The 11 Best Landing Page Builders on the Market

Launch Your Online Business in Just 7 Days

It’s a simple fact, creating high-converting landing pages will drive more leads and sales.

After all, marketing an online business today is all about acquiring targeted leads with proven potential to purchase.

With that in mind, today we’ll discuss the 11 best landing page builders on the market, along with their strengths and weaknesses.

But first, we’ll outline exactly what a landing page is and what types of landing pages are out there.

That way, you can select the landing page software you feel works best for you.

What is a landing page?

What is a landing page

A landing page is a standalone web page where people “land” or “end up” if they click on one of your ads, emails, social media posts, or any other traffic source.

Unlike your average web page — which typically inspires further browsing and exploration of a website — landing pages are created with distinct goals in mind, such as:

  • Getting leads, sign-ups, or promoting exclusive offers
  • Pushing traffic down a sales funnel
  • Building an email list
EPIK Landing Page First Page

(Landing page built with

Landing pages are where you’ll hopefully convert incoming online traffic into a valuable asset that earns you money — sooner or later.

Why are landing pages so good at converting?

Landing pages improve conversions as they don’t have any distractions (such as links to other pages on your site) to click on that will push visitors away from the call-to-action (CTA) button.

For example, a homepage will usually be full of distractions, such as tons of links, and separate pieces of content, known as ‘leaks’.

Homepages compared to landing pages

Homepages compared to landing pages

What types of landing pages are there?

There are plenty of sub-variations of landing pages that differ depending on goals and the industry of a business.

However, generally, there are two main categories of landing pages:

1. Lead generation landing page

This landing page type is also known as ‘lead gen’ or ‘lead capture’ pages.

They have the purpose of collecting lead data like names and email addresses.

They predominantly use lead magnets (such as an eBook, report, whitepaper, or webinar) to entice people sign-up and join an email list.

2. Click-through landing page

They’ll usually feature a simple and straightforward CTA, which redirects traffic straight to a checkout page to make a purchase.

Side note: click-through landing pages are similar to sales pages — mainly because they’ve got comparable goals of sending traffic to checkout pages.

What should a good landing page builder include?

How do you choose the best landing page builder with so many options available?

We recommend evaluating landing page builders using the following:

1. Ease of use:

A big reason for wanting to use a landing page builder is to make the creation process relatively easy.

So, make sure the builder you end up choosing is easy to use and doesn’t make your life harder!

Look for features such as a drag-and-drop editor, a preview function, the ability to create blocks, etc.

2. Library of proven templates:

A good landing page builder should provide pre-built, proven-to-convert landing page templates that you can edit to your needs, instead of leaving you without some inspiration or guidance.

Additionally, mobile-optimized templates are a must!

3. Many customization options:

When you create landing pages, they’ll need to match your brand.

Ensure you choose a landing page builder that delivers on customization features such as the option to change fonts and colors, upload your own visuals and content, create your own layout, etc.

4. Optimization features:

Not only do your landing pages need to look good — they’ll also need to convert.

Before you choose your landing page builder, check whether it provides optimization features such as A/B testing and mobile optimization.

5. Built-in analytics:

You’ll need analytics and performance reports to measure your landing pages’ success and make changes where needed to improve.

6. Custom domain:

A good landing page builder will provide you with your very own custom domain and ideally not charge you extra for it.

(It’s not common for all landing page builders to offer a custom domain — so, it’s definitely something to check for)

The 11 best landing page software tools

Now that you have a clear understanding of what a landing page is and why it’s so important, let’s go through the 11 best landing page software tools on the market.










Swipe Pages



Kind of builder

All-in-one marketing solution?

Overall platform rating


Starting price

All-in-one builder


Landing page builder


Website & landing page builder


Landing page builder


Website & landing page builder


Landing page builder


Website- & landing page builder


Landing page builder


Website builder

Swipe Pages

Landing page builder


Sales funnel & landing page builder
















Booking required







Comparison chart of the best webinar software platforms

1. logo logo is an all-in-one marketing platform designed to specifically help you launch, grow, and scale your online business.

