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When it comes to creating niche websites, Spencer Haws is the man. The owner of popular online business advice blog Niche Pursuits, Haws created the blog as a platform to discuss and share the various business and marketing ideas he was experimenting with.

Developing from this, Spencer Haws now owns and sells various tools and courses to share his online business knowledge.

But just how did Spencer Haws get to where he is now, and how effective is his advice and products? This review will go through Haws’ business background, along with an overview of his products, blog, and recommended tools.

Who Is Spencer Haws?

who is Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws

So, who exactly is Spencer Haws?

To begin with, Haws grew up in sunny Mesa, Arizona. He now lives in Richland, Washington with his wife and their four children, where she grew up.

Haws introduces himself as a regular guy in many ways. He attended BYU when he was younger and pursues both faith and knowledge.

When it comes to life outside of work, Haws is a huge sports fan and loves racquetball and softball. He’s also a fitness enthusiast and travel lover.

When he has the chance, Haws loves to train and run marathons. Phew, sounds like a busy man!

Spencer Haws’ Business Background

Haws’ father started his own company when Haws was about 21, which was a huge influence on him and his prospects. So, in 2002, Haws decided to graduate in Business Management from BYU.

The fact that Haws was studying in college during some of the renowned dot com booms and bust years also had a huge impact on him.

A couple of years after Haws graduated – around 2005 – he started experimenting with creating websites. Believe it or not, but he was pretty bad at it in the beginning!

computer summary chart business

Computer summary chart business

After a few years, Haws discovered how search engine optimization worked and became fascinated with the process.

Haws also learned that he could rank his websites in Google much easier with low competition year words in comparison to high competition keywords. Haws believes this directly led to his success.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing. From about 2005 to the middle of 2009, Haws barely made much money and just learned a lot about SEO and making websites.

To fund his lifestyle, Haws worked for Wells Fargo Bank as a Business Relationship Manager and achieved an MBA from Arizona State University in 2007, which was his backup plan.

Towards the end of 2009 is when Haws started to reap some success in building niche websites. And in 2010, Haws built almost 200 websites targeting low competition keywords!

With time, Haws learned how to build better quality niche websites and avoid any issues with Google.

By the end of 2010, Haws was ready to throw in the towel at his job and pursue his business dreams full-time. To be on the safe side, however, Haws waited until March 2011 to quit his job to save enough money in case it all went wrong.

It didn’t. Since then Haws has been working full-time from home with an income well above his previous salary at Wells Fargo Bank, teaching others how they too can manage their businesses from home.

wordpress blogging


The Niche Pursuits Blog

Spencer Haws initially created the Niche Pursuits blog to document and share his business and marketing ideas.

While many successful affiliates and business gurus prefer to keep their tips and tricks a secret – or charge to share them – it’s quite surprising that Spencer Haws is so open to sharing his advice for free.

According to Haws, he debated for a while whether to share his advice for a long time. And when he first started Niche Pursuits, he was initially only going to share very little about niche websites.

However, he soon discovered that he received the most positive feedback when he shared advice on building niche websites.

In the end, his audience encouraged him more and more to share his experiences about how he makes a successful living online. Haws believes it feels good to meet a need and a desire of his readers through sharing useful information with them.

By sharing what people are interested in, it also attracts more readers to the blog too. And in turn, those readers are more likely to invest in one of Haws’ products or courses sold on the website.

Haws has stated that for the time being he’ll continue to share in-depth advice and guidance on how to build niche websites. And that Niche Pursuits will continue to be a platform to discuss his entrepreneurial pursuits, in whatever that form that may be.

Spencer Haws Products

Spencer Haws offers five different products on his Niche Pursuits website, each benefitting online business owners in their way. Here we’ll go through each product and how it can help.

  • Link Whisperer

For website owners that are tired of the mundane task of internal linking in posts, Link Whisperer is a plugin that can help with that.

Link Whisperer suggests relevant internal links to use in posts based on the content written. It does this within seconds too, so it needn’t be a lengthy task.

As Google favors posts that use internal linking, Link Whisperer is a useful tool to use for posts that need updating and to help increase traffic and boost rankings in Google.

Haws first-hand discovered that the traffic to his website boosted once he had improved internal linking in his website using the Link Whisperer tool.

  • Organic Traffic Formula

Organic Traffic Formula teaches customers how to gain increased free organic traffic to their website with an online training course.

