, it’s a channel that helps you convert visitors into customers.

If you include key elements, a perfect headline, video testimonials, and convey your buyer's pain points in your landing page copy, your online course landing page will stand above the rest.

If you want to create a course landing page, but haven’t decided on which platform to create your landing page with — we recommend

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