This translates to you saving a ton of time and money that you’d usually spend on a set of online tools — like email marketing tools, automation platforms, website builders, etc. — to run your online business.

Pair all that with an easy to use platform that’s faster and simpler than its competitors, and you’d be leaving reviews like this: review on Trustpilot review on Trustpilot

And this: review on Trustpilot review on Trustpilot

So safe to say we’re more than just a landing page builder.

In fact, besides being able to create stunning landing pages using proven templates, you can:

  • Create sales funnels
  • Start your email marketing journey
  • Sell online courses and membership sites
  • Build your own affiliate program
  • Run evergreen webinars
  • Enjoy automation and workflows

And if you want to use as a landing page tool, you’ll get:

  • A drag-and-drop landing page builder
  • Proven templates that were inspired by high-converting landing pages
  • A/B testing feature to test different copy and designs and optimize your conversions
  • Automation rules to help you put your entire online business on autopilot — earning you money while you’re asleep!
  • Detailed analytics to keep track of everything going in and out of your landing pages
  • In-house integration with all the other tools provides

Plus, in a world where more than 58% of your online traffic is coming from mobile devices, we ensure that you have mobile responsive landing pages.'s Pricing

We have 4 scalable pricing plans that have 24/7 support:

1. Free

With’s forever-free plan you’ll get access to our sales funnels builder and deploy up to 10 landing pages with unlimited storage and hosting.

You can connect a custom domain (with a free SSL certificate we provide).

Plus, send unlimited marketing emails, host unlimited students for your first online course, run your affiliate program, and build a list of up to 2,000 email subscribers.

But why stop there?

Optimize your mobile responsive landing pages with 1 A/B test at a time, set up your first automation rule, and connect it all to our built-in email marketing feature.

You have the freedom to sell your products — digital or physical — with 0% transaction fees and in various ways (one-time, subscriptions, memberships, etc).

2. Startup — $27/month

3. Webinar — $47/month

4. Unlimited — $97/month

As you go up in the plans, you’ll get higher limits on everything you have in the Free plan and unlock new features like evergreen webinars.

And if you go with the Unlimited plan, you’ll have limitless access to all of the features, and you'll also get yourself a 1-1 coaching session to hit the ground running with our platform.

(Plus, you can migrate your entire online business to for free if you go with the Unlimited plan or any annual billing plan — which are all available at a sweet 30% discount.)

2. Unbounce

Unbounce logo

Unbounce logo

Unbounce is probably the most recognizable brand when it comes to landing page builders.

It was one of the first tools on the market that were specifically designed to build landing pages, and they’re still going strong.

That’s because, in terms of functionality, Unbounce is up there at the top.

With the platform, you can:

  • Use an advanced drag-and-drop builder to create unlimited landing pages
  • Utilize a library of templates
  • Create popups, sticky bars, and more
  • Connect your custom domains
  • View a dashboard of analytics
  • Use A.I. powered tools to help you in writing copy for landing pages

It’s worth noting that with Unbounce, you’re limited by a number of conversions and monthly visitors you can have with each pricing plan.

(Unbounce’s definition of conversions: when someone completes your assigned conversion goal on a landing page or in a pop-up or sticky bar)

That means you can create an unlimited number of landing pages, but you can’t send as much traffic as you want to them.

This becomes painful when you realize that their starting plan is at $90/month and only allows 500 conversions/month.

That said, Unbounce focuses on more than just producing attractive landing pages.

They provide an A/B testing feature, AdWords integration, and detailed stats that can be a goldmine for marketers.

All in the name of improving conversion rates — which is the goal of your landing pages.


