Builderall Review: In-Depth And Brutally Honest

Builderall logo

Builderall logo

If you run an online business, you’re probably aware of just how many tools, services, and plugins that are available to help you build your brand and gain sales.

If you’re already running a business, it’s likely that you currently switch between several tools

Maybe you use one for email marketing, another for SEO, another to host your website, and so on. 

And as you may know, this can be both costly, and tedious. 

That’s where platforms like Builderall come in. Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps you create and grow an online business.

It’s ideal for new marketers and entrepreneurs that have started a business venture, startup, or small business. Builderall offers everything you need for a successful online business.

But while Builderall is a popular choice of software for budding business owners, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option on the market. There are lots of alternative options that may suit your business needs better.

Want to find out if Builderall is the tool for you? If you’re looking for an in-depth and honest Builderall review, keep reading.

We’re here to cover and discuss Builderall’s features, integrations, pricing, and so much more so you can find out whether the platform is right for you.

By the end of reading this review, you’ll know whether Builderall suits your next project.

Let’s get started!

1. What is Builderall?

What is builderall

First, let’s learn a bit more about Builderall. 

Builderall was launched in 2017 by Erick Salgado. As mentioned, Builderall is an all-in-one digital marketing platform.

Instead of purchasing each tool you need to run a successful online business separately, Builderall offers all the features you need in one easy-to-access place.

Builderall includes tools to assist with sales funnels, website building, landing pages, click map auto-responders, heat maps, and so much more.

As Builderall is a cloud-based system, it means that you don’t need to install anything onto your laptop or computer, and you don’t need to download anything.

For Builderall to work, all you need to do is create an account on the official Builderall website and have an internet connection.

Builderall also has great connections to other external websites and apps which is a plus. You can synchronize it with other online marketing tools easily which is useful if you want to keep using some of your other software.

Whatever your business, Builderall can help you build it with its complete online marketing platform.

All the tools you need for success are included, so you won’t need to look elsewhere or spend extra money outside the Builderall platform. 

This will save you plenty of time and money from researching and buying a huge variety of tools that are unlikely to integrate.

As when working with lots of different tools, they all likely need to be learned and run separately.

2. Who should use Builderall?

Who Should Use Builderall?

Builderall works well for anyone who wants to create a website and landing pages for selling products and services.

For example, affiliate marketers, website service providers, product creators, business owners, and many more will love the easy-to-use software.

It’s also perfect for new marketers without much (or any) design or coding skills who want to start an online business but are unsure where to start.

So far, Builderall sounds pretty great, huh? But is Builderall is as amazing as it sounds? Let’s take an in-depth look into the main features it provides to see exactly what it’s offering.

3. What are Builderall’s features?

 Builderall features

 Builderall's features

As we’ve established, Builderall works wonderfully for anyone wanting to start an online business.

Whatever your design background and experience, this intuitive software, teamed with extensive support material, will allow users to easily design and promote their products and services.

Builderall offers plenty of features that we’ll list next. While most of these are available on the Builderall Premium plan, you may want to check as some may only be available with the essential plan.

As you’ll see, Builderall is jam-packed with incredible features and functions, containing all the tools you want in one combined package. 

Ready to dive in? Here are some of Builderall’s top features.

3.1. Dedicated servers

Dedicated Servers

To create a website, you need website hosting and that’s exactly what Builderall provides.

Builderall offers dedicated local servers to host your websites, sales funnels, videos, webinars, and everything else you want to design and publish for your business.

And as Builderall is a hosted service, all internet maintenance, security, and backup issues are dealt with by the team. That means you can focus on the important part - creating sales for your business.

The Builderall CDN network also provides servers in five continents, delivering quick loading speeds and high uptime.

Both Builderall’s packages offer unlimited use of its subdomains and allow you to connect to your domains.

3.2. Drag and drop site builder

Drag and Drop

The comprehensive site builder tool is without a doubt Builderall’s best feature.

To create a successful online business, you need to create landing pages! To help you do that, Builderall offers a selection of website builders. 

Builderall allows you to create your website in three different builders, so you can see how your site looks on mobile, desktop, and tablet. 

That means you can offer your target audience a unique and streamlined user experience depending on whether they visit your website on a desktop, tablet, or mobile.

It also helps make your website search engine friendly, so your ideal audience can find you!

The three builders are called the drag and drop pixel perfect builder, the drag and drop responsive builder, and the mobile-first drag and drop builder. 

The three site builders are all ‘what you see is what you get’ drag and drop editors, and the key difference between them is the responsive view.

