Kartra Vs. Systeme.io: Which Is Better For You?

Kartra vs Systeme.io

Kartra vs Systeme.io

If you’re thinking of creating an online business, then you may have heard of platforms like Kartra and ourselves, Systeme.io, that help with the entire process.

These platforms are similar in that they both allow business owners to create, market, and launch their company online by using one integrated platform. Gone are the needs for hiring a team of copywriters, web developers, system integrators and designers.

However, of course, there are some differences in the products, and that’s what we’ll also go through here. Ready to learn all about these two platforms? Here’s Kartra vs Systeme.io.

1. The Similarities between Kartra and Systeme.io

Similarities Between Kartra and Systeme

As mentioned, both Kartra and Systeme.io allow business owners to run their online companies with one easy-to-use piece of software.

Many of us know that it can be frustrating running an online business with various apps that aren’t integrated. 

For example, like when your checkout page won’t automatically add customers to your newsletter, or your helpdesk portal won’t link with your contacts database. Not only is it maddening, but it can take ages trying to solve the solution.

However, the integrated individual sections created in the Kartra and Systeme.io platforms merge in each platform, without you having to make any configurations or integrations yourself. Too easy! 

Such a convenient system allows you to reduce the points of both failure and stress. This is because when you run lots of different apps together, there are so many points where it can go wrong. 

As they say, the more links in the chain, the more chance that one will break.

To make it even more difficult, you must contact a different support team for each add on if there is a problem. And who’s to say the help team will know how the other apps work, or how to integrate them successfully?

With an all-in-one technical ecosystem like Kartra and Systeme.io, that problem is solved. If there’s only one platform, there’s only one support team that knows the ins and outs of that platform. 

2. What does Karta offer?

kartra's features

Kartra's features

Let’s go through what the Kartra platform offers.

As mentioned, all the parts of Kartra are integrated, meaning every section of the platform works together for a business to run efficiently. 

For example, if a user fills in a Kartra form, Kartra Mail will go on to subscribe that person to your newsletter.

One of Kartra’s main strengths is that the platform is geared to both beginners in the online business game and seasoned tech users. 

Beginners will love the easy-to-use platform that features pre-made templates and convenient drag-and-drop interfaces.

Within a day or two, almost any user will be working through the app at full blast to get their business working. 

But don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun to be had for the tech pros who’ve tried and tested various software options on the market. 

Kartra’s flexible platform allows users to craft advanced, customized, and complex sales funnels and automated marketing campaigns to suit their business needs.

Another benefit is that Kartra is a cloud platform, so you don’t need to worry about losing your precious information

It’s all safe in the cloud! All you need to use it is an internet connection to access it via the web browser.

You’ll never need to download anything either and will always have the most up-to-date version of Kartra

And while many cloud-based software platforms charge extra for additional features, Kartra follows an all-inclusive model.

With Kartra, all parts are included in the package with no additional add-ons. 

So, what parts does Kartra offer? Let’s go through them.

2.1. Kartra checkouts

kartra checkout

Kartra checkouts are one of the most important parts of the platform, as it allows you to sell your products or services online. It includes checkout forms for both credit card and PayPal payments.

2.2. Kartra pages

kartra pages

Create pages for your business website using the easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder. Hundreds of professionally designed flexible templates are included, and every page is mobile optimized.

2.3. Kartra leads

kartra leads

Build your leads, prospects, and customer database using Kartra leads. Organize them conveniently in groups using lists and custom tags.

2.4. Kartra funnels & campaigns

kartra funnels

Create a multi-page funnel flow to help convert browsers into leads, leads into customers, and finally customers into loyal clients.

2.5. Kartra mail

kartra mail

Craft live or automated email or SMS marketing campaigns to engage with your subscribed user base.

2.6. Kartra memberships

kartra memberships

Kartra memberships allow you to send your content, course, or training materials straight to customers with a professional and easy-to-use drag-and-drop portal builder.

2.7. Kartra videos

kartra videos

Include pop offers mid-way through any videos used such as lead capture forms, multi-video playlists, and much more to help engage and convert users.

2.8. Kartra helpdesks

kartra helpdesk

Kartra Helpdesk portal provides support ticketing and live chat should your customers have any questions with the business

It’s fully integrated with Kartra Checkouts too, so billing support can be provided easily.