  • Drag-and-drop builder (no code required)
  • Create unlimited landing pages on all plans
  • You can optimize your landing pages for mobile devices
  • Has integrations for WordPress, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and others


  • Very expensive (check their plans below)
  • Has a learning curve and can feel complex for newbies
  • They automatically upgrade your plan if you go over the conversion limit
  • Not suitable for making complete websites

Unbounce's Pricing

While Unbounce is a great landing page builder — its pricing tends to scare a few people off.

Unbounce has 4 plans:

  • Launch plan — $90/month
  • Optimize plan — $135/month
  • Accelerate plan — $225/month
  • Concierge plan — $575/month

That last pricing plan is a bit surreal if we’re being honest — considering the fact that Unbounce is mainly just a landing page builder and you’d still need other platforms to run your online business.

3. Ucraft

Ucraft logo

Ucraft logo

As a somewhat new player in the field of landing page software, Ucraft gives its competitors a good run for their money when it comes to some particular features, such as1:

  • A free SSL encryption for connected domains
  • Unlimited and secure hosting on Google Cloud
  • Responsive templates
  • Ecommerce features and various payment solutions
  • A blogging tool

And as far as landing pages go, Ucraft has something for everyone:

  • A drag-and-drop builder
  • A free logo-maker
  • Tracking via Google Analytics
  • Integrated SEO solutions
  • A handful of integrations, like Zendesk Chat, Hotjar, Algolia, and more

The platform also comes with tutorials, guides, and free resources for everyone to learn how to build a landing page that converts.

Using Ucraft as a landing page builder or a complete website designing platform is affordable — but it’s also quite limited in terms of design options and raw capabilities.

For example, you don’t have an A/B testing feature and only have a few integrations.


  • Produces custom landing pages that are responsive on all devices
  • Affordable pricing and ecommerce features
  • 24/7 support
  • Free image library
  • Multilingual support for websites


  • Not suitable for complex websites
  • Has a learning curve
  • Limited customizability options
  • Free plan is pretty restricted

Ucraft's Pricing

At present, Ucraft offers 4 plans:

  • Free
  • Pro Website — $10/month paid annually
  • Pro Shop — $21/month paid annually
  • Unlimited — $69/month paid annually

Ucraft also has 3 “Branded” paid plans for white-labeling and building a whole business website using features like an admin dashboard, custom templates, an ecommerce app, etc.

If you want to remove Ucraft’s watermark from the landing pages you create with their free plan, you can pay an extra $2.99/month.

All paid plans come with a 14-day free trial period. No credit card details are required.

4. Instapage

Instapage logo

Instapage logo

As the name implies, Instapage is all about speed and ease.

Within a matter of minutes, you can have attractive and highly-converting landing pages live on your website.

And that’s possible with:

  • An easy setup process
  • A drag-and-drop builder that’s user-friendly
  • Over 200 responsive templates
  • Direct integrations with WordPress (plugin), Zapier, HubSpot, and others
  • A/B testing
  • Real-time analytics

You can also connect your custom domain URL to create pages or integrate them using a WordPress plugin (If you have a WordPress wesbite).

It's right up there with Unbounce in terms of functionality when it comes to creating beautiful and responsive landing pages.

In fact, it’s fair to say that Instapage is better than most landing page software out there.

However, it’s important to note that you’ll have to invest in the really expensive custom pricing option to use the advanced integrations, heatmaps, and personalization tools.


  • Capable of producing high-converting landing pages
  • Impressive team collaboration and security features
  • Solid templates library
  • Free stock images library
  • Live chat support available 24/7


  • Very, very expensive
  • Suitable for established businesses rather than people starting out

Instapage's Pricing

As of writing this post, Instapage comes with 2 pricing plans:

  • Builder plan — $299/month
  • Custom plan — would need to contact support and get a custom quote

Instapage offers a free 14-day trial as well.

5. Wishpond

Wishpond logo

Wishpond logo

Similar to, Wishpond is more than just a landing page builder.

