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Do you fantasize about cruising around in your dream car? Then you’ll love the Clickfunnels dream car contest.

If you’ve dabbled in affiliate marketing, then you may have already heard of the competition.

The idea is that Clickfunnels encourages its affiliate customers to welcome at least 100 new Clickfunnels members to sign up for their sales funnel tools.

Clickfunnels already pay their affiliates a healthy 40% recurring commission on every purchase.

However, by reaching 100 referrals, Clickfunnel also treats their affiliates to an extra $500 a month towards a dream car.

Refer over 200 active users, and then you’ll receive an extra $1,000 per month towards your dream ride. Not bad, hey?

Reaching the dream car status is an aim for many affiliate marketers. That’s where Jacob Caris and his training program Dream Car Profits comes in to teach keen marketers how to achieve this idyllic goal.

Want to learn more? If you want to discover more about Jacob Caris and his Dream Car Profits program, keep reading for a brutal and honest review of his strategies in building a business and helping people reach that goal.

1. Who is Jacob Caris?

Jacob Caris

Before we delve into Dream Car Profits and how the training works, let’s learn a bit more about the man behind the scheme – Jacob Caris.

Jacob Caris is a proud six-figure entrepreneur who is a Clickfunnels super affiliate.

Jacob won the dream car contest in under two years of joining the program.

Jacob is originally from Australia, but he moved from his native country to work in finance on Wall Street in New York.

After working tedious 80-hour weeks, Jacob decided enough was enough. It was then he turned to the internet to look for an easier way to make a living.

Jacob ended up ditching his career in finance once his affiliate marketing business grew successful.

2. Jacob’s affiliate marketing Career


When Jacob first started affiliate marketing for Clickfunnels, he had no experience, no list, and no audience in the field.

You could say he was in a similar situation to the one you’re probably in now. He was eager to become successful in affiliate marketing and win the dream car challenge.

However, within two years this all turned around. Jacob planned winning strategies that would transform him into an affiliate marketing newbie to an affiliate marketing wizard.

Jacob put in the time, money, and effort to learn dozens of courses and coaching that would help him in his affiliate marketing journey.

He also tested and optimized many different affiliate strategies to discover what would work.

Around a year and a half after beginning his affiliate marketing journey with Clickfunnels, Jacob won his dream car. He was number 53 in the chart of a list of over 59,0000 people.

As well as winning the Clickfunnels dream car contest, Jacob also gained nearly $200,000 in commissions. Impressive, huh?

Soon after that, Jacob hit the six-figure mark in total commissions. It was then he felt comfortable enough to leave his corporate finance job on Wall Street and go full time with his dream job in affiliate marketing.

Jacob felt freed from the corporate grind and began to live a life he could truly enjoy.

That’s when he designed Dream Car Profits, to help others follow his success with the Clickfunnels dream car contest so they too can enjoy working in the affiliate marketing industry.

And, of course, to make some extra money.

Today Jacob works as a full-time affiliate marketer in his business – he’s made it!

Jacob was even invited on stage at the Clickfunnels Funnel Hacker live event to accept a trophy from Clickfunnels co-founded Russell Brunson.

A wonderful achievement, we can all agree.

3. What is Dream Car Profits?

We’ve touched upon Dream Car Profits briefly, but let’s learn a bit more about Jacob Caris’s training program.

Putting it simply, Dream Car Profits by Jacob Caris is a digital marketing training course that teaches people the same process Jacob used to win the Clickfunnels dream car contest.

As we know, Jacob is a dream car winner. So, in the Dream Car Profits course, you are walked and talked through the main strategies Jacob used to win his dream car.

The program is taught via easy to follow and understand video modules.

Sometimes screenshots are included, or Jacob’s screen is shared, making it very clear what customers must do to achieve the same success.

If followed correctly and implemented well, the dream car profits course can help any new affiliate marketer to become a super affiliate, and, hopefully, win their dream car.

4. New affiliate marketers

New affiliate marketers

When people are new to affiliate marketing, many will believe that a huge passive income will start pouring into their bank accounts as soon as they start distributing their affiliate link online.

Often, they don’t realize the hard work that needs to go into the process.

That means many new affiliate marketers give up easily and walk away from the process, as their expectations don’t match reality.

They may even waste a lot of time, money, and effort trying to work out what they need to do to become successful in affiliate marketing.

They chase the dream and purchase lots of courses, but don’t follow through with most of them.

For a beginner in affiliate marketing, it can seem overwhelming learning all the tricks of the trade.

Often, they may forget all they’ve learned and won’t get to apply them in business.

That’s where Dream Car Profits comes in to simplify the process and teach how to deal with those commissions once they do come rolling in.

By following Jacob’s exact blueprint to success, the steps are broken down and are easy to follow.

Jacob is very honest and blunt in his course, so there are no false expectations and customers are aware of how much work they need to put in.

By following the blueprint carefully and with effort, users can expect the commissions to stack up.

Dream Car Profits helps you kick-start your career in affiliate marketing to become not only a great affiliate marketer but even a Clickfunnels dream car winner.

5. Who is Dream Car Profits for?

who is it for ?

Before we discuss the overview of the course, let’s first discuss who Dream Car Profits is suitable for.

Most people that are interested in the course are current Clickfunnels affiliates who are looking to increase their commissions and, of course, win their dream car.

Affiliate marketers, in general, are also often interested in the course.

If you’ve considered affiliate marketing in the past but decided against it because it seemed too difficult or competitive, then Dream Car Profits is also suitable for you too.

One of the biggest advantages of the course is the course generally it works for anyone, regardless of experience in affiliate marketing.