2.9. Kartra calendars

Kartra calendars

Use Kartra Calendars to note and organize one-to-one sessions with customers from one cohesive dashboard.

2.10. Kartra forms

kartra forms

Create smart and attractive lead capture forms with custom fields.

2.11. Kartra affiliates recruit

kartra affiliation

Discover, manage, and track a host of affiliates to help you promote your products or services. Include flexible commissions and payment milestones to suit your business.

2.12. Integrations & API

Integrations & API

If you’ve got plenty of technical experience and want to program unique add-ons, Kartra’s complete API allows you to do so.

3. Kartra pricing

Kartra Pricing

Kartra pricing

You may be wondering how much Kartra costs.

Well, Kartra offers a selection of monthly subscription packages which differ in price. 

However, the only main differences between the packages are the number of contacts and monthly email sends and the amount of monthly bandwidth included.

Every package offers access to Kartra’s wide selection of tools, features, and benefits, with no extra add-ons to pay for. 

Everything you receive at the beginning of the purchase is included, despite which package you choose.

As Kartra follows a monthly subscription model, it means you’re never trapped into a package either. 

Need help choosing a package? We’ll go through the available options. What it comes down to is how big your business is and how many leads, monthly emails, and bandwidth volume you require. 

And conveniently every package comes with a $1 14-day trial so you can test out the software before deciding to make a purchase.

3.1. Kartra Starter plan  

As the name of the plan recommends, the Kartra Starter is perfect for those just starting an online business or for small companies with an email list of under 2,500 people. This is $99 a month.

Perks of the package: 

  •  Up to 2,500 contacts 
  •   15,000 emails per month  
  •   100 total pages created 
  •   20 total products created 
  •  2 helpdesk portals 
  •  1 custom domain 
  •  20 dynamic follow up sequences 
  •  50 GB bandwidth per month 
  •  Unlimited page visits 
  •  100 total automations  
  •  2 total membership sites  

3.2. Kartra Silver plan

The Kartra silver package is the most popular option and offers plenty of gains, especially compared to the starter plan. This costs $199 per month.

Perks of the package: 

  •   Up to 12,500 contacts  
  •   125,000 emails per month   
  •   Unlimited pages created  
  •   Unlimited products created 
  •   Unlimited helpdesk portals  
  •   3 custom domains  
  •   Unlimited dynamic follow up sequences  
  •   125 GB bandwidth per month  
  •    Unlimited amount of page visits   
  •   Unlimited total automations 
  •   Unlimited total membership sites  

3.3. Kartra Gold plan

If you have a larger email list or are after more perks, the Kartra Gold offers several improvements from the previous two packages. This is $299 per month.

Perks of the package:

  •    Up to 25,000 contacts   
  •    250,000 emails per month   
  •    Unlimited pages created   
  •   Unlimited products created 
  •   Unlimited helpdesk portals  
  •    5 custom domains   
  •    Unlimited dynamic follow up sequences   
  •    200 GB bandwidth per month   
  •    Unlimited amount of page visits   
  •   Unlimited total automations 
  •   Unlimited total membership sites  

3.4. Kartra Platinum plan

Got an email list of over 50,000? Then the Kartra plan may be ideal for you. It also offers lots more perks than previous plans. This is $499 per month.

Perks of the package:

  •    Up to 50,000 contacts    
  •    500,000 emails per month    
  •    Unlimited pages created    
  •    Unlimited products created  
  •    Unlimited helpdesk portals   
  •    10 custom domains    
  •    Unlimited dynamic follow up sequences    
  •    500 GB bandwidth per month    
  •    Unlimited amount of page visits   
  •    Unlimited total automations 
  •    Unlimited total membership sites  

3.5. Karta Enterprise plan

The Kartra enterprise package is considered to be the biggest and best package of all. So big that you’ll need to speak to Kartra support to discuss the package perks, email list capacities, and price. 

However, you can safely assume that it will include all the perks from the Kartra Diamond package, plus a whole lot more email leads. 

So, if you need more than 100,000 leads, Kartra Enterprise is the package for you.  

4. What does Systeme.io offer?

Systeme.io's home page

Systeme.io's home page

We know all about Kartra, now it’s time to learn about Systeme.io and what it offers.

Providing a similar all-in-one online platform, Systeme.io offers a fantastic and more affordable alternative to Kartra for launching an online business. 