For example, with the platform, you can also work on other tasks such as:

  • Creating social content and popups
  • Completing basic automation tasks
  • Setting up email marketing campaigns
  • Running contests and awarding prizes

But you’re here to create that perfect landing page, and for that, Wishpond gives you:

  • A drag-and-drop builder
  • Responsive templates
  • Lead reporting and detailed analytics
  • A/B testing

Now, granted, Wishpond isn’t as big as some other major marketing platforms out there.

But their team is often holding webinars and publishing eBooks and articles to help users learn more about marketing and how to use Wishpond.

However, you’re limited to the number of leads you can produce from your Wishpond toolkit every month — taking 1 from Unbounce’s book.


  • Easy to build lead lists
  • Offers a good number of integrations
  • Live chat support


  • The interface is sometimes buggy
  • Limited customization options
  • Dodgy customer support reliability
  • Limited to a number of leads with each pricing package

Wishpond's Pricing

Wishpond used to offer 3 pricing plans at $75/month, $199/month, and $299/month respectively.

But at the time of writing this post, if you go to their pricing page, it’ll redirect you to a booking page where you can get a call with a marketing specialist and get updated info on their pricing plans.

A free trial should also be available if you pick up the phone and call their sales team.

6. Leadpages

Leadpages logo

Leadpages logo

Leadpages is another well-known dedicated landing page software on the market, and it’s more affordable than the likes of Unbounce.

It has:

  • Over 160 free templates
  • Lots of integration options
  • Easy-to-use builders (there are 2)
  • Real-time analytics
  • Pop-ups and alert bars
  • A/B testing

While Leadpages isn’t a bad tool, especially for the price, it’s certainly not the best on this list.

The issues lie with the design and editing. The classic editor is clunky, outdated, and limited in customization options.

It’s also difficult to craft your own landing page design, as you can do with other landing page builders like Instapage, for example.

Plus, Leadpages’ interface isn’t that intuitive, and sometimes it feels clunky just to use it.


  • Easily design mobile-optimized landing pages
  • SEO solutions
  • Unlimited leads, traffic, and conversions on all plans
  • Ability to create complete websites
  • Connect your custom domain


  • A/B testing feature isn’t available on the starting plan
  • The interface isn’t always responsive as you’d like
  • Limited styling options compared to other dedicated landing page builders on the list
  • A bit pricey for people who are just starting out
  • Limited customer support on the starting plan

Leadpages’ Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Leadpages have 2 plans:

  • Standard plan — $49/month
  • Pro plan — $99/month

They also have a free trial available where you can take their platform for a test run.

7. GetResponse

GetResponse Logo

GetResponse Logo

Founded back in 1998, GetResponse is one of the pioneers of the email marketing industry.

However, today they promote themselves as an all-in-one marketing automation platform — similar to

This shift created numerous features for the platform that make it tempting to try out, such as:

  • Complete marketing automation options
  • Conversion funnels
  • A website builder
  • Responsive landing page templates
  • A/B testing

Other features include directly running paid ads (like Facebook ads) to your landing pages, analytics and reporting dashboard, web push notifications, and more.

It also has numerous integrations with other platforms, and you can even connect with their API if you want to go full custom mode.

But naturally, it’s not all roses. For starters, the free plan is so restricted and has a lot of missing features, and simply navigating the platform and all its features aren’t as intuitive as many would like.

Then, building landing pages feels limited in terms of customization options compared to other landing page builders on the list.


  • Set up automation workflows and run your business on autopilot
  • A.I. design tool to help you build pages faster
  • Lots of responsive templates to choose from
  • Webinar features built right into the platform
  • Solid email marketing features


  • You can only create 1 landing page with the Free plan
  • Can get expensive real quick when building email lists
  • Limited building process for landing pages
  • Many desired features are locked behind the high-end pricing plans

GetResponse’s Pricing

GetResponse doesn’t exactly make it easy when it comes to pricing. In essence, what you’ll pay will depend on how many contacts you have in your pricing plan.

