Glen Allsopp Review: Is It Legit?

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When you’re starting an online business, digital marketing should be your #1 priority.

(I know it’s mine!)

However, there are plenty of (re)sources out there. Picking the right SEO consultant can get confusing and overwhelming.

That’s exactly why I spend a lot of my time reviewing popular SEO experts.

In this review, I’ll be taking a look at Glen Allsopp.

His target area? SEO.

1. Who is Glen Allsopp?

Glen Allsopp is an SEO specialist who got his start very early: when he was 16 years old.

By the time he was 19, Allsopp was managing social media for brands such as Land Rover and Hewlett Packard.

At 20, he’d managed to grow his personal development blog enough to sell it for a five-figure fee.

One year later, he built a WordPress lead generation plugin.

The plugin was a massive success; he’d earned six figures before selling it and going on to establish his digital marketing agency.

Today, he’s known for, a blog followed by the likes of Amazon and Buffer marketing specialists.

Allsopp supplies them with the latest marketing insights, building onto his decades of experience.

So, what is Glen Allsopp’s secret?

SEO and digital marketing.

2. How Glen Allsopp made SEO magic happen


Allsopp’s come a long way from ViperChill, his first marketing agency and blog.

Here’s the thing: Allsopp realized how important search engine traffic is even before anyone else knew what SEO was.

Why does SEO matter for your business?

1.7 billion people use Google every day to find information and products that suit their needs. If your business appears in the top spot for your target search terms, you can expect a clickthrough rate of around 30%.

But if you’re still stuck on the second page, you’ll only reach 0.78% of Google users. SEO can help you get to the top spot, reach more leads, and successfully convert them into customers.

Allsopp used SEO at every step of his journey:

  • His MyDJSpace platform (MySpace for DJs) received high-quality traffic because it ranked for keywords like “DJ forums.”
  • He turned his affiliate blogs into sources of full-time income because of high-quality traffic from search engines.
  • His personal development blog ranked first for “personal development” and other relevant keywords.

His story shows how SEO works in a nutshell:

  • Rank for the relevant search terms
  • Appear first on search engine results pages for the terms your potential customers are using
  • Attract qualified traffic
  • Convert leads into customers

It’s as simple (and as complicated) as that.

That’s why Glen offers a few great products to help you promote your business and increase your sales.

So let’s see what you can learn from Glen Allsopp!

3. review

Even though Allsopp originally became “famous” for his agency blog, ViperChill, he’s currently blogging and offering his services through

3.1. What is

Detailed logo

Detailed logo is Allsopp’s blog where he shares detailed SEO insights. He also has a newsletter that’s read by SEOs at companies like IBM.

All in all, it looks like is the best thing since sliced bread.

But why?

sharing Allsopp's secrets

Rand from Moz, and many others, shared the update

Here’s the thing about Allsopp: he shares his secrets.

He seems to be very passionate about unearthing obscure ways to legitimately rank on Google.

Some of the SEO strategies he unveiled on his blog include:

All in all, Allsopp’s not afraid of digging deep to find what really matters.

In my honest opinion, that’s what makes him stand out from everyone else in the SEO space.

His posts are easy to understand, backed up by research, and incredibly specific.

3.2. How useful is Should you subscribe to Allsopp’s newsletter?

If you’re anything like me, your inbox is packed tighter than a can of sardines.

Do you really need another newsletter?

If it’s Allsopp’s, then - yes.


Allsopp doesn’t really like sharing his hottest takes directly on his blog.

Google has blocked his search terms in the past because he found tactics that Google didn’t want the general public to know.

Newsletter is a much, much safer bet.

You’ll get 2 emails per month with all the information you need to know. For free.

Again, Allsopp’s main value proposition is that he works with important clients who pay him for results.

And by sharing some of his insights, he’s both attracting new customers, and helping you rank your website.

But in addition to his free blog, Allsopp also offers a course.

4. SEO Blueprint by Glen Allsopp review

SEO Blueprint

SEO Blueprint is one of the best SEO courses I have ever seen.

Forget about fluff; this is 100% actionable information.

4.1. What is SEO Blueprint from

First of all, SEO Blueprint is not a course for absolute beginners.

If you’re not familiar with SEO basics, you should do your research first, and then come back around to SEO Blueprint.

This course focuses on innovative ways to create, measure, and optimize content and links (AKA the lifeblood of SEO).

No, Allsopp doesn’t claim to have found a new ranking signal.

But he has spent thousands of hours working for some of the biggest names, and he had to get creative to succeed.

SEO Blueprint offers dozens of strategies that haven’t been mentioned anywhere else, so if you’re looking for something new - you’re in the right place.

4.2. What is included in SEO Blueprint?

SEO Blueprint content

SEO Blueprint consists of over 25 hours of training, 6 blueprints, 154 lessons, 7 instructors, and thousands of community discussions.

