Kartra vs Builderall – Which is Better For You?

kartra vs builderall

Differences between Kartra and Builderall

So you have an online business, and you’re trying to drive more traffic and get more conversions. 

A lot of people will use the help of an all in one system that offers everything

Tools like Kartra and Builderall offer things like hosting, sales funnels, email capture, automation, and more.

Think of like, Mailchimp on steroids, and you’ll have Kartra and Builderall. These tools offer a lot, and there are many details to discuss between the two. 

In this article want to cover everything from A to Z so you can decide which tool is right for you. Let’s get right to the Kartra vs. Builderall battle! 

Understanding Kartra



First, we’ll take a deep dive into Kartra. This comprehensive business platform hit the market in 2018 from Genesis Digital.

These are the same people responsible for WebinarJam, which I love, but it is outrageously expensive. 

Anyway, they offer everything you need, like hosting, email marketing tools, webinars, testing, cart checkouts, automation, and much more. 

One of the things that right away separates Kartra from some of the other tools that do all of these things are their done for you funnels.

They’ve already determined a slew of different funnels that convert well, and they include them as part of the service. 

You can leverage the success of famous marketers like Frank Kern and steal his funnels for your marketing campaigns.

You might have heard of another company doing something similar. (ahem, Clickfunnels) 

There’s nothing better than having drag and drop systems that you can jump right in and implemented in your business.

Unless you plan on hiring a team of developers to create your funnels, you’ll need pre-made funnels that you can plug and play. 

One of the main reasons why people use tools like Kartra is because they don’t want to have to use a variety of different marketing tools and apps from varying companies.

It’s nice when you can have everything in one place, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility between all the apps. (not to mention remembering all the passwords) 

In the end, if you’re someone who values your time and wants to keep things simple while still being effective, you’ll like Kartra. Let’s get into some more of the details

Main features of kartra


Here we’ll break down the entire process of signing up for Kartra and getting your business set up for success. 

The sign-up

When you sign up for Kartra, you’ll have the option of getting a 14-day trial for one dollar. I would suggest taking this because you never know what will happen. 

Once you sign up, you get an email with your login details and welcome video that explains how you should get started with Kartra. 

Something I like is that the video wasn’t exhausting, so I didn’t want to turn around and run away. Much of the time, these tools will fill you with so much information that you don’t know what to do next.

The video is helpful but not too much right off the bat. 

They also give you a helpful checklist toolbar to follow as you’re setting everything up. It will want you to complete your profile, create a list, integrate payment gateways, and set up some of your products.

This checklist may vary depending on the type of business you’re in. 

Overall, the startup process of Kartra is clean and easy to figure out. 

Landing page builder

Landing page builder

Landing page builder

One of the most important parts of this process is building your landing pages, right? Let’s see how easy (or hard) it is. 

They offer a lot of pre-made templates that you can use in a variety of situations, no matter what kind of business you’re in. They have home pages, blogs, sales pages, email captures, and squeeze pages. 

You’ll choose a template; some are great, while others are pretty ugly. With the templates, there are some genres to choose so you can get the right template for what you’re looking to accomplish. 

For example, they have templates for video sales pages, coming soon, product reviews, product launches, webinar registration, and more.

This feature is nice because it makes it easy to choose the right type of converting page for your goals. 

Now, once you’ve chosen your template, it’s time to edit it. You can start with a completely blank page, but if you’re using a template, it will work something like this. 

As with many other page builders, you’ll have a simple to use point and click process.  You click on the different elements on the page, and you’ll have a toolbar pop up on the side of the screen.

 From there, you’ll make changes to the text, buttons, actions, and more. 

The pages are broken up into blocks where you can add different elements to those blocks.

If you’ve ever used a page editor on just about any other software, this one won’t look too different. 

Now, if you’re looking for something that stands out of the crowd, you won’t find it here.

Kartras' page builder is somewhat bland, and their templates don’t offer anything that everyone else doesn’t already have. 

If simplicity is what you want, you’ll feel right at home, building your pages with Kartra. 

Setting up products

Everything you need to sell products

Everything you need to sell products

Some of the best features of Kartra come with their product setup and built-in shopping cart. You have the choice of setting up a new product or creating an upsell/downsell.

From there, you’ll run through the typical process of adding your products, setting up payment gateways, pricing structure, trials, cart abandonment rules, bump offers, and more. 

You’ll also get a checklist to follow for this whole process, so going through it is simple and straightforward if you’ve never done it before. 

Something I like is that the features are stackable so you can create complex offers in a matter of minutes. You can move the lead through the funnel with many upsells and downsells along the way. 

They also offer many different payment options for your leads. If you sell courses, you can do a membership option, as well. 

Overall, incorporating product offerings into your funnel is a simple process that works well with Kartra. 