While having the option of three builders gives you ultimate control on how your site looks across all devices, it means that you can spend a lot of extra time designing your website for each device. 

As you can imagine, it can a bit addicting trying to perfect your site for every appliance.

If you don’t want to spend hours and hours doing this and would prefer to design your site once, you can opt for the drag and drop responsive builder.

With this builder, Builderall takes care of making sure your site is responsive across all devices.

All the builders work in a similar format. Users can easily drag and drop elements across the page, change colors and text, add additional elements, and much more.

As well as creating landing pages, the site builder tool can also create infographics.

Resume designs, Pinterest designs, Kindle covers, Google Plus headers, Facebook covers, EBook Covers, business cards, blog header designs, and advertising images, plus more. 

The easy-to-use drag and drop interface and lots of other integrated applications also allow you to build attractive, professional and effective websites, virtual stores, lead Capture pages, and sales pages.

It’s a completely versatile tool!

3.3. Templates


One of Builderall’s best benefits is that there’s an extensive range of templates available for users.

Whether you’re looking to design a whole website, a sales funnel, or an individual landing page, Builderall caters for this with a huge selection of attractive and fully optimized templates.

The templates also cover a big range of niches and industries, so whatever field your business is in, there will be a template to suit your brand.

Template categories include events, music, travel, health and beauty, design, agency, news, and education.

Templates come by type too. So, whether you’re creating a lead capture page, sales funnel set, webinar page, membership page, thank you page, or anything else, there’s sure to be a template to suit the situation.

Once you select a template, you then have the freedom to customize it with one of the Builderall builders listed.

Most of the templates offer a great starting point for creating a unique landing page. They’re especially useful for those who lack web design skills, creativity, or time to build a template from scratch.

But if you’re a wizard with web design, don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Builderall also provides several blank templates for those who want to create their perfect pages from scratch.

3.4. Sales funnels 

Sales funnel

The sales funnels templates are worth a mention on their own. Each template is created to increase sales and conversions, which is just what you want for an online business.

The sales funnels templates come in lots of options, integrations, and checkout options, including two and three-step checkouts. You can also allow cross and up-selling at the checkout too.

However, there are a few criticisms of the site builder tool. The first is that as there are three different website builders, this means it can be difficult to find a suitable template.

This is because the three builders are so similar, and each builder has a template section.

That means you’ll have to check each of the site builders to choose a template that works best for you which can be a bit long-winded.

Also, the category menu is quite confusing, as the categories all seem quite random. 

For example, categories can include ‘landing page’, ‘health & beauty’, and ‘local business’. 

So, some of the categories seem to be page types, while others are business types.

Likewise, all three of the site builders use the same category filter, yet not all categories are valid for all three builders. Confusing, huh?

For example, naturally, when you create an e-commerce website, you may want to focus on mobile users as mobile use is so mainstream nowadays.

So, to target mobile users you want to create a suitable sales funnel. So, you choose the mobile-first builder, then go onto sales funnels listed in the category menu.

However, there isn’t anything there! The mobile-first builder doesn’t have sales funnel templates. 

This makes the site builder tool both confusing and untidy, especially for a first-time marketer.

3.5. Heat mapping

Heat Mapping

A unique feature that Builderall offers that many other similar platforms don’t is the heat mapping tool. This is called the click map.

The click map allows users to view where their audience has been clicking on each page. This helps understand browser behaviors and how they navigate your website.

That way you can analyze where on your page draws the most attention, and where doesn’t.

This can help you customize your page with this information in mind so it converts better. For example, you can place a call to action button in a space that draws more attention.

Builderall also works with Google Analytics so you can monitor and track your audience and how they engage with your website.

However, it’s important to note that while the heat mapping tool sounds fantastic, it doesn’t always work and sometimes comes up as an error. Not great!

3.6. The floating video

The Floating Video

The floating video is another unique feature offered by Builderall. 

This feature lets you upload videos you’ve filmed with a green screen or a similar color background to only display the objects in front of the screen.

These types of videos are great for grabbing the attention of your audience on your landing pages. All you need to do is design your video, install a pixel to the landing page to display the video and let it run.

3.7. Presentations builder


Need to create professional, attractive, and slick presentations for your business? Then you’ll find the presentations builder useful.

The feature works like PowerPoint, except you have a lot more options. However, in terms of use, PowerPoint would still be the preferred option.

3.8. Animated video tool

Animated Video Tool

As it sounds, the animated video tool allows you to create full animated videos. You can add animations, text, sound, and many other exciting and eye-catching effects.

