Sam Ovens Consulting Full Review: In-Depth and Brutally Honest

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If you’ve wanted to start your own business for a while, you may have come across Sam Ovens.

Entrepreneur and millionaire consultant, Sam Ovens is surprisingly upfront about the methods that you can use to jumpstart your business even if you don’t have any previous entrepreneurial experience.

In this Sam Ovens review, we’re going to take a deeper look at his methods.

Who Is Sam Ovens?


Sam Ovens made the headlines when he started being vocal about his story. He went from zero to millionaire in what seemed like an overnight success story.

However, there’s a method to his success.

Originally from New Zealand, Ovens started working in Vodafone while still in college, circa 2012.

After an experience where he realized that entrepreneurship is the best way to accumulate wealth, he’s decided to start his first project — a New Zealand-focused job network.

The project wasn’t a resounding success, and neither was the one that came after.

However, as he was building capital for his next business venture, he began to realize that he would need to be strategic about the launch of his third business.

In his own words, by the time he was ready to launch SnapInspect, a property inspection app for property management businesses, he got specific.

This time around, he knew who his target audience was.

Additionally, he’d learned how to properly assess the market needs for his products.

Previously, he’d been going off by hunch alone. This time around, he carefully analyzed whether his target market even needed his products.


By pre-selling his products.

Even before he’d written a line of code for his third venture, he’d pre-sold $5.000 worth of software licenses, effectively validating his product idea.

However, even though his business was profitable, software licenses weren’t going to help him reach his goal.

Ovens kept re-selling websites on the side, ultimately launching a marketing consultancy business.

In time, his consultancy became more profitable than his product, SnapInspect.

It became clear to Ovens that businesses needed help growing. Potential entrepreneurs everywhere didn’t know how to get started.

Ovens decided to help business owners identify their target niches, understand and solve potential customers’ problems.

From there onward, Sam Ovens has been focusing on helping business owners do just that — grow.

He sold SnapInspect and has been running his consultancy ever since.

Today, he’s known as a business consultant.

But are Sam Ovens’ methods effective?

Sam Ovens' Courses Review

Sam Ovens works and offers his courses through his company

Originally founded in the basement of his parents’ house, now operates out of New York and Dublin offices and employs 35 people.

The company, as well as Ovens as its founder, is proud to state that their entrepreneurial programs are made for people, not profits.

Coincidentally, don’t expect to see photos of people in Lamborghinis — Ovens and are all about putting in the work and getting results, as opposed to dangling carrots in front of you.

Their customer metrics currently boast:

  • 26 millionaires
  • 460 6-figures
  • Over 4,000 jobs quit

Those are some pretty big numbers, right?

Let’s see how Ovens manages to turn potential entrepreneurs into millionaires.



When you look at other consultants selling courses that promise to turn you into a millionaire, you won’t see any kind of methodology.

Instead, you’ll get vague and shadowy promises of what you can expect when you pay for the courses.

Sam Ovens is different.

Ovens’ methodology is created with best learning practices in mind:

  • Non-linear learning style with interactive course material. Hands-on experience is highly valued
  • Learning environment: Courses include online communities focused on the material and relevant topics, live Q&As, and mentorship, which helps significantly when you have a question or want to share your experience with other participants, as well as Ovens and his team of experts
  • Real-world application: After covering the theory, participants are encouraged to apply it in practice to see how it works. This is a far cry from the typical teaching method where you’re made to absorb course material without testing real-world results
  • Feedback: Typical courses offer feedback through assessments. However, Ovens’ courses offer market feedback. Participants are encouraged to test the application of methods, getting feedback from their potential customers
  • Reprogramming: Ovens’ courses also touch on mental reprogramming. Procrastination, anyone?
  • Numbers, not certificates: Ovens’ courses don’t brag about the certifications you’ll get when you finish the coursework. Instead, you’ll get real-world results and numbers

Ultimately, the methodology is completely focused on giving you applicable strategies you can use to grow your business immediately.

Ovens and prove the courses’ usefulness by helping you grow your business, not by giving you a pretty certificate.