The full marketing platform is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking an easy way to manage their business and sell their goods online.

Just like Kartra, Systeme.io offers an integrated platform that makes running an online business as easy as possible. 

With Systeme.io, there’s no need to invest in several unlinked tools anymore. 

The Systeme.io marketing platform allows business owners to build entire sales funnels, create an email list, send unlimited emails, launch a blog space, create membership sites, manage affiliate programs, and automate the business.

One of the best benefits of Systeme.io is that it’s super easy for anyone to use too

So, if you have no technical knowledge whatsoever, don’t worry! 

Beginners will immediately feel that the platform was set up and designed by someone with strong experience setting up sales funnels, so you can have full faith in the product. 

The success of the platform lies in its simplicity for everyone to use. Next, let’s go through the parts of the Systeme.io platform offered.

4.1. Sales funnels

sales funnel

Entire sales funnels can be created in just a few clicks. These can help drive sales with easy-to-incorporate upsells and order bumps.

4.2. Email marketing

email marketing

Created personalized and automated email campaigns to communicate with and engage users.

4.3. Blog builder

blog builder

Launch a blog to share relevant content with browsers in just a few clicks.

4.4. Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Create an affiliate program and learn how to drive sales from them.

4.5. Membership sites


Quickly and easily build membership sites no coding skills necessary.

And with Systeme.io, you can sell any kind of product you like. Infoproducts, services, subscriptions, or physical products you name it, you can sell them via Systeme.io. Here are some example cases and how they’re set up.

4.6. Selling infoproducts 


To sell infoproducts, first, you’ll need to build your email list. Then, create an online course. Finally, sell the product using Systeme.io’s Stripe and PayPal integrations. 

Add as many upsells or downsells that work for you.

4.7. Selling coaching or services


First, build your email list. Then, sell your coaching or service via a single payment, payment plan, or subscription.

Add as many upsells or downsells that work for you.

4.8. Dropshipping


Craft a sales page, then proceed to sell your product using our stripe and PayPal methods. Add as many upsells and downsells that work for you.

Then, automate orders with the help of our Zapier integration.

4.9. Selling a saas app

First, create a landing page to test your idea. Then, build an email list and sell subscriptions to the app using our stripe and PayPal methods.

Add as many upsells or downsells that work for you.

5. Systeme pricing

systeme.io Pricing

Systeme.io pricing

While Systeme.io’s packages are just as effective in running an online business, the prices offered are even lower than Kartras

That means you can reap the benefits of an all-inclusive marketing platform, at an extremely affordable price.

We offer a free 14-day trial too, so you can make sure Systeme.io works well for your business before choosing a plan. 

Here are our available plans.

5.1. Systeme.io Startup plan

As it sounds, the start-up package works well for new businesses or small companies with an email marketing list under 5,000. This costs just $27 per month.

  •     $27 per month           
  •     5000 email subscribers    
  •     Unlimited emails sent   
  •     Unlimited funnels    
  •     3 membership sites     
  •     0 custom domains     
  •     Unlimited file storage space      
  •     Unlimited members    
  •     Marketing automation  
  •     Run your affiliate program 
  •     Support answer under 24h   

5.2. Systeme.io Webinars plan 

The webinars package is more suited to medium-sized businesses, with a larger email list to contact. This costs $47 per month.

  •      10000 email subscribers            
  •      Unlimited emails sent     
  •      Unlimited funnels    
  •      5 membership sites     
  •      2 custom domains          
  •     Unlimited file storage space      
  •     Unlimited members    
  •     Marketing automation  
  •     Run your affiliate program 
  •     Support answer under 24h   
  •     3 webinars Coupon codes 
  •     A/B tests 

5.3. Systeme.io Enterprise plan 

The enterprise package offers the most perks of all and suits a more established business offering an email list of up to 15,000 subscribers. This costs $97 per month.

  •     15000 email subscribers            
  •     Unlimited emails sent   
  •     Unlimited funnels  
  •     Unlimited membership sites     
  •     5 custom domains     
  •     Unlimited file storage space      
  •     Unlimited members    
  •     Marketing automation  
  •     Run your affiliate program 
  •     Support answer under 24h   
  •     Unlimited webinars 
  •     Coupon codes 
  •     A/B tests 
  •    1 hour 1-on-1 coaching session 

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