Speaking of which, there are 4:

  • Free — 500 contacts
  • Email Marketing — $19/month, 1,000 contacts - $539/month 100,000 contacts
  • Marketing Automation — $19/month, 1,000 contacts - $539/month 100,000 contacts
  • Ecommerce Marketing — $19/month, 1,000 contacts - $539/month 100,000 contacts

There are also the Max and Max2 plans, which are aimed at mid-large companies and have custom pricing.

8. Landingi

Landingi logo

Landingi logo

Landingi is different from the rest of the landing page builders on this list.

While you can pick from available templates or design your own from scratch, you can also contact the Landingi team to create landing pages to your liking.

They have:

  • A pixel-perfect drag-and-drop builder
  • A/B testing
  • Libraries of stock images, icons, and templates
  • Ecommerce features and integrations
  • Options to connect custom domains

All in all, Landingi focuses on boosting digital marketing efforts for their customers, and they’re hailed as landing page software that’s extremely easy to use.

On the flip side, you’ll notice that most of their templates are quite simple, so don’t expect them to be the most dazzling of pages.

Plus, while Landingi is a strong and powerful landing page builder, to get the most out of the software, you’ll likely need to invest in the higher-priced package.

For example, A/B testing isn’t available with the cheaper packages — which all have a limit on unique monthly visits.


  • Easy drag-and-drop builder
  • You can edit the code of your templates and have full control
  • More than 300 templates available
  • You can export leads
  • You can set up automation rules


  • Mobile editor feels clunky
  • The starting plan is pretty limited (a lot of the desired features are missing)
  • No SEO solutions

3.8.1. Landingi’s Pricing

Landingi offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Core plan — $35/month (no A/B testing and only 1,000 unique visits a month)
  • Create plan — 79$/month
  • Automate plan — 109$/month
  • Agency plan — $129/month

If your plan exceeds the monthly visit limit or you want to connect more domains, you can pay $5/month for each.

9. Wix

Wix logo

Wix logo

We can’t forget about Wix when it comes to building any type of web page, can we?

With over 200 million users worldwide, Wix was 1 of the first platforms to let its users build websites with a true no-code experience.

It has:

  • An easy drag-and-drop builder
  • Library of templates
  • An app market
  • Analytics
  • Comprehensive ecommerce features

The platform positions itself as a great website building tool for people who are just starting out — scaling with them in functionality and pricing as they grow.

Notable disadvantages include not being able to change your website template once it goes live, the analytics are quite basic, and sometimes the software is buggy.


  • Easy-to-use interface and builder
  • Has an app market to extend the functionalities of your website and landing pages
  • Has lots of ecommerce features
  • Responsive templates
  • Suitable for all levels, from complete newbies to advanced users


  • You can easily hurt your landing page speed if you don’t follow best practices
  • Starting plan doesn’t remove Wix ads or branding from your landing pages
  • No true unlimited plans regarding storage or bandwidth
  • Handling SEO could be a pain with Wix
  • Can’t switch templates for a landing page once it goes live

Wix’s Pricing

Wix has 2 sets of account plans:

  • Website plans (4):

1. Connect Domain — $4.50/month

2. Combo — $8.50/month

3. Unlimited — $12.50/month

4. VIP — $24.50/month

  • And then there are 3 business and ecommerce plans:

1. Business Basic — $17/month

2. Business Unlimited — $25/month

3. Business VIP — $35/month

There’s also an enterprise plan available for companies and large businesses — has custom pricing and you’d need to contact sales for details.

10. Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages logo

Swipe Pages logo

This is yet another dedicated landing page builder — and speed is the name of their game.

With Swipe Pages, you can create lightning-fast landing pages using:

Websites made with Swipe Pages really shine for mobile visitors, as you can create an app-like interface for traffic to navigate through.

Plus, they’ve got plenty of ecommerce features as well to let you set up shop and kick off your ecommerce journey.

Swipe Pages is still relatively new, so they resort to offering integrations with the likes of Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Zapier, HubSpot, and more to extend their functionality.


