Building Ebook Landing Pages: All You Need to Know, Best Practices, and Examples

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So, you’ve finished writing your ebook and now you’re trying to get people to download it.

You could sell it on Amazon Kindle, Booktopia, or on your website. Either way, an ebook landing page will make it easier for you.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to build a landing page that will convince visitors to download your ebook.

Let’s get started!

1. Why do I need to build a landing page for my ebook?



Without an ebook landing page, you’re missing out on the leads and sales you could’ve been gathering by selling your books from your website.

To persuade visitors to download your ebook, your landing page will need to provide more content than just an image, some text, and a download button.

It needs to show your visitors what they can expect from your ebook before they share their contact information

Show them things like:

  • How it will change their life
  • How it will transform them
  • Who has benefited from it
  • What authority figures acknowledge it
  • Who wrote it

If your landing page has these details, you’ll have a higher chance of earning credibility, standing out from the competition, getting more leads, and increasing your sales.

However, the most important reason to have an ebook landing page is so that it can rank on search engines.

Keep reading to learn how to optimize your ebook landing page.

2. Ebook landing page best practices

Ebook landing page


Before heading over to build dozens of ebook landing pages, you need to know how to optimize them if you want to have high-converting landing pages.

Here are the steps you can take to create an optimized page:

2.1. Limit navigation inside your landing page

The point is to keep your visitors focused on converting by eliminating clickable page elements that’ll take them to other pages.

A landing page should guide visitors through its content while limiting distractions.

By clickable page elements, we mean:

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Logos
  • Social media links

The only objects your customers should be able to click are the signup forms and the call-to-action button.

If you apply this tactic, you’ll keep potential customers on your landing page for longer and increase the chances of them getting your ebook.

2.2. Be more persuasive than informative

Remember that the people reading your landing pages aren’t doing it for pleasure.

Your visitors are interested in your ebook and went to its landing page to learn more about what it offers.

Customers want to know about the ebook’s content, but how it’ll improve their lives is what matters the most, especially if it’s a paid product.

You aren’t selling them an ebook, you are selling them a lifestyle, a promise of change, real improvements — anything that’ll deliver the results that your target audience is looking for.

To do this, you have to stress the value and benefits of your offer’s features by telling how each of them will help them fix customer problems.

For example, if you’re promoting a recipe ebook:

  • Don’t say, “This ebook has recipes made by our best chefs”
  • Instead, “Learn from our team of professional chefs how to craft delicious dishes for your whole family” will sound much more persuasive

The point of being persuasive is to make the content feel more like a conversation and less like a textbook.

2.3. Use psychological triggers

Understanding the human thought process will help you discover the most effective triggers that’ll convert a visitor.

Some of these triggers are:

  • Product reviews

Visitors are more likely to convert if you provide social proof that your ebook works and has helped other people.

Collect online reviews from customers telling what they achieved after reading your content and show them on your landing page.

If you’re just starting and you don’t have any reviews yet, then you can offer discounts or bonuses to your first customers in exchange for feedback.

  • Name dropping

If you are partnered with a big brand, letting your customers know about it will help increase your credibility.

You should always mention everyone involved in the creation of your ebook (although, well-known brands and authors will have a greater impact).

Even if they didn’t directly help by writing your ebook, if they acknowledge your work, that’s still a plus.

  • Free stuff

People love to get things for free. You can use a free ebook to turn your landing page into a lead generation tool.

Give away free ebooks to build your email list for future email marketing campaigns.

You can also use this as an opportunity to show your expertise, products, and services to your leads and how they’ll benefit them.

However, remember to only offer a free ebook that has relevant information or you’ll risk losing potential leads.

  • Fear of missing out

By limiting the number of people in your target audience that can get your offer, you instill a fear that makes people more willing to buy.

To do this, create valuable, gated content that only a select few users will have access to, or sell content only available for a specific time.

With timed content, people rush to get it because seems it more valuable the less there is of it.

They’ll also feel special for getting it before the time’s run out and it’s gone forever.

Once you’ve carefully implemented the above triggers into your landing page, we recommend you make different variants and split test them to see which page will convert better.

2.4. Add images and previews

Adding visual elements like images and graphics will complement the landing page design.

To guarantee your customers that they’ll receive valuable content, give them a sneak peek or preview of the first chapters.

After seeing your book's content, they’ll be more likely to trust you and download the full version.

This will also help them see if they get what their money or personal data is worth.

2.5. Use a simple design

Keep your ebook landing page as simple as possible and only add the necessary components.

Most importantly don’t be afraid of white space, you don’t need to cover every part of your landing page.

If you balance the amount of content and white space, you’ll guide the visitors' perception of the most important elements of your ebook page.

However, the amount of content that you should use varies depending on whether it’s a paid or free ebook.

If you’re promoting a free ebook, then you don’t need to be too detailed, only mention what visitors will get from it and how it’ll benefit them.

Plain and simple, right?

On the other hand, you’ll need more information to motivate people to purchase a paid ebook.

In this case, you’ll have to add all or most of the mentioned practices to increase purchases unless you already have a community that trusts you.

2.6. Keep your download forms short

It can be very intimidating for potential customers to share too much information on the internet.

To prevent them from leaving, build a short form that only asks for data that you need on your ebook download page.

We recommend you always collect their email and name.

This way you can build a contact list and launch personalized email marketing campaigns in the future.

With these key points under your belt, let's look at some ebook examples to help you improve your landing pages.

3. Ebook landing page examples

Below we’ve listed a few ebook landing pages with some points that can be improved upon.

By learning from these mistakes, you can prevent yourself from repeating them in the future and create better quality landing pages that will help convert more customers.