In short: it’s a well-rounded course for online business owners who are ready to take their marketing to the next level.

While SEO Blueprint is primarily made for professional SEOs, you’ll easily get the hang of it.

The lessons are structured as 6 + 1 blueprints, each focusing on a specific part of SEO:

4.2.1. On-site blueprint

This blueprint is focused on on-page optimization.

In this blueprint, you’ll get fresh SEO insights and tools such as:

  • Allsopp’s custom website crawler that’s not available to the general public
  • 4 unique methods of finding the pages on your site that could hurt your Google rankings
  • Ghost page SEO methods

And more!

automations example

As you can see, this is definitely not your garden variety course.

Instead, Allsopp puts his methods front and center, truly showing you something new, instead of rehashing content you could read on any SEO’s blog.

4.2.2. Link building blueprint

This is one of the most useful blueprints in the SEO Blueprint course!

Here’s the thing: without links, you can’t rank well.

Google pays attention to which sites link to your site, and uses that to assess your trustworthiness.

However, building links isn’t easy.

In fact, it’s one of the disciplines that online business owners struggle with the most.

That’s why this course pays special attention to getting high-quality backlinks.

This blueprint covers link-building lessons such as:

  • Using Zapier to find people who are most likely to link to your website
  • Targeting people who often link to sites on Facebook
  • A tool for influencer outreach

And more!

4.2.3. Keyword blueprint

Keyword Research

Allsopp covers the basics about search volume and competition, but he adds a few extra lessons:

  • The keyphrase that made him extra $50k
  • How to find successful keyphrases that aren’t showing up in keyword tools

And more!

In all honesty, Allsopp could’ve focused on keywords a bit more, but since they’re the most researched SEO element, it wasn’t as necessary as other aspects that business owners struggle with.

4.2.4. Content blueprint

If you want to show up on Google, you need content.

But not just any old content will do.

Content blueprint

Allsopp covers different content types that work exceedingly. You’ll learn how to generate great ideas for linkable content.

This is another category that Allsopp could’ve covered more, but again... There’s no need for him to reinvent the wheel.

SEO Blueprint is focusing on his innovative methods.

4.2.5. Local SEO blueprint

Allsopp brings two local SEO experts on board to help you improve your local SEO.

Personally, I love seeing this category. Local SEO is incredibly important for businesses that operate within a specific area, and for brick & mortar businesses.

Still, local SEO is often the ugly duckling of the SEO industry.

Local SEO blueprint

4.2.6. Experts blueprint

The Experts blueprint is the final blueprint in the course.

Experts will share their best link building, site speed, and customer acquisition tactics with you.

This is a really useful one, as you’ll be able to learn from real world examples.

And speaking of real world examples...

4.3. Extra blueprint: Audits

Finally, you and other students will get the chance to audit 10 different websites with Glen, find problems, and resolve them.

Community support

4.4. Community support

Another SEO Blueprint perk is getting access to a moderated community:

  • 1,000+ comments about the lessons with questions and answers
  • 500+ private Facebook group discussions

4.5. The cost and value of Glen Allsopp’s SEO Blueprint

The cost and value of Glen Allsopp’s SEO Blueprint

All things considered, Glen Allsopp’s SEO Blueprint is a great course for online business owners who want to double-down on SEO.

Since there’s a lot of competition, it can be hard to rank for your target terms. SEO Blueprint shows you some of the most unique strategies.

And since your competitors aren’t using them, you can bet that’ll give you a significant competitive advantage.

4.6. SEO Blueprint pricing

SEO Blueprint pricing

No, SEO Blueprint is not cheap.

But is it worth it?

You bet!

Personally, I think the $597 plan is perfect if you want to do everything yourself.

You’ll get plenty of useful tactics to implement right away.

However, if you want one-on-one consulting, the second plan is a great option.

Keep in mind that the second plan will provide you with both the course and team’s full attention.

Regardless of your chosen plan, the course is constantly updated and you’ll get lifetime access.

You can brush up on your knowledge and maintain your rankings even as Google algorithms change.


4.7. Who is SEO Blueprint for?

Pretty much every business owner and SEO specialist.

Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll get the gist of it. You can always read up on his blog to get acquainted with the basics.

SEO Blueprint is also perfect for intermediate and advanced marketers.

If this is not your first online business rodeo, don’t worry: you’ll still learn various new tactics.

5. Summary

Allsopp’s SEO Blueprint course gets my vote of confidence.

There are a lot of courses out there that will waste your money talking about the basics you can learn for free.

But Allsopp’s course focuses on his unique methods.

From outreach tactics, to keyword research and link building, SEO Blueprint will show you methods no one else is talking about.

Moreover, the website will certainly help you to find business oppportunities.'s dashboard's dashboard

And if you’re ready to scale your marketing with SEO and other marketing methods like email and affiliate marketing, sign up for the best all-in-one marketing platform in 2021.

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