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You’ve just decided to create a new website for your business - awesome!

But where do you start?

You know that good website design is essential to get people to stay on your website and turn into customers, but what actually constitutes good website design?

To help you understand that, we’re going to be studying Sam Ovens’ website template

Sam Ovens (in case you don’t already know) is a super successful entrepreneur and millionaire consultant - he has coached and produced 25 millionaires, and 500 six-figure earners!

So what makes Sam Ovens’ website so successful?

And how can you use his website template to make your own business website flourish and convert highly?

Let’s dive in and find out, shall we? :)

Reason #1: Sam Ovens’ homepage conveys a clear message

 Sam Ovens Website

Sam Ovens website homepage

Sam’s website is a good example of minimalistic design.

The first thing you see when you land on the homepage of Sam Ovens’ site is the objective of his business.

With crisp content about what they do and a clear call-to-action (CTA) button, the website tells visitors exactly what action they need to take.

The page also has a central focus image that conveys the essence of what they do.

These factors tremendously improve the conversion rate of the website as visitors are guided towards the CTAs without any kind of deviations.

The goal of each page (and the website as a whole) is to get people to either sign up to his email list or attend the webinar.

Key takeaways:

  • Your website needs to evoke a certain response from your readers.
  • Does your homepage convey just one clear message or does it seem
    overwhelming to new visitors?
  • Does it have prominent and compelling call-to-action?
  • Re-visit your website like you are a first time visitor and see whether your
    business objective is easily understood in the first few seconds.

Reason #2: His homepage has good structure and easy navigation

If you scroll down through the homepage of Sam Ovens’ website, you will find that it has only the elements that are really necessary.

  • The page has no unnecessary ads or distracting images.
  • The menu bar is very minimal, with just the right number of items.
  • There is also a second call-to-action button at the bottom of the page.Re-visit
Consulting home page

Consulting home page

This ensures that the visitor is not overwhelmed by too much information, but is provided with all the details required to understand what Sam Ovens and his business is all about.

Here again, it’s worth mentioning that an easy-to-navigate website will allow visitors to get to the content they are looking for without any trouble. This, in turn will increase your conversions tremendously!

Key Takeaways:

  • A website has good structure if you are able to get to the desired page easily
    and with the least number of clicks.
  • Make sure that your website looks clean, modern, and minimal.
  • Your main menu needs to condense all the information on your website into the right number of categories. Ensure that you have no more than 5
    sub-categories on your main menu.
  • If you have many subcategories that need to be added, make a drop-down
    menu like the one on Sam’s website:
Website items

Consulting home page

  • Putting too many items in your menu bar will make it look cluttered and put
    off your visitors.

Reason #3: all the pages of his website are consistent

If you click through the different pages of Sam Ovens’ website, you will find that they all have some common elements:

  • The logo, headers and footers are all in the same place on every page, the
    layout of each page is the same, and every page has a call-to-action in the
    same place.

Here are some pages of his website:

7 Reasons Why Sam Ovens’ Website Converts Highly

Consulting home page

7 Reasons Why Sam Ovens’ Website Converts Highly

Consulting /methodology

7 Reasons Why Sam Ovens’ Website Converts Highly

Consulting /reviews

consulting accelerator

Consulting / consulting-accelerator


Consulting / uplevel-consulting

Having a central theme ensures that visitors receive a consistent message as they move through different pages on your website.

When the same point is reinforced multiple times, it stays in the visitor’s head and helps him or her realise the value your business could be adding in their life. The message is thus driven home, and your conversion rates automatically skyrocket!

Key takeaways:

  • The logo, headers and footers are all in the same place on every page, the
    layout of each page is the same, and every page has a call-to-action in the
    same place.
  • Use the same fonts and color scheme so that there is one central theme.
  • Place call-to-action buttons at the same place on every page so that visitors
    know where to expect it.
  • However, you can make your homepage slightly different from the other pages if you want it to act as a cover for your website.

Reason #4: his website provides an amazing user experience

The most important aspect of a website is the user experience.

After all, you’re building your website for the main purpose of serving your visitors!

Sam gives users a seamless experience when using his website.

He uses the right kind of call-to-action buttons - simple, and persuasive.

Check out one of his CTA buttons:

how to start profitable business

Consulting home page

He also adds links like the one below whenever he wants it provide the user with more information about a certain topic:

7 Reasons Why Sam Ovens’ Website Converts Highly

Consulting home page

Key takeaways:

  • Use buttons and links appropriately on your website.
  • Buttons make a user perform a certain action, while links take the user to a
    specific page on the website to get more information. Mixing up the two
    would cause your readers to be confused.
  • An unparalleled user experience would automatically cause your visitors to
    return to your page again and again. This greatly improves the chances of
    them signing up to your email list or making a purchase!
  • A great user experience therefore equals to a boost in conversions!

