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One thing’s for sure – the internet is loud. With brands trying to sell their products everywhere from social media to search engines, it’s never been harder to get your voice heard with all the noise.

If you run a business or are thinking about starting one, a big question may be – ‘how can I reach the right people for my product?’ and ‘how can I cut through the clutter of the world wide web?

Well, that’s exactly how Wild Audience, found by Bastian Ernst does. Using an approach he coined ‘respect-based marketing’, Bastian Ernest uses automation with a personal touch to create trust and long term relationships with customers.

So, what exactly is respect based marketing? How does it work? And just how effective is it?

We’re here to spill all on Wild Audience and its unique processes.

Who Is Bastian Ernst?

Who Is Bastian Ernst?

Bastian Ernst

First, let’s get to know the man behind Wild Audience – Bastian Ernst.

Bastian is a renowned entrepreneur who was born in Vienna, Austria. Today he’s currently based out of Barcelona, Spain.

However, Ernest tends to move around the world often, so for all we know he could be somewhere else around the globe next month!

As well as travel, he’s passionate about marketing technology and the environment.

Ernest began his successful career in Silicon Valley, California working for Steli Efti who founded Close.io.

Although Ernest enjoyed Silicon Valley life, in 2015 he decided to leave Close.io and move to Costa Rica to pursue other business efforts.

Ernest wanted to combine his passions into a successful new business and developed the idea for Wild Audience while helping a friend market an online meditation business.

This is where his famous term respect based marketing was coined.

This relates to the age-old idea of building strong and trusting relationships with clients to help grow a business. But more on that later!

Introducing Wild Audience


Wild audience

Next, let’s learn more about Wild Audience.

Wild Audience is a marketing consulting firm created by Bastian Ernst in 2015. The business focuses on teaching other companies how to create and build solid and trusting relationships with their customers and how to grow their clientele.

To do this, they use the respect based marketing method, which we’ll explain in further detail next.

The idea at Wild Audience is that faster growth starts with automating relationships.

Wild Audience products teach buyers the following:

  • How to use the funnel system to entice cold leads and how to convert them into paying clients
  • The 10-step funnel strategy to produce the most revenue from each client
  • How to use automated bots in Facebook Messenger to create and grow client relationships without direct contact or seeking customers
  • The option to use Wild Audience’s tried-and-tested templates and processes, instead of testing on your own through trial and error

Respect Based Marketing Explained

While Ernest created the term respect based marketing, it’s nothing new. Respect based marketing is based on age-old business elements like relationship and trust. Because as we all know, business equals relationships between people.

The way respect based marketing starts is through one single focus – to bond with a new lead and establish a relationship.


Because if you can create a relationship with your audience, you can create trust. These people will view you as an expert and an advisor, and that’s the aim of the game. You want to become your audience’s trusted advisor.

It’s quite simple. If you work extremely hard to deliver value to your clients and show them that they care, they’ll care right back in the form of purchasing a product.

To put respect based marketing into motion, Ernest uses a relationship funnel.

Ernest starts by asking people a question, then he stores their answer.

When they subscribe to his email newsletter and sends them the information they requested, he tells them in the email ‘This product that you asked for is especially good for…’. Then he inserts what they were seeking when answering a question from the website.

When the customer hits the link to reach the website, Ernest switches out the benefit based on what people said they wanted when they first filled out the survey. This cleverly works even though everyone is initially directed to the same website.

Wild Audience has tested over 200 various automation and developed the options they use down to just 27 from those 200. These 27 automation processes were chosen through trial and error, working together to build trusting relationships.

This segmentation process starts as soon as a user first interacts with Wild Audience. Together they can turn each other on and off and are triggered by certain customer behaviors, sending each user exactly what they’d like to see.

These automation processes were chosen as they prove effective in turning qualified browsers into interested leads. They also help convert interested leads into paying customers.

Then, with time these paying customers evolve into high-value clients. This is all done while tailoring each person an experience unique to them.

After all, there are a variety of different customers attracted to every business. Not everyone needs or wants the same product, and if you want their business you need to tailor the experience to entice them in.