The tool library offers tons of backgrounds, animated characters, and sound effects to add so you can jazz up any video.

You can even include a video you’ve already created and can add these features to it before exporting or embedding the video to your website.

The text to speech feature is another feature of the tool, however, it could do with some ironing out. 

The way it works is that you type in text and the program reads the text out for you in a variety of voice types.

The voice types are quite humorous, so take them with a pinch of salt! The ‘English UK male’ accent is ridiculously high pitched while the ‘English UK male 2’ is a female voice. 

‘English US male’ is also a female voice but with a strong Spanish accent. So, you may have to do a bit of digging to find a voice you want to use.

The video tool is only available for the premium package though. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the different packages later.

You can download the finished product to your hard drive. 

That means you can use it how you wish, for example, you can upload it to YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms.

3.9. Design studio

Design studio

The design studio allows users to create stunning images and videos for your website, products, courses, eBooks, social media, plus more.

You can add videos or images into a specific area of an image, such as a mobile device screen, a picture frame, a TV screen, or any other type of space.

You can also upload your own video or image frame and can decide the area where your video or image will be displayed. 

Confused? Here’s an example. You can choose an image of a home office with a computer screen on the desk. On the computer screen, you can embed an image or video clip. 

This can be quite a cool effect, depending on the nature of your company. 

It’s super easy to complete too and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes per image.

In the photo studio section, you can edit photos, add effects and text, edit the size and backgrounds.

However, it seems to be a work in progress feature as the tool only seems to contain random stock photos and not much else. 

If you want to create beautiful 3D images for your website or products, you can also do so with the Builderall image spinner.

While the design studio is quite a nifty tool, it’s not a necessary feature but is appreciated all the same.

3.10. App creator

Fancy trying your hand at creating apps? Well, now you can with Builderall’s app creator.

The app creator allows you to build, edit, and publish mobile apps which you can distribute across different platforms at no cost. 

But if you want to make some dollars with your apps, you must create Amazon, Play, and Apple app accounts.

Creating a company app using this tool is a great way to let customers learn your business information and gain access to discount sales and offers, make bookings, plus more.

You can add a news wall to publish interesting blogs and news, social media links such as Facebook and Twitter, Shopify links, audio and video files, RSS feed, code scan, plus a lot more.

While this may sound daunting, the app creator is fairly easy to use. 

Plus, the app is free from third-party ads, unlike many other free app creators on the market, which will also save a lot of time in building your app.

3.11. Email marketing

Email marketing

Another main feature of Builderall is the MailingBoss email marketing tool.

This feature allows you to create emailing marketing campaigns.

Unlike many other similar platforms, MailingBoss has no limits to email campaigns meaning you can send unlimited numbers of emails to an unlimited number of recipients. Pretty impressive, huh?

With MailingBoss you can manually add new subscribers, or you can import new subscribers from your website or landing pages that may feature an opt-in form. 

You can organize your leads and lists by using tags and behavioral triggers.

When it comes to creating a new email marketing campaign, you can use pre-designed elements and templates to help you quickly build an effective and attractive campaign.

This makes creating a new campaign super easy, even for those who have never done it before.

Once you implement your email campaigns, you can monitor their success by analyzing the campaign statistics. 

You can also target your campaigns at groups of people who are divided by segments. That way you can customize emails better leading to improved conversion rates.

However, while MailingBoss works fine, it isn’t the best email marketing solution on the market and the format is a little difficult to get used to.

This rings especially true when compared to popular email marketing services out there such as MailChimp, SendInBlue, and GetResponse. Sadly, MailingBoss just doesn’t stack up.

The top menu bar isn’t very clear and organized, and there are barely any submenus which make navigation confusing. 

For example, ‘subscribers’ and ‘lists’ are separate in the main menu when you’d assume that subscribers would be under the lists section. 

Also, you can’t view the email sequence of autoresponders easily. 

And as you create various emails, they’ll each appear under the ‘email sequence’ section at random, and it won’t be clear in which order the emails must be sent.

You must control it in the ‘workflow’ section instead. As you can imagine, this can get a little confusing and frustrating at times.

The pros are that the simplicity of MailingBoss’s email templates is quite refreshing. To create an email, you just drag and drop elements from the left-hand menu.

The block elements are visual instead of just basic descriptions (e.g. ‘text with image’ and ‘button’) and this makes it easier and quicker to tell which blocks you want to use.

And as the templates are so simple, if you just want to add simple paragraph text and an image, you can do that without having to fuss around with a pre-made, complicated template.