Reason #5: he incorporates simple yet stunning images on his webpages

One thing that makes a casual visitor stay on and browse your website is its visuals.

People recognize quality by good visuals and good design.

Sam uses simple and relatable images all throughout his website. They not only grab the attention of the visitor, but also tell a story.

If you notice all the images on his website, they are custom made for the section they illustrate:

sam ovens graphics

Consulting home page

Here’s another example:

 Sam Ovens images

Consulting home page

Sam keeps his website logo at the top left corner of the page, and there is a study that shows that he does this for good reason a centered logo may confuse your visitors.

Sam Ovens’ Website Converts Highly

Consulting /reviews

Sam also incorporates relevant video content on his webpages:

7 Reasons Why Sam Ovens’ Website Converts Highly

Consulting /testimonial

Videos are an excellent way to break the monotony of text on your website and give the visitor more information through different media.

Make sure that all videos on your website are click-to-play. It can be annoying when videos on a webpage automatically start playing in the background.

Key takeaways:

  • Custom-made visuals make your website look super professional.
  • You can custom make images and graphics for your website so that you are
    able to put across your message more efficiently. However, if you are unable
    to custom make your graphics, no worries - there are sources for free stock
  • Just remember that all your graphics, icons, and illustrations must follow a
    certain theme so that they work well together.
  • Always remember to optimize your images for your website. As important as
    it is for you to have high resolution images on your website, don’t go
    overboard as these images can slow down your website.
  • Keep your logo at the top-left corner of the page.
  • Incorporate relevant video content in your website such as short intros, reviews, or even small tutorials.
  • Seeing you or your team in person, or even seeing videos of your happy
    customers will make you more trust-worthy in the eyes of your visitors. This
    trust will translate into a higher conversion rate for your business!

Reason #6: Sam uses reader-friendly text

We aren’t going to be talking about what text you need to put on your website or how much.

We want to focus more on the typography of the text and how it makes your

website look.

If you go back to Sam Ovens’ website, you’ll notice on all the pages that his text is of the same font family, and headings are appropriately sized.

7 Reasons Why Sam Ovens’ Website Converts Highly

Consulting home page

Key takeaways:

A few simple tips to keep in mind while designing the text of your website:

  • Keep a maximum of two font families on your website. That means don’t change the font for different headings or bodies of text - it’s unappealing and distracting.
  • Keep your font at a readable size. Remember that you want your audience to actually READ your content. Keep all text at a minimum size of 14 for easy readability.
  • Use at least three levels of headers in your content. It is important to give your text a good structure. This means dividing it into smaller paragraphs and subheadings, and using different levels of headers to make the content easily understandable.
  • Highlight links in your text. The main reason why you put in links in your content is for people to click through and go to specific pages. How do you expect them to do that if your links merge with your content? Define your
  • Use the ‘show more’ option. There’s nothing more annoying than a large body of text on a website when you want to scroll down to the bottom. Use the ‘show more’ feature to give your readers the option of reducing the text on the page.

An easy-to-read website is especially important in this day and age where people constantly look to the internet for information. This way, the readability of your website copy and blog posts will contribute to a high conversion rate.

Reason #7: Sam Ovens’ website is responsive

Sam Ovens’ website is easily viewable on all electronic devices.

Responsiveness is a very important feature for websites and has proven to increase conversions.

7 Reasons Why Sam Ovens’ Website Converts Highly

Image by Nick_H from Pixabay

Key takeaways:

  • No need to create different versions or designs for different screens as long
    as the same version looks good on all types of devices.
  • Your website should also be quick to load. Internet users are impatient and
    will move to the next site if yours takes too long to load.
  • Web users access the internet from a variety of devices. Make sure your
    website is adaptive to mobile, tablet and desktop screens.

These are some of the main features we loved about Sam Ovens’ website, and we hope you find them helpful.

And now for the best part - we’ve done all the hard work and created Sam Ovens website template for you to download and use!

You can download this template to create a flawless, captivating, and high-converting website that your visitors will love!

What else do you like about Sam Ovens website?

Would you be incorporating any of these features in your website design?

Let us know in the comments below!

Also let us know if you have downloaded Sam ovens website template and are loving it - we’re dying to know! :)

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