Email marketing and automation

Kartra Mail

Kartra Mail

Let’s talk about the most important feature in my eyes, which is communicating with your leads. 

The best all in one tool will offer a vast assortment of features that make automating your email marketing a breeze. 

Here you can upload a list or manually input leads. If you’re moving from another platform, you’ll find uploading the CSV simple and quick. 

The form builder to capture new leads looks a lot like the rest of the service.

It’s clean and easy to use. Something we really like about Kartra is that everything is congruent, and all the pages function in the same fashion. 

The main problem we have with creating email capture forms is the limitations. There are very few features you can put in, and editing the forms is restricted.

You don’t get a lot of versatility, and the problem is, when your form looks exactly like 500 other people have seen online, they become skeptical. 

Now, once you have everything set up, you’ll need to start getting the word out. You can use SMS or traditional email to touch base with your contacts. 

What about automation? 

kartra workflow

Kartra workflow

Kartra has a workflow they call the “sequence builder.” It allows you to create email campaigns and steps. If you’ve ever used ActiveCampaign, this is very similar. 

The problem I have comes from a tech standpoint. The editor is clunky, it freezes, and sometimes steps disappear completely.  

All in all, email marketing and automation is simple and easy for people who don’t have a lot of experience. Kartra offers plenty of training throughout the process to help, as well. 

Kartra pricing

Kartra pricing

Kartra pricing

Money makes the world go ‘round, and that must be the belief at Kartra. The service is pricey and way more expensive than Builderall, which we’ll talk about. 

Their Starter plan is $99 a month. 

This gives you 2,500 contacts, 15,000 emails a month, 100 pages, 20 products, and 100 automation.

Their Silver plan is $199 a month. 

This gives you 12,500 contacts, 125,000 emails a month, unlimited pages, products, and automation.

They have higher plans than that as well, and they offer a 14 day trial for one dollar. 

What I like about Kartra

  • Easy to set up and jump right in
  • Consistent interface
  • Plenty of upsell/downsell options
  • Easy to use page builder
  • Done for you campaigns
  • Great customer support

What I dislike about Kartra

  • Sometimes clunky 
  • Expensive price tag
  • Lacking in “wow” factor features

Understanding Builderall

understanding builderall


Ah yes, Builderall; this is the platform that hit the market in 2011. It’s an all in one digital marketing platform that combines an assortment of tools together and houses it under one roof. 

You get features like a canvas funnel builder, pixel-perfect builder, and mailing boss. When you think about it. These are all separate features that they combined into one service. 

One thing that is true about Builderall is they offer a lot of features, so you’re sure to find plenty of what you need here. 

Main features of Builderall

Let’s take a look at setting up Builderall, what the process is, and how you can make it work for your business. 

Canvas funnel builder

 builderall funnel builder

Canvas funnel builder

We’ll start from the top and work our way down. The first thing you’ll want to look at is the canvas funnel builder. This tool allows you to build out your funnels and create different steps.

You can use a pre-made template or create your own funnel from scratch. The one thing that is cool about this tool is that they use a clean whiteboard style to help you map it out.

You’ll look at the whiteboard to create the funnel steps so you can see how your leads will move through your funnel. I found this to be easy to understand and super useful

If you’re working from a new funnel, you won’t have this option, of course. You’ll end up making your own whiteboard with your funnel steps. 

A huge problem I have with Builderall funnel templates is the lack of brand consistency. You will spend a lot of time going into each page and individually editing them because each one looks so different.

Your squeeze page might look completely different from a checkout page, which is never a good thing. 

Pixel perfect builder

New pixel and website Builder

New pixel and website Builder

Now let’s talk about the next step up in the page building process. Here you can build entire pages and even websites from scratch. 

Inside here, you’ll see a lot of templates to choose from, and overall, I like the designs. I think their templates are clean and well developed. 

Once you choose a template, you’ll want to go into the editor and start changing things around. The main difference between the Kartra editor and the Builderall one is the lack of blocks in Builderall.

Here you can basically move anything to any place on the screen if you want. It makes it easy to make mistakes or have something not line up properly because they’re not forcing you to put it somewhere. 

If you’re the kind of person that values your ability to control every detail on your website, you’ll like this editor, but I prefer Kartra’s for its simplicity and ease of use. 


Builderall email's workflow

Builderall email's workflow

This autoresponder handles all your email marketing needs, but it’s also a lot more than just an autoresponder.

First, you’ll create and manage your lists, create emails, and handle everything on the editing side.

Once you have your emails set up, you’ll want to start working on your campaigns and automation. 

You’ll find that setting up sequences is similar to Kartra and many other email marketing tools.

Here you can create steps, triggers, and other parts of the sequence to help move your leads through the funnel. 

