How to Master Email Marketing for Coaches — A Complete Guide

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Often, email marketing goes under the radar, but for coaching businesses, it may be the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal.

This post will explain exactly why that’s true, how coaches can utilize it to bring in weekly clients, and what tactics they should deploy to get the best results for their target audience.

Not only that, but we’ll also go over the best software you can use to launch and scale your coaching business.

Ready? Set. Go!

1. Why is email marketing important for coaches?

For a coaching business, telling a story is a competitive advantage.

Clientele and students need to know your qualifications as a coach — have you made it to the other side? What makes you a suitable coach for them?

After all, they’re trusting you with their lives, and their wallets.

That’s what email marketing enables you to do — tell your story to a large audience with relative ease.

In fact, it enables you to do more than that, you can send out personalized content for high-quality leads — all while using pretty much the same pitch.

It helps you create value and build trust with existing and potential clients — which makes email marketing for coaches a pure marketing goldmine.

When we say a goldmine, we mean it has a return on investment (ROI) of $38-$42 per $1 spent, definitely worth the effort for any marketing coach!

Besides the great ROI, here are some other benefits for you to take note of:

1.1. Grow your client base

Did you know that every subscriber on your list has the potential to become a paying student?

If they subscribed to you, they’re already interested in what you’re offering.

So the bigger your email list is, the wider your reach for warm leads is.

1.2. Develop lasting relationships with existing clients

Email marketing lets you constantly communicate, share relevant content, and offer multiple services to your paying clients.

It’s ideal for coaching people through extensive periods and adding another level of engagement rarely other methods can compete with.

For example, this is excellent for relationship coaches and life coaches as it gives insight into the healing process of clients over time.

Make every client feel special, and show that you truly care about their concerns and overall benefit from your course.

That’s the perfect recipe to create loyal customers!

1.3. Get direct feedback about your coaching business

For coaches, feedback is so valuable because it allows them to test different coaching methods in order to implement the best strategies.

Email marketing plays a big part in this as it allows you to:

  • Send out forms to gather fast feedback from your clientele
  • Test different pitches and see what works best with your leads
  • Recognize frequent pain points for members and develop strategies to address them
  • Deploy hotfixes for any content you sent out
  • Share announcements and bounce ideas off of clients

2. How can coaches utilize email marketing?

How can coaches utilize email marketing?

Now you understand email has the potential to rapidly grow your coaching business — on to the nitty-gritty details.

How do you actually use it for your coaching business?

There are several things at play here, from choosing an email provider and setting up email automation, to creating a long sales cycle.

Focus on the following steps to build a solid foundation for your email marketing efforts:

2.1. Choose an email service provider (ESP)

In the online business side of things, having your own custom domain and emails are a nice quality assurance to your prospects.

As a coach, it’s your business’ online address, and ignoring this step will give you a hard time finding clients.

There are multiple options to choose from, like Gmail, Yahoo, Fastmail, and others — when choosing one, consider:

  • How much file space they give you for the emails
  • Uptime for the ESP
  • How many emails are offered per plan
  • Sending limit on emails per hour

2.2. Set up an autoresponder

An autoresponder is software designed to send automated email responses.

For example, if you want to greet new subscribers with a welcome sequence, an autoresponder is the way to go, and it is key for your marketing emails.

An email sequence is a list of tailored emails sent to your audience with a specific goal in mind, like welcoming new subscribers as mentioned above.

You’ll be sending autoresponders to handle the volume when you become a growing business.

But which email marketing software should you choose?

There are plenty of good options out there, all with their pros and cons.

Here’s a list of the most popular platforms:

  • SendGrid
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp

It’s worth mentioning that many of these platforms don’t offer tools for managing your coaching business.

If you’re looking for a platform that will manage your coaching business AND your email campaigns at the same time, then is a no-brainer.

Regardless of which email marketing software you choose though, the main event is next.

2.3. Set up your email campaigns

Set up your email campaigns

Setting up your marketing campaign is similar to creating different programs for your clients to follow.

Different campaigns serve custom audiences, just as you help different clients.

As a coach, there are 5 main email campaigns you should be running:

  • Welcome campaigns
Welcome campaigns

Congrats! Someone just joined your email list because they found value in your content, and you already sent an email that:

1. Gave them a warm welcome

2. Introduced them to your brand and values

3. Shared a short introduction of what they can expect from you

4. Offered them a killer deal for exclusive content

To make the process of sending welcome emails even easier, build a welcome campaign using marketing automation so that you don’t have to manually send a welcome email to each new subscriber.

Welcome campaigns have an incredible 30.69% open rate, which means they will help with your overall conversions.

Keep your writing clear and simple. Don’t try to upsell your courses just yet — simply inform subscribers about what they can expect working with you.

  • Newsletter campaigns

The monthly or weekly newsletter requires a lot of your attention because it’s a centerpiece in your email marketing efforts.

Newsletter campaigns let you:

1. Share success stories — Both of you and other clienteles

2. Share content your leads are already interested in

3. Share announcements and big milestones

4. Build brand awareness through educational content

As a life coach, you can also use your newsletters to share new tools to help your audience better themselves.

This campaign’s goal should be to drive more engagement into your website.

So it’s important to craft the perfect subject lines and body content in each email, make sure to check out our "how to write newsletters" guide to maximize your conversions.