For Wild Audience, for example, new browsers are asked a few simple questions. These include ‘What is your biggest problem?’, ‘What products/services do you offer?’, and ‘How much revenue does your business generate?’.

How Does ActiveCampaign Work?



Once the answers to these questions are noted, ActiveCampaign works to automatically segment the leads separately. The ‘onboarding logic handle’ automation notes the answer to each question, and this prompts the next set of automation.

This allows each contact to receive exactly the information they need. So, the integration, automation, and segmentation help Wild Audience automate personalized processes than many businesses don’t have time to spend on.

By using the correct set of apps, testing automation, and segmenting leads, Wild Audience creates strong relationships with their contacts. This is by supplying them with the correct information they need, personalized for them.

The process makes them feel acknowledged and cared about. In the long run, this helps those relationships grow stronger.

All in one approaches to marketing technology simply don’t cut it anymore. There are so many different features needed for online marketing that one app can’t do everything efficiently.

But with the ActiveCampaign platform, a collection of apps that offer the best at what they do can integrate. As a team, they work together offering better technology than any single app could offer.

ActiveCampaign makes it super easy to connect all the marketing technology, as one.

Wild Audience chooses ActiveCampaign to integrate all the applications used in their processes including ThriveCart, SurveySLam, Close.io, ManyChat, Memberium, and LearnDash.

And for the few applications that can’t use ActiveCampaign, Zapier is used.

This is called the decentralization of apps and is the key to a great marketing strategy.

RF Accelerator Product

RF Accelerator is one of Wild Audience’s key products offered and focuses heavily on the respect based marketing process and the relationship funnel.

As mentioned, the relationship funnel is all about attaining customers at profit and scale. For a company to grow, you need to systematize the customer acquisition process, and that’s where the relationship funnel is important.

To convince customers to believe in your product, you first need to build trust and gain their respect. When you’re selling pricey items and services, it’s so important that your customers can resonate and understand you on a deeper level.

So, you need to put the effort in to identify the value that will impact them most and that’s one of the core missions of the RF Accelerator course.

And we know, of course, that this is done through respect based marketing.

So, let’s learn more exactly what this course offers.

The RF Accelerator is a 10-week program which teaches people how to automate marketing processes and how to put their business in a position to attain customers at profit and scale.

It provides a consulting service to support you through the program and to get the most out of it. From the necessary templates, scripts, strategies, and support, it offers everything you need to strive for success.

Anyone who joins RF Accelerator will receive:

  • Access to RF Accelerator Training Program (10-week project plan to successfully set up your RF and get your first sales calls scheduled)
  • ActiveCampaign Automation Templates, Landing Page Templates, Email Copy Templates, Scripts for ads, copy for ad copy and Phone Scripts 3
  • Group Consulting Calls per week (Strategy / Technical / Optimization)

Each week buyers will learn more about the relationship funnel with a no-surprises schedule. So, you’ll know exactly how far you are along in the process and what’s coming next.

When it comes to pricing, RF Accelerator costs $6,500 for the 10-week program. If you can’t cough it up in one go, there are a couple of different payment options to split up the payments.

At the end of the service, you’ll have implemented an all-successful evergreen relationship funnel.

Is Wild Audience Worth It?

Wondering if Wild Audience is worth the money? Wild Audience claims that with RF Accelerator you only need to close one to five deals to break even.

If you go through the steps laid out properly, then success is likely, and it may end up being one of the cheapest investments you’ll make.

Wild Audience and Bastin Ernest hold a positive reputation in the marketing industry, with many satisfied customers. It seems that Ernest has generated a system that works, and that the guy is living the dream!

Ernest works to build trust with his customers, instead of just force-feeding ideas without any real value or substance.

He clearly understands the minds of the people with which he works and his respect based marketing system is designed to help businesses in any field.

Ernest started like most people, with humble beginnings that evolved into greatness. This is perhaps what makes his story so appealing and so genuine. His model instills confidence in customers that they can achieve just like he did.

The approach and dedication to clients come across as very genuine and is one that isn’t seen often in the cut-throat world of business. Perhaps now is a good time to follow his lead, before everyone else catches on to the pioneering processes.

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