In comparison, many other marketing platforms only offer elaborate and premade templates, not giving you many options for a simpler design.

3.12. On-page SEO

On-page SEO

Builderall’s on-page SEO tool assesses every part of your website’s search engine optimization, offering you a score and giving you advice on how to improve it.

All you need to do is enter a keyword you want to rank with along with your website address. 

The tool will then instantly deliver all the information you need to make your website optimized based on your chosen keyword, improving your visibility in search engines.

One advantage of this tool is that you can create a report of not only your Builderall pages but of any URLs.

That includes your competitors! This gives you a real insight into what you’re up against.

While separate from the SEO tool, what’s also great is that all Builderall templates are fully optimized for search engines too, making the job of SEO a whole lot easier for you.

However, while the tool is very useful, it’s lacking in comparison to other SEO tools in some ways.

For example, when compared to Yoast for WordPress, Builderall’s SEO report doesn’t save the information for you to keep as a reference.

This can be quite annoying as every time you want to check a page you need to go through the same process of inserting the URL and keyword every time, even if you want to check one small thing.

3.13. Script generator

The script generator tool lets you design emails, videos, webinars, sales letters, sales pages, and so much more.

The tool helps you choose your avatar, and also helps you discover the benefits of your products or services along with what avatar needs you require to close a sale. 

3.14. eCommerce 

E commerce

To sell your products or services online, you need an eCommerce store and that’s exactly what Builderall offers.

Simply pop your products into the Builderall Marketplace, and then choose your payment and delivery options for the products.

You’ll also have access to useful and fun eCommerce features including coupons, popups, a more streamlined checkout process, plus more.

You can then go on to set up an affiliate program so your customers and influencers can sell your products for you.

Or alternatively, you can use Builderall to create an affiliate website yourself and can promote and sell other people’s products, earning a commission from it.

This is a great idea if you want to make cash but don’t want to deal with sales.

It’s also worth mentioning the Builderall business affiliate program. Once you’ve signed up to the Builderall Business plan, you can promote Builderall as a marketing tool, earning money from any sales you close.

With your eCommerce store, Builderall conveniently integrates with a variety of other platforms and tools for an easy, streamlined experience.

These include PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, plus more. So, whatever your business, you can use the tools that fit best for your company.

3.15. eLearning 


Are you selling online courses or classes? Then you’ll love the eLearning app provided by Builderall. 

The eLearning platform allows users to design courses and lessons, manage students and teachers, plus so much more. 

As part of the teaching, you can create videos, produce quizzes, upload course material, and design tests.

You can also design your course and set triggers to stop students from jumping ahead of the course, only offering them access to parts of the course they’ve already completed.

There’s no limit on how many courses you can create either.

Builderall allows you to design and sell as many lessons and courses as you like. That makes Builderall a fantastic tool for those wanting to create or grow an online eLearning business.

3.16. Membership sites


This leads us on to membership sites. With Builderall, you can transform some or all your website into a membership site. This offers customers an exciting, exclusive feel.

To do so, you can create a restricted area of the website using one of the Builderall builders.

Then you align the registration and login settings to suit your membership design.

Depending on your goal, memberships can be free, or you can charge. This is a great way to monetize your business and collect, say, a monthly subscription fee from customers. 

3.17. Webinars


Webinars are the rage right now and running one can be an extremely effective way to connect with your target audience and encourage them to visit your website or buy a product.

Builderall offers a dedicated tool for creating engaging webinars.

The tool allows users to create high-quality videos that will interest viewers. The Builderall tool conveniently allows users to upload content directly from your desktop, YouTube, and more.

The tool also allows users to schedule webinars start times, enable chat, password protect webinars, monitor statistics, and integrate with MailingBoss.

There are various nifty video tools available, helping you film and design top-notch webinars to interest your audience and promote your products and services.

3.18. Blog builder

Blog Builder

In today’s media-saturated world, creating engaging content is a priority for every brand in every field. After all, you don’t want to get lost in the competition! 

With Builderall’s blog builder, you can quickly and easily add blog posts using the intuitive tool.

4. What support does Builderall offer?

Builderall support

Now you’ve heard the awesome features that Builderall provides, you may be wondering how supportive the team at Builderall is in helping you get to grips with the software.

After all, there’s a lot to the platform and it can be pretty daunting setting up an online business, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

Thankfully, the team at Builderall has an extensive knowledge base and offers plenty of material that helps users learn how to use the platform and its many tools.

