Mark Spera Review: Are His Services Worth It?

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Just about every startup entrepreneur or marketing aficionado has heard of Growth Marketing Pro, one of the most popular marketing resources out there for tech and ecommerce.

Its founder, Mark Spera, managed to build a platform based upon helping businesses get leads and conversion — and did so quite well.

But who exactly is Mark Spera, and is it worth investing your time in Growth Marketing Pro’s software reviews and marketing advice?

In this review, we’re going to look at who Mark Spera is, his business “Growth Marketing Pro”, and whether or not his services are worth considering.

Who is Mark Spera?


Mark Spera is the San Francisco, California-based co-founder of the marketing blog and resource platform Growth Marketing Pro. He founded the blog along with co-founder Hailey Friedman in March of 2017.

Spera started out as a social entrepreneur and started the ecommerce company BeGood in 2012.

He was the CEO of the company for four years before becoming the first marketer for RealtyShares. From there, Spera became the Head of Marketing for over three years.

Now, his blog Growth Marketing Pro boasts monthly views in the tens of thousands.

In a Q&A session with Growth Hackers, Spera discussed how he himself is different from other marketers on the internet:

“I really think that the key to any career is to always learn and stay current. I think that's where I really separate myself from other marketers. It's not all about Google Ads and Facebook ads. There's so much more. If you stay current, you're going to find channels and opportunities others won't. A great example is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a GOLDMINE. If you do it right (read some Josh Fechter stuff about it), you can really get a lot of reach on LinkedIn for pretty cheap.”

In his career, Spera has started seven-figure revenue companies, led marketing and eight-figure companies, and grown Growth Marketing Pro into one of the largest marketing blogs online in just under two years.

There are also some other fast facts about Mark Spera to consider:

  • He is currently the Head of Growth at PlushCare, an online health service-finding platform, and has been since 2017
  • He worked as the Marketing Director for RealtyShares, a real estate investment company, from 2015 to 2017. In 2017, he became the Director of Product Marketing
  • He worked as the cofounder for BeGood from 2012 to 2016
  • He started out in business as an analyst for inventory planning for Gap Inc. in 2010
  • He graduated from the University of Richmond — Robins School of Business with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Finance
  • His skills and endorsements include marketing strategies, coding, and retail

What is Growth Marketing Pro?


Before diving into what Growth Marketing Pro is and does, it’s important to look at what exactly “growth marketing” refers to.

Growth marketing is a process of designing and implementing experiments in order to optimize and grow the results of a target area within one’s metrics.

If a business has a specific metric they want to increase, growth marking makes it possible, as a tool, to do so.

In most cases, growth marketing specialists figure out areas to test and improve, develop experiments to optimize that era, conduct those experiments, and analyze the results.

The scientific method is used for these experiments in the realm of business marketing.

Growth Marketing Pro simply focuses on growth marketing tips and advice for marketers and startups, rather than the massive sea of otherwise ineffective marketing tactics out there.

Growth Marketing Pro, through its blog posts, shows businesses just how they can prioritize things like SEO, Google Ads, influencer marketing, etc. in a way that makes sense for their business ― all while using growth marketing.

Currently, according to Worth of Web, Growth Marketing Pro brings in an average of 22,466 page views per day.

In the Q&A mentioned earlier, Spera talked about what makes Growth Marketing Pro so different from other marketing blogs:

“The internet is crowded. You do need to differentiate if you're going to blog or build a business on the internet. When [Hailey Friedman] and I started Growth Marketing Pro we did it to fill a void ― most of the blogs we were reading and seeing were not very well written and the tips weren't actionable.

We believe that people searching the web for marketing advice want actionable tips, rather than fluffy pontification. So we try and make every post stupid simple and/or super actionable.

We don't leave any details out and we explain step-by-step how to do everything.”

A Review of Mark Spera and Growth Marketing Pro


This review will cover whether or not Growth Marketing Pro is worth investing your time in, rather than your money.

This is because very little (if any) aspect of the Growth Marketing Pro blog is behind a pay way, meaning all of the information available on the site is free to consume.

So how do Friedman and Spera make their money? Well, you can look at any blog post of theirs and see how they bring in cash right away.

For example, in the popular and informative blog post “How to Start a Blog (or Website) Like the Growth Marketing Pros” by Friedman, the call-to-action at the end of the post features an affiliate link to get a free domain name from Bluehost with GrowthMarketing Pro’s Bluehost offer.

It seems like Growth Marketing Pro makes a majority of its revenue from partnerships with other platforms and businesses.

Many of their other posts don’t always include a call-to-action, but almost all of them seem to feature a handful of affiliate links.

It’s clear while looking through the blog, though, that the content is hardly biased. In fact, the content on Growth Marketing Pro is extremely rich and thoughtful.

The blog has an entire section dedicated solely to software reviews — including landing page software, webinar software, email marketing tools, and website builders.

The rest of the blog covers subjects such as content marketing, ecommerce marketing, growth hacking, growth marketing, paid marketing, search engine optimization, web hosting, and webinar software.

The content within these categories includes tips, tricks, advice, resources, reviews, and much more.

There are a number of posts on the Growth Marketing Pro website that go into excellent detail, including:

This blog post by Spera is an excellent starting point for entrepreneurs who have no clue where to start in the world of email marketing.

Spera dives right into what makes the Growth Marketing Pro email list so lucrative and brings in sales, including the use of Typeform, native email capture, landing page software, and more

This is certainly the kind of content you would expect to be hidden away behind a paywall. It’s fairly rare for a platform as successful as Growth Marketing Pros to divulge how they rose to the top of their niche as a blog, but here we are.

This post goes from point A to point B for starting a successful blog — from thinking about your personal brand and how well it would do as a blog to marketing the heck out of your fully-finished content-rich blog.

Spera’s post on using SEO to your advantage in the context of growth marketing really exemplifies why growth marketing is so useful. If you’re unsure how growth marketing could work for your business, we’d recommend reading this guide.

Starting up a blog or website isn't easy, especially if you have no clue where to start. This guide dives into the twelve biggest and most widely-used website builders and platforms out there, from Wix to Weebly to GoDaddy.

If you need a starting point for building a website, this is an incredibly valuable heavy-duty review post to check out.

Conclusion: Are Mark Spera’s Services Worth It?

The short answer? Absolutely!

Growth Marketing Pro is free to access and packed with ultra-valuable information surrounding growth marketing and business-building in general.

While one could assume there's some bias in their software reviews due to their use of affiliate links and business partnerships, it doesn’t seem like the information is outright incorrect or fake.

There's still a ton of content that isn’t wholly review-based on Growth Marketing Pro that could help entrepreneurs amp up their marketing style and bring in more leads and conversions.

This is especially true for eCommerce startups.

However, if you don’t believe in the concept of growth marketing and prefer more traditional forms of digital marketing, Growth Marketing Pro may not be worth diving into regularly.

Still, a lot of the content within this blog could be valuable to just about any business person in any industry, especially eCommerce.

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