Overall, nothing jumps out at me with Builderall. The tools are somewhat basic and similar to what everyone else offers. The good news is that Builderall is much cheaper than many other 

Builderall Pricing

Builderall Pricing

Builderall Pricing 

Much of what I like most about Builderall comes when we talk about the pricing structure. They offer two plans. 

The Essential plan is $29.90 per month, but it doesn’t offer a whole lot. You can use the site builders, but you’re limited to 10,000 leads on MailingBoss, and you don’t get all the features of the tool. 

They have a Premium plan as well, that is $69.90 per month, which unlocks everything and gives you unlimited leads on MailingBoss.

Even at the premium level, you’re still paying less than you would on the basic package of Kartra, so there's a major advantage there. 

What I like about Builderall

  • Both packages offer hosting
  • Drag and drop builders are easy to use
  • Highly affordable pricing package

What I dislike about Builderall

  • Inconsistent interface
  • Limited customer support
  • Barebones tools with limited offerings

Kartra vs Builderall: what works better for your business? 

Mayweather vs Mcgregor

Mayweather vs Mcgregor

Now that you’ve seen them both let’s talk about what would work better for you. First, let’s talk about the funnel builders between both services. 

Who has a better funnel builder? 

Kartra offers a lot more bang for your buck in this area. I found there funnel builders to be easier to use, cleaner, better designed, and more effective from a conversion standpoint

Their templates are also tested and proven to convert, which is something that can’t be said about Builderall. 

Kartra also offers plenty of options when it comes to creating multi-step funnels with upsells and downsells. 

I feel that Builderall falls short in this area. Their funnel building tools are nice, the templates are also clean, but there’s no “wow” factor with any of them. 

Kartra also offers more customization options and plugins that you can use to help optimize and convert more leads. 

Checkmark for Kartra. 

Who has better email marketing tools? 

Email marketing

Email marketing

Both services offer the same features and tools when it comes to email marketing.

Both allow you to import leads, create email sequences, and automate the entire process using a workflow builder. 

I would have to say that Builderalls workflow is easier to grasp, and from a tech standpoint, it works better.

Kartra is clunky in this area, and I had a hard time learning how to set up each step. The process takes long enough, so the last thing you need is an email automation program that doesn’t work well. 

Something else that I like about Builderall is that their premium plan offers unlimited leads, so you never have to think about it. Even at nearly $200 a month, you still only get 12,500 contacts and 125,000 emails a month.

That will work for many people, but you’re paying so much and still getting restricted. 

Checkmark for Builderall 

Which is easier to use? 


Easy to use

Ease of use is essential, especially if you’re diving into online marketing for the first time. You’ll want something that you can jump right in and get started.

The best thing about Kartra is their customer service and training videos. They offer a ton of options for people looking to learn more about the tools and how to implement them properly. 

Builderall, on the other hand, does not. They don’t even have a 24/7 live chat, which has come in handy for me many times.

When you make most of your money from creating sales funnels, and one goes down, you want to get it back up as soon as possible, whether it’s Sunday night or not. 

Kartra offers 24/7 live support, tons of helpful training videos, and an overall easier platform to jump in and understand.

The interface is super clean, and their dashboard is easy to use as well, so it makes the entire experience much better for newbies and those who value simplicity. 

Checkmark for Kartra

Which is more affordable?

Best price

You know the simple answer to this question, Builderall is much more affordable.

But, affordability means a lot more than the price tag; you should take a look at the options and tools provided to determine what is a better value. 

Even when we do that, we still see that Builderall offers way more leads, email marketing, automation, plus unlimited domains, so how could you go wrong? 

You could pick yourself up the most expensive Builderall package, and it would still be cheaper than the most affordable one at Kartra

If you’re new to the game and you’re looking to get some experience under your belt with a cheaper service, I would recommend checking out Builderall.

You’ll get everything you need without having to break the bank right off the bat.

Checkmark for Builderall 

So, Which is Better? 

The Golden Ball

This is probably not the answer you want to hear, but there are two sides to this story. 

If you’re interested in an all in one tool that offers done for you services and you’re not afraid to pay a little more money, you’ll want to go with Kartra. 

It’s overall a better digital marketing platform that offers much more than Builderall. 

If you’re unsure about which to choose and you’re looking for more basic email marketing, automation, and funnels, you’ll want to check out Builderall. 

It offers enough for most people, and there's a lot of scalabilities there because you won’t ever cap out in terms of leads, pages, or anything for that matter. 

What are the alternatives? 

Systeme.io homepage

Systeme.io homepage

If you’re looking for an all in one platform that never falls short, consider checking out Systeme.io

Here you can create complex funnels, automation, membership sites, and more. All starting for only $27 dollars per month with a 14-day free trial

Systeme.io provides everything you need to create your online business, automate it, and convert leads into dollar signs. 

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