4.1. Onboarding


Choose from over 400+ training and tutorial videos that explain the different processes and stages of designing an online business step by step.

There’s information on how to set up a website, email campaigns, sales funnels, and more so you’ll be guided along the journey.

If you’re brand new to using the software, a good place to begin is the Quick Start area.

These videos are designed for new members and they aim to welcome users and onboard information on Builderall quickly and clearly so new members can get started.

However, while Builderall offers plenty of support for users in the form of video tutorials, it would be nice to have some help in text format too.

Audio and visual assistance is clearer and more comprehensive than text help, but it means that even if you want a quick answer to a simple question, you must trawl through a video to find it.

It also means you need to be in a quiet environment or have headphones to hand to discover the answer to a question.

4.2. YouTube channel


There’s also a YouTube channel that’s packed full of informational videos. These include more Builderall tutorials along with helpful tips, tricks, and inspiration for designing and building a successful business using Builderall. 

For extra help and advice, a weekly meeting is hosted on YouTube. Here Builderall users can ask questions and discuss the software’s features.

4.3. Facebook group


The Builderall Facebook group is also very useful for both new and established members.

Here you can speak to and connect with other Builderall users to ask questions, share ideas, discuss issues, and learn from one another. 

It’s a great way to feel part of a wider Builderall community and improve the way you use the platform.

4.4. Support team

Support team

Finally, if you don’t have much luck solving your question or query using any of the above methods, then you can speak to the Builderall team directly.

Simply head to the support page where you can open a ticket and ask your question. Once the ticket has been submitted, one of the support team will get back to you as soon as they can.

However, if you do end up sending a support ticket for help, note that it can take over 24 hours to have a question answered.

This can be frustrating, especially if you’re constrained on time or have deadlines. A live chat would be great to answer some basic questions, but this isn’t available right now.

5. How to use Builderall?

How to Use Builderall?

How it work...

While Builderall’s support videos will help you get set up with the platform, we’ll briefly go through how to start using the Builderall platform.

To get started, first, you’ll need to register with your information.

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you’ll be transferred to the Builderall dashboard. There you’ll be greeted with a ‘Welcome to Builderall’ video.

The video will offer you a brief overview of what you can find in the Builderall dashboard.

It will also introduce you to the tools and features available and will help you learn to navigate the software. It’s certainly worth a watch to help you settle into using the program.

Once you’ve finished watching the welcome video, scroll down the homepage. You’ll come across all the apps and tools you’ll need to create an online business. You can also access these tools via the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

6. How much does Builderall cost?

How much does it cost?

Now let’s get onto a very important part – costings. Considering Builderall is a quality tool that includes lots of features and functionality, the pricing is reasonable.

To join Builderall, first, you’ll need to choose one of the two packages offered. The amount of access to the Builderall features depends on which package you choose, so we’ll go through these next. 

It’s worth noting now that the Builderall Premium plan includes all the features mentioned above, while the essential plan doesn’t.

When deciding on a plan, it’s worth checking to make sure it includes all the features that you’re interested in.

When choosing a package, there are various payment options available you can choose from, including using a VISA card.

Ready to hear about the plans? Let’s dive in.

6.1. Builderall Essential plan

The essential plan offers you plenty of tools to build your business and promote your products and services. It costs $29.90 a month.

Features include access to all the Builderall apps, unlimited use of the MailingBoss email marketing platform, SSL certificates for all your websites, plus plenty more.

6.2. Builderall Premium plan

The Builderall Business package is the whole shebang and it offers the complete package to launch a successful online business or to improve an existing one.

It costs a fair bit more than the essential package at $69.90 a month but offers plenty more exciting features to help build a website.

Included in the premium package are the eCommerce and affiliate features, the webinar app, CDN hosting, plus more.

As you can see, the two plans cater to different needs and the pricing varies.

The great thing is that Builderall offers a free seven-day trial, so you can always take the platform for a test drive before investing in it.

You can sign up for the trial without providing any credit card information which is great – it means you won’t accidentally get tied into a package if you forget to cancel your trial.

That means you can experiment with Builderall and get to know the software without spending a single cent.

This is perfect for brand new marketers who are on a tight budget and want to make an informed decision before splashing out on monthly subscriptions.

7. Is Builderall worth it?

Is Builderall Worth It?

Considering the price and the features and functionality of the platform, Builderall is a great tool.

It comes with pretty much all the features you need to build a successful online business, plus fun extra tools to play with too.

As Builderall comes complete as a package, it offers plenty of conveniences and saves you spending money separately on extra tools like sales funnel creation software, email marketing services, content building plugins, and more.

