How to get 1 Million Visitors with Neil Patel’s New Strategy!

Neil Patel

There are so many brands that continuously offer the same content.

But Neil Patel, one of the world’s leading SEO experts, has fashioned a unique type of content that has generated over 1 million visitors to his website in just 3 months!

Today, we’re going to dissect Neil Patel’s strategy, and you’re going to learn how to effortlessly replicate it using

Let’s begin!

1. How Neil Patel got 1 Million Visitors to His Website in 3 Months

On Neil Patel’s website, you’ll notice a “training” tab in the navigation bar.

Neil Patel’s website

Over a few months, Neil’s powerful new strategy has generated over 1 million visitors to his training page!

In this section, visitors can access several courses on SEO, eCommerce, content marketing, and social media.

After spending a few minutes browsing the training section, you’ll see that Neil has split the courses into weeks, modules, and lessons.

You’ll also notice that there’s barely any text, keeping the pages clear and concise.

Rather, each course offers an informative video, making it simple for anyone to understand the mechanics of the subject.

So why is Neil’s training page so popular? 

It’s simple: He offers his courses for free.

Neil Patel’s training page

1.1. The Unique Ingredient that Made Neil’s Strategy so Powerful

Along with offering the courses for free, Neil provides users with valuable assets that go along with each course.

Neil Patel’s training

These assets include worksheets, checklists, and guides that are the driving factors to the success of Neil’s training sections.

His motive behind this is that most people love courses and many brands offer fantastic ones. But these brands commonly charge steep prices for the courses they sell.

Think about it. Neil offers valuable courses with extra content while not asking a single cent for any of it.

Because of this, it should come as no surprise that he could generate a ton of traffic to his training section.

On an average day, his assets receive between 11,000 to 12,000downloads!

Most of this traffic stems from people sharing his links, talking about them online, and visiting his site.

If you offer your audience valuable courses with presentations, modules, worksheets, and guides all for free, they’ll undoubtedly spread the word about it.

1.2. You Can Delegate All the Hard Work

Neil has confirmed that these assets take him less time to create than writing a blog article does!

With the help of freelancers, Neil takes around 10-15 minutes to create each module. 

This should give you an idea of how little time this can take.

It’s a winning recipe! You save loads of time while offering loads of value to your users. Apart from that, you’ll see an inrush of new traffic to your website!

Neil suggested that you should not only consider the content that your competition is creating, but also the content your competition is not creating that your users might need.

Your competition is most likely not even aware of this strategy

Who doesn’t love free high-quality courses loaded with valuable content?

It’s essential to ensure your content is excellent, simple, and offers solutions to the challenges your audience face. 

Doing this gives your audience more incentive to make use of your content.

Pretty straightforward, right?

If you implement this strategy of offering assets along with free courses, you’ll swiftly notice an influx of web traffic to your training pages.

To further prove how well this strategy works, Neil Patel has affirmed that his older courses still receive a decent amount of daily traffic.

If you want to raise brand awareness and get people to your blog, then start using this strategy today!

But how can you copy this strategy?

This is where has you covered!

2. Copy Neil Patel’s strategy using logo logo

You might look at Neil Patel’s training section and think, “This is amazing! How can I do this too?”

At, we pride ourselves on making the job easier for our clients.

To do this, we’ve created a copy of Neil’s sales funnel that you can start using right away! funnels list

With our easy-to-use funnel builder, you’ll be able to edit the funnel according to your customers’ needs and easily insert your own content. editor editor

After creating your account, you’ll receive a copy of the sales funnel automatically. registration

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We take most of the difficulty out of this process for you, leaving you with the task of promoting your content while watching your web traffic multiply.

3. Conclusion

Neil Patel’s strategy of offering free courses packed with additional, helpful content has generated him an insane amount of web traffic.

This strategy isn’t difficult to execute, nor will it demand much of your time.

By producing valuable content, your audience will soon tell everyone about your courses, thus generating organic traffic.

Through the share funnel feature that has launched, you have the convenience of replicating this entire sales funnel.

With such a seamless way to achieve this and with the proven results being so incredible, this is without question, an offer you don’t want to miss.

So, before your competitors get word of this incredible strategy, download these templates and start generating 1 million visitors in no time!

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