How I Made A $20,000 Sale From Just One Lead

Make a $20,000 Sale

By: Aurelien Amacker ( founder)

In 2014 I attended Jeff Walker's annual event in Scottsdale (back then I was part of his mastermind group).

I met a lady from Colombia who was attending the event as well.

She was running seminars in Colombia about personal finances and wanted to start selling online courses.

I used the exact same method I teach you in my course "The New System To Launch An Online Business".

After the event, I had a call with her that lasted for about one and a half hours.

At the end of the call, I made her an offer for $20,000.

She accepted.

Two weeks later she wired $20,000 to my bank account.

Today you can download the exact sales script I used to close this sale when you get access to my course.

And you can still save hundreds of dollars on the regular price!

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