That means you don’t have to waste money and time sourcing and buying various stand-alone products that may or may not integrate anyway.

Builderall is also constantly evolving and updating, meaning the platform stays up to date with users’ needs and with current marketing trends. 

If you’re looking for an affordable integrated platform that conveniently helps you manage and build a new or existing online business, then Builderall may be the software for you.

However, while it’s impressive that Builderall offers so many important online marketing tools under one platform, it can be argued that Builderall has tried too hard with its extensive offering.

For example, some of the tools don’t work so well, such as the heatmap testing.

Perhaps it would have been better for Builderall to go for quality over quantity, putting more focus into fewer tools rather than offering lots of features that are half-baked.

Plus, some of the tools are clunky and confusing to use. For example, as mentioned, the menu of the sales funnel tool is unclear. This can make design a bit tedious rather than streamlined as you’d hope when creating a website.

Also, while the interface is clean and easy-to-use, it’s easy to imagine people becoming overwhelmed with the range of options available.

Especially for those fresh to marketing! The huge plethora of features and options may be a blessing or a curse to some.

However, considering that the web hosting fee is inclusive, there’s no arguing that Builderall offers value for money.

As mentioned, Builderall is perfect for new business owners and marketers who are on a tight budget as all the tools are included in one easy-to-use package.

Builderall can easily replace between five to ten of the tools many marketers use to run an online business every day.

Plus, it’s a lot more affordable than many other popular alternatives on the market, such as Clickfunnels and Leadpages. If you’re undecided, you can always take advantage of the free seven-day trial.

8. Using as an alternative to Builderall's home page's home page

For an alternative to Builderall, you may consider our marketing platform and what we offer.

Similar to Builderall, is an all-in-one integrated marketing platform designed for users to start or maintain a successful online business. is also created with small business owners and entrepreneurs in mind who are looking for an easy way to start a business and sell their products and services online. 

Just like Builderall, the software is fully integrated and super simple to use, making running an online business as easy as possible.

By using, you don’t need to splash out on a host of separate tools or solutions. 

Everything you could need to run a successful online business is included in the platform.

So, what can you do with 

Members of can design entire sales funnels, create email lists, launch a blog space, make membership sites, automate the business, and operate affiliate programs.

You can also send as many emails as you like with – there are no caps whatsoever. is so simple for anyone to use too, so even if you have zero technical knowledge and have never created a website before in your life, you’ll be fine.

New marketers will feel comfortable using the platform, knowing that it was carefully designed by experts with tons of experience building websites and designing successful marketing campaigns.

9. How much does cost?


Pricing’s packages work just as well as Builderalls, except three are available offering more flexibility than Builderall.

Builderall offers just two packages at very different prices, but here at, we offer three packages that are suitable for different-sized businesses.

The difference between the packages mainly involves how big the emailing list can be.

By opting for one of our three affordable plans, you can gain access to an all-inclusive marketing platform to help grow your business at an affordable price. also offers a free 14-day trial too, so you can try the platform so you can make sure it works well for you and your business.

Here are our available plans.

9.1. Startup plan

The start-up package works well for brand new businesses or small companies with a mailing list under 5,000. This costs just $27 per month.

  • $27 per month 
  • 5000 email subscribers 
  • Unlimited emails sent 
  • Unlimited funnels 
  • 3 membership sites 
  • 0 custom domains
  • Unlimited file storage space 
  • Unlimited members 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Run your affiliate program
  • Support answer under 24h

9.2. Webinars plan

The webinars package is ideal for medium-sized businesses, offering a larger email list to contact. This package costs $47 per month.

  • 10000 email subscribers 
  • Unlimited emails sent 
  • Unlimited funnels 
  • 5 membership sites 
  • 2 custom domains 
  • Unlimited file storage space 
  • Unlimited members 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Run your affiliate program 
  • Support answer under 24h 
  • 3 webinars Coupon codes 
  • A/B tests

9.3. Enterprise plan 

The enterprise package is perfect for a more established business, offering an email list of up to whopping 15,000 subscribers. This costs $97 per month.

  • 15000 email subscribers
  • Unlimited emails sent 
  • Unlimited funnels 
  • Unlimited membership sites 
  • 5 custom domains 
  • Unlimited file storage space 
  • Unlimited members 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Run your affiliate program Support answer under 24h 
  • Unlimited webinars 
  • Coupon codes 
  • A/B tests 
  • 1 hour 1-on-1 coaching session

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