  • Course campaigns
Course campaign

Your bread and butter, this campaign lets you manage all coaching clients enrolled in your course.

A course campaign should let you:

1. Send pre-recorded episodes to enrolled members in an automated schedule

2. Receive and respond to feedback from clients about the course

3. Automatically schedule meetings between you and your clients

4. Upsell or down-sell enrolled members

5. Make a living online that supplements your coaching business

This is where your value truly shows for bringing results to clients — double-check sending schedules, timed offers, and send personalized content.

Make sure to look sharp in their inbox.

  • Seasonal campaigns

These campaigns capitalize on the large volume of traffic that certain times of the year create like holidays or super trendy topics.

Is Christmas coming up? Perfect time for you business coaches to upsell that “I made 7-figures last Christmas doing exactly this” course.

You should note that seasonal campaigns are also a bit tricky because not every holiday or trendy topic will match your audience, brand, or what you’re offering, so be strategic.

Be selective and make sure this campaign is aligned with your culture to successfully market services, courses, and products.

  • Re-engagement campaigns

Re-engagement is a term widely known in marketing that means reaching out to those who once were warm leads — to make them interested again.

It’s crucial to master this strategy because it’s estimated that 25%-30% of customers become inactive in the first year.

To re-engage with cold leads successfully, make sure your campaign:

1. Engages cold leads early on after becoming inactive — This means you contact students not progressing in your course

2. Gives cold leads a perfect pitch on why they’re an ideal client for your course and why they should complete it

3. Gives cold leads a quick exit option — You never want to look desperate or pushy

4. Successfully markets your finest results and best offer — You want to maximize their chances of coming back

Knowing your audience is key here — you want to show a real understanding of why they were on board in the first place, and that they still have the chance to get what they wanted.

Yes, you will lose some previously warm leads, but using these effective email marketing campaigns will give your coaching business the best chance to succeed by converting and retaining ideal clients.

3. Tactics for coaches to grow email lists

Tactics for coaches to grow email lists

Any email marketing campaign revolves around a good list of subscribers.

We say subscribers because you shouldn’t buy your email list, rather build it with your own marketing efforts.

You want to drive traffic from all the available sources to your website — because for most online businesses, that’s where the onboarding happens.

Start by publishing super helpful content via social media, YouTube channel, or blog — if you don’t have a blog, head to and create one for free.

Then you want to add CTAs to all of these places. And then nurture your leads to make them feel like they need to be mentored by you.

This should motivate people to think joining your course or services is a great idea.

Remember to use a couple of lead magnets when growing your list:

  • Offer gifts and discounts

There’s a reason Black Friday works so well, people get insane discounts that encourage them to buy way more stuff than they actually need.

For your coaching business, it means more sign-ups, engagement, and overall conversion rates — a very effective lead magnet.

As a life coach, offering time-limited discount codes as a reward for signing up for your course is a no-brainer to attract new and inactive customers.

A short-term discount is fantastic, but offering gifts like free ebooks, a 1-to-1 discovery call, or free consultation are more effective ways of building relationships with clients.

  • Host free webinars

Webinars are also a lead magnet that serves to show the right content to your respective audience.

Why? It takes a lot of effort to create, and yet, it’s still free.

That’s exactly what your students are looking for, so by hosting webinars you’re actually doing sales the right way.

Okay, how?

It’s easy, just choose a format like Q&A webinars, panel webinars with market partners, educational webinars that explain content you already put out, etc. — and share it with your subscribers.

Part of a coach's job is making people get up and do something, webinars are your outlet to express that part of your job — make them sign up for your course list!

If you’re looking for the perfect platform to help you, look no further than

4. as an all-in-one business solution for coaches logo logo is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that recognizes the power of email marketing to your coaching business.

Not only will you be able to fully utilize email marketing, but you’ll also be able to manage everything else from one place.

This will help you focus on the content you’re putting out rather than worrying about the technicalities of using so many tools.

On top of that, creating your online course has never been easier with our intuitive course builder.

We also have some other features in store for you.

4.1. Features to help coaches succeed’s features’s features

From launching your coaching business to email marketing and automation, has got you covered every step of the way.

In no time at all, you can set up automated emails for helping clients, and create your weekly email schedule for your coaching business.

And when it’s time to collect payments, lets you integrate PayPal and Stripe for a smooth experience for both you and your clients.

With a account, you’ll get many benefits, like:

  • Enroll unlimited students in your course — Even on our Free plan
  • Not only utilize email marketing to reach bigger audiences, but also manage current ones using in-depth analytics software
  • Build a coaching website

Best part? No coding skills are required and you can sign up for free!

4.2.’s pricing’s pricing plans’s pricing plans comes with 4 plans to choose from:

  • Free — $0 per month — Up to 2,000 contacts in your list
  • Startup — $27 per month — Up to 5,000 contacts in your list
  • Webinar — $47 per month — Up to 10,000 contacts in your list
  • Unlimited — $97 per month — Unlimited contacts in your list

The Free plan is free forever and requires no credit card details to get started.

Our other plans also scale as your business grows, offering more features like evergreen webinars and access to more of our core features with each plan.

5. Conclusion

Coaches, today we’ve learned how powerful email can be as part of your marketing arsenal.

Other coaches (and other businesses) are already implementing what we’ve discussed, so you need to get up to pace quickly to compete.

Don’t let unnecessary integrations slow you down either, sign up for any plan at and accelerate your business growth!


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