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Have you ever heard of Jacob Caris? I’ll give you a quick breakdown of his story. He is the creator of Jacob Caris’ Dream Car Profit, and he is a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate.

Jacob earns a six-figure income from his affiliate sales through Clickfunnels. In addition to that, those who are able to receive 200 referrals through the platform receive an extra $1,000 per month recurring income to use towards their dream car.

This man has achieved that, and through this program, he is teaching other people how to become a successful affiliate marketer so they too can achieve these types of rewards.

For a complete review of Jacob Caris and his story, check out the full story here.

In this article, we’re exposing the Jacob Caris’ Dream Car Profits sales funnel and breaking down every single step.

This guide will help you understand how he uses psychological triggers to get your attention and make you want his offer more than anything in the world.

1. Who is this funnel breakdown for?

Before we dive right in, I’d like to clarify some things. This sales funnel breakdown is for people who are interested in earning affiliate income using Clickfunnels.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never earned a dime through affiliate marketing; if you’re experienced, or if you’re a veteran, everyone can benefit from Jacob Caris’ Dream Car Profits.

Now, let’s start picking apart this funnel!

2. The opt-in page

The first step of every funnel is always the opt-in page, so that’s where we will start.

As soon as you land on this page you’re greeted with a big headline on the top saying:

“How I won the Clickfunnels dream car, quit my corporate finance job, and became a multi-6 figure super affiliate without a list, audience, or any experience!”

So, right off the bat, he’s hitting your emotions.

This is an important part of creating a successful funnel. You need to appeal to the person's emotions if you want them to buy something from you.

section 1

He’s saying, “Hey, I was in your position once, but I did A, B, and C, and now I am here.”

He also uses phrases like “super affiliate” and “multi-6 figure” to create some excitement.

Doing this will make prospective leads get excited, which will make them want to pull out their wallets immediately rather than wait until later.

Creating this type of excitement generates impulse buys, which amounts to a large percentage of sales.

Finally, the last part of that header says you can start without a list, audience, or any experience.

Now he’s relating to your current situation. Most of the people arriving on this landing page likely don’t have a list, audience, or experience.

He’s saying, you don’t have to worry because he started the same way as you and look how successful he is.

3. Let’s move onto the next section

Here, Jacob is appealing to your emotions again. He says, “are you ready to stop struggling and start winning?”

Maybe the person reading this has been having a hard time making money through affiliate marketing, and this is what they needed to hear.

He also does something really smart here. He asks the visitor a “yes question.” This is a sales strategy that is as old as the hills.

He asks the reader a question that obviously has the answer yes at the end.

Of course, they don’t want to struggle, and they want to win. He’s making the reader literally say to themselves, “yes…I want this in my life.”

section 2

Below that, he talks about how he’s spent tons of money investing in courses, testing, and tweaking.

He explains to the readers that he has already gone through the hard work for you. This creates trust in the reader.

The person reading this is saying, “well, if he already went through all the hard stuff, taking this course should be a fast track for me to receive the same results.”

4. Onto the next section

Jacob Caris’ earnings

Next, Jacob provides a screenshot of his earnings that shows readers how much he has made total and what he makes in seven days, one month, etc.

Jacob Caris’ earning

With that, he provides his personal story, where he explains how he used to work 80-100 hours per week.

He related to the reader by explaining how he got burnt out, and he just wanted the freedom to live life on his own terms and help others.

Here is where he is relating to the reader again.

There are many people who want those same things, and now they’re seeing someone who has what they want and a blueprint to get there. The best affiliate marketers are the ones who are relatable.

section 3

At the end of this section, he does something powerful too. He says, “take action while this is still available.”

Fear of missing out is a real thing, and the last thing you would want to do is miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. He’s trying to create urgency, so you act sooner than later.

5. Next comes social proof

You can’t have a successful funnel without proof. Jacob can say all he wants, but it means nothing if he isn’t backing it up with reviews and testimonials.

In this section, he is building more trust.

He shows his readers that there are other people out there who started from nothing, and now they’ve achieved success as well.

By this point, the reader is saying, “this guy is the real deal, and I can have this type of success too!”


Below that, he starts to explain what you’ll learn inside the course and how you can apply these strategies to any affiliate program.

Now he’s creating value. He’s showing you that you’re not limited to following this exactly as he outlines, you have the freedom to take this knowledge and apply it elsewhere as well.

section 4

Throughout this sales page, we’ve seen multiple buttons providing plenty of opportunities for you to opt-in.

section 5

At the end of the page, he does one last thing that is sheer brilliance. He tells the reader that others say he should sell it for $997 even though he’s only selling it for $97.

He then says, “you’re getting a six-figure super affiliate education for the price of a steak dinner.”

Now the reader is thinking, “pfft, I can sacrifice a steak dinner, or a night of drinking, or Dunkin Donuts for a few weeks in exchange for this education.”

section 6

It’s powerful copywriting.