This is because the strategies taught by Jacob are easy to understand and learn. These strategies can easily be replicated so that anyone new or inexperienced can easily follow them.

6. What does Dream Car Profits involve?


The Dream Car Profits course comes in several modules that users can walk through.

The program covers the main free strategies and paid strategies used for affiliate marketing success.

However, Jacob encourages users to use both the free and paid strategies for the best results.

The course is broken down into simple steps that Jacob teaches in a variety of different ways.

These include how-to videos, PowerPoint, and over-the-shoulder videos to help you through every step of the course.

As mentioned, Jacob is very direct and to the point, so it’s very clear exactly what you need to do to gain success in the Clickfunnels dream car contest.

Each strategy has a dedicated section. Ready to learn about each one?

6.1. Blogging with a twist


As you may have guessed, Dream Car Profits takes a unique spin on blogging and SEO.

The module teaches users how to maximize blogging and SEO to encourage more commissions. In this section, Jacob displays his own high-authority website.

Then he teaches various tips and advice on blogging. For example, he teaches his blogging strategies, keyword research ideas, plugins advice, and how he built his website.

Basically, this module teaches you everything you need to know for leveraging blogging for affiliate marketing success. It even teaches you the type of content to publish that will likely lead to commissions.

6.2. Video SEO


Video plays a huge part in affiliate marketing, and this module is where Jacob teaches you how to utilize video.

Again, Jacob will discuss his video strategy and you’ll learn his keyword research advice, recommended content to publish, and video SEO techniques to increase your popularity on YouTube.

6.3. Adwords and bing

While we all know that organic website traffic is the best traffic – mainly because it’s free – it can also be slow and unreliable.

So, the best way to speed up website traffic is by investing in paid traffic.

This module teaches users about search PPC and advertising. It explains how to target people who are searching for specific terms and key phrases, so your website will be visible in search engines.

This section of the course highlights eight steps for success by using paid search PPC ads. It also shows you how to create and set up a successful ad campaign.

Worried you’ll end up spending unnecessary amounts of money on advertising?

Don’t worry. Jacob explains how to use paid methods in a sensible way. He also discusses what works and how to avoid spending all your money by giving it to Google.

6.4. Profit with Facebook groups


Another module of Dream Car Profits focuses on making commissions through Facebook groups.

Setting up a Facebook group is an important step for your company. It’s an easy way to reach lots of people and build your brand, which, in turn, helps you increase affiliate commissions.

By impacting and helping others, you produce trust and authority in the community. This makes people more likely to send you a commission.

The module teaches users how to successfully create and maintain a community via Facebook, so you can do exactly that.

While creating a Facebook group may sound daunting, especially if you’re not used to social media, you’re affecting your capabilities in earning commissions and countless dollars if you decide to avoid it.

Simply follow Jacob’s easy steps and you’ll soon get into the swing of things.

6.5. Coaching


Once the commissions start coming in and your brand is building steadily, you can use this section of the course to learn how to make extra cash from coaching.

Coaching is a fantastic way to earn more trust in your industry, thus helping you earn extra commissions. Once again, Jacob will walk you through the process step by step.

7. How much does Dream Car Profits cost?

How much does it cost ?

At this point, you may be wondering how much Dream Car Profits will set you back. The good news is that the course is relatively inexpensive.

Though the course is worth more than it’s sold for, Jacob Caris wants to make it affordable for the community of affiliate marketers so that anyone has a good chance of success in the dream car contest.

Right now, the course is a one-off payment of $97, which is a bargain.

Dream Car Profits originally started off at $47, and since the course has regularly increased in price.

So, if you’re interested in the course, we recommend grabbing it at its current price before it increases any further.

8. Is Dream Car Profits worth it ?

Is Dream Car Profits worth it ?

Generally, there are two routes to take on affiliate marketing. The first is to experiment with what works and what doesn’t yourself.

While this may be creative, it usually means a lot of money and time wasted.

The other route is to discover someone successful in the field of affiliate marketing and to replicate their process by investing in their tools and training.

The Dream Car Profits course helps with the latter, of course, and it offers a clear path to affiliate marketing success with the help of a super successful affiliate marketer.

If you’re new to Clickfunnels affiliate marketing or are struggling with it, and you want to win your dream car, then investing in the training is a no brainer.

Dream Car Profits will no doubt improve your skills and help you to affiliate marketing success.

Jacob Caris is an honest and realistic teacher, so you can feel assured that he’s not offering you high expectations during the course, and you can trust the advice he’s giving.

It’s fair to say that Jacob’s commitment to teaching his affiliate success and being honest about it is unmatched in the market.

The course includes easy and actionable steps to help build an online business and gain affiliate commissions, whether from blogging, video, paid traffic, or Facebook groups.

Plus, the price is very low on the market, offering great value.

The main criticism of the course is that it’s very short and concise.

So, if it’s the only course you’re studying for affiliate marketing, you may be left with plenty of questions.

For example, how do you brand yourself as a company? It’s suggested that for the best success in affiliate marketing, Dream Car Profits should be paired with a more in-depth course.

9. Using to launch your online business's home page's home page

For an alternative method of building your online business, here at we offer a full marketing platform designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to sell their goods and products online.

While Dream Car Profits is a useful training course that helps build a brand and earn affiliate commissions, as mentioned, it’s very concise and only features training.

Dream Car Profits focuses on teaching how to grow a business and earn affiliate commissions, but it doesn’t provide the tools to help you with your success.

For those who are brand new to creating a business and are starting from scratch, an all-inclusive platform like is a fantastic way to kick-start your business.

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