The course offers a selection of comprehensive videos to help guide people on how to build, rank, and monetize websites step-by-step.

Spencer Haws and his two employees Jake Cain and Jason Wilson team up to teach customers via the videos exactly how to attract organic website traffic.

Spencer Haws isn’t the only successful one out of the three, and both Jake Cain and Jason Wilson also run websites that make over $10,000 a month. So, these three experts share their knowledge on building and running a great site. Sounds promising!

  • Table Labs

Manually creating tables in a website with Table Press or another WordPress plugin can be tedious, which is where Table Labs comes in to save the day.

A super simple tool, Table Labs helps create and insert Amazon product comparison tables into a WordPress website without the need for any coding. Simply copy and paste, and voila!

The table designs are pretty attractive, and now inserting the correct table can be done in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

  • Long Tail Pro

While Spencer Haws sold most of Long Tail Pro in 2016, he’s still an advocate of it and claims he uses the software often.

Created back in 2011, Long Tail Pro offers a quick way to conduct keyword research for a website. Since it was first created, it’s often been updated and improved to keep it relevant.

Long Tail Pro offers a faster way to conduct in-depth keyword research for a website.

Created back in 2011, the software has been updated and improved since.

For help with creating content and to learn how to better optimize keywords for your website, Long Tail Pro may be the tool for you.

  • Niche Pursuits Insider

Niche Pursuits is an online training course which, as you guessed, focuses on how to create and manage niche businesses online. It’s explained step-by-step with many modules and is the more comprehensive product created by Spencer Haws.

The course offers plenty of detailed videos recorded by Haws and his team, and it also runs ongoing monthly webinars for more direct support and assistance with the course.

Customers will learn the course through a series of videos with come with downloads.

These are referred to as blueprints which offer website strategies condensed into digestible and easily implementable pieces.

These handy blueprints make it easier to learn the course at your pace.

A blogger who writes

A blogger who writes

Spencer Haws’ Recommended Tools

On Niche Pursuits, Haws predominantly recommends his tools and products (of course). However, there are several other tools and services he recommends alongside these. Let’s take a look.

  • Bluehost

Spencer Haws has used Bluehost as a hosting service for running his websites and has been very satisfied since.

The service is very easy to use and is always up to date. Plus, Bluehost runs quality customer service should you need any assistance.

Spencer Haws claims that compared to HostGator, which is another popular hosting company, Bluehost comes up trumps.

keywords letters

keywords letters

  • Keyword Finder

Keyword Finder helps provide accurate keyword scores, and also includes a site analyzer. This tool helps users check competitors’ backlinks and offers a SERP watcher, along with other features. You can also try it for free – win-win!


The HOTH is a white label SEO company, offering a variety of services including link building and SEO content writing.

They also work great to boost google search rankings for specific ranking, taking care of outreach and ensuring that you have do-follow links directing to your article or page of choice.

  • NinjaOutreach: helps users find influencers to reach out to and contact via email, quick and fast. And if you’re seeking white hat links, Ninja Outreach will do all the hard work for you to find genuine influencers and makes it easy to handle on a large scale.
  • Elementor: is a WordPress plugin used to create buttons, showcase boxes, insert videos, and post templates. Offering so much variety, it’s super useful for any niche site builder. The free version is useful on its own, and you can upgrade to Pro for the theme editor.
  • Hooksounds: Looking for free music to use for your podcast, video, or other media demonstration? Hooksounds is a royalty-free music website where you can pay by track. Or, you can choose the music of your choice for free by selecting ‘with attribution’ if you’re happy to give credit.
  • SEM Rush: While SEM Rush isn’t technically a keyword research tool, it helps you select successful keywords that competitor websites are ranking for. Haws is a fan of the tool, stating that he uses it for all kinds of competitor analysis.
  • Fhoke: If you’re looking for a WordPress design, Fhoke is a great option. The team at Fhoke offer creativity and intrinsic work, resulting in professional looking website design.

Using Systeme to Launch Your Online Business

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While Spencer Haws recommends many effective tools and courses – including his own - for creating an online business they don’t offer everything you need.

For those starting from scratch, an all-inclusive platform may be a better option to help you through every little part of the process.

And the best bit? No technical knowledge is needed to get started.

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Want to launch a blog for your company? We can help you there too.

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