3.1. Digital Marketing School

Digital Marketing School’s ebook page

Digital Marketing School’s ebook page

In this example, we have Digital Marketing School’s free Intrapreneur ebook.

You can find this ebook at the bottom of their “Courses” page.

When you click on it, you’re taken to a page that shows you all the information about the ebook.

It tells you its benefits, its content, and how it’ll change your life.

However, it’s when you click on the “Claim your free ebook” button that you’ll be sent to the actual ebook download landing page:

Digital Marketing School’s ebook landing page

Digital Marketing School’s ebook landing page

This landing page design is very simple and doesn’t have clickable elements.

However, there isn’t any information about the ebook and the signup form asks for a lot of information, which can intimidate some people.

Also, to reach this ebook you have to scroll all the way to the end of the “Course” page.

Instead of hiding it, you could create a completely new page for it or place it at the top of the “Course” page so that it’s easier to find.

3.2. Hampson Nattan Williams

Hampson Nattan Williams’ ebook landing page

Hampson Nattan Williams’ ebook landing page

Next, we have an ebook landing page from Hampson Nattan Williams.

This is a great example of a minimalistic landing page design that shows everything the visitor needs to know before they download the free ebook.

It has a good balance between white space and content and a clear call to action that’s impossible to miss.

Hampson Nattan Williams’ ebook benefits

Hampson Nattan Williams’ ebook benefits

If you emulate this design's balance, you’ll be able to stand out from other landing pages for your free ebook.

Its only downside is the number of clickable elements in its header and footer.

Hampson Nattan Williams’ ebook landing page footer

Hampson Nattan Williams’ ebook landing page footer

There’s a logo, an entire menu, and social media links.

Remember that when a visitor reaches your landing page, you should keep them focused on converting, so removing other distractions is a must.

However, if you want to give your visitors a way out of your ebook landing page, an “X” in the upper right corner should be enough.

3.3. Smarter Marketer

Smarter Marketer’s ebook landing page

Smarter Marketer’s ebook landing page

Smarter Marketer’s ebook landing page is one of the best examples of a page implementing most of the best practices.

The main difference between this and the other examples is that it’s a paid ebook, and for that reason, it needs to have more content than just the benefits.

People are more hesitant to share their data when it includes their credit card information, so you have to let them know that your ebook is worth the investment.

Smarter Marketer does this in the following ways:

Smarter Marketer’s acknowledgments

Smarter Marketer’s acknowledgments

They show acknowledgments from many marketing authorities as social proof and below you’ll find its benefits, clients, and a short author bio.

However, the most important element is that it lets visitors get a preview of the content.

Smarter Marketer’s preview

Smarter Marketer’s preview

This ebook landing page is free of distractions and its only clickable elements are two calls to action and an email to ask questions.

Its design is packed with information but is nicely spread out, so it doesn’t look cluttered.

If you take these examples for inspiration, you’ll be able to build a successful landing page that’ll get you leads and customers.

However, you’ll need a powerful tool if you want to build a high converting ebook landing page.

Keep reading to find out more . . .

4. How to build an ebook landing page with logo logo is an all-in-one platform where you can build your own landing page, sales funnel, and website quickly, easily, and for free.

Our drag-and-drop editor makes the design and editing process very intuitive, so you don’t need to be tech-savvy to create a beautiful landing page.

However, to build a landing page you’ll need to use our funnel builder, but don’t it’s not complicated.

Just follow these steps:

1. Sign in to

2. From the dashboard, head to “Funnels”

3. Click on “Create”, then name your funnel

4. Select your custom domain name, funnel type, and currency

5. Click on “Create”, then head to “Create step”

6. Name the step, and select the “Step type”

7. Pick a template, then from “Step configuration” go to “Edit page”

8. Design, edit, and save your page

It’s literally that simple and our fully customizable templates make for great inspiration if you want to build your own from scratch.

Like this one:’s ebook landing page template’s ebook landing page template

You can customize this landing page template and turn your free ebook into a lead generation tool.

After your leads opt-in to download your ebook, they’ll be added to your contact list to which you can send email marketing campaigns:

  • Start with welcome emails — Present your brand to your new leads and tell them how you can improve their lives
  • Then, send engagement emails — This provides free value to the customer and keeps them interested in your brand
  • Lastly, send promotional emails — Motivate your contacts to make a purchase
  • Continue to send engagement emails — To keep customers coming back

Luckily with, you don’t have to manually send you emails, you can just use our automation tools to send them for you after you set them up.

For the email content, you can prepare custom scripts with specific triggers.

The best part is that you won’t need to pay to build your landing page because our Free plan gives you access to our funnel builder.

We offer 4 plans to help you build landing pages:’s pricing plans’s pricing plans

1. Free — $0/month, for up to 3 sales funnels

2. Startup — $27/month, for up to 10 sales funnels

3. Webinar — $47/month, for up to 50 sales funnels

4. Unlimited — $97/month, for unlimited sales funnels

Keep in mind that to make landing pages, you’ll need our sales funnel builder. The more sales funnels you can build, the more landing pages you can customize.

With our Free plan, you’ll also get access to all of our features (except webinars) for you to test them out.

5. Conclusion

Ebook landing pages are an effective method to get more people to convert to customers or leads, but you have to show the benefits your book's content will bring to customers.

When you’re offering a free ebook, you’re giving away valuable downloadable content in exchange for a lead that you can convert into a customer.

A paid ebook is a product, so you need to optimize the entire page with more elements to successfully persuade customers to make a purchase.

You optimize them with a series of psychological triggers, improvements in the landing page design, and the elimination of unnecessary elements.

You can use our drag-and-drop editor to emulate some of the ebook landing pages we showed as examples or customize one of our templates.

If you’re ready to start with, simply sign in with our Free plan to build high-converting landing pages!

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