Dan Lok’s F.U. Money Sales Funnel dissected (+ Free Funnel to Download)

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Sales Funnels are without any doubt one of the primary tools of driving sales online. And just like Dan Lok, you too can build an airtight and potentially start to earn millions fast.

One of the best ways to do this is to copy what the pros do. And we have broken down Dan Lok's F.U. Money sales funnel to show you exactly what goes into a stellar funnel.

But first...

1. Who is Dan Lok?

Dan Lok

Dan Lok is a PROSPEROUS investor, CEO, copywriter, motivational speaker, author, business trainer, marketer, YouTuber, consultant, social media marvel, business tycoon, and mentor and creator of the sales funnel that we will be looking into.

His decade long history in online business makes him the perfect candidate for us to look behind the curtain to see how he has managed to stay so successful in the online world.

2. Dan Lok’s offer

F.U. Money is an unconventional guide to business and creating wealth.

While berating all things "touchy-feely", Dan sets you on your way to living your desired lifestyle.

This is not a motivational book. You need to be motivated from the get-go!

This is an unorthodox, counterintuitive book that will help you break free from psychological restraints.

If you can handle the truth and want to do it YOUR WAY, then now is the time to SHARE what the Millionaire Mentor has to say.

3. Dissection of F.U. Money Sales Funnel

It comes as no surprise that Dan Lok’s sales funnel was constructed to convert.

The funnel is SALESY from beginning to end and visitors will have a hard time declining the entire entourage of ONE-TIME limited offers that come at an exceptional value.

What begins as a simple interest in purchasing the F.U. Money book turns into a veritable smorgasbord of offers that are exceedingly challenging to pass up.

The amount of priceless material on offer directly from the Millionaire Mentor himself is limitless.

The Sales Funnel expertly employs a range of pertinent conversion tools and the sales copy is noticeably written by a master in the field.

3.1 Landing Page

From the second you land on the book order-page, no time is wasted! A sign-up form is incorporated as the first call to action.

Sign-up Form

Several more personal CTA’s urging the reader to live abundantly are scattered generously throughout the rest of the page.

The book (retailing at $19.95) is offered FREE to all who are willing to cover the postage - $7.95 US or $14.95 International). A small price to pay considering what the book promises.

The page is littered with resoundingly positive reviews written by rich and famous entrepreneurs, authors, and business tycoons. A throng of reviews by ordinary people who have purchased the book on Amazon is also on display.

This is a clever way of illustrating that the book will not only boost newcomers off the ground but also help you to increase your profit if you are already making moola.

F.U. Money landing page

The Amazon reviews also give some assurance as to what the book can do for you by giving you a reference to an attainable third-party website so that you can investigate for yourself.

The page is PERSONAL. Dan Lok himself presents a video in which he introduces F.U. Money and in which he exudes confidence in himself and the content of his book.

Oodles of Dan’s direct quotes are brandished as well as snippets of his inspirational story which nullify pretty much any misgivings you may have.

References to the pandemic demonstrate that the content is up to date and will work NOW, and particularly during the current climate.

Numerous clues of what you will find within the pages of Dan Lok’s UPDATED book are generously spread throughout the page with a healthy dose of FOMO (fear of missing out) included to kick you into action.

Naturally, you are constantly reminded that you can also make a FORTUNE.

3.2 First upsell

The FOMO is relentless, complete with a looming countdown timer, coupled with the constant reminder of the extant global crisis.

ALL 6 of Dan Lok’s top-selling programs for FREE alongside the purchase of his personally recorded F.U. Money Audiobook are included in the first upsell.

Screenshot from first upsell

The offer comes at a time when the vast majority need it most.

For only 3% of the value ($47 instead of $1582) for the entire package, it seems ludicrous to refuse.

When you learn that Dan deviated from reading to include off-the-cuff advice reserved for TOP PLAYERS it catapults the value of the offer.

3.3 Second upsell

A demanding visual display with another once-off limited offer complete with countdown timer is included in the second upsell.

More FOMO. More Pandemic. Another personal, and brilliant, story of how the offer transpired. GENIUS

Second upsell

The offer of raw and uncensored secret recordings of an exclusive and expensive one-time event is too good to pass up.

10 Modules of personal strategies employed by one of the most prosperous self-made multi-millionaires after decades and millions in trial-and-error at $297 instead of $2995 (a 90%+ discount)! SOLD.

3.4 Order confirmation page

Order confirmation page

The order confirmation page brings us straight back with an immediate CTA.

The unyielding urgency increases with each page relaying the message that to begin to accumulate significant wealth, there is no time like the present.

Dan Lok is back with another personal video. This time the video is not casual but, like the page itself, the seriousness of the tone increases.

The stakes are increasing. Where will this take you? You can see the magic at work.

Your training has already begun!

3.5 High Ticket Closer (HTC)

If you have come this far, and you have the money to invest, it will pay to book a front-row seat to the action. This is the clear message conveyed in the High Ticket Closer.

HTC page

This page is somewhat less salesy with a dash of sophistication. Direct contact with one of Dan’s High-Income Consultants is proffered.

This is a serious offer with some serious benefits and for a seriously good price.

The 7-week mentorship program endows you with access to all the tools required to be a high ticket closer and awards you with a personal certificate.

The pledge is to bring you onto an influential level and join the elite group forever.

The only CTA on this page is to enter payment details again. Once you have signed up you click through to the next page where you can book a strategy session.

4. Can the F.U. Money sales funnel be improved?

I have to say that the F.U. Money Sales Funnel has been extremely well thought out and implemented. Everything from what is on offer to how it is all rolled out is exceedingly clever.

It has been designed to deliver value to the buyer while generating enormous revenue.

YOU can do the same!

Personally, I considered the pages to be a bit lengthy, but then again visitors do not need to read everything, and some people prefer to have lots of detail.

It may also be worth considering asking visitors to enter their payment details only once. In this case however, it was obviously done to define the distinction between the different offers.

It will not hurt to aim a little higher in terms of intellect in my opinion. You need to keep the salesy approach in a healthy funnel, but perhaps without so much ‘showiness’.

The HTC page shows a bit more sophistication than the previous pages because it’s aimed at people with more cash in hand and therefore probably more discernment.

If the previous pages were taken up a notch it may inspire a bit more trust. For example, to pay closer attention to spelling and grammar.

You want to avoid the impression that it was just put together to make money off visitors.

After all, many people will be worried about being led down the garden path, and the more mistakes they find, the less they will trust the seller.

Dan Lok does not need to worry about those details. He already has made a name for himself and so in this instance, it is the man himself that inspires trust.

Be careful not to think you inspire the same respect when starting out.

It pays to learn from the best, but when building your sales funnel keep your target audience in mind and build the funnel for them.

Remember that systeme.io gives you all the tools you need to build your own sales funnel and other online business tools.

To get started download the F.U. Money Sales Funnel for free and get your first taste on how to make your future millions.

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