His courses encompass all 5 layers of business success:

  • Mental awareness — Covering purpose, identity, discipline, and beliefs
  • Mental cognition — Covering focus, plans, prioritization, and problem-solving
  • Business principles — Covering frameworks, concepts, and mental models
  • Business disciplines — Covering strategies, product, marketing, and sales
  • Business processes — Covering tools, systems, workflows, and metrics

Ultimately, the courses don’t just provide a few tactics and talk about changing your mindset.

Instead, Ovens helps you become a full-stack entrepreneur; an entrepreneur who understands the five most important layers of doing business.

Typically, other courses only offer guidance on particular areas. For example, marketing or sales.

However, Ovens’ courses are so effective because they're the ultimate entrepreneurship courses.

From highly practical areas such as accounting and legal areas to creating marketing strategies and sales, Ovens covers it all.

Are Sam Ovens’ Courses Worth It?

Sam Ovens offers three courses in total. All three are made for entrepreneurs.

From the first course, Consulting Accelerator (meant for total beginners who are only starting their businesses), to Quantum Mastermind (made for business owners that want to reach 8 figures in a reliable, systematic way), you’ll get a lot of value from Ovens’ courses.

Consulting Accelerator Review


Ovens’ flagship course is Consulting Accelerator.

In it, Ovens promises that he’ll help you start a profitable business and get your first customer in 42 days (the length of the course).

Consulting Accelerator follows Ovens’ methodology and contains lessons such as:

  • Crafting your MVP
  • Organic attraction methods
  • Unveiling the Facebook algorithm

In addition to getting access to a community and digital materials, you’ll also receive physical boxsets.

One Sam Ovens review from a participant details the benefits of the Consulting Accelerator:

  • 1. Mindset training in which participants learn how to overcome
    psychological blocks
  • 2. Sales training in which students are given Ovens’ sales script
  • 3. Facebook ads training that helps students scale their businesses
    quickly and practically

All in all, it seems that participants truly value his courses. In particular, Consulting Accelerator is made for beginners who'll get a lot of useful advice for building their first business.

Uplevel Consulting


Unlike Consulting Accelerator, which is a perfect fit for beginners who want to get started obtaining the skills they need to jumpstart their businesses, Uplevel Consulting is made for Level 2 students.

AKA: If you’ve already dipped your fingers in the entrepreneurship pie, go with Uplevel Consulting.

The main goal of Uplevel Consulting is to provide students with the skills necessary to systemize and scale their businesses, as well as hire and manage teams.

Again, Ovens’ courses are very practical.

In addition to providing you with the materials you need to get sales, he also gives you advice on how to handle accounting and paperwork.

Uplevel Consulting lessons include:

  • Mapping your MVC
  • Scientific selling
  • JIT pages and automation
  • Tracking and conversions
  • Hiring/managing sales reps

This course is a longer one, as well.

It lasts 9 weeks and gives entrepreneurs a plethora of materials for scaling their businesses practically; both on the side of sales, and on the side of operations.

All in all, Uplevel Consulting offers good value for money for consultants and business owners that want to maximize their revenue and systematize their results.

Quantum Mastermind


Quantum Mastermind is practically a year at a highly specialized entrepreneurship college. The course lasts 12 months, with three in-person events in California.

Ovens is clear about why he created the course:

“[It’s] a place to share our ninja-level shit.”

In 12 months, you'll:

  • Gain clarity and know what to prioritize in order to grow your business to 8 figures
  • Understand how to systemize your processes and set standards of excellence
  • Hire incredible teams
  • Become #1

Now, this is the only Sam Ovens course where the value and the lessons aren't immediately clear.

However, even if the course is meant as a way to network with other 7 and 8-figure business owners, you’d still get a lot of value from that alone.

Obviously, having a clear grasp of your priorities is the most important thing you could have when you want to become number one in your niche.

Ovens can help you create a clear strategy to future-proof your business against market shifts. And if you also build relationships with other successful entrepreneurs through the course, you’ll be golden.

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