Let’s review. Here are the main components of this opt-in page:

  • An eye-catching headline that creates emotion and builds confidence
  • Relating to the reader and ask “yes questions”
  • Explaining how he already went through the hard work to make it easier for you
  • Telling your story and relating to the reader again
  • Providing social proof/ testimonials/ results
  • Explaining what you’ll get inside the course
  • Offering additional value and flexibility
  • Providing the reader with a way to afford it (sacrifice your steak dinner, coffee, etc.)

6. Payment page/Order bump

Now, let’s say you decide to opt-in. You’re on board with Jacob Caris’ Dream Car Profit, and you want to learn the secret to success.

Now, you’ll move onto the payment page where you’ll input your card info and seal the deal.

payment page

Dream Car Profit's payment page

But wait, before you can do that, you’ll run into an order bump. Before you can complete the order, you have a choice to make. Will you take this order bump?

Jacob offers you five blueprints that you can follow to build rapport and authority with your email list.

He also includes one bonus strategy that will get your list to know, like, and trust you.

order bump

An order bump

Let’s break this down.

First, he starts by saying it’s a “one time offer.” He’s playing on your fear of missing out again.

By this point, users are already in buying mode, so this is a smart location to make an order bump.

He says:

“The difference between good & great affiliates is their ability to maximize customer value. The key to this has been for years and still is, crushing your email marketing. There's a very precise way to do it for affiliate marketing.”

What’s happening here is that he is creating an emotional response again. He wants users to either feel bad or feel motivated. The individual's personality will decide which emotion they feel.

If they feel bad, they might beat themselves up about not purchasing the order bump so that self-pity and guilt is what makes them upgrade.

Some people are motivated by this, and they’re already in buy mode, so there are no questions asked.

He also continues to add another upgrade to the already valuable order bump by throwing in a “bonus strategy.” He’s pouring on the value and making it sound better and better.

Also, as you’re making your way down this page, on the right, there are additional testimonials and screenshots of affiliate income.


7. Upsell #1

Let’s say you chose to take the order bump, so now you’re ready to move onto the payment stage and dive into the course.

Nope, you’re going to get hit with a first upsell before you can do that.

This time you’re taken to a new page with a video of Jacob himself. He’s creating a powerful pattern interrupt here by using a video.

The user might have gotten bored of reading by this point, and they’re ready to get into the content.

He’s interrupting that pattern by displaying a video here, which creates a higher chance of the user at least listening to what he has to say.

There’s a header at the top saying “WAIT! Special one time offer only.” He’s creating FOMO again.

In the video, he says that he has one last offer of what you need to get to the next level.

He’s promoting a 16-minute case study that breaks down “how to tell a story.”

an upsell

Jacob also uses powerful buzzwords like:

  • Blueprint
  • Accelerate

When you think of these words, you think of easy, simple, and fast. That’s what people want when they’re first starting out. He continues to appeal to the visitor's desire to get results as fast as possible without any experience.

He sticks with the script and explains that he’s spent thousands of dollars to learn this, and he learned from a mentor who has made millions of dollars off these strategies.

In the end, he doesn’t just drop off the video he does one last superbly incredible thing. He says this:

“If you’re the kind of person that wants to overachieve, accelerate your results, and really stand out, you’ll want this product.”

He’s putting butterflies in the stomach of the reader. He’s making them think one of two things:

“I am that person, I want to overachieve!” or

“I am not that person, I feel bad about myself, I wish I could be that person.”

Regardless of what the person thinks, it results in a sale.

Here’s an interesting fact about this sales funnel. I can almost guarantee that this step is where Jacob makes most of his money.

Most affiliate marketers will break even on their upfront offers. His initial offer of Dream Car Profits for $97 is likely his advertising cost to get leads into the funnel.

When he sells Super Affiliate Formula for $97 is where he actually makes his money.

That is why it’s so essential to upsell in your funnel.

8. Order Confirmation Page/ Upsell #2

Finally, we’ve made it to the order confirmation page, and we’re done!


At the end of the page, he offers you one last upsell, but this one doesn’t cost anything.

Jacob says if you copy and paste a phrase he provides into his Facebook group, he will reach out to you directly and provide a free “done for you” affiliate funnel.

confirmation page

Dream Car Profit's confirmation page

This step is powerful for a few reasons:

  • First, he gets you into his Facebook group
  • Second, he gets social proof to reuse because everyone is saying they purchased the course
  • Third, he says that he will personally reach out which may motivate readers to do it

This funnel is like a Masterclass in psychological sales triggers. Whew…

9. Do you want to create a funnel like this?

Systeme.io's home page

Systeme.io's home page

We’ve broken down every detail of this funnel, and now I have some good news for you.

Creating an awesome funnel like this is totally possible using Systeme.io.

The platform offers an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to create a funnel, promote it, scale it, and automate it to the masses.

Best of all, you don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to build a successful funnel with Systeme.io.

Unfortunately, affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as Jacob makes it sound.

Even though his course provides some great information, most people will never experience his level of success because there is some luck and timing involved.

With Systeme.io, everyone can create a successful funnel and run their own affiliate marketing programs with ease.

Using Systeme.io, you can:

  • Create entire sales funnels
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