  • Super fast landing page creator
  • Easy A/B testing
  • Good range of integrations
  • No limits on conversions


  • Support can be slow at times
  • Has a learning curve
  • Expensive on the higher end
  • Has traffic limits on each plan

Swipe Pages’ Pricing

Swipe Pages have 3 plans:

  • Startup — $39/month (20,000 traffic limit)
  • Marketer — $89/month (50,000 traffic limit)
  • Agency — $199/month (500,000 traffic limit)

A 14-day free trial is also available. No credit card required.

11. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels logo

ClickFunnels logo

ClickFunnels, the famous sales funnel-building software, is no stranger to crafting solid landing pages.

After all, landing pages are the bread and butter of any effective sales funnel.

ClickFunnels allows users to design and create high-converting landing pages with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor.

Plus, they provide:

  • Autoresponders and simple email marketing features
  • Upsells and Downsells features
  • A/B testing
  • Shopping cart management features
  • ClickFunnels Backpack to run your affiliate program

Of course, ClickFunnels is a tool designed to allow users to sell products online, focusing on the creation of high-converting sales funnels.

So it makes sense for them to have sales funnel templates that are designed to sell the type of product or service you’re selling.

This conveniently means you will also have landing page templates to choose from.

But what’s not so convenient is that the templates look outdated, basic, and shallow.

Plus, while ClickFunnels is great for beginners with some excess cash, customization of pages is severely limited.


  • Easy drag-and-drop builder
  • Analytics and accurate tracking
  • Create effective sales funnels
  • All-in-one marketing solution
  • Lots of integrations


  • Expensive pricing plans
  • Sometimes the editor is buggy
  • Limited functionality as a website builder
  • No 24/7 support
  • Has a learning curve

ClickFunnels’ Pricing

ClickFunnels offers two different pricing plans:

  • Basic plan — $97/month
  • Platinum plan — $297/month

It’s not exactly cheap, and it’s a harder bill to swallow once you realize the Basic plan is limited to 100 total web pages and 20,000 monthly unique visitors.

So if you’re just looking to build a landing page, you’re better off with the previous options from the list.


Quite a bit of research went into writing this post, so we might just have the landing page builder FAQ you’re looking for!

What is A/B testing?

In the simplest terms, A/B testing is when you split incoming traffic into 2 identical web pages that have 1 different variable, like a different headline, for example.

A/B testing is used to optimize the performance of web pages. For instance, say you’re running an A/B test on these 2 pages:

1. Landing page, has a hero image

2. Same landing page without the hero image

If page 1 performs better than page 2, you’d know that the hero image resulted in better conversions, and so you’d keep it as a part of your design — so on, and so forth.

Can you build a landing page for free with no limits?

Yes! There are platforms out there — like — where you can publish landing pages under your domain with no limit on traffic, conversions, bandwidth, or file storage.

Is there a free plan on Wix?

Not anymore, unfortunately. The Wix free plan is no longer available on their pricing page.

How long does it take to create a landing page?

To simply create a landing page, you’d only need a few minutes with any respectable landing page builder.

What takes time, though, is working on your landing page structure and optimizing it to drive the most conversions.

Do I need templates to create landing pages?

Think of templates as shortcuts to getting a solid foundation of a particular type or theme for your landing pages.

They’re technically not obligatory to use when building landing pages, but you’d be doing yourself a favor if you chose a proven template design that could drive you conversions off the bat.

Conclusion — Which is the best landing page builder for you?

And there you have it. We have explored the best of the best when it comes to landing page software.

Now the question is, what are you going to do?

Skip off or legitimately take action to build landing pages that might actually change your life.

And you won’t get away with saying I don’t have money, because we’ve already established that you can create landing pages with your own custom domain at for free!

You’ll have no limits on conversions, traffic, hosting, or bandwidth — You’ve got no excuses.

So good luck, and happy building!

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